Jervis McEntee Diaries

Wednesday October 10, 1888

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, October 10, 1888, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Wednesday, Oct 10, 1888 I returned this morning early from Bisby which place we left yesterday about 11 o'clock. I went there with Robt Wilkinson on Tuesday 2nd. In Albany we were joined by John M. Bailey who proved a most genial companion. Wilkinsons brother Will and his wife were on the train going to their house in Illinois. We staid over night at Baggs Hotel in Utica and went [on?] the next day. Found there Genl. Husted and a Mr. Frost and young [?]. Also Mr. Proctor proprietor of Baggs hotel. Mr. Worcester also came in and Mr. Campbell of York [?] and his two sons. The weather was cold and gloomy during our whole stay. We did not see the sun during the whole time. However I managed to get two sketches of Husteds place, the object for which I went there, also a sketch of Mr. [Maurices?] cottage for Wilkinson and a sketch of the lake painted in the rain from Boardmans boat house. I had to paint from a boat, in more or less wind and cold which I found very difficult. I feel satisfied however with what I got considering the difficulties. We had a very agreeable time in spite of the bad weather owing to the geniality of the guests. Mr. Bailey shot a deer the day after we reached there, the only one shot during our stay, and a part of which we each brought home. I parted with Wilkinson and Bailey at Utica they going home by the Central and I by the West Shore. I found Lucy had arrived late Wednesday with Sedgwick, having parted company with Joe and Gertrude in Chicago. Lucy has gone to N. Y. to put Sedgwick at Mr. [?] school. Marion went on Friday and Julia and her baby with Ellen the nurse and Lucy & Sedgwick on Monday. Lucy is to return the last of the week. Joe told Andrews that I am the only one of the family he had any hard feelings toward, chiefly I presume because he has tried to ensnare me. I am satisfied that he feels so. It is a beautiful, cool day, the color fine but not at its height while in the woods the color has not been brilliant and much of the foliage has fallen. We had a freezing night and I was quite sure that would end it, as I think it did. It is cold in the house. Tom has commenced to pick the apples, but has a colic today so that I have not seen him. I feel we ought to [?]. Sara, like her Mother has a good part of the house cleaned, but it is cold and uncomfortable in the house. I sold a man, Corletto a carpenter two trees of sweet apples down each side of the well for five dollars, he to pick them.

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