Jervis McEntee Diaries

Monday May 24, 1886

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, May 24, 1886, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Monday, May 24, 1886 Set out some cucumber and melon vines from the hot bed and afterwards went over to the cemetery and cut the grass and dug about the plants on dear Gertrudes and my mothers and Maurices graves. Flowers do not grow well there and I think I will plant morning glories on all the graves as they grow well. I felt sad and unhappy when I went there and felt that they at least had escaped from the sorrows which follow us who remain. Though I know that what was dearest in those who sleep there is really not there, the place is sacred for their dust alone. I asked Port to mow the grass and will do what I can to make the place look as though it is not forgotten or neglected. After dinner Mary, Janette and I went to Kingston and then out to Storrs nursery where I got tomato and cabbage plants. We drove round by the Roa-tina and when we got home Tom and I set out the plants. It was too cool this evening to sit out on the porch.

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