Jervis McEntee Diaries: June 23, 1874

Tuesday, June 23, 1874- Sara and Edith Cook came up last evening on the Powell. Calvert went down yesterday morning. I received a short letter from Edwin Booth inviting us to make the a visit in August. My father and I went to see about getting a brick-board made yesterday. I took a walk out towards the Roatina this morning and found it extremely hot. The hot weather wilts me as it did not use to. I painted Marion in my picture yesterday with her head lying in the lap of the seating figure. It improves the picture very much. I have it nearly done now and am anxious to finish it. Wrote to Eastman inviting him and his wife to come up for a week, to Mr. Secor to borrow a frame and to Mr. Butler for Mr. Booths address.

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