Jervis McEntee Diaries

Tuesday May 18, 1886

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, May 18, 1886, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Tuesday, May 18, 1886 My father remains as well as usual but keeps to his room as the weather is cool with indications of a storm. Mr. Jansen has in my absence brought home our little Alderney cow in a wretched condition. She looks as though she had been starved and abused and they tell me the day she arrived there they thought she would die. In the afternoon, Mary, Sara, Janette and I rode out on the Flat bush road, which was in a miserable condition, crossing over to the Saugerties road. We had a pleasant ride, although I was impressed with the fact that our horses are getting old and stiff and that it is not much pleasure to ride after them. Indeed I felt greatly depressed and troubled about the summer while I was at home. I shall try to be patient however and to hope something may occur to encourage me.

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