Jervis McEntee Diaries

Tuesday April 15, 1873

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, April 15, 1873, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Tuesday, April 15, 1873- We dined at Stoddards last Saturday to meet Sutton publisher of The Aldine. Stedman was also there. Afterwards went to the Century. Frederick A. Lane was expelled, the first instance of the kind in the club. This was the monthly meeting. I showed my little picture the "Arch of Nero". Sunday I called up to see Eastman Johnson and on my return went to the Century. Collins took tea with us and in the evening Bradford came in. Monday evening Eastman and his wife came and spent the evening. Tuesday I went to see Mary who had just returned from Rondout and I wrote to my father. Wednesday I went to Eastman Johnsons. Ordered frame for my October in the Kaatskills which I am going to send to Moore's sale. Thursday I took Moore up to Eastman's by appointment and he has promised to let him have two pictures for his sale. I had a head-ache but not a severe one and only kept quiet the rest of the day. Friday I made a little sketch to give to Mrs. Blackburn, the second one I have done. Mr. Moore came in and urged me to let him have it which I did. Saturday I painted another little sketch for Mrs. Blackburn. A Mr. Johnson a jeweler, with whom Eastman Johnson has exchanged a picture called on me and staid a long time as it was a rainy day. I sold him my little picture of the Cardinal on the Campagna for $100 which I am to take in trade from his establishment. Sunday I walked up to the upper end of the Park and back to Eastman's. There were magnificent skies and I enjoyed my walk extremely. This was Easter Sunday and the streets were crowded with people. I stopped at Eastmans on my return and while I was there Gifford came in. We went over to Mary's to tea. Mr. & Mrs. Monell were there and Fred Norton and his wife. Last night I went to the opening reception at the Academy. There were a great many people there and seemingly enjoying the evening. There are not so many pictures as usual but the exhibition seems as good as in past years. The Tribune this morning thinks it has reached the lowest depths, but praises Eastman Johnson and a few others, among them me, as excellent in my limited sphere. I went to the Academy this morning to get a look at the pictures, but as usual I met people who kept me from doing as I wished. I met Mr. Olyphant there. He told me they buried Kensett in Greenwood yesterday. He was placed in a vault in the city at his death. Mr. Olyphant was looking for my picture when I saw him (the Sea from Shore). Someone had directed his attention to it. He remarked to me before he left that he had no more room for pictures. I can't quite understand why he should not have a representative picture by me, since he has pictures by most of the artists.

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