Jervis McEntee Diaries

Monday August 18, 1879

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, Monday, August 18, 1879, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

It has been a most melancholy day. The rain has never ceased. This afternoon Mrs. Sawyer and I looked over darling Gertrudes things and I told her to take whatever she wished. It was most trying and tearful work and tonight I feel exhausted from the strain which has been upon me all day. I could hardly bear to disturb the things which she so carefully put away with her own hands, with her never failing sense of order. I feel that gradually these precious relics are being put out of my sight and though it costs me many pangs I feel it is better so. It wrings my heart anew to see them and when they are gone I shall gradually forget them. I have kept a list here of what I gave Mrs. Sawyer. Wrote a long letter to Weir. Received a charming letter from Booth, one of the best he ever wrote me.

Beet black silk dress White pique dress
Red & black silk dress Lace collar (blue [?])
Grenadine silken dress Embroidered muslin tie
Purple menno morning dress Black lace barb
Balmoral morning dress 4 Reform waists
Black camels hair sash 4 flannel undershirts
4 skirts 1 flannel drawers
Grandmothers red shawl 2 flannel skirts
Whit Camels hair shawl 2 night gowns
Rob-Roy plaid shawl 3 pr. drawers
Toilet shoes 3 Waists
30 Handkerchiefs 2 aprons
7 collars 2 muslin socks
10 prs. cuffs 1 corset
13 prs. stockings White camelian ear drops
1 pr. silk stockings Gold eye glass
Aunt Marthas lace collar Crystal buckle (as [?])
1 lace collar Opera of Don Carlos (for Alice)
2 lace ruffles July 15, 1880 Black silk skirt & lace (for Alice)
2 lace cuffs silver pitcher
lace for neck
satin tie with lace

1878 Gave Mary Gifford Gertrudes blue scarf.
Feb 23 1880 Laura two pairs of her shoes. Roman pearl necklace.
Sept 2 1880 Little black sett given her by Mrs. Bachelder. Gave Joe Tomkins her little emerald stud.
Feb 23 1880 Gussie her Florentine Mosaic pin and some lace. Gertrude Tomkins her Venetian ring.
Jan 30 1881 Gave Girards wife Gertrudes sable muff & tippet
Mar 22 1881 Sent Lucy Gertrudes brown & buff stuff dress bought at Stennets. Gave her in 1878 her green dress and [?] cloak
June 1881 Gave Sara lace given her by Mr. Inglis. Gave Mary Vaux Gertrudes India rubber cloak. Gave Sara striped gold colored dress material.
April 9 1882 Gave Julia Vaux carved wood jewel case. Gave Lucy string of gilt beads.
April 30 1882 Gave Lucy [?] muslin dress.
Nov 7, 1882 Gave Sara velvet cloak Gertrude got in Brussels.
Dec 2 1882 (returned) Sent box of velvet blocks for cushion cover to Mrs. Sawyer who is to finish it for me. She returned it to me July '83.
July 27 1883 Gave Mrs. Sawyer Gertrudes grey blanket shawl. Gave Sara Gertrudes silk party dress (changeable) she got in Brussels. Gave Mary Vaux piece of grey satin striped
June 8 1885 Gave Sara Gertrudes black silk dress which Wilson Barstow bought for her, with waist etc.
Sept 3 1885 Gave Mary Vaux Gertrudes green striped dress.
June 23 1886 Gave Mary Vaux Gertrudes bonnet she last wore.
July 8 1886 Gave Sara Bonnet trimmed with lace she got at Stuarts. Sent Mrs. Sawyer by express two blue wrappers of Gertrudes. One thin muslin, one striped [?] blue.
June 29 1887 Gave Sara blue shawl and striped [?] long shawl and two white skirts.
July 29 1887 Gave Mary Vaux Gertrudes white Stella shawl.
Aug 2 1887 Sent Alice, Gertrudes Amethyst ring for little Gertrude.
Aug 28 1888 Gave Sara striped lilac silk dress bought in Brussels in 1869. Sent Lucy Black grenadine Polonaise.
July 28 1888 Gave Sara Fancy whit apron. Gave Sara to take to Alice the following articles
White Mexicaine Polonaise
Batiste purple & grey do
Green [?] pattern silk
Black sock (the one Gertrude lost) trimmed with velvet ribbon which she embroidered
Red Sock, embroidered edge
4 Linen chamises
Thin fancy Apron
White hand embroidered long shawl (family relic)
Red Camels hair scarf
Red Scarf
3 [?] Roman ribon scarfs

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