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Phone: 202-633-7940
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Phone: 202-633-7950
Fax: 202-633-7994

Donating Papers

Liza Kirwin, Deputy Director
Phone: 202-633-7957
Donating Papers to the Archives of American Art

Office of Advancement

Beth Kopley, Associate Director for Advancement
Phone: 212-399-4919

Bridget Mazet, Advancement Assistant
Phone: 202-633-7989

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Susan Cary, Registrar
Phone: 202-633-7945
Fax: 202-633-7994
Borrowing Documents for Exhibition

Archives of American Art Journal

Liza Kirwin, Deputy Director
Phone: 202-633-7957
Fax: 202-633-7993
Archives of American Art Journal


Kelly Quinn, Terra Foundation Project Manager for Online Scholarly and Educational Initiatives
Phone: 202-633-7972

Collections Processing

Barbara Aikens, Head of Collections Processing
Phone: 202-633-7941

Web and Information Systems

Karen Weiss, Head of Digital Operations
Phone: 202-633-7973

Michelle Herman, Digital Experience Manager
Phone: 202-633-7987

Office of the Director

Kate Haw, Director
Phone: 202-633-7992
Fax: 202-633-7994

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