Jervis McEntee Diaries

Sunday March 18, 1888

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, March 18, 1888, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Sunday, Mar 18, l888 Colder this morning but it has been a bright, fine day. Mary, Sara and I walked up to 48th St. and heard Heber Newton. His sermon was on the motives which induced a correct life. The doing good for fear of punishment--because it paid--and for the sake of the good. He was interesting and sincere, a little unjust to the earlier Universalists, and it struck me, slightly sensational in his oratory, although I may be mistaken in the latter. We walked down also and Fifth Avenue was crowded with people. Calvert and I called on the Churches at the Brevoort House last night. Mrs. Church had to lie on the sofa all the while we were there and Church had evidently arisen from his lounge when we came in. He looked very ill to see me and his hands are twisted with rheumatism.

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