Jervis McEntee Diaries: November 14, 1875

Went to New York last Saturday (6th). Pinchot invited me to dine with him at the Union League club to meet a Mr. Stebbins from Paris. Whittredge & Gifford were present. Had an elegant dinner. Mr. Stebbins has just paid Matthews $50,000 for six French pictures (one by Zamacois) to take back to Paris. After dinner went around to the Monthly meeting at the Century. A full meeting and I met a great number of my friends among the rest Stedman whom I have not seen for more than a year. He was delighted to see me and kissed me on both cheeks. It was pleasant to be welcomed back so warmly by so many people. Taylor was there too and very cordial as he always is. Sunday went up to his apartment and sat an hour with him. Dick Stoddard came in. Like his old self, though I fear from all I hear Lizzie is pretty bad. Julia Vaux at Taylors. Church came in the afternoon to my studio. While he was there Pinchot came in. Church called me to the door as he went out and invited me to dine with him at the Brevoort. Pinchot came to look at my pictures. Wants to get one or two small ones for a wedding present. Did not decide but would come next day. Dined with Church. While we were at table the Bierstadts came in and sat at another table having two friends with them. Mrs. B. bowed to me. Church had his back to them. Church didn't care to see them and as we had finished our dinner we were obliged to go out first which we did and had to pass near them. As two more friends had joined them, I bowed to B. and passed on. Church came down to attend Mr. Blodgetts funeral. After dinner we went up to Frank Weeks' and spent the evening. Monday set to work cleaning and putting my rooms in order. Saw painters etc. and got under way. At night attended council of Academy. About 27 pupils in schools. Admitted 13 or 14 more. No teacher but glad of it with nothing to pay them with. The more advanced pupils help the younger. Tuesday woke feeling badly and kept pretty quiet all day. At night had one of my severe head aches. Wednesday rained. Worked at my rooms. Thursday Gifford & I dined at the Wheelers where Mary is staying. Booth had sent me two tickets for Richard II and he and I went to see it. Had a seat far back under the gallery too far away to see or hear well but Booth was as he is always, great. Pinchot came in on Tuesday and bought the two little pictures I brought down with me for a wedding gift, for $300. Saturday night at the club John Taylor Johnston called me aside and urged me to accept the appointment on the Committee of Selection of the Centennial in place of Gifford who will not serve. I was taken by surprise but finally reluctantly consented in view of so many backing out, and on Saturday I received my appointment. I was gratified to find that several of the Artists were much pleased with my appointment. Heard Bayard Taylor lecture at Steinway Hall Friday night on Ancient Egypt, a most interesting lecture. After, we went to the Club for a while. Saturday went home by 4 oclock train. Rained before I got there. Has rained nearly all day today.

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