Jervis McEntee Diaries

Sunday October 9, 1887

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, October 9, 1887, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Sunday, Oct 9, 1887 I returned this evening from my two months visit to Lucy and Andrews at Fort Bridger where Jamie and I went via Chicago and the Union Pacific railroad on Aug. 8. The experience has been in every way most satisfactory. I am much improved in health and spirits. When I arrived there I did not dare attempt to ride a horse but a few days before I left I rode forty miles on horseback and without unusual fatigue. I made a number of sketches, was entirely free from anxieties and responsibilities and left with regret. Here is a brief record of the time spent there. Aug 13th Arrived at Carter Station. John, Lucy & Sedgwick awaiting us. 14 Wrote Sara & Sam Coykendall. Lucy & I on my first horseback ride 15 Horseback ride, Lucy & I 16 Trout fishing on Smiths fork--Jamie, Sedgwick & I 17 Ride in buggy with John 18 Fishing at Mormon Crossing. Dr Crampton, Groshon, Jamie, Sedgwick & I 19 Sketch of Bridger Butte. Ride in buggy with Lucy. 20 Pic-nic on Smiths fork near herd house. All the people of the fort 21 Wrote Sara & John McE. Sent Lucys paper to Surrogate 22 Made a sketch 23 Ride to the Meadow--Rain 24 Rain 25 Ride to Butte in buck-board, Lucy, Sedgwick, Jamie & I 26 Ride to Camp of Capt. Bradleys Co. Letter from Sara & from Mr. Sawyer 27 Sketch. Letter from J. Warren 28 Rain. Capt Coolidge came from Rock Springs. Looks like Maurice. Wrote Sara. Sent her Lauras letter to Lucy. 29 Finished sketch (at Butte) Walk to the cedars opposite the post 30 Rode to Butte foot. Made sketch. Wind & rain. Frank Furniss & his nephew arrived from Phil. to hunt in the Mts. Called on us. 31 Wrote Miss Nesmith. At home very shaky. Letter from Mrs. Sawyer. Enclose [?] Sept 1 Fishing Smiths fork, Jamie, Sedgwick & I 2 Windy. Walk along stream. Letter from Sara. Capt. Coolidge left. 3 Finished sketch at Butte. Letter from Sam Coykendall 4 Wrote Sara & Sam 5 Went to mountains to camp. 4 mule team. Durer Welch. Cook Van [?] Jamie, Sedgwick, Edgar Carter & I. remained until 10th. 10 Returned from Uintah Mts. Letters from Sara, John McE. Downing, Alice, Booth. 11 Wrote Sara. Sent note of $500 for S. D. C. to renew my note. Wrote Janette 12 Windy & cold. Walk. Wrote Mary Gifford 13 Walk around Post. Call at Dr. Brewsters ranch 14 Ride to Herd house, Jamie & I. Beautiful Autumn day 15 Ride to Butte. Lucy, John & I. Painted on sketch of Butte. 16 Tide to Indian Camp John & I. Sketch. Letter from Sara. Wrote Miss Hunt [?] 17 Fishing. Walk in meadow. 18 Wrote Mrs. Sawyer, Sara, John McE & Eastman. 19 Windy. Walk below bridge 20 Cloudy & still. Sketch & walk. Ride to see sunset with Lucy 21 Ride down creek. Lucy, John & I. Letters from Sara and Janette. 22 Sketch down river. Lucy & I horseback, beautiful day. 23 Walk to cedars. Ride to Brewsters John & I (15 miles) Lucy letter from Sara 24 Sketch down river. Lucy & I horseback 25 Wrote Sara, Weir, Downing. Walk. 26 Sketch of the post from near mule bridge. 27 Lucy & rode down river. Sketch of Mesa edge & yellow trees. 28 Ride up on Bridger Butte, John, Lucy & I. Band of 12 antelopes on top. Sketch from Butte. Still, beautiful day. Wrote John McE. Sent note to Abbeys. 29. Ride to Soda Springs near Rail road. John, Lucy, Dr Van Carter & I, a ride of 40 miles 30 Indian camp at Scotts ford. Furniss & his nephew lunched with us on their return East. Letter from Sara & money order from Calvert for $75. Oct. 1 Windy. Made some farewell calls 2 Packing up. Dr & Mrs Brewster called 3 Left for Salt Lake on my return home. Lucy, John, Jamie and Sedgwick rode to station with me. Regret at leaving. End of a happy visit. I staid over night at Salt Lake at the Walker House where I met Col. Stanton who was going to Fort Bridger next day to join Genl. Crook on a hunting trip. Left at 11 oclock via the Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge road and had a most interesting trip across the Wasatch & the Rocky Mts. Arriving in Denver Wednesday evening where I staid over night. Next morning to Kansas city & St Louis where I missed connection and staid over night at Wendell house. Next morning came via Wabash road to Detroit Niagara Falls & West Shore road reaching Kingston at 7.30 P. M. where Sara Girardie & Charlie met me.

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