Jervis McEntee Diaries

Friday September 27, 1889

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, September 27, 1889, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Friday, Sept 27, 1889 Splendid breezy morning with North wind, cool and bracing. Girard stopped in and told me he and Sharpe went to the Powell and that Eltinge [?] as requested without hesitation saying he had no idea of its being a lien upon the property. Down town and spent the forenoon doing a lot of business. Crosby came in and after examining his deed carefully took it to his lawyer to see if it was all right when he returned and gave me a certified check on the Rondout bank for $1600 in full. I informed Mr. Collins for Miss Elliott that the formalities had all been attended to. He wanted me to write letters to the Freeman from the woods. I paid the bills for advertising at the Freeman office, paid Purvis per Girard for the guttering and curbing of Chester St, Pd Carter for posting the bills and gave John McEntee a check for $102.38 and a new note for $100 to take up the Abbey note due Oct. 29. While I was in Girards office Ed Lane came in. He looks old. Says he is 73. Asked him to come up on the hill. Girard asked him to dinner but he went up to Kingston. I came home to dinner. On my way Woolsey stopped me with a petition to have the grade of Chestnut St established in a way I am doubtful of and so I have not signed it. Then when I got to the foot of the hill Purvis told me Weber was going to present a request to the Common Council for a [sewer?] in Holmes St and that we had better be at the council to oppose it, but I could not stop it if they are determined on it. All our remonstrances could not stop the paving of the street. Cousin Rachel dined with us and goes home by the Powell tomorrow. After dinner I went to Kingston, saw Sev. Sharpe who told me the release from Eltinge Anderson on account of Girards note was absolute upon any of my fathers property. The mortgages had been filed and I gave him a check for Booth for $500.75 which he is to send to Booths lawyer tomorrow together with the mortgage given by Miss Elliott for 727.50. I called to see [?] Westbrook but he was not in but I have mailed him a check for his services $20 today. Then after getting some of Van [Beamis] nice sausages I walked home and came back of OReillys. I noticed on Chester St. some one had just dug and carried away a great lot of sods. I followed the fresh wagon tracks toward the direction of the school house and saw a wagon which I suspected was coming for more. I walked on toward the cemetery until I got out of sight and then went round by Gronemeyers when I saw them digging and loading more sods. I walked up and asked by whose authority they were taking them and gave them a going over for their audacity and ordered them to bring back every sod they had taken away. I told them I had been watching for just such depredations and I meant what I said and that if they did not bring back every sod I would take means to see if I could not prevent this sort of trespass. They promised they would but could not do it today. I reiterated my demand that it must be done and that I intended to see it was done. They took off and returned what they had on the wagon and I came home. The trouble is I am going away Monday and I do not know their names but I can find out. These lawless fellows are continually on the watch to take whatever they can get away with.

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