Jervis McEntee Diaries

Wednesday August 28, 1878

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, Wednesday, August 28, 1878, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

We returned from a most delightful excursion to Lakes Minnewaska and Mohonk last evening. Sunday the rain cleared up at noon and at four we started and drove to High Falls were we spent the night. Mrs. Birney & Miss Deuel were there. Next day we drove to Minnewaska, Julia and her party accompanying us. The ride of ten to 12 miles up a long and gradual ascent up the Coxon Valley ch[?]. The lake resembles Mohonk in its general features but is about 3 times its area and 500 feet higher. The house now building is 150 + 115 3 stories and in a remarkably fine situation with fine views from every room. The woman in charge of the boarding house furnished a lunch, we rowed round the lake and left for High Falls about 3. Met Mr. Smillie the proprietor there. Gertrude lost her sacque on the way up but we did not recover it. I was at this lake many years ago with Gifford, Whittredge & Jno White. Staid at High Falls that night. Next day intended to come home in the morning but as John and Gertrude had never been to Mohonk since the house was built we decided to drive up there. Had dinner and remained until nearly 5 when we drove home via Rosendale and Creek Locks. The Smillies the proprietors were very polite. Knew me by reputation and had a long talk with me on their ideas of the places which seemed to me excellent. They are cultivated men and the house is quiet, pleasant and apparently well constructed. They introduced me to a Mr. Shipley of Philadelphia a picture man who also knew me through my pictures. At home found letters from Lucy finally settled at Camp Halleck, Nevada after a most fatiguing march of 650 miles. Will probably come home now. From Geo. Hall who cannot come to visit me just yet on account of an ingrowing toe nail. From Mary Gifford to Gertrude wanting her and me to spend a few days with them on Gertrudes way to Boston. From Church who is going to the Maine woods again first week in Sept. and wants me to go. From S. A. Coale St. Louis asking refusal of my two pictures sent there. Wrote to him that it would not be proper to give it since had put them in hands of exhibition authorities. Wrote to my mother who went to Alpine yesterday, sending Lucys letter. Mr. Sims died this morning from cancer in his mouth.

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