Jervis McEntee Diaries

Monday May 20, 1878

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, Monday, May 20, 1878, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Went hom last Saturday by Wallkill Valley, to pack Booths things to send to him intending to return on Tuesday or Wednesday. Made boxes and packed many of the things on Monday. Just as I was stopping Jansen Anderson came and told me that Mrs. Woolfer had been run over by the Wallkill Valley train and killed. She was on her way down from Kingston with her little boy in the street car which crossed in front of the train and was run into. She was horribly mangled her head being literally obliterated. John Wolfer and his little daughter had gone up the river and came home in the evening. Maurice had to meet him at the ferry and break the awful news to him. I was called to serve on the Coroners jury. The inquest lasted from Wednesday until Saturday when we gave our verdict which was as follows. [newspaper clipping attached] Nothing ever occured in Rondout which so shocked the people as this calamity. Mrs. Edward Ellinge died while I was home and my father and Sara went to the funeral on Saturday. I got all of Booths things packed and sent them on Wednesday. I returned today. The weather has been cold and we have hard frost which injured the growing crops. Today on my arrival here full of anxieties I find some one has made an offer of $700 for my picture in the Academy, just half of what I ask for it. I went up to see Miss Durfee and told her to tell the man I would take $900 but that if he would not give that to leave his offer open until the end of the exhibition. I told Miss Durfee frankly I was very anxious to sell and that I would take that rather than not sell it. Fred Norton came down in the train with me.

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