How we spent Snowmageddon

By the Archives
February 23, 2010
Slideshow: Snowmageddon, February 2010
This slideshow is hosted by Flickr (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service). Contributing photographers: Barbara Aikens, Stephanie Ashley, Wendy Hurlock Baker, Elizabeth Botten, Eileen and Tony Brooks, Suzanne Bybee, Susan Cary, Robin Holladay, Michelle McDaniel, Judy Ng, Jody Pettibone, Loren Scherbak, Julie Schewitzer, Jennifer Snyder, Sara Snyder, Jason Stieber, Emily Terrell, Jessica Theaman, Karen Weiss.

Staff at the Archives of American Art have contributed photos to this slideshow that they took during the snow storms of February 2010.

Dubbed “Snowmageddon” and “Snoverkill” by local media, these storms dumped 20–40 inches of snow on the Washington, D.C. area between February 5th and 10th.


This was great, Jennifer! Thanks for putting this together! We've got some wonderful photographers here!

Completely reminds me of where I grew up in Syracuse and the snowfall we used to get.