Jervis McEntee Diaries: January 2, 1877

Went to Eastman Johnsons to dine on Saturday. Phil was there. After dinner we three went to the Century where we had a very pleasant time. Sunday morning went up home by the Wallkill Valley. Fred Norton joined me at the depot. Met Mrs. Evans on the train going up to Goshen where her mother in law a very old lady was ill. She had a note for Tom who was in Kingston which we promised to deliver so that he could come down by return train. Found our team with Gertrude waiting for me at the station. Drove up to Kingston and delivered the note to Tom Evans, left Fred Norton at Julias and reached home about 3 o'clock. I had taken a heavy cold and was very ill all Sunday night. Staid in bed all day yesterday under Saras treatment and only decided at the last moment to come to town today as I had an appointment with Booth tomorrow. Fred & Annie Norton came down with Laura & me and Lily & Aunt Christina came with them to remain as Julia is going to shut up her house and rent it in the spring. They all feel very badly at this breaking up and I confess I do. Pa had a telegram announcing Uncle Thomas's death on Saturday. The changes will come rapidly now and it saddens me to think of them. Laura went to Bayard Taylors and I had my dinner in my studio after which I wrote to Gertrude. We had another snow storm last night so that the snow is now fully two feet deep. The trains were delayed and the city is blockaded with snow. It was hazardous for me to come out today but I think I have taken no more cold and shall stay within doors tomorrow. We crossed the ferry in the ferry boat although they are beginning to fill the ice houses just above the track. They keep the track open by the aid of the Norwich, the Sammy Cornell and the ferry boat. I never saw such a crowd of passengers at the Rhinebeck depot as I did today.

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