Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 4, 1877

Booth came promptly and robed himself for me as Richelieu yesterday and I worked with all my might until 3 o'clock when I found I was a good deal exhausted and felt so badly towards evening that I sent for Dr. Joslin. Mary & Calvert dined with me and Mary seemed a good deal troubled. The Dr came about 9 and thoroughly examined my lungs and pronounced my trouble Bronchial. He left me medicine and called again this morning when I felt better. He was willing I should go home but it has been one of the coldest days of the season and I remained partly on that account and partly to keep my appointment with Knoedler who has not come near me nor sent me any word. I have not been out of doors since I came down and this evening I feel badly again and wish I were at home. Calvert dined with me and is in his room tonight. Weir called about 4 oclock. I showed him my pictures of Booth and he encouraged me greatly as did Gifford to whom I showed them today also.

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