User Experience Internship


The Archives of American Art is constantly improving how our site looks, feels, and functions. User Experience interns will learn how to conduct user experience research and then synthesize findings and best practices to develop innovative and strategic solutions that improve the user experience. 

Interns will gain first-hand experience on user experience projects such as usability studies and analytics analyses and will provide assistance to the Digital Experience Manager on UX reports and designing improvements. Interns will learn a variety of skills that will make them desirable candidates in their upcoming web careers such as web analytics, information architecture, wireframing, content management system experience, interface design, HTML, and CSS.


  • Tracking and assessing online analytics and producing reports
  • Contributing to the Archives’ social media platforms
  • Producing and editing graphics
  • Researching and reporting on digital and technology trends
  • Providing administrative assistance to the Digital Experience Manager


  • Strong interpersonal/communication skills
  • Keen attention to detail in oral and written work
  • Highly organized with excellent analytical/problem-solving skills and effective time management
  • Some familiarity with web technologies; any experience with HTML or CSS is a plus
  • Possess a passion for design, digital media, and technology
  • Self-starters that are able to work independently without much instruction
  • Ability to commit a minimum of 180 hours over a minimum of 11 weeks

Application Requirements

Applications must be submitted through the Smithsonian SOLAA System ( select Archives of American Art as the unit, then select "User Experience" as the project.

Please Note: Special Instructions for Applying through the SOLAA System

  • This internship requires one letter of reference, not two; instead of submitting a second letter of referenceplease submit a one-page work sample document by attaching it to your cover letter.
    • This document should contain 1–3 digital media work samples
    • Each work sample should have a 1–2 paragraph description outlining your role in the project and technologies employed


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

How to Apply

  • Only one letter of reference is required
  • Instead of a 2nd letter of reference, please submit a one-page document containing links to 2-3 work samples
  • Each work sample should have a 1–2 paragraph description outlining your role in the project

Visit the Smithsonian SOLAA System ( Now

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