Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 15, 1877

Went home last Saturday feeling ill and miserable and have remained there until today, under Sara's care when Gertrude and I came back to town, she to remain a fortnight at least. Girard met me when I went up having driven over on the ice for me. The first thing he told me was that poor little "Lori" was dead. That he had administered chloroform to her the day before. She had been very ill and had become stone blind and it was thought merciful to put her quietly out of her misery. I did not think I could have mourned as I did over a dumb animal but I was grieved and sincerely sorrowful when I felt that the active little thing that had been so intimately connected with our daily life, was gone forever. She was in a box down in the shop and I went to look at her with almost the sorrow that I would look upon a dead friend. I wrote to Lucy about her on Sunday. Gertrude who was her especial friend and in whose charge Jamie left her was much affected by her death. She used to take her on her lap and fondle her after she became ill and blind and the poor little thing clung to her with the affection of a human creature. Platt was at the station and went into the drawing room car with us and at Pokeepsie Major Wilkinson joined us. The winter at home is charming. The snow is very deep and it snowed today when we drove over the river. We had frequent rides while I was home and I was reluctant to come away. Gertrude however is glad to be here again having become dull and tired of the monotony of country life.

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