Jervis McEntee Diaries

Wednesday December 4, 1872

Jervis McEntee Diary Entry, December 4, 1872, from the Jervis McEntee papers, 1850-1905, in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Wednesday, December 4, 1872- Mr. Greeley's funeral took place today. Mary, Gertrude and I went out into 5th Avenue to see the procession pass but they finally went up to Mrs. Youmans while I remained on the sidewalk. President Grant was in one of the carriages and I recognized Whitelaw Reid, Mr. Ripley and Miss Nelly Hutchinson. No private citizen ever had such honors paid to him before. Avery hearing that my picture had come back from England asked me to let him have it at his rooms a few days and today I sent it to him. We went to Mr. Robt Hoe's to tea last evening and had a delightful time. Robt Hoe, Jr. and his wife were there. Mr. Hoe was very hospitable and his house which has recently been refitted and refurnished was very tasteful and elegant. They gave us a delicious supper and showed us every attention in their power. Mr. Hoe invited me to go up to his country place on Friday (at Tarrytown) to spend the day. Eastman Johnson and his wife came to see us while we were out last night. I went up and called on him this afternoon. Had a note from Mr. Chickering in which he tells me he is considering about letting me have a semi-grand piano and will write me in a day or two. I made a drawing on wood for the Aldine at the request of J[?] Davidson. I did it in less than two evenings and today he brought me seventy dollars for it which came in very nicely just now. We dined this evening at Westons with Whittredge and his wife Gifford & Fitch and had a very pleasant time. I called on Kensett who was out walking yesterday. There I met Walter Brown who returned with his family from Europe about a month ago. From there I went and called on Thompson and on Miller. La Farge and Butler were out. When I returned to my studio I found Vaux there with Mr. Howard from Springfield whom he brought to see my pictures with a view of buying something. He seemed inclined to take the Kaatskill Woods but did not want to decide until he went home and measured the place to see how it would fill it.

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