William Mills Ivins papers, 1878-1964

A Finding Aid to the William Mills Ivins Papers, 1878-1964, in the Archives of American Art, by Cathy Stover

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Biographical Information

William Mills Ivins, Jr. (1881-1961), a lawyer, first became interested in collecting prints and illustrated books while an undergraduate at Harvard. He studied the history of printmaking through self-directed reading, by looking at prints in the major European libraries and museums, and tried his hand at many of the printmaking processes. While practicing law, he wrote articles and organized some small exhibitions of prints as early as 1908. In 1916, the Metropolitan Museum of Art appointed its first Curator of Prints to organized a Department of Prints and Drawings and to develop its small existing collection. Upon the recommendation of Paul J. Sachs who was unable to accept the position, Ivins was selected. He held the post until his retirement some thirty years later.

During his tenure as Curator of Prints, Ivins became one of the most highly respected individuals in the profession. Under Ivins the collection grew in scope, size, and quality; he acquired materials by cultivating potential donors, and through systematic purchase of pieces not likely to come into the collection by bequest. The department's active exhibition schedule included some especially noteworthy shows, such as The Arts of the Book in 1924.

Ivins was knowledgeable and shared information by writing several books on prints and the history of printmaking, and by writing large numbers of articles for the educated layman. His articles often highlighted items in the permanent collection, and frequently appeared in the museum's Bulletin. He was interested in perspective, psychology of perception, aesthetics, mathematics and modern philosophy, and wrote on these topics, as well.

He was an accomplished speaker and was in much demand as a lecturer. Of particular note were his series on Illustrated Books of the Renaissance at the Morgan Library in 1936, and the 1950 Lowell Lectures (subsequently published under the title Prints and Visual Communication).

In addition to his curatorial duties, Ivins served as Assistant Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art between 1933 and 1938, and was its Acting Director from 1938 until 1940. Francis Henry Taylor was appointed Director in 1940, and Ivins was named to the newly created post of Counselor; failure to attain the directorship was a bitter disappointment, which many attributed to his lack of tact and generally difficult disposition.

Ivins retired in 1946, and continued to write and publish until the mid-1950's. During this period he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Yale University (1946), made an honorary fellow of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1946), named a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1950), and invited to deliver the annual lectures at the Lowell Institute (1950). He died at the age of eighty in 1961, after several years of declining health.

Ivins' private collection of prints and illustrated books, which he had continued to amass through the 1930's, was partially dispersed during his lifetime through gifts to the Metropolitan Museum and to a number of university and special libraries. The portion remaining in his estate was sold at auction by Parke Bernet between 1962 and 1964.

born to William Mills Ivins and Emma Yard Ivins, Flatbush, N.Y.
attended King's School, Stamford, Conn.
trip to South America with father
graduation from St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H.
graduation from Harvard (A.B.)
travelled in Europe with Paul Haviland, and studied economics at University of Munich
employed by The World's Work, writing articles on economic and artistic subjects
graduation from Columbia School of Law
practiced law in New York City: Ivins, Wolff and Houget for New York Public Service Commission, 1907-1908; Strong and Cadwallader, 1908-1909; Cravath, Henderson, and der Gersdorff, 1909-1916
arranged first exhibition of prints, Keppel & Co,
marriage to Florence Wyman, an illustrator
appointed first Curator of Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art
c. 1927-1935
served on editorial board of Metropolitan Museum Studies
Assistant Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Morgan Library Lectures
Honorary Curator of Prints and Drawings, Morgan Library
Acting Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art (Note: Mr. Ivins continued to act as Curator of Prints during periods when he was assigned other major administrative responsibilities at the museum)
Counselor, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Honorary Fellow, Metropolitan Museum of Art; retirement from Metropolitan Museum of Art; Honorary Doctorate, Yale University
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Lowell Lectures (published in 1953 under the title Prints and Visual Communication)
Ivins Collection of Prints and Illustrated Books sold at auction by Parke Bernet
William M. Ivins, Jr. Papers donated to the Archives of American Art by his daughter, Barbara Ivins

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Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents

The papers, 1878-1964 (20.6 linear feet) of museum curator, director, and art scholar William Mills Ivins (1881-1961) consist of personal and professional correspondence, writings, notes, photographs, and Ivins family papers. Ivins was Curator of Prints, 1916-1946, Assistant Director, 1933-1938, and Acting Director, 1938-1940 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The collection contains professional and personal correspondence with art historians, art dealers, museum curators, print and book collectors, and artists concerning the history of print making, book design and illustration, print collectors and collecting, exhibitions, and museum administration. Correspondence files appear to be complete, and correspondence is of substantive content. Also found are Ivins' published and unpublished writings and lectures, and notes. Of particular interest are the letters from Bernard Berenson, Paul J. Sachs, and Theodore Sizer, each of whom corresponded with Ivins freqently over extended periods about both personal and professional and matters.

Ivins' family papers include family correspondence, genealogies, and photographs. The papers of Ivin's wife, illustrator Florence Wyman Ivins (1881-1948), and the correspondence of several other relatives, can be found here augmented by family photographs.

Arrangement and Series Description

The collection has been arranged into 7 series. The contents and organization are noted in the individual series descriptions.

Subjects and Names

This collection is indexed in the online catalog of the Archives of American Art under the following index terms:

  • Ames, Winslow
  • Arensberg, Walter, 1878-1954
  • Arms, John Taylor, 1887-1953
  • Berenson, Bernard, 1865-1959
  • Boas, George, 1891-
  • Burroughs, Bryson, 1869-1934
  • Carrington, Fitz Roy, 1869-1954
  • Century Association (New York, N.Y.).
  • Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, Sir, 1867-1962
  • Constable, W. G., (William George), 1887-1976
  • Dodgson, Campbell, 1867-1948
  • Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965
  • Friedl�nder, Max J., 1867-1958
  • Greene, Belle da Costa, 1883-1950
  • Grolier Club
  • Holmes, Margaret Ivins, 1882-1954
  • Ivins, Barbara
  • Ivins, Emma Yard, 1857-1940
  • Ivins, Florence Wyman, 1881-1948
  • Ivins, Katherine
  • Ivins, William Mills, 1851-1915
  • K�sebier, Gertrude, 1852-1934
  • Lay, Charles Downing, 1877-1956
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.).
  • Pierpont Morgan Library
  • Rogers, Bruce, 1870-1957
  • Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1883-
  • Sachs, Paul J. (Paul Joseph), 1878-1965
  • Sarton, George, 1884-1956
  • Simonson, Lee, 1888-
  • Sizer, Theodore, 1892-1967
  • Webster, Herman A. (Herman Armour), 1878-1970
  • Wind, Edgar, 1900-
  • Winter, Carl, 1906 Jan. 10-
  • Aesthetics
  • Art historians
  • Art museums
  • Book collectors and collecting
  • Designers
  • Engraving--History
  • Etching--History
  • Illustrated books--History
  • Illustrators
  • Medicine and art--History
  • Museum curators
  • Museum directors
  • Museums--Acquisitions
  • Perspective
  • Prints--History


The William Mills Ivins, Jr., papers were donated to the Archives of American Art by his daughter, Barbara Ivins, in several installments between 1977 and 1983.

How the Collection was Processed

The collection was processed and the finding aid written by Cathy Stover in 1988. The finding aid was modified during EAD conversion by Stephanie Ashley in 2002. Additional work on the collection was completed by intern Carrol Park in 2012.

How to Use the Collection

Restrictions on Use

Use of unmicrofilmed material in the holdings of the Archives of American Art requires an appointment and is limited to the Washington, D.C., facility.

Ownership & Literary Rights

The William Mills Ivins papers are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.

How to Cite this Collection

William Mills Ivins papers, 1878-1964. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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Detailed Description and Container Inventory

Series 1: Professional and Personal Papers, circa 1908-1961
(Boxes 1-8; 6.5 linear ft.)

This series contains the personal and professional correspondence of William M. Ivins, Jr., consisting mainly of letters addressed to Ivins, with copies of his replies amounting to about five percent of the total. Correspondence with relatives can be found with the Ivins Family Papers.

Of particular interest are the letters of Bernard Berenson, Paul J. Sachs, and Theodore Sizer, each of whom correspondend with Ivins frequently over extended periods; their letters pertain to both professional and personal matters. Very few copies of Ivins' letters to them are contained in the collection; however, Ivins' letters to Sizer (approximately 110 items, dated 1926-1959) are in the collection of Yale University Library.

Also included are letters of condolence upon the death of his wife, Florence Wyman Ivins, in 1948, and correspondence and receipts from print dealers and booksellers concerning purchases for Ivins' personal collection.

This series is organized into three subseries:

1.1: Correspondence, A-Z, circa 1908-1961

The correspondence is arranged alphabetically, usually by the author's name rather than the institution or firm represented. There are a very small number of files titled by subject (e.g., "Woodbury, Conn. property") included in the alphabetical sequence. The correspondents listed below are represented by at least ten letters each, with a separate folder for each individual. All others are in general files for each letter of the alphabet, with selected correspondents noted.

Box Folder
1 1-2 Correspondence, A
(including Elmer Adler)
1 3 Alford, Roberta Fansler, 1933-1959
1 4 Ames, Adelbert, Jr., 1940-1947
(about physiology of vision and psychology of perception)
1 5 Ames, Winslow, 1947-1958
(about WMI writings, particularly Art and Geometry; family news; announcement of departure from Springfield Art Museum)
1 6 Arensberg, Walter, 1909-1930
(recommending Marcel Duchamp and Walter Pach as assistants in Print Department; symbolism in "The Melancholia"; WMI's reminiscences of Arensberg [classmate, Harvard, 1090], in response to a request from Fiske Kimball)
1 7 Arms, John Taylor, 1930-1948
(tribute on the occasion of WMI's retirement; invitations; letters about juries, Brooklyn Society of Etchers, and other organizations for printmakers)
1 8 Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, 1911
1 9-13 Correspondence, B
(includes Barr, Alfred Hamilton, 1937; Beal, Gifford. 1935)
1 14 Baerwald, Emil, 1917-1949
(about print collecting and recent sales; comments on WMI writings; Max Friedlander)
1 15 Barlow, T. D., 1927-1953
(about print collecting and books)
1 16 Benson, John, 1952-1956
1 17-36 Berenson, Bernard and Nicky, 1925-1961
(about visitors to I Tatti; travels, with descriptions of landscapes and light; news of mutual friends; family news; health; reading and writing; projects)
1 37-40 Boas, George
1 41-43 Born, Kay, 1956-1961
1 44 Brooks, Van Wyck, and Gladys, 1951-1959
1 45 Burroughs, Alan, 1934-1957
1 46 Burroughs, Bryson, 1922-1934
(MMA news, including death of E. Robinson; family news; charicatures of Acting Director Reily and unknown)
1 47 Burroughs, Louise [Mrs. Bryson], 1948-1961
1 48-52 Correspondence, C
(includes: Clarke, Kenneth, 1929; Cleland, Thomas; Cortissoz, Royal, 1916-1935)
Box Folder
2 1 Carrington, FitzRoy, 1908-1955
(about print collecting; WMI writings for Print Collectors Quarterly Print Dept., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; recent books about prints; ts of article by FC, "Some Designs by Florence Wyman Ivins")
2 2 Century Association, 1934-1949
(includes: Beal, Gifford; Tack, Augustus Vincent)
2 3 Champion, Librarie Ancienne, 1921-1927
(correspondence, receipts and invoices regarding purchases by WMI for personal collection)
2 4 Chase, Beulah Dimmick, and Julian, 1946-1958
2 5 Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, 1921-1956
(about WMI's writings; calligraphy; books and collecting; Fitzilliam Museum; news of mutual friends)
2 6-7 Cohn, Alfred E., and Aggie Lockwood (Mrs. Manus [daughter?]), 1920-1959
(about art; philosophy; opinions of recently published books; comments on WMI's writings, particularly Art and Geometry; news of mutual friends; reports on health of AEC; also included are WMI's letters to AEC, removed from AEC's files and sent to WMI by the Executor of the estate)
2 8-9 Constable, William George, 1932-1961
(about his own writings and speeches, and those of WMI; Bernard Berenson; collection of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; travels; fakes)
2 10-12 Correspondence, D
(includes: Davies, Arthur B. 1921; Dillyae, Blanche, 1908-1909; duBois, Guy Pene, undated; Duchamp, Marcel, 1926-1927)
2 13 Dana, John Cotton, 1917-1925
(about organization of the Newark Public Library, recordkeeping, and curatorial practices)
2 14 DeForest, Robert W., 1918-1930
(about WMI writins; MMA administrative matters; invitations)
2 15 Dodgson, Campbell, 1918-1943
(about Contemporary Art Society, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and Print Collectors Quarterly)
2 16 Correspondence, E
(includes Easby, Dudley T, 1948-1958)
2 17 Elliott, Huger, and Elizabeth Shippen Green, 1927-1949
2 18 Emmett, Burton, 1921-1929
2 19 Erlich, Evelyn, 1948-1950
2 20-21 Correspondence, F
2 22 Firuski, Maurice, 1953-1960
(books offered and purchased for WMI collection at Housatonuc Bookshop, Salisbury, Conn.; some news of mutual friends)
2 23 Frankfurter, Felix, 1940-1960
(about Bernard Berenson; news of mutual friends)
2 24 Frick Collection, 1939-1947
(about WMI lectures there)
2 25 Friedlander, Max J., 1927-1945
2 26 Fulton, John E., 1947-1948
(about Vesalius)
2 27-28 Correspondence, G
(includes: Gabo, Miriam [Mrs. Naum], and Nina [daughter], 1942-1953; Gallatin, A. E., 1943-1947)
2 29 Ginsberg, Jekuthiel, 1942-1953
(about WMI articles for Scripta Mathematica)
2 30 Greene, Belle da Costa, 1917-1947
(about mutual friends; Bernard Berenson see also: Grolier Club Morgan Library)
2 31-34 Grolier Club, 1916-1959
(arrangements for exhibitions and other club business; includes letters from Cassatt, Mary, 1919, 1924; Greene, Belle da Costa, 1921; Havemeyer, Mrs. H.O., 1919; Pennell, Joseph, 1918-1921; Woodbury, Charles H. C., 1921; Young, Mahonri. undated; miscellaneous printed matter, notes, drafts and catalog text)
Box Folder
3 1-4 Correspondence, H
(includes: Haviland, Paul, 1908; Hind, Arthur M., 1920-1953; Hopkinson, Charles, 1946-1952)
3 5 Harvard Club
3 6 Harvard University
(includes Class of 1901; general)
3 7 Hauser, Walter, 1946-1956
(about MMA staff)
3 8 Hofer, Philip, 1935-1950
3 9 Howard, Ros, 1945-1948
(about Art and Geometry; psychology and physiology of perception; Bernard Berenson)
3 10 Howson, Roger, 1953-1956
3 11 Correspondence, I
3 12 Iconophiles, 1926-1953
3 13 Correspondence, J
(includes: Janson, H. W)
3 14-17 Correspondence, K
(includes: Kepple, Frederick 1911-1913)
3 18 Kelley, Nicholas, 1920-1960
3 19-20 Kent, Henry W., 1910-1948
(comments on writings and speeches of WMI; MMA administration)
3 21-22 Correspondence, L
(includes: Lehmann-Haupt, Hellmut, 1930; Loewy, Raymond, 1934)
3 23 Lay, Charles Downing, 1926-1960
(about C. Goodhue Memorial Exhibition; WMI's writings; calligraphy; news of mutual friends)
3 24 Lefferts, Helen Lambert, 1957-1958
(about Daumier exhibition)
3 25 Library of Congress, 1945-1946
3 26 Lockwood, Will, and Louise, 1955-1960
3 27 Lowell Institute, 1949
(regarding Annual Lectures)
3 28-33 Correspondence, M
(includes MacBride, Henry, 1929; Mielziner, Leo, and Ella F. 1917-1955)
3 34 McMahon, A. Philip, 1928-1947
(about own writings and those of WMI)
3 35 Malloch, Archibald, 1932-1953
(about Vesalian essays)
3 36 Mansfield, Howard, and Helen, 1917-1948
(comments on WMI's writings; exhibitions and acquisitions of MMA; biographical notes on HM)
3 37 Mather, Frank Jewett, 1921-1946
(lists of printmakers for his book; about WMI review of Gabriel book)
3 38 Mayor, A. Hyatt, and Virginia, 1940-1960
(about MMA; writings of WMI)
3 39 Merriman, Daniel, 1947-1956
(about Davenport College, Yale University)
3 40 Moe, Henry Allen, 1938-1955
(about perspective and geometry; applicants for Guggenheim Fellowships)
3 41 Morgan, Junius Spencer
(about his collection and new acquisitions)
3 42 Morgan Library, 1922-1958
(appointment of WMI as Honorary Curator of Prints and Drawings; acquisitions; invitations; see also: Greene, Belle da Costa)
3 43 Mosenthal & Sons Insurance
3 44 Morison, Stanley, 1925-1934
(about books and prints; printing; The Fleuron (journal of typography); news of mutual friends)
Box Folder
4 1 Munroe, Vernon, 1923-1957
4 2 Munson, Ida, 1960-1961
4 3-5 Correspondence, N
4 6 Newlin, Alice, 1924
4 7 Correspondence, O
4 8 Oppenheimer, Henry, 1919-1936
4 9 Osborne, William Church, 1925-1946
(about MMA administration and policy; writings of WMI; WMI's recommendations for Bulletin)
4 10-15 Correspondence, P
(includes: Pach, Walter, 1921-1955; Phillips, Duncan, 1929-1930; Print Club of Cleveland, 1923-1945; Print Club (of Philadelphia Pa.), 1925-1926; Print Club of Rochester, 1931-1932; Print Collectors Quarterly, 1922-1924; Print Makers Society of California, 1921)
4 16 Panofsky, Erwin, 1932-1935
4 17 Pease, Murray, 1945-1950
4 18 Quartich, Bernard, 1918-1934
(invoices and letters concerning purchases of books for WMI personal library)
4 19-22 Correspondence, R
(includes: Rorimer, James, 1934-1961; Rosenbach, A.S.W., 1931; Rosenberg, Jakob, 1927-1953)
4 23 Redmond, Rollin, 1944-1948
4 24 Riggs, Lawrason, 1933-1960
4 25 Robinson, Edward, 1917-1941
(about MMA Print Dept.; other museum business, including loans and exhibitions; travels)
4 26 Rogers, Bruce, 1919-1956
4 27 Rollins, Carl Purington, and Margaret, 1931-1955
(about WMI writings; samples of printing; and news of mutual friends)
4 28-30 Rosenthal, [Rabbi] Henry M., 1945-1955
4 31 Rous, Peyton, 1945-1953
4 32 Ruzicka, Rudolph, 1917-1960
(about his exhibitions; travels; printing; exhibition design; WMI's writings; news of mutual friends)
4 33-39 Correspondence, S
(includes Schniewind, Carl O., 1930-1946; Sheeler, Charles. undated; Spicer-Simson, Theodore, 1944; Stieglitz, Alfred, 1928-1929)
4 40-41 Sachs, Paul J., and Meta, 1910-1955
(about Fogg Art Museum; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; acquisitions; PJS lectures; WMI writings and lectures; prints and drawings on the market; travels)
4 42 Sarton, George, 1942-1951
(about philosophy, ancient and modern; books; Isis (Review of the History and Philosophy of Science); WMI's writings)
Box Folder
5 1 Saunders, A.P., 1942-1948
5 2 Savile Club, 1933-1954
5 3 Simkhovitch, Vladimir G., 1918-1960
(about art; history of ancient Greece; WMI's writings)
5 4 Simonson, Lee, 1929-1956
(about books and reading; WMI's writings; teaching; opera set designs; news of mutual friends)
5 5 Singer, Charles Joseph, 1949-1954
(WMI criticism of CS writings on Vesalius; books; anatomy; writings of WMI)
5 6-9 Sizer, Theodore, 1922-1960
(WMI lectures to Cleveland Print Club; travels; news of mutual friends; exhibitions; Yale University Art Gallery; TS lectures and book on Trumbull)
5 10 Southold [Long Island] property, 1919
5 11 Stechert, G.E. & Co., 1909-1929
(invoices and letters regarding purchase of books for WMI library)
5 12-13 Stowaways, 1921-1933
5 14-17 Correspondence, T
5 18 Taylor, Francis Henry, 1933-1948
(about MMA business; WMI lectures)
5 19-20 Troxell, Janet, 1954-1959
5 21 Correspondence, U
5 22 University of Chicago, 1932-1945
(includes U.C. Press)
5 23-24 Correspondence, V
5 25 Vasari Society, 1922-1933
5 26-32 Correspondence, W
(includes: Watrous, Harry W., 1925; Watson, Forbes, 1926)
5 33 Wallace, Ed, 1954-1958
5 34 Warburg, Felix M., 1919-1935
(about acquisitions for FMW collection)
5 35-36 Webster, Herman A., and Mounette, 1910-1959
(about travels; prints for sale in Europe; WMI's writings; exhibitions of HAW work in U.S.; German occupation of France)
5 37 Weil, Ernst, 1932-1955
(about WMI book purchases; see also: Tauber & Weil)
5 38 Wetmore, Edith, 1928-1956
5 39 Weyhe, E., 1948-1959
(about WMI book purchases)
5 40 Wilkinson, Charles, 1946-1961
(about MMA staff; travels; news of mutual friends)
Box Folder
6 1 Wind, Edgar, 1945-1952
(about Vesalius; translations; Greek art; aesthetics; his own writings and those of WMI; news of mutual friends)
6 2 Winlock, Herbert Eustis, 1931-1948
(about MMA staff; MMA Egyptian expedition; acquisitions; MMA administration)
6 3 Winter, Carl, 1939-1943
(about Elizabethan miniatures; World War II; book about Nicholas Hilliard; news of mutual friends)
6 4 Winternitz, Emanuel, 1945-1961
(about MMA staff; MMA Musical Instrument Collection; news of mutual friends)
6 5 Woodbury, Conn. Property, 1941-1956
6 6 Woodhouse, Betty Burroughs, 1935-1959
6 7 Correspondence, Y
(includes Young, Art, undated)
6 8 Yale University, 1942-1958
(includes Art GalleryConvocation, 1946; Elizabethan Club; Library; Y.U. Press; Yale Review)
6 9 Correspondence, Z
(includes Zigrosser, Carl, 1932-1959)
6 10 Correspondence, unknown and illegible

1.2: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Correspondence and Office Files, circa 1919-1947

The file on European travels contains letters of introduction to curators and collectors, miscellaneous notes, and expense records for museum business. Files on gifts and loans refer to those from WMI's personal collection to the museum. Metropolitan Museum Studies files include records of the Editorial board meetings, 1927-1936; circulation records, 1933; general records, 1931; Vol 4 and 5, 1933-1935; correspondence with and about contributors, including Burroughs, Alan, Cooke, Walter W.S., Cumont, Diamond, W., Dinsmore, William B., Frick, Colin G., Jacobsthal, Lewis, W.S., Morgan, John Hill, Panofsky, Erwin, Planiscig, L., Richter, Gisela A.M., Tietze, Hans, Updike, D.B., and Wehle, H; and rejected articles. Printed matter does not include exhibition catalogs from the museum.

Box Folder
6 11-13 Addresses
6 14 Calendar, 1931
6 15 Employees' Association, 1937-1947
6 16 European Travels, 1919, 1922
6 17 Gifts, 1922-1946
6 18 Loans, 1923-1936
6 19 Miscellaneous Letters, Notes, etc., 1923-1935
6 20 Pension
6 21 Printed Material Issued by Metropolitan Museum
6 22 Print Department
6 23 Publications
6 24 Restaurant Bills
6 25-27 Durer Collection of Junius Spencer Morgan, circa 1919
6 28-50 Metropolitan Museum Studies
6 51 Clippings
Box Folder
7 1 History of Metropolitan Museum of Art by Winifred E. Howe, 1905-1941
(galley sheets annotated by WMI)

1.3: Correspondence with Publishers, 1932-1958

This subseries relates to major publications and is filed by title in chronological order. Additional correspondence regarding Ivins' publications is included in the alphabetical sequence, usually filed under the name of editor, rather than publisher or periodical.

Box Folder
7 2 On the Rationalization of Sight, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1948
7 3-4 Three Vesalian Essays, University of Chicago and New York Academy of Medicine, 1932-1951
7 5-6 Art & Geometry, Harvard University Press and Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., 1945-1951
7 7-8 Prints and Visual Communication, Harvard University Press and Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., 1950-1958
Box Folder
8 1 What Makes a Masterpiece?, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1953-1954

Series 2: Writings, circa 1910-1960
(Boxes 8-12; 4.9 linear ft.)

This series consists of notes, drafts, manuscripts, and corrected gallery sheets for books, articles, reviews, lectures, etc., by William M. Ivins, Jr., both published and unpublished. Some are in notebooks spanning several years and covering a range of topics, in no apparent order within the volumes. Also included are autobiographical notes, circa 1925-1950's, and leaves from diaries dated 1919 and 1943-1945. Many are untitled and undated.

As far as possible the records are arranged in chronological order.

Box Folder
8 2 Miscellaneous Writings, 1913
8 3 Miscellaneous Writings, circa 1916
8 4 Articles, 1917
8 5 Miscellaneous Writings, 1918
8 6 Miscellaneous Writings, 1919
8 7 Articles and Lectures, circa 1919
8 8 Diary, 1919
8 9 Miscellaneous Writings, 1920
8 10 Notes, 1920
8 11 Miscellaneous Writings, 1923
8 12 Daumier, 1923
8 13 Miscellaneous Writings, 1924
8 14 Museum Aesthetics, 1924
8 15 Miscellaneous Writings, 1925
8 16 Notes- Pling, Aesthetics Theory, Etc., circa 1925
8 17 Books and Prints, 1926
8 18 Miscellaneous Writings, 1926
8 19 Miscellaneous Writings, 1927
8 20 Miscellaneous Writings, 1928
8 21 Notebook, circa 1927-1932
8 22 Notebook, circa 1930
8 23 Notebook, 1930s
8 24 Notebook, circa 1931
8 25 Miscellaneous Writings, 1932
8 26 Notebook, circa 1932
8 27 Miscellaneous Writings, 1933
8 28 Miscellaneous Writings, 1934
8 29 Bryson Burroughs, 1935
8 30 Miscellaneous Writings, 1937
8 31-35 Morgan Library lectures, "Aspects of Renaissance Book Illustration," circa 1937
Box Folder
9 1-7 Morgan Library lectures, "Aspects of Renaissance Book Illustration," circa 1937
9 8 Morgan Library Lectures, Illustrated Books, circa 1937
9 9 Morgan Library Lectures, Corrected Typescript, circa 1937
9 10 Morgan Library Lectures, Miscellaneous, circa 1937
9 11-12 "On the Rationalization of Sight," 1938
9 13 Miscellaneous Writings, 1939
9 14 Notebook, 1930s
9 15 Miscellaneous Writings, 1941
9 16 "Free Thought in the Country," 1943
9 17 "Peter Bruegel- Lables for Exhibitions," 1943
Box Folder
10 1 "Mathematics and the Imagination," 1945
10 2-3 "Art and Geometry," 1946
10 4 Yale Convocation, 1946
10 5 Miscellaneous Writings, 1946
10 6 "A Note on Ipseity," 1947
10 7-11 "Manuscript Fallacies," 1947
10 12-13 "Fakes," 1947
10 14-16 "What About the Fabrica of Vesalius?," 1948
10 17 Book Review, 1948
10 18 "Some Disconnected Notes About Drawing," 1948
10 19 Miscellaneous Writings, circa 1949
10 20 Book Review, 1949
10 21 "A Neglected Aspect of Early Print Making," 1949
10 22 Miscellaneous Writings, late 1940s
10 23 Miscellaneous Writings, 1952
10 24-25 "Lefebvre Des Noettes," 1952-1953
10 26-30 Lowell Lectures, "Prints and Visual Communications," circa 1950-1953
Box Folder
11 1-7 Lowell Lectures, "Prints and Visual Communications," circa 1950-1953
11 8 Lowell Lectures, "Record of Photography," circa 1950-1953
11 9-10 Lowell Lectures, "Malraux La Psycholygie de l' Art," circa 1950-1953
11 11 Lowell Lectures, Miscellaneous, circa 1950-1953
11 12-13 "Masterpieces," 1953
11 14 Miscellaneous Writings, 1954
11 15-16 "Prints- Technique and Expression," 1954
11 17-18 Miscellaneous Writings, circa 1952- circa 1956
11 19 Meditations, 1940s- 1950s
11 20 Miscellaneous Writings, circa late 1950s
11 21 Autobiographical Notes, circa 1925, circa 1950s
11 22-25 Early Museum Period, undated
Box Folder
12 1-4 Early Museum Period, undated
12 5 Early Bulletin Articles, undated
12 6-9 Metropolitan Museum of Art, circa 1920s
12 10 Articles, etc., late 1920s
12 11 Drafts of Published Writings #1, undated
12 12 Miscellaneous from Woodbury Study, circa 1949-1952
12 13 Geometrical Notes, undated
12 14 Notes on Book Illustrations, undated
12 15 "Perspective," 1910-1960
12 16 Notes on American Prints, undated
12 17 Notes on Early Etching, undated
12 18 "Vesalius," undated
12 19 Notes, undated
12 20 Notebook, undated
12 21-27 Miscellaneous Writings, undated

Series 3: Publications, 1896-1958
2 Linear feet; Boxes 13-14

This series contains an incomplete set of publications by Ivins including books, articles, lectures, exhibition catalogs, and reviews. Many are marked copies, corrected or otherwise annotated by the author. When available, reviews of books and exhibitions are filed with the corresponding volume. The first folder in the series contrains Ivin's first published work, consisting of letters written to his mother while in South America.

The publications are arranged in chronological order by date of publication, while later editions are reprints filed by date of first publication.

Box Folder
13 1 "A Trip Worth Describing, Letters from a Lad While Traveling," Monmouth Democrat [Freehold, N.J.], 1896 December 3
13 2 "Catalogue of an Exhibition of Prints by Albrecht Durer, With an Introduction by William M. Ivins, Jr.," Frederick Keppel &Co., 1917 November 5-31
13 3 Wood Engravings by Rudolph Ruzicka, Newark Public Library, 1917 March 5-31
13 4 Exhibition of Painter Etchings and Engravings of the XIX Century, Consisting Mainly of Loans From Private Collections, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917 April
13 5 The Wood Engravings of Rudolph Ruzicka, The Newark Museum Association, 1917
13 6 A Catalogue of Italian Renaissance Woodcuts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1927
13 7 "Of Museums," The Arts, vol. III, no. 1, 1923 January
13 8 "Daumier- The Man of His Time," The Arts, vol. III, no. 2
13 9 Loan Exhibition of the Italian Renaissance, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1923 May 7- September 9
13 10 " A History of Engraving and Etching, by Arthur M. Hind." Reviewed by Ivins in The Literary Review, 1935 July 21
13 11 "A Note on Claude Garamond, Punch- Cutter & Type- Founder," in Monotype, vol. 9, no. 6, 1923
13 12 A Guide to an Exhibition of The Arts of the Book, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1924 May 12- September 14
13 13 "Goya's Disasters of War," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XIX, no. 9, 1924 September
13 14 "A Gift of Prints," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XX, no. 8
13 15 "Joseph Pennell," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXI, no. 11, 1925 August
13 16 Prints and Books, Informal Papers, 1926
13 17 "Photography and the 'Modern' Point of View, A Speculation in the History of Taste," Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. I, pt. 1, 1928
13 18 "A Note Apropos of Two Anniversaries," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXII, no. 1, 1928 January
13 19 "A Collection of English Trading Cards," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXIII, no. 2, 1928 February
13 20 "Beauty in the Architecture," The Arts, vol. XIV, no. 3, 1928 September
13 21 "Philbert de l'Orme's Premiere Tome de l'architecture," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXIV, no. 5, 1929 May
13 22 "Notes on Three Durer Woodblocks," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. II, pt. 1, 1929 November
13 23 "Kleiner's Residences Memorables," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXIV, no. 12, 1929 December 12
13 24 "Vasari's Lives," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1930
13 25 "Notes on Two Woodcuts of the Nuremberg School," Metropolitan Museum Studies, vol. II, pt 3, 1930 May
13 26 Notes on Prints, Being the Text of Labels Prepared for a Special Exhibition of Prints from the Museum Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1930
13 27 "French Eighteenth-Century Engravings," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXVI, no. 2, 1931 February
13 28 Daumier, 1931 March
13 29 "An Exhibition of Reproductive Prints," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXVI, no. 10, 1931 October
13 30 "Early Woodcuts," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXVII, no. 2, 1932 February
13 31 "Address at the Cooper Union, Tuesday, 25th of February 1932," 1932 February 25
13 32 Hugh Thompson- His Art, His Letters, His Humor, and His Charm by M.H. Spielmann and Walter Jerrold, reviewed by Ivins in The Saturday Review of Literature, vol. IX, no. 1, 1932 July 23
13 33 "Artistic Aspects of Fifteenth-Century Printing," Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, vol. XXVI, 1932
13 34 "An Undescribed Schongauer Trial Proof," Metropolitan Museum Studies, vol. IV, pt. 2, 1933 March
13 35 "Two Woodcuts of the Virgin," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXVII, no. 4, 1932 April
13 36 "A Woodblock by Brueghel," Metropolitan Museum Studies, vol. V, pt. 1, 1934 June
13 37 "On Education in a Museum," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXIX, no. 9, 1934 September
13 38 Bryson Burroughs, Catalogue of a Memorial Exhibition of his Works, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1935 March 25- May 5
13 39 Francisco Goya, His Paintings, Drawings, and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1936 January 27- March 8
13 40 "The Woodcuts to Vesalius," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXXI, no.7, 1936 July
13 41 "The Lovers by the Masters b x g. An Undescribed Early German Engraving," Metropolitan Museum Studies, vol. V pt. 2, 1936 September
13 42 "Goya's Giant," Metropolitan Museum Studies, vol. V, pt. 2, 1936 September
13 43 "Italian Renaissance Prints and Illustrated Books," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXXII, no. 12, 1937 December
13 44 "Italian Baroque Prints," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXXIII, no. 7, 1938 July
13 45 On the Rationalization of Sight: With an Examination of Three Renaissance Texts on Perspective. Metropolitan Museum of Art Papers, No. 8, 1938
13 46 "Address given at the Opening of the Exhibition of Metropolitan Museum Printing held in the Pierpont Morgan Library on 24, October 1938," 1939
13 47 "The Ketham of 1490," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. XXXVI, no. 2, 1939 February
13 48 "The Artist and the Fifteenth-Century Printer," 1940
13 49 "The Art of Rembrandt," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, vol. Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, no. 1, 1942 January
13 50 The Unseen Rembrandt by Ivins, reviewed by Jakob Rosenberg, College Art Journal, vol. I, no.4, 1942 May
13 51 "Rennaissance Books on Architecture," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1942 December
Box Folder
14 1 "Free Thought in the Country," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1943 February
14 2 "A Breugel Exhibition in the Print Galleries," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1943 March
14 3 "Ignorance, the End," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1943 Summer
14 4 "A Note on Girard Desargues," Scripta Mathematica, 1943 March
14 5 A Propos the Fabrica of Vesalius," Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 1943 December
14 6 How Prints Look, 1943, 1958
14 7 "The Herbal of 'Pseudo- Apuleius'," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, March 1944, 1944 March
14 8 "Early Florentine Illustrated Books," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Summer 1944, 1944 Summer
14 9 "But It's Not a Cimabue!," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1944 December
14 10 "French XVI Century Prints," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, June 1945, 1945 June
14 11 "Goya," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1945 June
14 12 "In the Beginning was the Word," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1945 Summer
14 13 "The Art Museum Library," The Museum News, vol. 23, no. 8, 1954 October 15
14 14 "Preface to an American Philosophy of Art," by A. Phillip McMahon, reviewed by Ivins, Gazette des Beaux-Arts, circa 1945
14 15 "Tiresome and Baroque," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1946 February
14 16 "The Aix Lantern," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1946 March
14 17 "The 'Field' of Prints, Objects vs. Meanings," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1946 May
14 18 "The Dead Hand," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Buffalo Academy of Fine Arts Albright Gallery Notes, PSA [Photographic Society of America], 1946June, 1947January, 1947November
14 19 Address by William Ivins, Jr. in the Yale Art Gallery, Friday evening," 1946 October 18
14 20 "The Dances of Death" Printed in Paris in 1490. A reproduction made from the copy in the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection, Library of Congress, with an introduction by Ivins, 1946
14 21 Art & Geometry: A Study in Space Intuition, 1946
14 22 "A Few Fallacies About Art," Harper's, 1947 August
14 23 "More Fallacies About Art," Harper's, 1947 September
14 24 "A Note on Desargues' Theorum," Scripta Mathematica, 1947 September/ December
14 25 "Some Notes on Fakes," Magazine of Art, 1948 May
14 26 "A Note on Ipseity," The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 1948 September
14 27 " A Neglected Aspect of Early Print-Making," Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1948 October
14 28 "Leonardo da Vinci: Paragone. A Comparison of the Arts," by Irma A. Richter, reviewed by Ivins, Times Literary Supplement, 1949 June 10
14 29 "Some Disconnected Notes About Drawings," Harper's, 1949 December
14 30 Three Vesalian Essays to Accompany the Icones Anatomicae of 1934, with Samuel W. Lambert and Willy Wiegand, 1952
14 31 "'Symmetry' by Herman Weyl," Reviewed by Ivins, Magazine of Art, 1953 April
14 32 "Prints and Visual Communication," 1953
14 33 "What Makes a Masterpiece?," 1953; Reprinted in Art Digest, 1954 March 15
14 34 "Prints: Technique and Expression," 1954

Series 4: Miscellaneous, 1915, undated
(Box 15; 1 linear ft.)

This series consists mainly of printed matter (neither by nor about William M. Ivins, Jr.). Most are presentation copies of articles, and other appear to have been saved by Ivins for research purposes. These cover a wide variety of topics, including: book arts, history of medicine, history of science and technology, calligraphy, history of printmaking, psychology of perception, physiology of vision, philosophy, and the U.S. legal and judicial systems.

Additional miscellaneous materials include non-printed items relating to Ivins' personal life, such as banking records, receipts and invoices for personal purchases (excluding prints and books), drawings by Ivins, and notes and clippings regarding his legal career.

Box Folder
15 1-48 Miscellaneous Printed Material
15 49-50 Clippings, Advertising Circulars, etc.
15 51 Receipts and Invoices
15 52 Banking Records
15 53-54 Clippings and miscellaneous items regarding Ivins' legal career, including Barnes vs. Roosevelt, 1915

Series 5: Ivins Family Papers, circa 1878-1964
(Boxes 16-20; 4.5 linear ft.)

The Ivins Family Papers consist mainly of correspondence between relatives and friends of the Ivins, 1878-1964, and also include drawings, clippings, genealogies, and miscellaneous items.

Correspondence between William M. Ivins, Jr., and his mother, Emma Yard Ivins, is extensive and wide-ranging. Included are letters from boarding school, c. 1890-1897, with childhood memorabilia such as grade reports, homework papers, a silhouette, and printed programs from school concerts and athletic events. His letters written while an undergraduate at Harvard, 1897-1901, and during his European trip of 1901-1902, reflect a growing interest in art. During some periods, mother and son corresponded almost daily. He frequently wrote in detail about progress with work, news of the museum, opinions about art, and activities of friends and colleagues, as well as commenting on daily life at home.

Florence Wyman Ivins (Mrs. William M. Ivins) also wrote to her mother-in-law regularly, mainly family news which often included details of her husband's professional activities.

The series is organized into eight subseries by individual:

5.1: Genealogy, undated

Genealogy, notes on family history, and clippings about Ivins/Mills/Perrine families, and Ivins/Yard/Swift families.

Box Folder
16 1 Ivins/Yard/Swift Familes, undated
16 2 Ivins/Mills/Perrine Families, undated

5.2: William M. Ivins, Jr., circa 1893-1964

Letters from relatives include those from Barbara Ivins [daughter]; Emma Yard Ivins [mother]; Florence Wyman Ivins [wife]; James Sterling Yard Ivins [brother]; Katharine Ivins [sister]; Margaret Ivins Holmes [sister]; Sarah Ivins [neice or cousin]; William M. Ivins, Sr., [father]; William T. Mills [grandfather]; Annie Perrine [cousin]; Loraine Wyman Painter [sister-in-law]; Walter C. Wyman [father-in-law]; and Addie Yard [grandmother].

Records concerning the estate of Ivins' estate include obituary, memorials and tributes; letters of condolence, A-Z (addressed to Barbara); and Ivins Collection of Prints and Illustrated Books, sales records and auction catalogs.

Box Folder
16 3 Letters from Barbara Ivins, 1922-1956, undated
16 4-24 Letters from Emma Y. Ivins, circa 1893-1939, undated
16 25 Letters about Emma Y. Ivins Headstone, 1940
16 26-37 Letters from Florence M. Ivins, 1908-1941, undated
16 38 Letters from James S.Y. Ivins, 1897-1959, undated
16 39-42 Letters from Katharine Ivins, 1909-1946
Box Folder
17 1-15 Letters from Katharine Ivins, 1947-1961, undated
17 16 Letters from Margaret [Holmes] Ivins, 1890s-1954, undated
17 17 Letters from Sarah Ivins, 1947-1958
17 18 Letters from William M. Ivins, Sr., 1893-1915
17 19 Letters from William T. Mills, 1910
17 20 Letters from Annie Perrine, 1929-1932
17 21 Letters from Lorraine Wyman, 1922
17 22 Letters from Walter C. Wyman, 1916-1924
17 23 Letters from Addie Yard, 1898
17 24 Miscellaneous Greeting Cards, undated
17 25 Obituaries and Letters of Condolences, 1961
17 26 Tributes, Memorials, and Related Materials, circa 1964
17 27-30 Material Concerning the Estate of William M. Ivins, Jr., 1961-1964

5.3: Barbara Ivins, circa 1923-1949

Barbara Ivins (1913-), daughter of William M. Ivins, Jr., and Florence Wyman Ivins, was the donor of the William M. Ivins, Jr. Papers. She is sometimes addressed as Barbi, Bubbles, Bubsey. Letters found here include those from Florence Wyman Ivins [mother]; Katharine Ivins [aunt], undated; and William M. Ivins, Jr., [father].

Box Folder
18 1 Letters from Florence Wyman, circa 1944
18 2 Letters from Katharine Ivins, circa 1923-1949
18 3 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr., circa 1923-1949
18 4 Watercolors, Pencil Sketches, and Prints by Barbara Ivins, circa 1923-1949

5.4: Emma Yard Ivins, 1878-1940

Emma Yard Ivins (1857-1940) was the mother of William M. Ivins, Jr. She was an amateur photographer whose work was exhibited at the turn of the century. She was active in the woman's suffrage movement from circa 1900 to 1915. She was sometimes addressed as Nem or Bammie.

Correspondence between William M. Ivins, Jr., and his mother, Emma Yard Ivins, is extensive and wide-ranging. Included are letters from boarding school, c. 1890-1897, with childhood memorabilia such as grade reports, homework papers, a silhouette, and printed programs from school concerts and athletic events. His letters written while an undergraduate at Harvard, 1897-1901, and during his European trip of 1901-1902, reflect a growing interest in art. During some periods, mother and son corresponded almost daily. He frequently wrote in detail about progress with work, news of the museum, opinions about art, and activities of friends and colleagues, as well as commenting on daily life at home.

Material relating to the woman's suffrage movement includes letters from Susan B. Anthony, with a photographic portrait and a printed silhouette. Also included are letters from Ida Husted Harper and Anna H. Shaw. In addition, there is miscellaneous printed matter and undated impressions of the suffrage movement in England by an author unknown.

Miscellaneous records include Christmas lists; constitution and by-laws of the Wednesday Afternoon Club, with lists of officers and programs since its establishment in 1888; a certificate from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation; and clippings about Emma Yard Ivins.

Letters from relatives include those from James S. Y. Ivins [son]; Katharine Ivins [daughter]; Margaret Ivins Holmes and Jonathan Holmes [daughter and grandson]; Sarah Mills Ivins [mother-in-law]; William M. Ivins, Jr. [son]; and William M. Ivins, Jr., and Florence Wyman Ivins [son and daughter-in-law].

Box Folder
18 5-6 Miscellaneous Letters, 1906-1935
18 7 Re: Financial Matters, 1920-1930
18 8 Letters from Susan B. Anthony, 1900-1906
18 9 Letters from Ida Harper, 1909
18 10 Letters from Anna H. Shaw, 1906-1915
18 11 Printed Material about Women's Suffrage Movement, circa 1900-1906
18 12 Impressions of Suffrage Movement in England, circa 1900-1906
18 13 Christmas Lists, 1900-1929
18 14 Wednesday Afternoon Club, 1917-1918
18 15 Certificate from Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1922
18 16 Clippings, 1921, circa 1921-1924, 1924
18 17 Letters from James S.Y. Ivins, circa 1897-1937
18 18 Letters from Katharine Ivins, circa 1917-1937
18 19 Letters from Margaret [Ivins] Holmes and Jonathon Holmes, 1909-1937
18 20 Letters from Sarah M. Ivins (mother-in-law), circa 1910s
18 21 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr., circa 1880-1940, 1889
18 22-26 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from Boarding School (Stamford, Conn.), circa 1890-1893
18 27-32 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from Boarding School (Concord, N.H.), circa 1893-1897
18 33 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from St. Paul's School- Reports and Event Programs, 1893-1894
18 34-38 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from Harvard, circa 1897-1901
18 39-40 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from European trip, 1901-1902
18 41 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr., circa 1903-1910
18 42 Letter from William and Florence W. Ivins, 1910
18 43-45 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr., 1911-1913
18 46-59 Letters from William and Florence W. Ivins, circa 1914-1924
Box Folder
19 1-17 Letters from William and Florence W.Ivins, 1925-1940
19 18-20 Letters from William M. Ivins, Sr., circa 1883-1915
19 21 Letter from James S. Yard, 1878

5.5: Florence Wyman Ivins, circa 1910-1948

Florence Wyman Ivins was the wife of William M. Ivins, Jr., and an illustrator, primarily of children's books, and a painter of children's portraits. Many of her letters to family members are illustrated with pen and ink drawings or watercolors. She was addressed as Flossie of Flo.

Letters from family and friends include those from Emma Yard Ivins [mother-in-law]; Katharine Ivins [sister-in-law]; Sarah Ivins; William M. Ivins, Jr. [husband]; Margaret Orr; Margaret Wind; Helen and Herbert Winlock; Wyman Family [letters from FWI to her father and sister].

Artwork includes a sketchbook, Southold [L. I.], from the summer of 1922, containing watercolor and pencil sketches of local scenery, Barbara, WMI, Jr., Loraine Wyman, and Paderewski. Also found here are portraits of William M. Ivins, Jr, (2), Bruce Rogers, and Marion Stone; miscellaneous prints and drawings; Christmas and other greeting cards designed by FWI, circa 1910-1937, including a 1937 New Year's greeting, "A Parable of Artists and Art Critics" by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by FWI with calligraphy by WMI, Jr.

Miscellaneous material includes notes about E.S. [Elizabeth Sears?]; a flyer advertising children's portraits by FWI, with snapshots of children [used for paintings?]; a marriage announcement and related clippings, 1910; and Wyman family obituaries, including FWI.

Writings include childhood reminiscences and principles of art instruction at Brearly School.

Box Folder
19 22 Letter to Wyman Family, circa 1911- 1914
19 23 Letter from William M. Ivins, Jr., circa 1917- circa 1928
19 24 Letter to H.E. Winlock, 1937
19 25 Letters from Family and Friends, 1910s, 1940s
19 26 Southold [L.I.] Sketchbook, 1922
19 27 Portraits of William Ivins, Jr., Marion Stone, and Bruce Rogers, 1911, 1925, 1938
19 28 Miscellaneous Drawings and Prints, circa 1911-1948
19 29-30 Special Occasion Cards Designed by Florence Ivins, circa 1910-1937
19 31 Miscellaneous, circa 1911-1948
19 32 Marriage Announcements and Clippings, 1910
19 33 Clippings of Wyman Family Obituaries, circa 1911- circa 1948
19 34 Childhood Reminiscences, circa 1911-1948
19 35 Principles of Art Instruction at the Brearly School, circa 1911-1948

5.6: Katharine Ivins, 1890s-1962

Katharine Ivins (circa 1888-) was the sister of William M.Ivins, Jr. A music teacher, she lived with mother in the Yard family home, in Freehold, N.J. She was addressed as Kate or Katti.

Letters from relatives include those from Barbara Ivins [niece] Florence Wyman Ivins [sister-in-law]; Margaret Ivins Holmes [sister]; and William M. Ivins, Jr. [brother]. Writings include an essay [school homework], and a notebook, including childhood reminiscences with mention of mother's photography, schooling etc.

Box Folder
19 36 Letters from Barbara Ivins, 1926, 1962
19 37 Letters from Florence W. Ivins, 1918-1947
19 38 Letters from Margaret Ivins, circa 1890s-1962
19 39-48 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr., circa 1890s-1962
19 49 Letters from Friends and Business Letters, circa 1890s-1962
19 50 Miscellaneous Writings by Katharine Ivins, circa 1890s-1962
19 51 Notebook, circa 1890s

5.7: Margaret Ivins Holmes, 1890s-1954

Margaret Ivins Holmes, (1882-1954), sister of William M. Ivins, Jr., lived in Freehold, N.J. and ran an antique store there with her husband, William Holmes. She was addressed as Margie or Peggy. Letters from relatives include those from Florence W. Ivins [sister-in-law]; William M. Ivins, Jr. [brother]; and William M. Ivins, Sr. [father].

Box Folder
19 52 Letters from Relatives, 1890s-1954

5.8: Sarah Mills Ivins, 1890s-1910

Box Folder
19 53 Letters from Emma Yard Ivins [daughter-in-law], and William M. Ivins, Jr. [grandson], 1890s-1910

5.9: William M. Ivins, Sr., 1885-1924

William M. Ivins, Sr., (1851-1915), father of William M. Ivins, Jr., was a lawyer and politician and was addressed as Will. He spent a great deal of time in Europe and South America as a corporate lawyer. In 1905, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor of New York City. Business correspondence includes a letter from Mme. Blavatsky, with clippings and photographic portrait. Letters from relatives include those from Emma Yard Ivins [wife]; Katharine Ivins [daughter]; Margaret Ivins Holmes [daughter]; Sarah Mills Ivins [mother]; William M. Ivins, Jr. [son]; Annie Perrine [cousin]; James S. Yard [father-in-law]. Miscellaneous material includes biographical notes; clippings by and about WMI Sr., including an obituary; and miscellaneous notes copied from an unidentified publication.

Box Folder
19 54 Business- Copies of William M. Ivins, Sr. Letters, 1897-1901
19 55 Blavotsky, circa 1891-1924
Box Folder
20 1 Letters from Emma Ivins, circa 1891, 1904, 1924
20 2 Letter from Katharine Ivins, 1901
20 3 Letter from Margaret Ivins, 1901
20 4 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from Boarding School, 1891-1897
20 5 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from Harvard, 1897-1901
20 6 Letters from William M. Ivins, Jr. from European Trip, 1901-1902
20 7 Letters from Relatives, 1885-1904
20 8 Biographical Notes, circa 1891-1924
20 9 Clippings, circa 1891-1924
20 10 Miscellaneous, circa 1891-1924
20 11 Estate Correspondence, 1914-1924

Series 6: Photographs, circa 1890-1940
(Boxes 20-21; 1.5 linear ft.)

In addition to portraits of family members this series includes interior and exterior views of homes, and pictures of friends and events.

The series is organized into three subseries:

6.1: Family Photographs, circa 1890-1905

The Ivins Family photographs represent many processes from tintypes to silver gelatin prints. A number were taken by accomplished amateur photographer Emma Yard Ivins of her children, circa 1890-1905; a few of her children are purported to be the work of Gertrude Kasebier (possibly an acquaintance of Emma Yard Ivins?).

Family photographs folders are labelled with the name of an individual or family, and arranged alphabetically; within each folder, photographs are arranged in rough chronological order. Portraits of individuals are filed by name and group shots are filed by the name of the family; childhood pictures are filed under the parents' family. (For example, pictures of Emma Yard Ivins as a child are filed under the name Yard and any group shots she appears in will be found under the name James S. and Adaline Swift Yard Family; group shots of her after marriage are included with the pictures of the William M. Jr. and Emma Yard Ivins Family).

Photographs of William M. Ivins, Jr., and the Florence Wyman family include their New York City apartment, summer house in Westport, Conn., and their Woodbury, Conn. home in addition to photographs of them with friends Bryson Burroughs, Naum Gabo, Walter Hauser, A. Hyatt Mayor, Peyton Rous, Rudolph Ruzicka, Mahonri Young, and unidentified.

Box Folder
20 12-13 Ivins, Barbara (1913-), circa 1890-1905
20 14-15 Ivins, Emma Yard (1857-1940), circa 1890-1905
(includes Yard Family home, Freehold, N.J.)
20 16-18 Ivins, Florence Wyman (1881-1948), circa 1890-1905
(includes photos of illustrations by FWI)
20 19 Ivins, Katharine (c. 1888-), circa 1890-1905
20 20 Ivins, Margaret [Holmes] (1882-1954), circa 1890-1905
20 21 Ivins, Sarah Mills (1832-1914), circa 1890-1905
20 22-23 Ivins, William M., Jr. (1881-1961), circa 1890-1905
20 24-33 Ivins, William M., Jr. and Florence Wyman Family, circa 1890-1905
20 34 Ivins, William M., Sr. (1851-1915), circa 1890-1905
20 35-37 Ivins, William M., Sr. and Emma Yard Family, circa 1890-1905
(including views of The Hut and The Breezes, Narragansett Pier, R.I.)
20 38 Mills, William T. (1811-), circa 1890-1905
20 39 Wyman, Loraine (-1937), circa 1890-1905
20 40 Yard, James Sterling (1826-1900) and Adaline Swift (1837-1912) Family (1826-1912), circa 1890-1905
20 41 Yard, Mary Sterling (1805-1863), circa 1890-1905
20 42-43 Unidentified People, circa 1890-1905

6.2: Architecture Photographs, circa 1930-1940

Architecture photographs mainly consist of photographs of colonial architecture, apparently taken by William M. Ivins circa 1930-1940. These are unidentified, except for location, and arranged by state. Also included are a few scenes of Europe from the same period, featuring buildings.

Box Folder
20 44-45 Europe, circa 1930-1940
20 46 Connecticut, circa 1930-1940
20 47 Maryland, circa 1930-1940
20 48 Massachussetts, circa 1930-1940
Box Folder
21 1 New Hampshire, circa 1930-1940
21 2 New York, circa 1930-1940
21 3 Pennsylvania, circa 1930-1940
21 4 Rhode Island, circa 1930-1940
21 5-7 South Carolina (Charleston), circa 1930-1940
21 8 Vermont, circa 1930-1940
21 9 Virginia, circa 1930-1940
21 10-11 Unidentified locations [New England and elsewhere], circa 1930-1940

6.3: Miscellaneous Photographs, undated

Miscellaneous photographs include those used as illustrations for How Prints Look and pictures of the Alberti Model for On the Rationalization of Sight (which may have been used to illustrate other writings, as well). The subseries also includes additional subjects such as a view of the Swarthmore College campus [Barbara's alma mater] and painting conservation [Metropolitan Museum of Art?].

Box Folder
21 12-15 Illustrations for How Prints Look, undated
21 16 Alberti Model, illustration for On the Rationalization of Sight, undated
21 17 Miscellaneous Subjects, undated

Series 7: Oversize Material, 1897-1950
(1 OV folder)

22 (ov) St. Paul's School Diploma, July 9, 1897
22 (ov) Harvard College Diploma, June 27, 1901
22 (ov) Columbia College School of Law Diploma, June 12, 1907
22 (ov) Yale University, Honorary Doctorate Diploma, Nov. 14, 1946
22 (ov) St. Paul's School, achievement award, July 9, 1897
22 (ov) Metropolitan Museum of Art, honorary fellow, May 20, 1946
22 (ov) American Academy of Arts and Sciences, fellow, May 1, 1950
22 (ov) U.S. Passport, September 24, 1901