Jervis McEntee Diaries

Tuesday December 18, 1888

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, December 18, 1888, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Tuesday, Dec 18, 1888 [McEntee mistakenly dates this entry Dec 17] Colder and clear. Sedgwick had a note from his mother at Buffalo where she arrived in ample time for her train to Chicago. I went down the Bowery and bought some tools for Sedgwick and for Jimmy and stopped in at Dennings and got a tooth powder box for Sara. Church came and we talked about the Mexican trip. I told him one consideration which was important to me was that I sacrificed my income for the winter. He admitted the force of it but thought I would work a good deal there. I finally told him I would like to think of it for a while and am to write to him in about a week. He does not care to go until about Feb. 1 and will wait even longer if I want to. I asked him if he thought my companionship would be worth what it would cost him and he said "ten times more." I proposed his taking Ferguson but he said he wanted me. I went over and lunched with Mary and she and I went up to the reception at the Art Museum on the occasion of the opening of the new wing. There were a great many people and some of the galleries were crowded. We met the Misses Sedgwick, Pinchot and his wife, Cranch and Carrie, Mrs. Carpenter, Collins, Story, Ryder, and many others. We saw the fine Van Dycks, Rembrandts, Constables &c belonging to Marquand and also the Sir Joshua, a postcard of a lady who looked like Gertrude Tomkins. They are getting some very interesting things and really it is fast becoming a great center of attraction in the city. We walked down to the 59th St & 7 Av entrance and took the Broadway cars back. Pinchot and his wife are going to Mexico on Jan 14th. I told him I thought some of going and he wanted me to go with them. Marion came home from Baltimore this evening. I attempted to read and spend the evening at home but two young men came to see her and I fled to the Century where I saw Dr. Coan, Perry, Collins and others and came to my room about 12.

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