Jervis McEntee Diaries

Sunday May 4, 1873

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, May 4, 1873, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Sunday, May 4, 1873- Last Sunday Dr. Emerson took tea with us and Sara & Downing came in for a little while. Monday I went to see Mr. Moore's collection of American pictures which struck me as a very creditable one. There are three of mine there. My October in the Kaatskils (30x54) limited at $1000. A wood interior (18x22) belonging to Mr. Moore and a small November (10x12) also belonging to him. Mr. Talbot Olyphant was buried today. He was one of the bearers at Kensetts funeral and rode in the carriage with me. Tuesday Vaux came in and wanted me to go somewhere with him. So we went down to Christopher St. and took the ferry to Hoboken and from there to Barclay St. where we got into the car and rode to the Battery where we walked about awhile and I walked from there home. It was a rather dull and colorless day. I called on Whittredge to see if anything could be done about the Academy. I found him inclined to act and we decided to go and see Page and talk frankly with him. He was not in and we called on Perry. He professed to be in earnest about reconciling the differences in the Academy. He proposed a committee consisting of Page, Gifford, Richards, Casilear & Huntington to select a ticket for the coming annual election which we though well of. Accordingly Page called on Gifford but he told me subsequently that Gifford was not inclined to be active in the movement. I saw Gifford afterwards and urged him to serve. He did not say positively he would not but was very unwilling to. He says as I believe that the present management, seeing the poor exhibition we have this year are getting tired and are anxious to compromise. I think we had better meet them half way and not wait until they do more damage. Thursday. Church called and offered me a ticket to hear Fechter in Monte Cristo this evening. At first I declined as I am on the committee on admissions of the Century which meets tonight, but he was very desirous I should go and I accepted. I don't like the play which is too sensational and Fechter does not satisfy me. I think him excellent in a certain way but not in the way I like best. My father came down today to see if I could let him have some money and fortunately I could help him to a hundred dollars. Friday. Rained. I went to Eastman Johnson's and telling him my father was here he said if he would stay over another day he would make a sketch of him. I went from there to Mary's to see him and he said he would. Eastman's friend in St. Anthony is to take my picture of the brook for which I am thankful, and I have ordered the frame. Saturday. Still raining. My father came over at 10 and we went up to Eastman's. He went to work to paint his head life size and stuck at it until 3 o'clock when he had to leave for the train. He made a good spirited sketch but he regretted he could not stay longer. I went to the Century in the evening. I sent my little Scribner's Mill (12 x 20) hoping someone would buy it.

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