Jervis McEntee Diaries

Sunday May 25, 1873

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, May 25, 1873, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Sunday, May 25, 1873- Mrs. DeForest sent a note to my wife on Saturday begging us to come up to spend a few days with them and although we have begun to pack up for Rondout after a consultation today we decided to go there on Tuesday and return Thursday morning and I wrote Mrs. DeForest to that effect and sent the letter today. Irving came and spent the greater part of the day in my studio making a study of my cabinet for a picture. I went out to see Avery about my picture but did not find him in. The weather is like mid summer. I have been hoping Hamilton would come in to talk about my Kaatskill Woods but he did not. Today we did a little towards our annual packing. About 12 o'clock Avery and his wife came in. I showed him the picture which he seemed to like, but he began to explain to me that he had no positive order to buy, but would write to the person etc. I however put him at his ease by telling him that I only wanted to carry out my good faith towards him as another person would take it and be glad to get it provided he relinquished his prior claim to it, which he did as I quite expected. He admired a little picture I have, a brook scene 12 x 20. I told him I had two pictures that size left and showed him the Scribner's Mill, and that he had better buy them as I would sell them to him so that he could make something. I told him my price was $300 and if he would take them he might have the two for $175 each without frames. He said if the season were not past he would do it in a moment, and I am still hoping he will before we leave. I think he will look about for customers for them. Mr. Moore was in yesterday and wanted me to do something for a man who wants a picture, but he gave me no definite order. However I will manage to have something by and by. In the evening Gertrude and I looked over my affairs and I find my receipts have been larger than last year. I have paid off some debts, and looking over the whole field I find after all I have reason to be encouraged. It is a good thing to take a general survey occasionally to find what can be improved upon and what avoided. Certainly I have gained in reputation, I am well and ready to see and to receive impressions and feel a freshness and enthusiasm in my Art that I wonder at considering how unhappy I have been many times the past year. As I went out to post some letters this afternoon I met Whittredge and we walked up street together. Hamilton did not come in yesterday as he expected and tomorrow Whittredge is going to Baltimore. He proposed as I am going away to let him have the sale of my picture. I told him that if Hamilton would give a thousand dollars for it including frame to let him have it. He will probably see him next week and write me what he says. We went up town after dinner and made a long call at Stedmans and from there went to Eastman Johnsons but they had just gone out to the Park and so we walked down 5th Avenue home. It has been very warm today and tonight is like a summer night. I wrote to my father today and also to Mrs. Weeks telling him he is to have the picture.

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