Jervis McEntee Diaries

Monday July 9, 1888

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, July 9, 1888, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Sunday, July 9, 1888 I have just returned from a weeks visit in the Kaatskills. Calvert, Mary, Sara and I were invited by Sam Coykendall for the week of July 4th to the Bear and Fox Inn which is a part of the scheme of the Hotel and Cottage Co of which Thurber, Sam, Mr. Cornell and the Wheelers are carrying out back of Tannersville. We went on Tuesday, Sam having sent us passes, intending to return on Thursday. Major Wilkinson and his wife, Weir & wife and his two daughters, Wheeler, Thurber, Judge Schummaker & wife, Lily [?], Bishop Potters two daughters and many others went up on the train with us. Carriages met us at Tannersville and we were driven to the Inn which is nicely placed under the East side of Parker Mountain. We were lodged in the pretty cottages to the north of the hotel. The night of the 4th all the country people were invited to a dance and there were fireworks. Calvert came away on the 5th. Mary and Sara on the 6th and Weir and his family and I at the urgent solicitation of Mrs Wheeler remained until today. We have had a pleasant time and every thing has been done to entertain us hospitably. Weir and I each painted a picture on the walls in the dining room of the hotel. I have tried to enjoy myself and to be content but I confess to a heavy hearted feeling a part of the time. I could not help contrasting these with the days when I used to go there with Gertrude and Gifford and all our old friends. I doubt if I could stay there now alone and if Weir had not remained there I could not have staid. We met many pleasant people. The Misss Miller of Newark, Mr Leavitt & wife and her sister Miss Kuth with her father and brother, Dr & Mrs. Guernsey and Miss Guernsey. Mrs Van Renssalaer and her son and her sister Miss Griswold were also there and Miss Emma Thursly and her sister and Mrs Appleton. Altogether it was a notable occasion which I am glad to have taken part in. We had delightful weather all the time. A sense of Melancholy comes over me to come back home again which I try to resist. I find a letter from Mrs. Darley, one from Church wanting me to come up there. I have written to the Agents Philips & Wells about spending $25 advertising our place. The grass which Carroll was to have cut two weeks ago is not yet cut but he promises to do it. I have sold it to him on the field for $10, he to cut it and get it in and have given him the privilege of putting it in our barn until he wants it. Now I am thinking of going out to the mountains for some sketching and have written to find out about Seagers on Dry brook. Wrote to Mary Gifford at Sagg P. O. L. I.

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