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The Archives of American Art is the world’s preeminent and most widely used research center dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to primary sources that document the history of the visual arts in America.

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  • October 24, 2023

    2023 Gala

    Join us for the October 24, 2023 Archives of American Art Gala in New York City.

  • Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence profoundly shaped the depiction of American history in art through their ambitious and insightful oeuvres. From generating new national traditions through the Harlem Community Art Center to capturing communal experience through paint and collage, they paved the way for subsequent generations of storytellers. In this episode, hear from each artist as they recount the social, political, and artistic currents that guided their paths.

The Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Art has announced the recipients of The Lawrence A. Fleischman Award for Scholarly Excellence in the Field of American Art History and the Archives of American Art Medal. These annual awards, the Archives of American Art’s highest honors, recognize individuals who have made transformative contributions in the field of American art.

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Original material can be consulted by appointment in our Washington, D.C. Headquarters.

Select holdings are available on microfilm at the Archives' offices in Washington, D.C. and at our New York Office.

Copies of unrestricted microfilm materials can be obtained through one of our affiliated research centers.

Internship, fellowship, and volunteer opportunities provide students and lifelong learners with the ability to contribute to the study and preservation of visual arts records in America.

A virtual repository of a substantial cross-section of the Archives' most significant collections.

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