Jervis McEntee Diaries

Sunday June 22, 1873

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, June 22, 1873, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Sunday, June 22, 1873- By invitation from the Church's Gertrude and I went up there with the 11:30 A.M. train on Friday. Mrs. Church met us at the station. They are living in the upper part of their new house while the carpenters are at work down below. Mr. & Mrs. Gaul from Hudson were there at dinner and tea. It was very hot and smoky and the wind blew a gale and the place did not look its best. I think it one of the finest situations I know of and the house is very artistic. We came home on Saturday, quite to their disappointment as they wanted us to stay longer. Church quite urged us to come up to make a long stay so that he and I could go off sketching together. They took us for a drive out towards the Claverack Creek on our way to the rail road but it was so windy and dusty we did not enjoy it much. We took the train at Hudson where we were joined by Sara who has been spending a week at the Giffords in Hudson and where saw Mary Gifford and her mother a moment. When we arrived home we found here Uncles Thomas, Patrick and Philip and Uncle Charles came up on the train so that all the elder McEntees are together again. I found a letter from Frank Thurber declining to make the exchange I proposed and now I am sorry I proposed it. This morning there are some indications of rain but I am afraid they will pass by. The country is parched with drought and we are daily hoping for rain.

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