Tomás Ybarra-Frausto research material on Chicano art, 1965-2004

A Finding Aid to the Tom�s Ybarra-Frausto Research Material on Chicano Art, 1965-2004, in the Archives of American Art, by Gabriela H. Lambert, Rosa Fern�ndez and Lucile Smith

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Table of Contents:

Biographical Information

Papelitos (little bits of paper), whether rent receipts, paid bills, or piles of personal letters, can become layered bundles of personal history. I have always been a pepenador (a scavenger) and saver of paper scraps. Diary notes, scribbled annotations, and first drafts are often useful indicators of ideas and gestation. Papelitos are the fragments of every-day life that gain expanded meaning integrated into the larger historical events of a period.

In the decade of the 1960s, I started saving ephemeral material--exhibition announcements, clippings of individual artists and of organizations fomenting a Chicano art movement. The social scenarios of the period such as marches, strikes, sit-ins, and mobilizations for social justice all spawned manifestos, posters, leaflets, and other forms of printed material. I somehow managed to assemble and protect the evanescent printed information that recorded the birth and development of Chicano art.

As I started to research and write about Chicano art and artists of the period, I continued to clip, photocopy, and preserve material given me by Mexican-American artists from throughout the nation. My idea was to form an archive that would be comprehensive rather than selective. I knew that it was the offbeat, singular piece of paper with a missing link of information that would attract the scholar.

Today, several decades after the flowering of Chicano art, there is still a lamentable paucity of research and information about this significant component of American art.

It is my fervent hope that this compendium of information will function as a resonant print and image bank for investigators of Chicano culture. Perhaps contained within the archive are the facts that will inspire new visions or revisions of Chicano art and culture--this is my fondest dream.

Dr. Tom�s Ybarra-Frausto

New York City, 1998

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Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents

The research material of Tom�s Ybarra-Frausto, amassed throughout his long and distinguished career as a scholar of the arts and humanities, documents the development of Chicano art in the United States. As community leader and scholar, Ybarra-Frausto played dual roles of active participant and historian in the Chicano movement, chronicling this unique political and artistic movement from its inception in the 1960s to the present day.

Deeply rooted in American history, "El Movimiento," the Chicano movement, evolved from Mexican-Americans' struggle for self-determination during the civil rights era of the 1960s. It began as a grassroots community effort that enlisted the arts in the creation of a united political and cultural constituency. Chicano artists, intellectuals, and political activists were instrumental in mobilizing the Mexican-American community for the cause of social justice, and the movement was shaped by the affirmation of a cultural identity that embraced a shared heritage with Mexico and the United States.

Just as "El Movimiento" aimed to instruct and inspire through the recollection and conservation of culture, Ybarra-Frausto's own career as scholar and historian helped to shape the intellectual discourse of the Chicano art. As a leading historian and theoretician in the field of Chicano Studies, he has written extensively on the subject, and has been instrumental in defining the canons of Chicano art. His papers are accordingly rich and varied, and they will be of great use to future scholars.

His research material, dating from 1965 to 1996, are arranged in subject files containing original writings, notes, bibliographies compiled by Ybarra-Frausto and others, exhibition catalogues, announcements, newspaper clippings and other printed material, as well as slides and photographs. Many of these files also include interview transcripts and correspondence with prominent figures in the movement. While this research collection contextualizes Chicano art within the larger framework of Latino and Latin-American culture, the bulk of the files relates specifically to Chicano visual culture. The collection also contains pertinent documentation of the Chicano civil rights movement, material on Chicano poets and writers, and research files on the wider Hispanic community, but these also appear within the context of Chicano culture in general.

Prominent among the bibliographies are the many notes and drafts related to the publication of A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of Chicano Art, 1965-1981 (University of California, Berkeley, 1985), which Ybarra-Frausto co-authored with Shifra Goldman. Ybarra-Frausto's files on Goldman, like other files in the collection, document his close associations and collaborations with scholars.

Art historians have traditionally found the categorization of Chicano art a difficult task. Unsure whether to classify the work as "American" or "Latin American," critics often ignored the work altogether. An outgrowth of this dilemma was the proliferation of artists, curators, and critics within the Chicano community, and the papers contain many original writings by Chicano artists about Chicano art, found in extensive files on artists that will be of particular significance to researchers. These often contain exhibition essays, dissertation proposals, and course outlines authored by the artists, along with the standard biographies, exhibition records, and reviews. Some of the files contain rare interviews conducted and transcribed by Ybarra-Frausto. Highlights include conversations with Carmen Lomas Garza, Amalia Mesa-Bains, and members of the Royal Chicano Air Force artist cooperative.

As a member of several Chicano art organizations and institutions, Ybarra-Frausto kept active records of their operation. The extensive files on the Mexican Museum and Galerie de la Raza/Studio 24, both in San Francisco, not only chronicle the history of Chicano art through the records of exhibitions and programming, but also offer case studies on the development of non-profit art institutions. The files on artist cooperatives, organizations, and exhibition spaces cover several regions of the United States, but focus on California, Texas and New York.

Two notable events in the development of Chicano art were the 1982 Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California seminar at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the 1990 traveling exhibition Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation, 1965-1985 (CARA), of which Ybarra-Frausto served as organizer and catalogue essayist. His records document the planning and development of these seminal events. Ybarra-Frausto's files on folk art, altars, posters, murals, performance art, border art, Chicana feminist art, and Southwestern and Mexican imagery (both urban and rural expressions) mirror the diverse forms and subject matter of Chicano art.

Spanning almost four decades of American culture from a Chicano perspective, these files have a unique historical value. The legacy of Chicano art and its contribution to the cultural landscape of this country, kept alive in Ybarra-Frausto's files, attests to the richness and diversity of American art.

Henry C. Estrada

Research Fellow, 1997.

Arrangement and Series Description

The collection is arranged as a single series of subject files. The general contents of each folder have been listed. The subject files are arranged in alphabetical order. While no two files are alike, they may contain r�sum�s, printed material, letters, draft writings, and photographs. Unless otherwise noted, each listing represents one file folder. The abbreviation TYF was used to refer to the name Tom� Ybarra-Frausto throughtout the Series Description.

Subjects and Names

This collection is indexed in the online catalog of the Archives of American Art under the following index terms:

  • Goldman, Shifra M., 1926-
  • Lomas Garza, Carmen
  • Mesa-Bains, Amalia
  • Mexican Museum
  • Royal Chicano Air Force
  • Studio 24 (San Francisco, Calif.)
  • Hispanic American art--Sources
  • Hispanic American artists--Sources
  • Household shrines--Mexico
  • Interviews
  • Mexican American artists--Sources
  • Mexican American arts--Sources
  • Mexico--Religious life and customs
  • Photographs
  • Santos (Art)
  • Slides (photographs)


The collection was donated to the Archives of American Art by Tom�s Ybarra-Frausto in 1997, and in 2004.

How the Collection was Processed

The collection was processed by Gabriela H. Lambert and Rosa Fern�ndez in 1997-1998.

New material was donated in 2004 and was integrated into the collection and added to the finding aid by Lucile Smith in 2005-2006.

Oversized materials were moved to oversized boxes and folders in order to better preserve them. Notations were made after the folder listing in each of these instances.

How to Use the Collection

Restrictions on Use

The collection is open for research. Use requires an appointment and is limited to the Washington, D.C. research facility.

Ownership & Literary Rights

The Tom�s Ybarra-Frausto research material is owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.

How to Cite this Collection

Tom�s Ybarra-Frausto research material, 1965-2004. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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Detailed Description and Container Inventory

Series 1: Subject Files, 1965-1997

Box Folder
1 1 Abeyta, Ray Mart�n, 2003, undated
(note card from curator Kristina Perea, curator of Abeyta's exhibition, to TYF re. the 10/15/03 Abeyta exhibition; Museum of New Mexico traveling exhibitions program calendar; color photocopies of several paintings)
1 Abrazo (see Movimiento Artistico Chicano)
1 2 Aceves, Jos�, undated
1 3 Acosta, Dennis Ferguson, 1996
(letters: to Acosta from TYF, 01/08/1996, photocopy; to TYF from Acosta, 02/08/1996, fax)
1 4 Acosta, Manuel, 1982-1996, undated
1 5 Acosta-Col�n, Marie, 1989
(note card and letter to TYF from Acosta-Col�n, Director, Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 08/21/1989 and 08/19/1989)
1 6 Activa Unlimited, Organization, San Francisco, California, 1985-1986
(letter to Jose Angel Gutierrez, curator of the L.U.P.E. - Love, Unity, Peace & Equality - Library, from Dorinda Moreno, founder L.U.P.E. Library; memo to L.U.P.E. members; clippings)
1 7 Address List (museum and gallery addresses), undated
1 8 Adelante, Exhibition Catalog, Newman Center, San Jos�, California, 1968
1 11 The Aesthetics of Community-Based Art Making, Conference, Getty Center and the California Institute of the Arts, 1991-1993
(clipping; events calendar; brochures; list of participants; letters to TYF from organizers of the conference re. his participation; copy of essay by Pedro Rodriguez, "The Changing Tides: Community-Based Cultural Arts in the USA"; program prospectus of "The Medocino People's Portrait Project, 1992-1994"; printed material relating to the production of the play "Windows...Mama, Why Is L.A. Burning?")
1 12 Africa's Legacy in Mexico: Photographs by Tony Gleaton, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., Catalog (see also Photography), 1993
1 13 Aguilar, Laura, 1998-2003
(catalog, Laura Aguilar, Fundaci� "La Caixa", Barcelona, Spain, 1998; brochures)
1 14 Albright, Thomas, Art Critic, 1981
1 15 Alfaro, Luis, Co-director, Latino Theatre Initiative, Los Angeles (see also La Brocha del Valle; Rodr�guez, Diana), 1994-1996
(brochure, press releases, biography of Alfaro, performance programs)
1 16 Alicia, Juana, 1987
(exhibition announcements)
1 17 Allen, Richard, 1987-1989
(color photographs of of Allen's work)
1 18 Almaraz, Carlos (see also: Los Four), 1974-1991
(exhibition announcements; resumes; the L.A. County Museum of Art Members' Calendar 3/74; letter to Michel Oren, East Carolina Univervsity, from Maggie Nelson of the Archives of American Art, southern California office, 12/31/1987 photocopy; clippings; catalog, Moonlight Theater: Prints and Related Works by Carlos Almaraz, Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, University of California, Los Angeles, 1991.)
1 19 Almasol de la Bahi�, Poetry and Musical Festival, San Francisco, 1980, undated
(invitations; announcement; calendar of events)
1 Altars
1 20 Altar Making (see also: Herrera, Juan Felipe), 1972, circa 1987
(TYF's notes on altars, altar-making, and altarmakers; photocopy of article by Amalia Mesa-Bains; poem by Juan Felipe Herrera; typescript of TYF's "An Affecting Presence: Chicano Altars and Altarmakers"; color photocopies of altars)
1 21 Altarmakers (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia), 1982-1991
(exhibition announcements; clippings; a letter to TYF from Cynthia Jimenez-Baca re. an essay for the catalogue of the Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe's Ceremony of Memories exhibit, curated by Amalia Mesa-Bains, 11/04/1987; exhibition printed matter; Mesa-Bains' resume; TYF's notes on altars; handwritten manuscript of "Altares y Altaristas Chicanos Chicanco Altars and Altarmakers" and notes relating to it; catalogs: Familias y Fe, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM, undated; and Thunder Over Miami: Ritual Objects of Nigerian and AfroCuban Religion, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL, 1982)
1 22 Altars - Amalia [Mesa-Bains], 1982-1991
(catalog; TYF's notes on Mesa-Bains and her work)
1 23 Arte Chicano, 1980-85
(typescripts of articles by Amalia Mesa-Bains and TYF; clippings; transcript of an interview of Mesa-Bains by TYF; color photocopy of one of Mesa-Bains' altars; TYF's notes on altars, and his notes and drafts of paragraphs from "Altares y Altaristas Chicanos"; exhibition printed material; handmade note card from Amalia [Mesa-Bains], 03/07/1984)
1 24 General (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Salva, Dana), 1981-1982
(catalog; color photocopies of altars; typescripts of articles by TYF and Amalia Mesa-Bains; photocopies of articles from journals)
1 25 Alvarez, Candida, 1993
1 26 Alvarez, Cecilia, 1995
1 27 Alvarez, Rosa Elvira, 1970
1 28 Amado, Jesse, 1990-1999
(clippings; slide list; interview of Amado by Frances Colpitt; Amado's resume and biography; exhibition announcements; photocopy letter to the Pace Roberts Foundation from Amado, 11/04/1994 concerning a project proposal and copy of proposal; artist's statement; catalogs)
1 29 Amaya, Jos�, 1980, 1988
(letter to TYF from Amaya, 06/06/1988; clippings)
1 30 An American Leader - Cesar E. Chavez, Exhibition, Latino Museum, Los Angeles, California, 2000
(exhibition announcement/invitation)
1 31 American Voices: Latino Photographers in the United States, Exhibition, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (see also Americanos: Latino Life in the United States; Buitr�n, Robert; Photography), 1992, 1997
(curators' biographies, Charles Biasiny-Rivera; Robert Buitr�n; Kathy Vargas; Ricardo Viera); exhibition brochure; copies of letters sent to Susana Leval, Chief Curator of El Museo de Barrio, Charles Biasiny-Rivera, EN FOCO, Inc., and Timothy McClimon from Wendy Watriss, Fotofest curator, 12/07/1992; project notes)
1 32 Americanos: Latino Life in the United States/Americanos: La vida de los latinos en los Estado Unidos, Exhibition, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (see also American Voices: Latino Photographers in the United States; photography), 1999
(press release; exhibition brochures)
1 33 Americas 2001, Magazine, Vol.1, no. 5, March/April 1988
1 34 Amezcua, Consuelo Gonz�lez (Chelo) Artist (1903-1975), 1968-2002, undated
(clippings; letter to TYF from Amezcua, 10/04/1971; photograph, unidentified; exhibition announcement; catalogs, one signed by the artist with a note to TYF)
1 35 Amor en Aztl�n, Acrosscultural Fiesta, University of California at Santa Cruz, 1987
(calendar of events)
1 36 Ancient Roots/New Visions, Exhibition, Tucson Museum of Art, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois, 1977-1979
(catalogs; clippings; calendar of events; TYF's notes on 2 small slips of paper on history of and influences on Mexican American literature)
1 37 Andrade, Bruno, 1998
(exhibition announcement)
1 38 Anzaldua, Carlos G., circa 1985
1 39 Aqu�: 27 Latin American Artists Living and Working in the United States, Exhibition, Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California, 1984
1 40 Aqu� y All�, Exhibition, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 1990
(calendar of events, exhibition announcement, catalog)
1 41 "Archiving the Latino Arts Before It Is Too Late,," 2003
(issue of Latino Policy & Issues Brief, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, Los Angeles, California, no.6 April 2003)
1 42 Archuleta, Felipe Benito, 1979, 1986
1 43 Archuleta-Sagel, Ter�sa, circa 1981-1983
(postcards of the artist's work; biography)
1 44 Arismendi, Connie, 1991, 1998
(exhibition announcement; brochure)
1 Arizona
1 45 Movimiento Artistico Del Rio Salado (MARS), 1978-1991
(see also: Movimiento Artistico Del Rio Salado; Box 30)
(Dolores Rivas Bahti's resume; grant application for continuation of Movimiento Artistico Del Rio Salado Visiting Artist program; calendar of events; artist biography of Alfredo Arreguin written by TYF; clippings; TYF's notes on "Contra Colonialismo: Colombian Exchange"; catalog; oversize poster)
1 46 Chicano Art, 1965-circa 1990s, undated
(Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University brochure; organization information sheets for: the United Chicano Artists, the Mechicano Art Center, the Goaz Art Gallery, the Centro Joaquin Murietta de Aztlan, and the Mexican American Center for Creative Arts; clippings; TYF's note on Arizon Chicano art materials)
1 47 Arizona State University, Latin American Art Collection Guide, undated
(typed guide to the ASU Latin American Art Collection)
1 48 Ariztlan, Newsletter, National Endowment for the Arts and the Arizona Commission for the Arts (see also: Baca, Judith; Buitr�n, Robert; Guerrero, Zarco; Rios, Richard and Graciela; Valle del Sol), 1982-1987
(vol. 2, no. 2 1982; March 1985; June 1985; October 1985; January 1986; August 1986; and March 1987; the 1982 issue includes pieces on Valle del Sol, Inc. of Phoenix and the 1st Ariztlan Hispanic Arts Conference, and an article written by Robert Buitron; March 1985 issue features an article on El Zarco; August 1986 issue contains articles about Judy Baca and Richard and Graciela Rios)
1 49 Armendariz, Ricky, circa 1997
(resume, clippings, slides of his work dated from 1995-1997)
1 50 Arredondo, Jaime M., circa 1990, 1999
(invitation, with a note to TYF written by Arredondo; Arredondo's application for fellowship tenure, Michigan Society of Fellows; research proposal; typescript of "The Apocalyptic Vision of the Aztecs as it relates to Superstitions, Omens and Fortune-Telling" by Arredondo)
1 Arregu�n, Alfredo
1 51 Clippings, 1974-2004
1 52 Correspondence and Writings, 1974-1995
(letters to TYF from Arregu�n, 05/18/1983, 05/20/1986, 07/03/1991; notes to TYF from Arregu�n, 12/07/1994, circa 12/1996, undated; note to TYF from Susie [Susan Lytle], 03/23/1995; photocopy of letter to Arregu�n from TYF, 07/15/1991; letter and photocopies of letters to Arregu�n from: Charles Royer, Office of the Mayor of the City of Seattle,12/11/1979; Nan Woolridge, Bainbridge Island Arts Council, 04/23/1987; and Virginia Mecklenburg and Andrew Connors, both of the National Museum of American Art, 06/15/1992, 11/08/1994, 01/12/1995; press release; photocopy of a handwritten draft of an article by TYF about the artist; essay by Mary Motian-Meadows; photocopies of art; written pieces for exhibition catalogs)
1 53 Exhibitions, 1974-2003
(exhibition announcements; catalogs; book, Alfredo Arregu�n: El Universad Vegetal, Animal y Humano de un Pintor Moreliano, Morelia, Mich., M�xico, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Centro de Estudios sobre la Cultura Nicolaita, 1989; postcards of Arregu�n's works)
1 54 Arriba Newsletter, October 1983, September 1984, circa May 1985, undated
1 55 Art of the Other Mexico: Sources and Meanings, Exhibition, Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, IL, 1993
(exhibition announcement; catalog; clippings; invitation)
1 56 Art of the Santera, Exhibition, Museum of International Folk Art, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico (see also: Museum of International Folk Art), circa 1992, 1996
(catalog; clippings)
1 57 Arte Chicano Bibliography (see also: Bibliographic Notes), circa 1979-1985
(printed matter relating to TYF's A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of Chicano Art, 1965-1981; typed drafts with handwritten notes; handwritten drafts; clippings; photocopies of bibliographic citations; notes; Chicano Studies Library, UC Berkeley brochures; note to TYF from Carolyn Soto of the Chicano Studies Library, 12/03/1986)
1 58 Arte Chicano Chronology, 1982, undated
(see also: Box 30)
(TYF's notes on the chronology of Chicano art, beginning with 1968, El Arte De Pocho Exhibition, and concluding in 1977, Inauguration of the Mexican Museum; handwritten draft of the chronology; a list of "Artistes Chicanos"; oversize poster advertizing a play about barrios in San Jos�)
1 59 El Arte Chicano de Hoy, Exhibition, San Jos� Museum of Art, San Jos�, California, 1974
1 60 Arte Chicano/Latino: Imagenes en el Siglo des SIDA, Exhibition, University of Colorado, Bolder, Colorado (see also: Colorado), 1994
(exhibition brochure/catalog)
1 61 Arte Hispano, Organization, Tucson, Arizona, 1988
(exhibition announcement)
1 62 Arte Picante: Contemporary Chicano Art, Chicano Arts Festival, University of California at San Diego, 1975-1976
(see also: OV 32)
(clippings; oversize poster/entry form; exhibition announcement; photocopy of the calendar of events, with note to TYF from T[ino] V[illanueva], 1/27/76)
1 63 Artes Pl�sticas, circa 1977-1978
(photocopied article defining "Artes Pl�sticas"; photocopies of articles on literature, philosophy, and various artists and other figures in chicano/latino culture, Jos� Mar�a Arguedas, Manuel Puig, Ernst Fischer)
1 64 Artes Visuales, Magazine, Mexico City, Mexico, June 1981
1 65 Artino Arts Group, Organization, Los Angeles, California, 2003
(exhibition announcement)
1 66 "The Artist As Cultural Worker: Art Production and Politics,," 1991
(typescript of address given by Ram�n Favela at the Artistic and Cultural Identity in Latin America conference)
1 67 Artists and the Chicano Movement, Kellie Jones (see also: G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo; Mesa-Bains, Amalia), undated
(essay, excerpt from a longer, as yet unpublished, paper entitled Amalia Mesa-Bains and Guillermo G�mez-Pe�a: Artists's Histories and the Chicano Movement)
1 68 Artists' Books, circa 1977
(see also: Box 30)
(publications list from Printed Matter, Inc.; clippings; oversize poster)
1 69 Artists Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America, 1979, 1983
(clippings; progress report; general notices to members)
1 70 Artistas Aztl�n, Organization, Riverside, California, 1982
(exhibition announcement)
1 71 Los Artistas de Aztl�n, Organization, Denver, Colorado, undated
(mission statement)
1 72 Artistas de La Raza C�smica, Exhibition, Larson Gallery, Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima, Washington, 2004
1 73 Artistas Ind�genas, Oregon, California, and Texas, 1984-1986
(catalog of international exhibition and tour)
1 74 Arts and Histories Reconsidered: A Symposium on Current Debates, Conference, University of California at Los Angeles, 1986
(TYF's notes from the conference; typescripts of lectures)
1 76 Asencio, John J. (see also: Artistas Ind�genas), 1984-1985, 1991
(Artistas Ind�genas 1984 "call for entries" brochure; letter to John Asencio from TYF, 03/25/1991 re. HFA Chicago Art Conference; Fax to TYF from Asencio, 04/03/1991, also re. conference; invitation to exhibition opening)
Box Folder
2 1 Chismearte, A Quarterly Publication of the Concilio de Arte Popular, Fall Issue, 1976
2 Exhibitions, 1975-1983
(exhibition announcements; catalog; photographs; clipping)
2 3 General, 1975-1988
(letter to TYF from C. Ondine Chavoya, 06/09/1998 re. her research at the Archives of American Art with page proofs of an essay on ASCO's No-Movies; clippings; TYF's notes on ASCO; dissertation by S. Zaneta Kosiba-Vargas, Harry Gamboa and ASCO: The Emergence and Development of a Chicano Art Group, 1971-1987 University of Michigan, 1988; La Opinion suplemento cultural "Cultura Chicana: Los Angeles")
2 4 Harry Gamboa, Jr. (see also: Gamboa, Harry, Jr.), 1976-1985
(photographs pasted on board, back marked "Salazar;" typescript of student paper: "Voices from East Los Angeles: Harry Gamboa and Frank Sifuentes" by Ann Vernallis; clippings of articles by Frank Sifuentes and Harry Gamboa Jr.; letter to TYF from Gamboa, 01/08/1985); typescript of lecture presented at symposium Images in Flux: The Changing Identity of Chicano Art, 15 September 1984; photograph; clippings; performance announcement)
2 5 Journal: A Contemporary Arts Magazine, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (see also Gamboa, Diane; Gronk; Martinez, Daniel; Valdez, John), 1987
2 6 Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California, Catalog, by Brown, Julia and Crist, Jacqueline, Summer, 1985
2 7 Publications, 1972-1986
(photocopy of published interview with Gronk by Harry Gamboa, Jr.; exhibition announcements; press release; clippings, many written by or relating to Harry Gamboa Jr.; photographs; note from Linda [?] written on invitation, 07/21/1989; exhibition announcement/poster)
2 8 Regeneraci�n Magazine, Vol. 2, no. 4, 1975
2 9 Association for Latin American Art (ALAA), Organization, San Antonio, Texas, 1979-1981, undated
("News of the Association for Latin American Art" bulletin[?]; poems: Jose Agustin, 1968; Luis Zapata, 1979)
2 Association of Hispanic Arts Inc. (AHA), New York
2 10 General, 1985-1995
("Noti-Artes" information sheets on opportunities and grants, fellowships, etc., deadlines; letter to TYF from Hector W. Soto, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AHA, 12/13/1992; organization profile; TYF's notes on AHA; summary of activities; photograph of TYF; letter to TYF from Jane Arce Bello, Executive Director of AHA, 02/15/1993; letter to TYF from Maria L. Solana, Coordinator of Special Events of AHA, undated, prior to 04/28/1993; brochures; programs, 15th anniversary benefit and 17th anniversary celebration; history of AHA, 1975-1995)
2 11-20 Hispanic Arts, Newsletter (later called HA News; see also: International Arts Relations, Inc.), 1979-2002
(20 folders)
(Nov/Dec 1979; Mar/Apr 1981; June 1981; Oct 1981; Dec 1981; Feb 1982; Apr 1982; Sept/Oct 1982; Apr 1983; June 1983; Oct 1983; Dec artistic events calendar; Nov 1983; Jan 1984; Feb 1984; Apr - Nov/Dec 1984; Dec 1984/Jan 1985 - Dec 1985; Jan - Apr 1986; Jun/Jul - Dec 1986; Jan - Apr/May 1987; Aug/Sep - Dec 1987; Jan - Feb 1988; Apr - Dec 1988; Jan - Jun/Jul 1989; Oct - Nov 1989; Feb 1990; Dec 1990/Jan 1991; Mar 1991; Mar 1992 - Aug/Sep 1992; Dec 1992/Jan 1993; Oct 1993; Apr 1994; May 1994; Oct 1994; March 1996; Jan 1998; Winter 2000-2001; Fall 2001; Summer 2002; Fall 2002)
2 21 Auto-Colantes (Portuguese Miniature Political Posters), undated
2 22 Autobiography, undated
(1 page handwritten notes)
2 23 Avalos, David - Exhibition (see also Border Art), 1986, 1994
(material related to "Border art", US-Mexican border; exhibition announcements; catalog; clippings; performance description; artist biography; phtocopy of invitation; press release; letter to Avalos from F.S.M. Hodsoll, Chairman, Nation Endowment for the Arts, 09/04/1986; letter to TYF from Avalos, 08/08/1986 - mentions TYF's bibliography; California Council for the Humanities Mini-Grant application; letter to TYF from Louise Kirtland Boehm, Director, Boehm Gallery, re. piece loaned by TYF for exhibit, 04/06/1994; exhibition checklist)
2 24 Avalos, David - San Diego, 1983 - circa 2000
(resume; installation slides, undated; juried exhibition catalog; exhibition announcement, with handwritten statement; exhibition announcements; newsletter: Grand Rapids Art Museum, May-June/July 1986; certificate of ownership, drawn and signed by Avalos; Museum Perspectives, San Jos� Museum of Art, July/Aug 1986; docent notes on "Crossing Borders/Chicano Artists"; catalog; resume; handwritten article by Avalos: "The Donkey Cart Caper: Some Thoughts On Socially Conscious Art In Anti-Social Public Space," circa 1986; other documentation of "Donkey Cart Caper", including photocopies of the memo from Judge, letter from the building manager to Avalos, original permit, ACLU suit, clippings, exhibition announcements)
2 25 El Aviso, Monthly Newsletter, Austin, Texas, March 15-April 15 1983, April 20-May 20 1983
2 26 Aztl�n, 1973, 1993
( El Cuaderno (de Vez en Cuandro), La Academia de La Nueva Raza, vol. 3 no. 1 Winter 1973, essays, poetry and some illustrations; New Visions of Aztl�nvol. 3 no.1 Spring/Summer 1993, articles, poems, photographs, and drawings)
2 27 Aztl�n - Candelyn Candelaria, 1988
(correspondence with Candelyn Candelaria re. her request that TYF write an article for a special issue of Aztl�n, journal)
2 28 Aztl�n Cultural, Centro Chicano de Escritores, Oakland, California, 1980-1988
(press release; outline of exhibit proposal; "Fun-Raiser" announcement; organization brochure; publication lists; letter to TYF from Rodrigo Reyes, Centro Chicano de Escritores, 09/08/1986; letter to TYF from Francisco Alarcon, 06/02/1986)
2 29 Aztl�n Hoy: La Posnaci�n Chicana, Traveling Exhibition, circa 1999-2000
(invitation; press release; clippings)
2 Baca, Judith
2 30 Biographical Information, circa 1980-1990
(resumes; artist biographies, one written by TYF)
2 31 Clippings, 1980-2002
(clippings about Baca and her work; art work identification card)
2 32 General, 1980-1991, undated
(invitations; photocopy of blueprint of the Peace Mural; writings: transcript of New Mexico keynote speech, "Public Art in a Multicultural Society", World Wall artist's statement, "Beyond the Mexican Mural: Walls That Dissolve Boarders" [sic]; Social and Public Art Resource Center - SPARC - organization brochure; screensaver on CD; exhibition announcement; "Woman's Building" events calendar; lecture announcement)
2 33 Promotion, 1991
(materials related to Baca's promotion to full professor; letter to TYF from Catherine Lord, UC Irvine School of Fine Arts, Studio Art, 08/12/1991: request for evaluation of Baca for promotion; photocopy of letter to Lord from TYF, 09/20/1991; photocopies and reproductions of Baca's art; copies of articles)
2 34 World Wall, Traveling Exhibition, 1991
(clipping; catalog; color photocopies of 2 panels of the wall)
2 35 Barajas-Tondre, Calvin, circa 1976
2 36 Barela, Patrociio, 1968-69, 1999
(exhibition announcements; exhibition brochures; clippings; photocopy of essay from Art for the Millions: Essays from the 1930s by Artists and Administrators of the WPA Federal Art Project; printouts from Millicent Rogers Museum website re. 1999 exhibition)
2 37 Barnet-Sanchez, Holly, 1988-1990
(letter to TYF from Barnet-Sanchez, 08/14/1990; photocopy of letter to Marie Acosta-Col�n from Barnet-Sanchez, 08/13/1990; typescript of paper presented at 1988 CAA Annual Meeting: "Aestheticizing the Pre-Columbian Past: Exhibitions Sponsored by the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, 1940-1945"; resume)
Box Folder
3 Barraza, Santa
3 1 A Borderlands Chronicle, , 1996
(letter to Barraza from TYF, undated, re. draft of TYF's manuscript; draft of "Santa Barraza: A Borderlands Chronicle")
3 2 Clippings, 1991-1996, 2001
3 3 Correspondence, General, 1985-1996
(letter to TYF from Barraza, 03/17/1985; photocopies of letters of recommendation to San Jose State University and Penn. State University from TYF, 04/04/1985; many pieces of correspondence to Barraza re. exhibitions, events, etc. from representatives of the following organizations: Corpus Christi State University, the UCLA Wight Art Gallery, Edinboro University, Women of Power [magazine], Arts International, Heresies: a Feminist Publication on Art and Politics, National Endowment for the Arts, Northwestern Illinois University, and the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum; note to TYF from Barraza with information on retables enclosed, fax; note to TYF from Barraza, 08/28/96 with essay and slides)
3 4 Exhibitions/Projects, 1993-2001
(invitation; catalogs; letters to Barraza from the Fra Angelico Art Foundation, 03/16/1994, and from Annie Kostiner of Gallery 312, 10/03/1994; Children's Art Workshop, Taller de Ni�os, information sheet; syllabi and course information for various courses at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
3 5 General, 1993-circa 1995, undated
(TYF's handwritten notes on retablos and on Barraza)
3 6 Barrera, Jos� Luis Rivera, 1996
(exhibition announcement, resume)
3 El Barrio, Magazine (see: Casa de Unidad Cultural Arts and Media Center)
3 7 Barrio, Raymond (see also: Mexican Art - General), 1977
(clipping of article by Barrio)
3 8 Barrios Art, 1970-1994
(clippings, catalog)
3 Barrio Logan (see: Chicano Park)
3 9 Bena�m, Ricardo, 1991
3 10 Benav�dez, Max, 1983-1994
(clippings; letters to TYF from Benav�dez, 12/10/1984, 03/1994; typescripts of articles written by Benav�dez; typescripts of poems and short stories; TYF's notes with bibliographic information)
3 11 Benavidez, Andy, undated
(exhibition announcement)
3 12 Bernal, Louis Carlos (see also: Photography), 1982-1990
(slides; typescript of paper given at the Arts & Material Culture Conference, UCLA; exhibition printed material; slide presentation announcement)
3 13 Bernal, Luis Carlos (see also: Photography), 1992-2000
(auction announcements; exhibition checklist; exhibition announcement; resume; letter to TYF from James L. Enyeart, Director of the George Eastman House, 9/24/92 re loan of research material to TYF)
3 14 Bibliografia Sobre El Arte Chicano, Patricia Rodriguez, circa 1977
(photocopy of Rodriguez' bibliography on Chicano art)
3 Bibliographic Notes (see also: Arte Chicano)
3 15 Colorado History, undated
(notes of bibliographic entries, some annotated; sections on "Vaqueros," "Colorado," and "Santos")
3 16 Early Mexico, 1966, 1972, undated
(photocopy of the bibliography from Painted Walls of Mexico by Emily Edwards, 1966; notes on bibliographic references, including books and periodicals; photocopies of other bibliographies; Booklist, June 1972)
3 17 Lists, undated
(lists of artists, exhibitions and other events, publications such as books and periodicals, articles, along with page numbers; lists of "publications to send for" and "materials to order"; references to fine art and dramatic arts including theater and cinema)
3 18 Mexican-American History; Artists, undated
(notes; chronology of Mexican-American history, 1900-1965; biographies of artists: Jose Arpa, 1858-1952, Hernando Villa, 1881-1952, Xavier Mart�nez, 1869-1943; more bibliographic listings; clippings)
3 19 "The Poetics and Politics of Representation,," 1988
(bibliography for conference "The Poetics and Politics of Representation")
3 20 "A Study of Cultural Themes of the Spanish Golden Age,," circa 1964
(photocopy of annotated bibliography from "A Study of Cultural Themes of the Spanish Golden Age")
3 21 Binational Border Literature Conference, 1987
(conference, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, and La Oficina de Asuntos Culturales, et. al.; letter to TYF from Paul Ganster, director of San Diego State University Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias, 02/09/1987; schedule of events; list of participants)
3 22 Blue Star Art Space, Gallery, San Antonio, Texas (see also: Diaz, Alejandro), 1993-2001
(exhibition announcements; catalogs)
3 23 Body/Culture: Chicano Figuration, Exhibition, University Art Gallery, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California, 1990
3 24 Books, 1982
( NY Times Book Review clippings; Voice clippings)
3 25 Border Aesthetics (see also Herrera, Juan Felipe; Montoya, Jos�), 1987, undated
(photocopy of Part I of Views Across the Border: The United States and Mexico, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 1978 [some pages missing]; notes and outline; clippings; poems by Juan Felipe Herrera, Jos� Montoya, Carlos Ripoll)
3 Border Art
3 26 Art Related, 1992-1993
(materials related to the Art Rebate/Reembolso de Arte project; photocopy of grant approval; radio transcript; fliers; clippings)
3 27 Cholos: Mexican Perspective, 1984
( Revista de Estudios Sobre la Juventud in Telpochtli, in Ichppuchtli, Consejo Nacional de Recursos para la Atenci�n de la Juventud and Centro de Estudios Sobre la Juventud Mexicana, 1984)
3 28 Encuentros: Los Festivales Internacionales de la Raza, 1988
(Malagamba, Amelia, ed. Encuentros: Los Festivales Internacionales de la Raza. Tijuana, Baja California: El Colegio de la Frontero Norte, 1988)
3 29 General (see also: G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo), 1987-1992
(clippings; "Look up Latina" art directory advertisement; letter to TYF from Patricio Ch�vez of the Centro Cultural de la Raza, 04/01/1992 re. the Dos Ciudades project; photocopy of proposal, Dos Ciudades/Two Cities: A Border Project, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art; exhibition printed material; "The Border is..." by Guillermo Gomez-Pe�a and other pieces of creative writing)
3 30 Imagenes de la Frontera, 1992
(workshop, Im�genes de la Frontera: Taller De Monotipia/Images of the Border: Monoprint Workshop, Tijuana, Baja California: Festival Internacional de la Raza 92, 1992)
3 31 Sin Fronteras: Chicano Arts from the Border States of the U.S., Exhibition, 1993
(catalog: Sin Frontera: Chicano Arts from the Border States of the U.S., Cornerhouse Exhibitions, Manchester, U.K., 1993)
3 32 Border Art/Artists, 1994-2003
(International Artist-In-Residence Program, ArtPace, San Antonio brochure; exhibition announcements; clippings)
3 33 Border Arts Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo (BAW/TAF) - General, circa 1987-1996
(see also: sol Box 30)
(catalog; photocopies of essays by Jo-Anne Berelowitz, "Representing the Border: A Geo-Spatial Politics of Art: A History of the Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Froterizo: 1984-1996", and "Las Comadres: A Feminist Collective Negotiates a New Paradigm for Women at the U.S./Mexico Border"; event and project descriptions; clippings)
3 34 Post Modernismo/Estilo Chicano, 1992
(handwritten manuscript by TYF, "An Emerging Border Project"; clipping)
3 34-35 Border Culture (see also: Dumont, Roberto Z.), 1979-1993
(2 folders)
(calendar of events, La Frontera/The Border: Art About the Mexico/United States Border Experience; exhibition brochures; clippings; Hispanic Theatre Season performance calendar; TYF's notes on border culture; poems; Ethnic Studies 314 Final Exam; essays [written for TYF's course?]; 1er Festival Internacional de la Raza: Foro de Analisis Frente a Frenta information packet)
3 36 Border Studies, University of Texas at El Paso, 1986
(newsletter, Center for Inter-American and Border Studies, The University of Texas at El Paso; brochures listing publications in the "Border Perspectives Series: Research papers for course use")
3 37 "Borderlands Critical Subjectivity in Recent Chicana Art,," 2003
(photocopy of article, "Borderlands Critical Subjectivity in Recent Chicana Art", by Judith L. Huacuja, in Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies vol. 24, no.2/3 2003)
3 38 Borderlands Sourcebook: A Guide to the Literature on Northern Mexico and the American Southwest, Publication, University of Oklahoma Press, undated
(photocopy of selected chapters)
3 39 "Born in East LA,," 1988
(Essay in Los Angeles Times Magazine, 03/27/1988)
3 40 Bot�nica Los Angeles, Exhibition, 2005
(calendars of events)
3 Botello, David Rivas (see: Los Dos Streetscapers)
3 41 Brands and Marks, undated
(photocopies from a book, The Manual of Brands and Marks)
3 42 Brise�o, Rolando, 1987-2004
(invitations; exhibition announcements; note to TYF and Dudley [Brooks] from Angel and Rolando; resume; letters to TYF from Rolando, undated and 02/25/2003)
3 43 La Brocha del Valle, Organization, Fresno, California (see also: Alfaro, Luis), 1984
(postcards; workshop playscript: Luis Alfaro, Straight as a Line, Beverly Hills, CA: Audrey Skirball-Kenis Theatre, 1994; photograph of Ezquel Orona, one of the founders of La Brocha del Valle; clippings; TYF's notes on the organization; history and typed information about the organization)
3 44 Brooks, Dudley, 1991, undated
(lender form for exhibition; unidentified photograph)
3 45 Buitr�n, Robert [Robert C.], 1982-1993, undated
(see also: Chicolandia; Photography; Box 30)
(resume; letters to TYF from Buitr�n, 06/19/1992, 01/20/1993, 09/13/1992, 11/15/1992; exhibition announcements, one with a note to TYF from Buitr�n; 2 oversize calendars of Buitron's photographs, "The Legend of Ixtacchihuatl Y Popocatepetl," 1990, and "Ixtaccihuatl Y Popocatepetl...The Legend Continues," 1991; clippings; catalog)
3 46 Burciaga, Jos� Antonio, Artist and Poet (1940-1996; see also: Casa Zapata Mural), circa 1976-96
(invitation; publication announcements; Burciaga note cards order form; poems; clipping; note to TYF from Burciaga, 09/02/1980; note to TYF from Cecilia [Burciaga?], 10/1996)
3 47 Burden, Chris, January 1979
(interview/published in View, vol. 1 no.8)
3 48 Caba�as, Jaime, 1986
(exhibition announcement)
3 49 Calderon, Mark, 1987
(3 pages of no. 1793, Feb. 12 1986 newsletter[?])
3 50 Calendarios Mexicanos, 1986
Box Folder
4 Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California, Conference, Porter College, University of California at Santa Cruz (April 16 - 18, 1982)
4 1 Administrative, circa 1981
(administrative paperwork such as collective procedures, instructions to typesetter; letter to Patricia Rodriguez from [editors of catalog - letter unsigned], 10/22/1981, re. Rodriguez's essay for the exhibition catalog; drafts of essays for catalog)
4 2 Arte Chicano, Draft, undated
(manila folder labeled "CALIFA'S - content of folder is page 1 of Arte Chicano - TYF notes on folder)
4 3 Conference Notes, circa 1982
(TYF's notes from CALIFAS conference)
4 4 Cut-up, undated
(pages from TYF draft of CALIFAS California Chicano Art and Its Social Background)
4 5 General, 1981-1985
(Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery Spring 1981 Calendar; clippings; notes [for CALIFAS contributions]; TYF's notes: bibliographic info, chronology, miscellaneous; notice from the Spanish Speaking Cultural Club, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota announcing a film spanning the pre-Columbian civilizations to the present, circa 1978, and includes footage of art and architecture, as well as current events; photocopy of the first few pages of the list of recordings from CALIFAS conference; letter to TYF from gallery director of Eastern Michigan University, 04/19/1983, re. TYF's potential purchase of 2 pieces by Carlos Corte Koyokuitkatl; correspondence relating to Stanford U's purchase of the video tapes and full transcript from the conference, cost of $19,900; photocopy of index of tapes)
4 6 List of Recordings, 1980-1982
( The Mexican Museum Newsletter vol.5 no.2, Spring/Summer 1980; partial transcript and list of the recordings of the CALIFAS sessions)
4 7 Notes, Critique, circa 1982
("Notes on Arte Chicano" - paragraph by paragraph critique of essay [TYF's, a student's, or someone else's?]; letter to CALIFAS participants requesting feedback, and feedback from Tim [Drescher?]; address list of participants)
4 8 Original, circa 1982
(essays from catalog)
4 9 Philip Brookman, 1982-1984
(catalog: publication consisting of material "prepared for the CALIFAS SEMINAR at the Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, Porter College, UCSC...", includes essays, artist biographies and b/w pictures of their work; draft of TYF's CALIFAS Socio-Aesthetic Chronology of Chicano Art - Final copy included in CALIFAS publication; letters to TYF from Philip Brookman, 06/08/1984, 12/28/1984; clippings; resume, Philip Brookman; CALIFAS program schedule; press release)
4 10 Photos - Art (from exhibition), circa 1982
4 11 Photos - Exhibition, circa 1982
(photos from events e.g. conference, panel discussions)
4 12 Photos - General, circa 1982
(photos of people at the exhibition, conference etc.)
4 13 Round Table Discussion, 1981
(TYF's notes, "CALIFAS: Roundtable Discussion with Artists")
4 14 Santa Cruz, 1968-1982
( Arts At Santa Cruz, vol. 1, no. 1 Santa Cruz: University of California, Santa Cruz, College V, 1981; clippings; exhibit checklist)
4 15 Seminar, 1981-1982
(TYF's notes from the planning seminar for CALIFAS)
4 16 Social Context, circa 1981
(see also: OV 32)
(working draft of TYF's essay which appeared in the catalog; oversize exhibition poster)
4 17 Tapes (partial transcript), circa 1982
4 18 Tino Esparza Interview, 1981
(TYF's notes)
4 19 TYF Contributions, circa 1982
(draft of TYF's CALIFAS California Chicano Art and Its Social Background - Final copy included in CALIFAS publication; letter to TYF from Bob F-[?], 09/21/1981; clippings; TYF's notes on Chicano Art & Culture)
4 20 Writings, circa 1981-1982
(photograph - group photo of participants?, duplicate; poster for exhibition; pages from the catalog; "Califas: 'Chicano Art and Culture in California' 4 Essays [authors: Montoya, Malaquias and Lezlie Salkowitz; Goldman, Shifra M.; Montoya, Jose; Cockcroft, Eva and Centro Cultural de la Raza]; clippings; general correspondence and other documents related to CALIFAS)
4 21-23 CALIFAS Seminar, Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, Porter College, UCSC, 1982
(3 copies of catalog)
4 24 Narrative Report of Accomplishment, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1983
(final report to the National Endowment for the Humanities)
Box Folder
5 Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California continued
5 1 Indexes to the Archive, circa 1983
5 2 Transcripts, Book #1, circa 1983
5 3 Transcripts, Book #2, circa 1983
5 4 Transcripts, Book #3, circa 1983
5 5 Transcripts, Book #4, circa 1983
5 6 Transcripts, Book #5, circa 1983
5 7 Transcripts, Book #6, circa 1983
5 8 California (see also Alamaraz, Carlos; Baca, Judy; Benavidez, Max; Botello, David; D� de los Muertos; Gamboa, Harry Jr.; Gamboa, Manazar; Gronk; Herron, Willie; Hernandez, Judith; Norte, Marisela; Valadez, John), circa 1974-1982
(exhibition announcements; clippings; catalogs; journal, 201: Homenaje a la ciudad de Los Angeles: Latino Experience in Literature and Art, Los Angeles; Latino Writers Workshop, January 1982; photographs of art [not labeled]; unlabeled slides)
5 9 California Arts Council, 1980
5 10 California Directory of Chicano-Latino Artists (see also: Concilio de Arte Popular), 1984-1985
(publication of the Concilio de Arte Popular, Los Angeles, California. Directory, compiled and published by Concilio de Arte Popular: Coalition of California Chicano-Latino Artists, listing contact information as well as specializations, awards, education)
5 11 California Institute of Arts, Organization, Valencia, California, 1993
(letters to TYF from Steven D. Levine, 01/26/93; material related to the "Conference on Aesthetics of Community-Based Artmaking" in which TYF participated)
5 12 California Missions, 1977
(Arte Chicano paintings, clipping)
5 13 Campusano, Jesus "Chuy,," 1987
(exhibition announcement; TYF's notes on a folder)
5 14 Canadian Club Hispanic Art Tour, Catalog, 1984
5 15 Canto al Puerto, Festival, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1978
(ephemera: arm band, bumper stickers; clippings; festival announcement)
5 16 Caracol, Newspaper, San Antonio, Texas, February 1979
5 17 Cardenas, Gilberto (see also: Malagamba, Amalia), 1989-1990
(typescript, "Las Mujeres de la Raza" by Cardenas and Amalia Malagamba), May 1990; SOC 348K/MAS 374 and SOC 360M course syllabi and related materials, taught by Cardenas)
5 18 Caricaturista de M�xico, 1983
5 19 Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro, 1986
5 20 Carrasco, B�rbara (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24), 1989
(exhibition announcement; monograph, clippings; Artist Monograph Series #3: Barbara Carrasco, Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24, San Francisco, 1989)
5 21 Carrillo, Eduardo L., 1979, undated
(exhibition checklist; catalog; resume; Sue�os performance announcement; TYF's notes and interview with Carrillo; clippings)
5 22 Carrillo, Graciela (see also: Sig�enza, Herbert), 1981
(exhibition announcements)
5 23 Casa de la Raza, Organization, Santa Barbara, California, 1978
5 24 Casa de Unidad Cultural Arts and Media Center, Organization, Detroit, Michigan, 1991
(note to TYF re his visit and presentation from Casa de Unidad staff members; El Barrio Magazine Spring/Summer 1991)
5 25 Casa El Salvador, Convocation Announcement, undated
5 26 Casa Zapata Mural, Stanford University (see also: Burciaga, Jos�), circa 1985-1989
(clippings; Lector: The Hispanic Review Journal, vol.5 no.2; Stanford Chicano Murals project, Chicano Research Seminar, material, including statement of background & goals, a working timeline, notes from brainstorming sessions and meetings - product of "Murals as Social Conscience Art"; letter to TYF from Jos� Antonio Burciaga of Casa Zapata, Stanford University, re. the mural that was "conceived and painted" by TYF, 02/18/86; mural survey and responses)
5 27 Casas, David Zamora, 1993-1996
(exhibition announcements; clippings; artist biography; photocopy of Pace Roberts Foundation International Artist-in-Residence Program application with artist statement and resume)
5 28 Casas, Mel, 1965-1989, undated
(catalogs; exhibition announcements; clippings; artist biography; photocopy of "Art of the Southwest...Art on the Border" [booklet?])
5 29 Casasola, Agustin Victor, Photographer (see also: Photography), undated
(exhibition brochure)
5 30 Castellon, Rolando, 1984, undated
(exhibition announcements)
5 31 Castillo, Ana, 1986, undated
(book publication announcements)
5 32 Celebraci�n A�o Nuevo Mexicano, Chispa, Chicago, Illinois, 1982
(booklet from event has photos from event, as well as a poem and description (copyright 1982, CHISPA)
5 El Centro Chicano, Stanford University (see: Casa Zapata Mural)
5 33 Centro Cultural Aztl�n, Organization, San Antonio, Texas, 1990, undated
5 34 Centro Cultural de la Gente, San Jose, California, 1978
(exhibition announcement; information brochure on El Centro de la Gente de San Jos�; El Mitote Cultural, newsletter vol.1 no. 2)
5 35 Centro Cultural de la Mission, Organization, San Francisco, California (see also: Mission District), 1990-1991
5 36-38 Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego, California, 1970-1984
(3 folders)
(exhibition announcements; clippings; Teatro Mestizo information sheet; TYF's notes on theater; TENAZ Festival Magazine (Chicano Theatre Festival publication, 1977); catalogs; 10th Anniversary Celebration booklet, 1981; Press release; catalogs; clippings; 15th anniversary catalog, Made in Aztlan, Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego, 1986; exhibition announcements; letter to TYF from Veronica Enrique, Executive Director, Centro Cultural de la Raza, 04/23/1985; letter to TYF from Philip Brookman, curator, Made in Aztlan, re. the catalog, 02/26/1986; handwritten draft of letter (reply) to Brookman from TYF, undated (on back of Brookman's 2nd letter); TYF's notes and draft of essay for 15th anniversary catalog; TYF's notes on Centro Cultural; Exhibition brochure; organization's brochure; clippings; View (Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Quarterly Magazine), Jan-March 1993; catalogs; schedule of events)
5 39 Centro de Artistas Chicanos, Organization, Sacramento, California (see also: Royal Chicano Air Force), 1977-1982
(clippings; booklet, "El Espejo del Movimiento" Centro de Artistas Chicanos, RCAF, 1977; TYF's notes on Centro de Artistas Chicanos)
5 40 El Centro de la Raza, Organization, Seattle, Washington, 1987-1992, undated
(exhibition, performance, and event announcements; handwritten letter to TYF from Robert [?] of El Centro de la Raza, 12/12/1991; invitation; conference brochure - Chicano Mobile Institute, Chicas en el Movimiento)
5 41 Centro Hist�rico de la Ciudad de M�xico, Mexico City, Mexico, 1995
(catalog; brochure, Los Nuevos Rom�nticos)
5 42 Centros Culturales, undated
(TYF's notes on "Chicano Art: Community and [Communitos?]" and on "Network of Color")
5 43 Centros de Arte Chicano, undated
(TYF's notes on muralists, the history of "El Movimiento"; TYF's outline for "Chicano Art in Social Perspective 1965-1980", etc)
5 44 Centros de Artistas, undated, 1976
(TYF's notes on Chicano art and artists)
Box Folder
6 1 Ceremony of Memory: New Expressions in Spirituality Among Contemporary Hispanic Artists (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Mu�oz, Celia - artist), 1989
(exhibition, Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe, New Mexico; TYF was a contributor to the catalog. Exhibition announcement; letters to TYF from Dominique G. Mazeaud, Project Manager, Ceremony of Memory, 1/19/89; 2/24/89; 5/5/89; letter [unaddressed - to TYF, or to the participating artists of Ceremony of Memory] from Dominique G. Mazeaud [unsigned but on his stationery], 5/1/89, re. exhibition he was curating in Poland; clippings; catalog, Ceremony of Memory: New Expressions in Spirituality Among Contemporary Hispanic Artists, Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, 1988)
6 2 Ceremony of the Spirit (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia), 1988
(TYF's notes on/from Ceremony of the Spirit, ethnic studies; catalog, Kingdoms of the Sun: Masterworks of Ancient Andean and Spanish Colonial Art, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC, 1996; letter to TYF from Juan [?], 4/30/88, re. bookstores in San Antonio and in Mexico City; clippings; invitation to dance gala performance)
6 3 Cerv�ntez, Yreina D., 1988
6 4 C�sar Ch�vez Center (see also: Baca, Judith; SPARC), 1996
(organization, University of California at Los Angeles; Witness to the History of Los Angeles project; booklet, final product, of student-produced public art project by the UCLA / C�sar Ch�vez Center Mural Digital Lab at the Social and Public Art Resource Center and co-sponsored by Cornerstone Theater Company)
6 5 Chac�n, George, circa 2003
(exhibition announcement; blank note cards with artist's work; mini-CD business cards)
6 6 Chagoya, Enrique (see also: Artists' Books; G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo), 1989-2004
(catalogs, When Paradise Arrived, Alternative Museum, New York, 1989; and Utopian Cannibal: Adventures in Reverse Anthropology, Forum for Contemporary Art, St. Louis, Missouri, 2001; exhibition announcements; clippings; artist book, Codex Espangliensis from Columbus to the Border Patrol, Moving Parts Press, Santa Cruz, 1998; announcement and publicity booklet)
6 7 Chaves, Estelle, 1965
(photocopies from an exhibition catalog)
6 8 Ch�vez, C�sar, 1993
(clippings including NY Times obituary; dance performance announcement, tribute to Chavez; memorial services announcement)
6 9 Ch�vez, Eduardo (see also: Covarrubias, Miguel), 1987-1988, undated
(note and letter to TYF re. information TYF requested about Miguel Covarrubias, 12/87 and 12/29/87; exhibition announcement)
6 10 Ch�vez, Roberto Esteban (see also: Carrillo, Eduardo), 1978-1981, undated
(resume; part of a report [on public art and legalities involved] including a section concerning Roberto Chavez and the destruction of his mural at East Los Angeles College, and part of a section concerning Eduardo Carrillo; clippings; letter to TYF from Philip Brookman re. a grant proposal, 07/21/91)
6 11 Chavoya, C. Ondine, 1995-1996, undated
(dissertation abstract; resume; manuscript draft, "Undocumented Histories From the West"; photocopy of "Collaborative Public Art and Multimedia Installation: David Avalos, Louis Hock, and Elizabeth Sisco's Welcome to America's Finest Tourist Plantation, 1988")
6 12 Chicana Artists (see also: Lop�z, Yolanda; Mesa-Bains, Amalia), 1998
6 13 Chicana/o Art of San Diego, Exhibition, University of San Diego, San Diego, California, 2004
6 14 Chicana/o Arts and Social Action, Organization, 2003
(conference announcements; Spring 2003 Speaker Series "Chicanas/os in Higher Education" announcements (lecture given by TYF); conference report for "Revolution & Resistance: A Conference on the State of Chicana/o Art & Activism.")
6 15 Chicanac�n: Semana de Arte y Cultura Chicana en M�xico, Exhibition, Mexico City, Mexico, 1980
(two letters to Gustavo Sainz - responsible for promotion, housing, transportation and financing of the project in Mexico City - from the Comot� Chicanac�n, 02/15/1980 and 09/04/1980; letter to TYF from Comit� Chicanac�n, 04/18/80, re. the cancellation of the project)
6 16 Chicanarte, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 1975
(see also: Box 30; OV 32)
(exhibition announcement/performance schedule; article published by the Comit� Chicanarte, not included in catalog; oversize exhibition poster; oversize catalog order form/poster; clippings)
6 17-18 Chicana Artistas (see also: Baca, Judith; Barrazza, Santa; Carrasco, Barbara; Esperanza Peace and Justice Center; Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24; Gamboa, Diane; Goldman, Shifra; Hernandez, Ester; Lopez, Yolanda; Lucero, Linda; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Rayas; SPARC), 1970-1975, 1982-1998
(2 folders)
(clippings; exhibition announcement; photocopies of art; exhibition announcements; La Voz de Esperanza magazine, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, Dec 97/Jan 98; letter to TYF from Mary Lou Nevarez Haugh, 9/12/89, re. book she wanted to write on Latina artists in California; exhibition list; catalog, signed by Shifra Goldman, guest curator; clippings; photocopy of the Bibliography from Third Woman, vol. 4, 1989, Third Woman Press, Berkeley)
6 Chicanismo (see: Lecture Notes)
6 19 Chicanismo en el Arte , Exhibition, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1975
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
6 20 Chicano and Latino Artists in the Pacific Northwest, Exhibition, Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington (see also: Alvarez, Cecilia; Arregu�n, Alfredo; Rodriguez, Jos� Luis; Trejo, Ruben; White, Sid and Pat; Ybarra-Frausto, Tomas), 1980, 2004
(catalog; Letter to TYF from Sid and Pat White, 09/09/2004; "Chicano and Latino Artist in the PNW" - project history, circa 2004)
6 21 Chicano Architectural Students Association, Organization, University of California at Berkeley, 1983
(monograph, Our Barrios: Past, Present, and Future: A Look at Raza/Latinos and the Built Environment, Chicano Architectural Students Association, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, 1983)
6 22 Chicano Art for Our Millennium, Exhibition, Mesa Southwest Museum Hispanic Research Center of Arizona State University, 2004
(invitation to exhibition opening reception)
6 Chicano Art
6 23 Arte Chicano Como Cultura de Protesto, 1993
(monograph - Sylvia Gorodezky, Arte Chicano Como Cultura de Protesta, Mexico City, Mexico: Universidad Nacionla Aut�noma de M�xico, 1993)
6 24 Chicano Art History (see also: Quirarte, Jacinto), , 1984
(monograph - Jacinto Quirarte, ed. Chicano Art History: A Book of Selected Readings, San Antonio, TX: Research Center for the Arts and Humanities, The University of Texas at San Antonio)
6 25-26 General, 1975-1977, circa 1984, circa 1985
(typescript of curatorial note or introduction for an exhibition catalog; typed drafts and notes, "Introduci�n a la Historia del Arte M�xico-Americano"; TYF's notes - "Chicano Art: A Precis"; clippings; TYF's notes and handwritten drafts; clippings; clipping of article by TYF - "A History of Chicano Art" from Revista Literaria de el Tecolote, circa 1980; draft with edits and photocopy of the typescript of an essay by and unknown author)
6 27 Chicano Art and Culture, Exhibition, United States and Europe (see also: Aztl�n), 1980
(documents related to the planning of the exhibition: list of committees, meeting minutes and agendas, budgets, etc.)
6 Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation (CARA), University of California at Los Angeles
6 28 Albuquerque, 1991
(invitation; note to TYF from Chon [Noriega], 07/27/91; film series announcement; calendar of events; clipping)
6 29 Arizona, 1991
(symposium brochure; calendar of events; letters to TYF from University of Arizona, Tuscon, 10/09/91, and from Robert A. Yassin, Tuscon Museum of Art, both re. request that TYF be the keynote speaker at a symposium being held in conjunction with CARA; exhibition announcement for Counter Col�n-ialismo; TYF's travel itinerary; photograph [of TYF and ?])
6 30 Artists Directory, 1991
(letter to TYF from Ava Avalos, CARA Archivist, 08/30/1991, with enclosure of CARA Artist Directory)
6 31 Bronx Museum of Art, 1993
(exhibition announcement; invitation)
6 32 Clippings, General, 1991-1992
6 33 Denver, 1991
(letter to TYF from Farida Baldnado, Curatorial Assistant, CARA, 07/10/91, re. Denver's education report for the CARA exhibition; comments from the exhibition guestbook)
6 34 Education Packets, 1990
(K-6 and 7-12 education packets: slides, information for teachers, glossary, pre- and post-visit activities)
6 35 General, 1986-1993
( New Art Examiner Dec. 1990 issue, cover article on CARA; dissertation proposal, "'Mi Casa [No] Es Su Casa': The Cultural Politics of the Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation, 1965-1985 Exhibit", Alicia Gaspar de Alba, University of New Mexico, 1992; "The Power of Place" (UCLA Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Planning Embassy Auditorium public art project) proposal for Rockefeller Foundation funding: cover letter, 08/16/1990, narrative proposal, budget, supporting materials; "Artes de M�xico" Festival: memo to committee, 08/27/1990, list of committee members, fax, 09/20/1990; press release; invitation to lecture focusing on "The Contadora Process and the Beyond War Award"; Texas Small Press Book Fair announcement; calendar from Sacramento City Councilman Joe Serna; Mississippi American Festival Project calendaer of events; CARA exhibition calendar of events, Fresno Art Museum; clippings; May/June 1993 issue of La Pe�a: Latino Arts News)
6 36 Los Angeles, 1990
(press releases; fact sheet; clippings; calendars of events; exhibition announcements; letter to TYF from Elizabeth Shepard, 08/27/1990, inviting him to opening of the exhibition; invitations)
6 37 Lynne Cheney/NEH, 1989-1990
(letter to Steven Ross, NEH, from Brigette D. Scott, Community Development Assistant, Wight Art Gallery, 08/31/1989, re. application for the NEH Summer Seminars for College Teachers program and Ross' response, 10/20/1989, with the comments from the evaluators; letter to Edith Tonelli from Marsha Semmel, NEH, re. application for NEH funding for CARA, 12/20/1989 with review comments; letter to Edith Tonelli from Thomas Wilson, NEH, 05/18/1989, re. application for funding from NEH, with review comments; photocopy of letter to Lynne Cheney, Chairman National Endowment for the Humanities, from the CARA Exhibition Executive Board, 12/16/1989 and Cheney's response, 12/21/1989)
6 38 Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, 1987-1988
(correspondence: 2 copies, one labeled Tom�s, of letter to Edith Tonelli from Carlos Tortolero, Executive Director, 01/15/987; memo to co-chairs of the CARA steering committee from Edith Tonelli, 01/28/1988; letter to Carlos Tortolero from Edith Tonelli, 01/28/1988)
6 39 NEH Implementation Grant, 1990
(draft, "Compa�eros and Partners - CARA: the Process"; NEH Implementation Grant material)
6 40 Photographs, 1971, 1979
(photographs of works of art)
6 41-43 Planning, 1986-1987
(3 folders)
(NEH Interim Report, 1987; NEH planning conference agenda & accompanying handouts; TYF's notes from conference; list of exhibition panel members; list of participants; general letters to TYF from Edith Tonelli, et al. re. plans for the conference; clippings; press release; "Guidelines for Regional Presentations"; meeting agendas and minutes; letter to TYF from Marcos [Sanchez], re. second planning July 1987 conference and "pre-meeting packet;" notes and letters to TYF from CARA organizers re. his participation; correspondence between CARA organizers and institutions re. the exhibit; memos to CARA steering committee; press release; letter to TYF from Holly Barnet- Sanchez and Marcos Sanchez re. "document which represents the formative stages of the conceptual framework for the exhibition" and said document, 08/05/1988; TYF's notes; catalog planning; meeting agendas, minutes, and summary report; budget documents; exhibition tour planning; exhibition checklist (fax); clippings; CARA Curriculum Seminars course description; CARA education summary; essay, " Murales de Movimiento: Chicano Murals and the Discourses of Art and Americanization", by Marcos Sanchez-Tranquilino (cc: TYF); correspondence between CARA and the National Museum of American Art, re. the exhibition; "Compa�ros and Partners - CARA: The Process")
Box Folder
7 Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation continued
7 1 Planning, circa 1989
(slides; checklist of exhibition; CARA evaluation)
7 2 Planning, 1990-1991
(letter to Constance Wolf, Rockefeller Foundation, from Cindi Dale, Director Education and Community Development, Wight Art Gallery, 04/16/1990, re. CARA education program; general correspondence between CARA organizers and institutions re. the exhibition; letter to TYF from Elizabeth Shepard inviting him to loan two pieces of art, 02/12/1990; invitation to private tour of CARA at UCLA; letter to TYF from Chon [Noriega], 08/08, re. CARA Film & Video Series; program copy of CARA Film & Video Series; letter to John Lane, Director San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, from Marcos Sanchez-Tranquilino, 06/17/1991, and response, 07/09/1991; essay, "The Political and Social Contexts of Chicano Art" by Shifra M. Goldman and TYF; CARA travel schedule)
7 3 Planning - Catalog Drafts, circa 1989
(draft of components of the catalog; letter to TYF from Teresa McKenna, Editorial Board, CARA, 03/30/1989, re. TYF's essay for catalog; correspondence between Ray Rocco, Director National Association of Chicano Studies Conference, and CARA organizers, 03/1989, re. Silkscreen Print Taller Exhibition)
7 4 Planning - NEH Proposal, 1989
(letter to TYF from Holly Barnet-Sanchez, 07/12/1989; copy of proposal submitted to the NEH on 06/09/1989)
7 5 San Antonio (see also: Compa�eras; La Pe�a Cultural Arts Center), 1993
(performance announcement - unrelated to CARA?; invitation to exhibition opening; clippings, one related to Compa�eras exhibit; CARA newsprint flyer)
7 6 San Francisco, 1991
(invitation; publicity packet; clippings; symposium announcement/abstrace/schedule; invitations)
7 7 TYF's Contributions, 1989-1990
(letter to TYF from Holly Barnet Sanchez and Marcos Sanchez-Tranquilino, 04/26/1989, re. TYF's contract for his essay; correspondence re. TYF's loan for the exhibition, 1990, and receipts; TYF's notes for his essay for the catalog)
7 8 Washington D.C., 1992-1993
(clippings; invitation to exhibition opening; program of events; National Museum of American Art May and June 1992 schedules brochure; NMAA symposium "Contemporary Mexican-American Culture" - notification and invitation; press release)
7 9 Chicano Art Resources Information Development and Dissemination (CARIDAD), Organization, University of California at Santa Barbara (see also Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24), 1991
(booklet, Chicano Art: A Resource Guide)
7 10 Chicano Arts from the Border States of the U.S., Exhibition, Cornerhouse, Manchester, England, 1993
(postcards of art from the exhibition)
7 11 Chicano Cinema (see also: Noriega, Chon), 1990
("Chicano Cinema: Una Poca De Gracia"; course packet for UGS043, Winter Quarter)
7 12 Chicano Cultural Conference, Conference, Paris, France (see also: Men�ndez, Nina), 1986
(postcard to TYF from Nina Men�ndez)
7 13 Chicano Culture, undated
(course-related materials [?]; outline; poems; Zoot suit handouts)
7 14 The Chicano Experience: John Hernandez, Benito Huerta, Exhibition, InterAmerican Art Gallery, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, Florida, 1988
7 15 Chicano Expressions: A New View in American Art (see also: Border Art; INTAR), 1986
(exhibition, Intar Latin American Gallery, New York and El Centro Chicano, Stanford University; catalog; exhibition announcement; activity schedule)
7 16 Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement, Project, National Latino Communications Center, 1993
(publication; informational packet)
7 Chicano Humanities and Arts Council (CHAC), Denver, Colorado
7 17 Black Velvet Painting, 1991-1993
(letter to TYF from Jennifer Heath, CHAC, 01/29/1993; clippings)
7 18 CHAC Reporter, , 1981-1993
(newsletter: 12/81; 03/82; 05/82; 06-07/82; 08-09/82; 10-11/82; 01/83; 02-03/83; 04-05/83; 08-09/83; 10-11/83; 01-02/84; 03-04/84; 05-06/84; 07-08/84; 09-10/84; 11-12/84; 03-04/85; 05-06/85; 06-07/85; 07/85; 08/85; 09/85; 10-11/85; 12/85; 01/86; 02/86; 03/86; 04/86; 05/86; 06/86; 07/86; 08/86; 09/86; 10/86; 01/8702/87; 04/92; 01/93)
7 19 General, 1981-1992
(Raices y Razones - Roots and Reasons: Symbolism in Chicano Art; presentation summary; poster; Amor en Aztl�n Acrosscultural fiesta: announcement and calendar of events; CHAC design contest entry form; exhibition announcements; organization brochures; invitations; event announcements; CHAC Center User Survey, blank; photocopy of floor plan for Denver facility; clippings)
7 20 Chicano/Latino Archive, The Evergreen State College Library, Olympia, Washington, 1992
("Guide to the Chicano/Latino Archive")
7 21 Chicano Life and Culture Class, undated
(graphs, charts and tables)
7 22 Chicano Literature, 1981-1983
(bibliography; brochure; clippings)
7 23 Chicano Movement, undated
( The Chicano Movement: Some Not Too Objective Observations By Abelardo B. Delgado , Denver: Colorado Migrant Council; distributed by Totinem Publications, 1971; essays by TYF, Richard A. Garcia, Tom�s Almaguer "The Chicano Movement and the Emergence of a Chicano Poetic Consciousness"; "The Chicano Movement and the Mexican American Community, 1972-1978: An Interpretive Essay"; "Chicano Politics in the Present Period: Comment on Garcia")
7 24 Chicano Narrative and Literary Criticism, undated
(conference schedule)
7 25 Chicano Now: American Expressions, Exhibition, Alameda Museo Americano, San Antonio, Texas (see also: Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge), 2001-2002
(brochures; invitation; unused temporary tattoo)
7 26 Chicano Park, San Diego, California, 1973-1989
(film; clippings; essay, "The Story of Chicano Park" by Eva Cockroft)
7 27 Chicano Park, 1987-1989, undated
(film; flyer; information sheets about the film and its background including synopsis; photocopies of drawings made by elementary school students in response to the film and letter to producers from their teacher, 06/12/1987; photocopies of letters to the producers from: Gregroio Cervantes, Inland Counties Legal Services, 05/19/1989; Manuel Gomez, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, U.C. Irvine, 04/06/1989; Francisco H. V�zquez, Director, World Studies Program, World College West, 06/07/1989; Laura Rodriguez, one of the people in the film, undated; J. Hunter Todd, Chairman and Founder, Houston International Film Festival; Susan Adkisson, Administrative Assistant, Mexican American Commission, State of Nebraska, 04/18/1989; invitation/program for San Francisco premier of the film)
7 28 Chicano Photographers, 1985-circa 1998
(see also: En Foco, Inc.; photography; Box 30)
( Nueva Luz: A Photographic Journal, vol.4, no.2, 1993; booklet; clipping)
7 29 Chicano Studies, Course, 1983
(course information, syllabus, etc.)
7 30 Chicano Studies - Bound Volume, 1983
(course readings)
7 31 Chicano Secret Service, Humor Troupe, 1992
(performance announcement)
7 32 Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge, Exhibition, San Antonio Museum of Art (see also: Chicano Now), 2002-2004
(clippings; exhibition brochure; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, museum bulletin)
7 33 Chicanos Gr�ficos...California, Exhibition, Southern California State College, undated
7 34 Chicolandia, Exhibition, Movimiento Artistico de Rio Salado, Phoenix, Arizona (see also: Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado - MARS; photography), 1993
(exhibition announcement)
7 35-37 Chismearte, Journal, Concilio de Arte Popular, Los Angeles, California
(Fall 1976, no.1; Winter/Spring 1977, no. 2; Vol.1, no.3 1977; Special Issue 1977; vol. 2, no.1 1978; Feb. 1980; No. 7, Jan. 1981 - Special Woman's Issue; No. 9, 1983; No. 10, May 1984)
Box Folder
8 1 Chispas, 1983-1984
(magazine, funded by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan - M.E.Ch.A., University of California, Berkeley. Vol. 12, no.2, Spring 1983; Vol. 13, no.1, Fall 1983; Vol. 13, no.2, Spring 1984; U.C. Berkeley Chicano Studies Program information sheet)
8 2 �Chispas! Cultural Warriors of New Mexico, Exhibition, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, 1992
(catalog, �Chispas! Cultural Warriors of New Mexico, Phoenix, Arizona: The Heard Museum, 1993)
8 3 Cholo Art, 1999, undated
(poem; mazagine, Vida Loca: A Magazine by Raza and for La Raza, no. 69, May/June 1999)
8 Cholos (see also: Low Riders)
8 4 Cholo Art: Brown Pride, Magazine, vol. 1 no. 1, April 1981
8 5 Cholismo (see also: Jos� Cuellar), 1980-85
(typescripts of papers: "Lowriding: The Fusion of Cultural Symbols and the Diffusion of Cultural Myths", presented at the Nation Association for Chicano Studies Conference, Houston, 04/1981; "The Rise and Spread of Cholismo as a Border Youth Subculture", prepared for the Southwest Border Regional Conference's Third Annual Binational Border Governors' Conference, Tijuana, 09/1982; draft of project report on the project, "Cultural Change and Continuity Among Borderland Youth: The Signs and Symbols of Cholismo on the Frontera; clippings)
8 6 Cholografi� Photographs, circa 1983-1984
(publications list; clipping; photographs of low-rider cars; poem)
8 7 General, 1980-1986, undated
(publication announcements; clippings; newsletter, El Grito/The Call, CET, undated)
8 8 Iconography (see also: Cuellar, Jos�), undated
(lecture announcements: "Cholo Iconography")
8 9 Low Rider Magazine ( Arte del Varrio), 1979-1982, 1984
(see also Box 30)
(no.1, 1979, sol; May 1979; no. 2, 1980, sol; January 1981; March 1981; Spring 1981; June 1981; 1982; March 1984; Vivo Magazine, vol. 1, no. 3, 1982)
8 10 Reading of Lifestyle, 1981, 1989, undated
(TYF's notes on Low Riders, or cholos; essays; clippings)
8 11 Varrio San Jos�: Scenes from an Urban Chicano Experience, Exhibition, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (see also: Photography), 1990
8 12 Cid, Armando Ramirez, 1973-1983
(clippings; exhibition announcement)
8 13 Cinco de Mayo (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia), 1981-1987, undated
( Cinco de Mayo: A Resource Handbook, San Francisco Unified School District - curriculum booklet; clippings; TYF's notes on history of 5 de Mayo)
8 14 Cinco Pintoras, Exhibition, 516 University Art Museum Downtown, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1996
(exhibition announcement; clippings)
8 15 Cisneros, J. George, 1981, 1999
(catalog; ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program artist brochure)
8 16 Cisnereos, Jos�, Artist (1910 -), 1977-2004
(clippings; Southwestern Studies monograph, Faces of the Borderlands: Twenty-one Drawings by Jos� Cisneros, with text by the artist, Texas Western Press, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas)
8 17 Cisneros, Timothy, 1974
8 Cockroft, Eva (see: Chicano Park)
8 18 Cofrad�a de Artes y Artesanos Hisp�nicos, New Mexico, 1979
8 19 El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 1990
(announcement of presentation to be made by TYF)
8 20 Col�n, Miriam, 1981
8 21-22 Colorado (see also: Sandoval, Carlos), 1972-1994
(2 folders)
(clippings; TYF's notes; catalogs; Colorado Springs Fine Ars Center Publication List; exhibition announcements; brochures)
8 23 Colorado La Cucaracha (see also: Lucero, Stephen P.), 1982-1983
(magazine published by El Periodico La Cucaracha, Inc., Pueblo, Colorado; 20 de Febrero, 1982, vol. 7, no. 2; 17 de Marzo, 1982, vol. 7, no. 3; 14 de Abril, 1982, vol. 7, no.4; 11 de Junio, 1982, vol. 7, no. 6; 14 de Agosto, 1982, vol. 7, no. 8; 23 de Octubre, 1982, vol. 7, no. 10; 27 de Noviembre, 1982, vol. 7, no.11; 22 de Diciembre, 1982, vol. 7, no. 12; 21 de Enero, 1983, vol. 8, no. 1; 18 de Febrero, 1983, vol. 8, no. 2; 28 de Marzo, 1983, vol. 8, no. 3)
8 24 Colorado - Notes, undated
(list of articles and their locations)
8 25 Colorado - La Voz, Magazine, 1982-83
(see Box 31)
(29 de diciembre, 1982, vol. 8, no. 52; 2 de marzo, 1983, vol. 9, no. 9; 9 de marzo, 1983, vol. 9, no. 10; 16 de marzo, 1983, vol. 9, no. 11; 23 de marzo, 1983, vol. 9, no. 12)
8 26 Colorado, Hortensia, Actress, Resume, undated
8 27 Comit� Mexicano C�vico Patri�tico, San Francisco, California, 1987
8 28 Community and Contemporary Chicano Art: Four El Paso Artists, 2000
(instructional resource; photocopy)
8 29 Community Murals, Magazine, International Community Muralists' Network (see also: SPARC), 1984-1989
(letter to TYF from Eva, Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), 11/17/1989, re. Community Murals; Spring 1984; Winter 1985, vol. 10, no. 1; Spring 1987, vol. 12, no. 1; Summer 1987, vol. 12, no. 2; Fall 1987, vol. 12, no. 3; Winter 1987, vol. 12, no. 4)
8 30 Compa�eras Exhibition, Austin, Texas (see also Barraza, Santa), 1993-1996
(exhibition announcements; clippings)
8 31 Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Artist Program, undated
8 32 La Comunidad, 1983, 1987
(see: Box 31)
(newspaper: Sunday supplement to The Opinion, Los Angeles, California. 27 de marzo, 1983; 3 de abril, 1983; 5 de junio, 1983; 10 de julio, 1983; 14 de agosto, 1983; 11 de septiembre, 1983; 10 de mayo, 1987)
8 33 Con Safo Group, San Antonio, Texas, Organization (see also: Casas, Mel; Martinez, Santos; Reyes, Felipe), 1971-2000, undated
(letter to Dr. Guy Bensusan, Associate Professor, University of Arizona, 07/22/1972; Con Safo organizational information: list of needs, meeting notes, mission statement - Brown Paper Report; "General Comments" [by Felipe Reyes?]; clippings; exhibition announcements; catalogs; photographs of Con Safo members; material for TYF's course on Chicano Culture)
8 34 "Con Safo: The San Antonio Chicano Group and Its Legacy,," circa 1999-2000
(multiple drafts of paper by Ruben Cordova)
8 35 Con Safos, Publication of the Organization Con Safo, Los Angeles, California, 1968, 1969, 1971
8 36 Concha, Jerry, circa 1975
8 37 Concilio de Arte Popular, State Coalition of La Raza Artists, California, Organization (see also: ChismeArte; XhismeArte), 1977-1979, undated
(board meeting minutes; meeting announcement; Chicano Artistas "Priciples of Organization"; member address list)
8 38 Concilio Mujeres, 1983, undated
(organization, San Francisco, California, founded by La Raza women; organizational information; invitation)
8 39 Concreto/Concrete, Newsletter, College of Environmental Design, University of California at Berkeley, 21-28 November 1978, 16 May 1979
8 40 Congreso de Artistas Chicanos en Aztl�n, Exhibition, San Diego, California, circa 1974
(exhibition announcement)
8 41 Connections in Chicano and Latino Art, Center for the Arts, Exhibition, San Francisco, California, 1991
(exhibition announcements)
8 42 Conquest - Consequences, 1998
(exhibition: 1598, 1848, 1898: Conquest and Consequences, Museo de las Am�ricas, Denver, Colorado, catalog)
8 43 Contact II, Poetry Review, Vol. 6, no. 34/35 Winter/Spring, 1985
8 44 Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, Book, Bilingual Press, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 2000
(invitation to Chicana/o or Latina/o Artists to participate in the book)
8 45 Contemporary Hispanic Shrines, Exhibition, Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania, 1989
(catalog, Contemporary Hispanic Shrines, Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania)
8 46 Contemporary Hispanic Women Artists of Texas, Exhibition, 1990
8 47 Contreras, Rodolfo, 1993
(note to TYF from Contreras, circa 12/93)
8 48 Coraz�n de Aztl�n, Exhibition, Oakes College, University of California at Santa Cruz, 1981
(information packet; poster, moved to Sol; see also: Box 30)
8 49 Cornell University, Revelaciones/Revelations, Exhibitions, 1993
(exhibition announcements; calendar of events; clipping)
8 50 Coronado Studio, 2003
(Serie Print Project, organization; organization brochure; exhibition announcement; CD with images from Serie I-VIII, '93/'94 - '00-'01)
8 51 Corona, Juan - Court Case, circa 1981
8 52 Corpus Delecti, Exhibition/Performance/Conference on Latino Performance Art, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, undated
(press release)
8 53 Cort�z, Carlos (see also: Moviemient Artistico Chicano), 1981-1983, undated
(poetry booklets; letter to members from Cortez; clipping; list of artists)
8 54 Corzas, Francisco, 1983
8 55 Counter Col�n-Ialismo (see also: Movimento Artistico del Rio Salado (MARS), 1993, undated
(exhibition, Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego, California; Mexi-Arte, Austin, Texas, and MARS, Phoenix, Arizona; exhibition announcement; invitation)
8 56 Covarrubias, Miguel, undated
(TYF's notes on Covarrubias)
8 57 Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California, 1983-1991
(calendars of exhibitions, lectures and other events; catalog; press releases)
8 58 Crossing Borders: U.S. Latina/o Queer Performance, Conference, Austin, Texas: the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies of the City University of New York; the Center for Dramatic & Performance Studies of the University of Texas-Austin, 2001
(conference announcement)
8 59 Cruzando Fronteras, Conference, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF), Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 1991
(field report)
8 60 Cuatro: Form and Light in Cyberspace, Multi-media installation, California Museum of Photography, University of California, Riverside (see also Gamboa, Harry Jr.), 2001
8 61 Cuauhtemoc: Homenaje y Celebraci�n, (Dance Celebration Sponsored by Danza Xitlalli Dance Troupe), 1989
8 La Cucaracha (see: Colorado; and Lucero, Stephen P.)
8 62 Cuellar, Jos� B., 1975
8 63 Cuevas, Jos� Luis, 1975
8 64 Cultura Popular (see also: Flores, Juan; Popular Culture), undated
(clippings/course readings; syllabus; essays by Juan Flores)
8 65 Cultural Refractions, Exhibition, Cultural Refractions: Border Life en la tierra de nadie, Galer�a Sin Fronteras, Austin, Texas (see also: Border Art; Border Culture; Photography), 1998
8 66 Culture Clash, Collaborative Group, San Francisco, California, 1990-1999
(clipping; exhibition announcements)
8 67 Curare: Espacio Crit�co para las Artes, Workshop, Mexico City, Mexico, 1992
(brochure; leaflets; exhibition announcement)
8 68 Cut/Across, Exhibition, Washington Project for The Arts, Washington, D.C. Catalog, 1988
Box Folder
9 1 D�le Gas: Chicano Art of Texas, Exhibition, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas (see also: Burciaga, Jos� Antonio; Casas, Mel; De Le�n, Nephtal�; Mart�nez, Santos; Mora, Jo; Trevi�o, Jesus), 1977
(catalog signed by Carmen Lomas-Garza; exhibition checklist)
9 2 D�le Kranque -- Chicano Music and Art in Southern Texas (see also: Mart�nez, C�sar), circa 1982
(collection of essays on Chicano music and art with biographies of musicians and artists, D�le Kranque: Chicano Music and Art in South Texas, Chicano Music and Art Project, University of Minnesota)
9 3 D�vila, Atanasio P., Painter (1909-), 1980
9 Day of the Dead (see: D�a de los Muertos)
9 4 de la Campa, Rom�n, 1994
(essay reprint, "Latin Lessons: Do Latinos Share a World... Or Word?" Oxford UP, 1994)
9 5 de la Riva, Dolores (Lola; see also: Carillo, Eduardo), 1971-1986, undated
(research progress report; Faculty Mentor Program forms and paperwork; clippings; note to TYF from de la Riva, undated)
9 6 de la Torre, Einar and Jamex, 1991-2003
(clippings; resume; typescript sections and drafts of catalogs; catalogs; catalog, Crossing Boundaries: Jamex and Einar de la Torre, Steven La Ponsie, and Ronald Gonzalez, Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California, University Park, Los Angeles, 1999)
9 de la Rocha, Roberto (see: Los Four)
9 7 de Le�n, Alex, 1988-1995, undated
(clippings; exhibition announcement; ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program brochure)
9 8 De Le�n, Nephtal�, Poet, Painter, Writer (1945-), 1984
(correspondence re. de Le�n's daughter's illness; flyer listing de Le�n's accomplishments and activites; auction announcement and clippings related to de Le�n's mural "El Molcajete C�smico")
9 9 De Mujer A Mujer: A Celebration of Latinas by Latina Artists, Exhibition, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, 1996-1997
(gallery guide; exhibition checklist; exhibition announcements)
9 10 De Soto, Ernesto F., Master printer, undated
9 11 de Soto, Lewis, 1995
(ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program artist biography brochure)
9 12 Delano, Irene, Artist, 1919-1982, 1988
9 13 Delano, Jack, Photographer, 1914-1997, 1986
(catalog, Contrasts: Forty Years of Change and Continuity in Puerto Rico, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, 1990)
9 14 Delgado R�os, Roberto, 1982, 1988, undated
(clippings; exhibition announcement)
9 15 Denver Youth Conference, Denver, Colorado, 1970
9 16-20 D�a de los Muertos, 1959-2004, undated
(5 folders; see also: Altars; Aguilar, Laura; Carrasco, Barbara; California; Gamboa, Diane; Garcia, Margaret; Guerrera-Cruz, Dolores; Guerrero, Zarco; Venegas, Sybil; Box 30)
(handwritten letter to Sister Karen from TYF, 08/20/1977 [draft]; exhibition and event announcements and invitations; clippings; brochures; TYF's typed notes, "Altares y Offrendas"; TYF's handwritten notes on "Dia de los Muertos"; Roberto Chavez post cards; flyers; photograph of altar; "Ritual and El Dia de Los Muertos: A Day of the Dead Curriculum Handbook for Teachers" prepared by the Education Department of the Mexican Museum; catalog; excerpt from Las Ofrenda: The Days of the Dead, monologues of artists on fax to TYF; invitation; exhibition announcement; photocopy of article by TYF, "Recuerdo, Descubrimiento, Voluntad: Mexican/Chicano Customs for the Day of the Dead"; catalog; TYF's notes on Dia de los Muertes; color photocopy of altar; The Mexican Notebook: The Newsletter of the Consulate of Mexico in New York, vol. 6 no. 9, November 1997)
9 21 Diaz, Alejandro (see also: Blue Star Art Space; Zamudia-Taylor, Victor), 1996-2003
(exhibition announcement and curatorial statement; ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program brochure; "I [heart] Cuba" essay by Victor Zamudio Taylor; note to TYF from Diaz, 01/29/2003, with "Brillo/AMOR" edition for MoMAQNS [cardboard box, collapsed])
9 22 D�az, Michael, Performance Artist, 1988, undated
(letter to TYF from D�az, 03/19/1988, and postcard, undated)
9 23 Dominguez, Benjamin, Painter, circa 1993
9 24 Dominguez, Eddie, 1999
9 Doolin, Kaleta (see: La Junta de los R�os)
9 25 Los Dos Streetscapers, Collaborative Group (see also: Healy, Wayne), 1978, 1982
9 26 Dumont, Roberto Z. (see also: Border Culture), 1985
(typescript of play, La Frontera Tiene...Ese, No-se-que!)
9 27 Dur�n, Liliana, undated, 1986
(letter to TYF from Dur�n, 10/15/1986; exhibition announcement)
9 28 Dur�n, Roberto, 1989
(letter to TYF from Dur�n, 10/07/1989)
9 29 East of the River: Chicano Art Collectors Anonymous, Exhibition, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, California (see also: Noriega, Chon; Santa Monica Museum of Art), 2000
(exhibition announcement and invitation; clippings)
9 30 East Los Streetscapers, 2003
(holiday card, photograph)
9 31 Economic Progress, 1984-1985
("The Lack of Hispanic Economic Progress During the 1970s: Preliminary Obervations" by Franklin James, Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado at Denver - paper sent to "Chicano Faculty" Stanford University from Armando Valdez)
9 32 El Paso Art Association (EPAA), Organization, El Paso, Texas, 1971
9 33 Elizondo, Sergio D., 1992
(letter to TYF from Elizondo, 02/12/1992)
9 En Foco (see: Photography)
9 34 Engaged Cultures: Ten Contemporary Latino Artists, Exhibition, Gallery Association of New York, Inc., 1993
9 35 Esparza, Adrian, 2003
9 36-39 Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, Organization, San Antonio, Texas, 1993-2003
(4 folders)
(organizational history; "La Nueva Esperanza" Building Project Description; clippings; correspondence and documents related to art funding controversy; exhibition announcements; note to TYF from Karen Whitney, Board Member, Esperanza, 05/21/1995, thanking him for his contribution to the building fund; press packet; exhibition booklet)
9 40 Esperanza Peace and Justice Center Arts Funding, San Antonio, 1997
(clippings and materials provided by TYF to help Esperanza to fight funding cut, and information sent to TYF)
9 41 Esperanza Peace and Justice Center - Esperanza vs. City of San Antonio, 1997-2000
(clippings; lawsuit documents)
9 42-46 Esperanza Peace and Justice Center La Voz de Esperanza, 1993-2004
(5 folders)
(magazine issues: Nov 1993; May 1994; June 1994; Nov. 1994; May 1995; June 1995; March 1996; May 1996; Sept 1997; May 1998; Nov, 1998 - Dec. 1999/Jan. 2000; April 2000 - Nov. 2001 [Sept. 2001 issue has misprinted date, May 2001, on cover]; Feb. 2002 - April 2003; June 2003 - July/Aug. 2003; Oct. 2003 - Nov. 2003; April 2004; June 2004 - Dec. 2004/Jan. 2005 [Dec. 2004/Jan. 2005 issue has misprinted date, Dec./Jan. 2003, on cover])
9 47 Espinoza, Carlota, 1979, undated
(clippings; TYF's notes on Espinoza on 2 small slips of paper)
9 48 Espinoza, Julian, 1985
(business plan)
9 49 Esquibel, Jorge, 1975, undated
(letter to TYF from Esquibel, 03/10/1975, asking TYF to write an introduction to Esquibel's thesis, with outline of paper)
9 50 Estampas, undated
(prints of saints and religious scenes, mostly printed in Mexico)
9 51 Estrada, Victor, 1992-1998
9 52 Eureste, Bernard, 1985, undated
9 53 Exhibic�on de Arte Chicano, circa 1986
(exhibition invitation)
9 54 Expanding American Art History to Reflect Multiethnic Diversity, Conference, San Francisco Art Institute, 1992
(photocopy of the conference publication)
9 55 Expansive Vision: Latino Artists from the U.S./Mexican Border, Arizona, Exhibition, Dinnerware Artists' Cooperative Gallery, Tucson, 1994
(exhibition announcement)
9 56 Expresi�nes Hispanas, the 1988/89 Coors National Hispanic Art Exhibit and Tour Exhibition, Mexican Cultural Institute, San Antonio, and Elsewhere, 1987-1989, undated
(invitations; catalog; letter to TYF from Maureen Leon Acosta, Director, Artistic Images, Expresi�nes Hispanas, 08/18/1987; list of artists; press release and entry packet)
9 57 El Exvoto, Rescate de Una Tradici�n, Exhibition, Museo de la Ciudad de M�xico, M�xico City, undated
(exhibition booklet)
9 58 Fajardo, Frank (see also: Blue Star Art Space), 2001
(press release; exhibition announcement; catalog)
9 Favela, Ricardo (see: Royal Chicano Air Force)
9 59 Fem: Publicaci�n Feminista, Magazine, Mexico, June/July 1984
9 60 Fern�ndez, Enrique, 1987-1993
9 61 Fern�ndez, Mar�a Elena, circa 2005
(performance announcement)
9 62 Fern�ndez, Rudy M., Jr., 1981-1993, undated
(exhibition announcements; note to TYF from Karen Mary Davalos, 03/1990; resume; clippings)
Box Folder
10 1 Festival International de la Raza, Festival, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 1984-1988
(see also: OV 32)
(catalogs; broadside; schedule of events; "Foro Frente a Frent" packet; Bolet�n Cefnomex, publicacion Bimestral de Centro de Estudios Fronterizos del Norte de M�xico, Tijuana, Baja California, M�xico, vol.1 no. 6 Noviembre-Diciembre) 1985; El Correo Fronterizo, publicacion Bimestral de El Colegio de la Frontera Norte antes Centro de Estudios Fronterizos de Norte de M�xico, Tijuana, Baja California, M�xico, vol. 1 n. 4, septiembre-octubre, 1986)
10 2 Festival Latino, New York, 1990
(festival publication)
10 3 Festival 2000, Multicultural Festival of Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, California, 1990
(calendar of events)
10 4 Fiesta de Colores, Festival, RCAF, Centro de Artistas Chicanos, Sacramento, California, undated
(photocopy of flyer; see also: Royal Chicano Air Force)
10 5 Fiesta de los Barrios, Los Angeles, California, undated
(stationery - letterhead and envelope)
10 6 Fiestas y Festivales, San Francisco, California, 1983-1984, circa 1990
(Latin American Fiesta Week catalog; funding for festivals and memo on restrictions in dealing with embargoed countries [Rockefeller Foundation documents])
10 7 The Fifth Sun: Contemporary/Traditional Chicano and Latino Art, Exhibition, University Art Museum, University of California at Berkeley, and Elsewhere, 1977
(exhibition announcement; clipping; press Release, full title of exhibition is "Prelude to the Fifth Sun: Contemporary/Traditional Chicano and Latino Art"; catalog)
10 8 First Annual Nuevo Los Angeles Chicano Arts Show, Exhibition, Plaza de la Raza, Los Angeles, California, undated
10 9 Flore y Canto: Reflections From Nuevo Mexico, Exhibition, Museum of International Folk Art, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM, 2002
(exhibition announcement; letter to TYF from Tey [Nunn], Museum of International Fold Art, Museum of New Mexico, 10/30/2002; press release; clipping; draft sections of catalog)
10 10 Flores, Carolina, 1983
(exhibition booklet; Open Air Studio advertisement; see also: Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center)
10 11 Flores, Juan (see also: Cultura Popular)
(clippings; TYF's note on Flores)
10 12 En Foco, Organization (Latino Photography; see also: Photography), 1994
(letter to "Friends and Supporters"; brochure)
10 Folk Art, 1983-1987
10 13 ArtSpace Southwestern Contemporary Arts Quarterly Special Issue: Ethnic and Folk Art Tradition and Translation, Spring, 1987
10 14 General, 1982-87
(course bibliography, University of Washington Continuing Education; TYF's notes on folk art; flyers; lecture announcement; brochures; exhibition announcements; San Antonio Museum Un-School schedule; San Antonio Museum Association Quarterly, Autumn 1986; letter to TYF from David J. de la Torre, Executive Director, The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 08/06/1986, invitation to symposium, Mexican Folklife, Folklore and Folk Art: Impact and Meaning in a Contemporary Context; grant application for symposium, Mexican Folklife, Folklore and Folk Art: Impact and Meaning in a Contemporary Context; clippings; Las Not�c�as [community newsletter], Pasadena, California: Nov-Dec. 1984, Jan.-Feb. 1985, May-June [1985], Sept.-Oct. [1985], Nov-Dec. [1985], Mar.-Apr. [1986], May-June-July [1986], Sept.-Oct. [1986], last page of issue 6)
10 15 Photographs, 1983
(letter to TYF from Jane Bloom, Tianguis Folk Art, New York, 01/13/1983; polaroids of works of art - masks, retablos, ex votos - in stock at Tianguis Folk Art)
10 16 Writings, 1972-1987
(clippings; TYF essay, "I Can Still Hear the Applause: La Farandula Chicana: Carpas y Tandas de Variedad")
10 17 Folklore, undated
(bibliography; handwritten essay, not by TYF)
10 18 Fondo del Sol Visual Arts Center, Washington, D.C., 1982-1996, undated
(exhibition checklist; "Homenaje a Carlos Gardel" poster and packet; exhibition announcements; clippings; Christmas card; press release)
10 Foto Fest (see: Photography)
10 19 Four Artists: Edward Carrillo, Consuelo Mendez Castillo, Louis Gutierrez and Jos� Montoya, College Eight Gallery, University of California at Santa Cruz (see also: Carillo, Edouardo; Montoya, Jos�; UC Santa Cruz), 1976
(exhibition catalog)
10 20 Four Chicano Artists (Los Four), Exhibition, Associated Students, California State College at Los Angeles, 1970
(exhibition announcement)
10 21 Frausto, Corky (see also: G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo), 1989, undated
(color copies and note card of Frausto's work; business card; photocopy of essay by Guillermo G�mez-Pe�a)
10 22 From the Inside to the Outside: The Art and Ritual of the Bahian Candombl�, Exhibition, Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, 1984
(exhibition monograph, Michelle Smith Omari, From the Inside to the Outside: The Art and Ritual of Bahian Candombl�, Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, 1984)
10 23 Frontera, Magazine, San Francisco, California, vol. 1, no. 1, 1996
10 24 La Frontera/The Border, Exhibition, Centro Cultural de la Raza; Balboa Park; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, San Diego, California, 1993
(exhibition announcements)
10 25 Frontera M�xico - Estados Unidos: Chicanos - Pachucos - Cholas, Symposium, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico City, 1986
10 26 Las Fronteras: Sue�os, Comadres y Manos, Exhibition, Santa Barbara County Arts Comminssion, 1991
(exhibition announcement)
10 27 Fuegos en Aztl�n: Chicano Arts Show, Arts Function, El Teatro de la Tierra Morena, Oakes College, UCSC, 1980
(poster; see Box 31)
10 28 Fuentes, Juan, 1976
(exhibition leaflet)
10 29 Fuentes, Larry, 1980
10 30 Fuerza Chicano Park Artists Task Force, circa 1997
10 31 Fusco, Coco (see also: G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo), 1990
(postcard to TYF from Fusco; clipping)
10 32 La Gaceta de Santa B�rbara, Newsletter, Department of Chicano Studies, Santa Barbara, California, Vol. 2, no. 1, 1987
10 Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24, San Francisco, California (see also: Border Art Workshop; Carrasco, Barbara; Culture Clash; Kahlo, Frida; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Montoya, Jos�),
10 33-38 General Files, 1978-2003
(Box 30; OV 32)
(clippings; flyers; color photographs of works of art; catalogs; exhibition announcements; photo-post cards; event announcements; "Thoughts on La Cultura, the Media, Con Safos and Survival" by Jos� Montoya; oversize poster; letter to Rene Yanez and Ralph Mardiaga, Galer�a de La Raza, from Amalia Mesa-Bains, 03/30/1984, cc: TYF, re. an exhibit; invitations; letter to TYF from Lucia Rodriguez, 05/12/1987; Galer�a de la Raza Prints and Postcards order form; donor receipt from when TYF lent piece to La Cruz/Spiritual Source; letter to TYF from Humberto Cintron, Administrative Director, Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24, with draft proposal for Rockefeller Foundation, 01/29/1990; press releases; "Cine Acc�on News" vol. 8, no. 2 (August-November) 1990; Ambiente Chicano/Latino Arts and Culture in San Francisco, 2 issues, 1990; booklets; posters; 25th anniversary printed material; photocopy of letter to Alicia [?] from TYF, circa 3/96, with draft of "The Legacy of La Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24" by TYF)
10 39 Animal Wood Carvers of New Mexico, Exhibition, 1985
(exhibition announcement; exhibition list)
10 40 Art, 1975-1997
(slides and slide list; exhibition announcements; exhibition brochure; clippings; color photocopies of art)
10 41 Artists Monograph Series, 1988-1991
(no. 1, June 1988 - Ester Hern�ndez; no. 2, Jan. 1989 - Juana Alicia; no. 3, Jan. 1989 - Barbara Carrasco; no. 4, Mar. 1989 - Cristina Emmanuel; no. 5, May 1989 - Enrique Vidal; no. 7, July 1990 - Ralph Maradiaga; no. 8, May 1991 - Gilbert Sanchez Lujan)
10 42 Caja-y-Otras Cosas, Exhibition, 1982
(exhibition announcement)
10 43 Community Art - Murals, Exhibition, 1978
(exhibition booklet, mural map)
10 44-46 Community Murals Magazine, 1976-1986
(typesetting and printing by La Raza Graphic Center, San Francisco. "People's Murals" newsprint flyer, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; National Murals Network Newsletter: 1978; Fall 1979; Winter 1979; Spring 1980; Fall 1980; Community Murals: Fall 1981; Spring 1981; Spring 1982; Fall 1982; Spring 1983; Fall 1983; Spring 1984; Summer 1984; Fall 1984; Winter 1984; Winter 1985; Spring 1985; Spring 1986; Summer 1986)
10 47 A Decade in Flight, Exhibition, 1980
(exhibition booklet; exhibition poster/announcement)
10 48 D�a de los Muertos (see also: Dia de los Muertos; Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24 - Newsletter), 1980-1993
(clippings; flyers; booklets; exhibition announcements; invitations)
10 49 Extra�o: Contemporary Photographers of Mexico (see also: Photography), 1982
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
10 50 Fernandez, Rudy; Jimenez, Luis, Exhibition, Contemporary Sculpture & Prints by Rudy M. Fernandez and Luis Jimenez, 1984
(poster/announcement; exhibition booklet)
10 51 Gamboa, Harry, Jr. (see also: Gamboa, Harry, Jr.), 1982, 1994
(clippings; exhibition announcement; exhibition booklet and list; script, Vacant Tour)
10 52 Garc�a, Loraine, 1989, undated
(exhibition announcements; fundraising letter; handwritten monoprint inscription, photocopy of draft, "So Do You Want the Truth Or Do You Want To Stay Happy...")
10 53 General, circa 1972, 1981, 1986-1989
(events calendar; TYF's notes, "History: Galer�a de la Raza"; exhibition announcements; exhibition booklets; press release; clippings; photograph of art, "Ay Dios" by Cristina Emmanuel)
10 54 History, 1970-1992
(timeline of exhibitions; TYF's notes on the history, 1 slip of note paper; clippings)
10 55 Homenaje a Frida Kahlo, Exhibition (see also: Lomas Garza, Carmen), 1978
(exhibition list; note to TYF from Carmen Lomas Garza, 04/1984)
Box Folder
11 Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24 (continued)
11 1 Images of the Mexican Revolution (see also: Photography), 1980
(exhibition announcement; invitation; catalog)
11 2 List of Exhibitions, 1970-1985
(clippings; invitation; exhibition schedules; NEA Progress reports, 1976-77; 78-79; 79-80; fax to TYF from Amalia Mesa-Bains, 04/01/1996, with exhibition timeline)
11 3 Low Rider Art Book, 1979
(book, "suitable for coloring and framing" by Sir Loco)
11 4 Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 1, No.10, 1987-1989
11 5 Progress In Process (see also: Ya�ez, Ren�), 1982
(catalog; exhibition list)
11 6-7 (Re)Generation Project (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Moreno, Renee; Ras�on, Armando; Trejo, Ruben; Lopez, Yolanda), 1995
(1 folder, one bound volume)
(project announcements; catalogs; "A Report on the (Re)Generation Project" by David Contreras, project coordinator; "Phase I: 1994-1995 Information Packet," binder)
11 8 Self Portraits By Chican and Latino Artists, 1980
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
11 9 Los Sembradores, Exhibition, 1976
11 10 Statement of Purpose, 1977-1979
(clipping; statement of purpose)
11 11 Tejados de Otavalo, Ecuador, Exhibition, 1981
11 12 What We Are...Now, Exhibition, 1980
11 13 Galer�a Ocaso Association, Organization, Los Angeles, California (see also: Carrasco, Barbara; Gamboa, Diane; Gamboa, Manazar; Mart�nez, Daniel), undated
(membership invitation)
11 14 Galer�a Otra Vez, Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1982
(see also: Self-Help Graphics; Box 30; oversize poster; exhibition announcement)
11 15 Galer�a Posada, 1977-2003
(see also: Avalos, David; Barraza, Santa; Carillo, Eduardo; Cid, Armando; Guerrero, Zarco; Hernandez, Ester; Lomas Garza, Carmen; Luj�n, Gilbert Sanchez; Maradiaga, Ralph; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Palomino, Ernest; Rios, Richard; Rodriguez, Patricia; Box 30)
(organization, also called La Raza Galeria Posada, Sacramento, California. Clippings; catalogs; exhibition announcements; color copy of art pasted on board; membership form; flyers; El Cantero, quarterly newsletter: Jan.-March 2003, June-Sept. 2003, Sept.-Dec. 2003 and Jan.-March 2004; 2003-2006 Programming Presentation; "A Collective Vision" Presentation)
11 16 Galer�a Sin Fronteras, Organization, Austin, Texas (see also: Montoya, Malaquias; Romero, Alejandro), 1982-1993
(clippings; exhibition announcements; pamphlet)
11 17 Galer�a Tlaloc, Seattle, Washington, 1987
11 18 Gallista Arts Complex, 2004
(exhibition announcement)
11 18 Galvez, Jos� (see also: Photography), 1991
(exhibition announcement)
11 19 Gamboa, Diane (see also: Carrasco, Barbara), 1987-1994, undated
(exhibition announcements; slides; invitations; press release; clipping; brochure and information sheet on the Vincent Price Art Gallery Foundation)
11 20 Gamboa, Harry, Jr. (see also: ASCO; Goldman, Shifra; Gronk), 1981-1994, undated
(clippings; writings by Gamboa - performance scripts and essays; artist biography; brochures; exhibition announcements; 1 page of TYF's notes on ASCO; partial grant application)
11 21 Gamboa, Manazar, 1983-1989
(poetry books; letters to TYF from Gamboa, 01/29/1989; 02/06/1989; 02/12/1989; clippings)
11 22-23 Gandert, Miguel, Photographer (1956-), 1977-1997, undated
(2 folders)
("Latino 2000: Cien Retratos: One Hundred Portrais: A Visual and Oral History of the Latino/a Experience in the United States" project abstract and seminar paper presented at Hispanic Expressive Culture and Contemporary Public Discourse, Southwest Hispanic Research Inststute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque; slides; catalog Retratos Nuevomexicanos: A Collection of Hispanic New Mexican Photography, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, New Mexico, 1987; catalog, Varrio San Jos�: Scenes from an Urban Chicano Experience, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 1990; clippings; photograph prints; exhibition announcements; resume)
11 24 Gangs, Los Angeles, 1983-1995
11 25 Garcia, Camille Rose, 2001
11 26 Garc�a Guadalupe, 1990
(performance announcement)
11 27 Garc�a, Margaret, 1992
11 28 Garc�a, Maria Teresa, 1992
11 29 Garc�a, Robert "Bavi,," undated
(clippings, one with a message to TYF from Bavi)
11 Garcia, Rupert
11 30-31 Catalogs, 1976-1997
(2 folders)
(exhibition catalogs; Rupert Garcia, Hartcourts Gallery, San Francisco, 1985; The Art of Rupert Garcia, Chronicle Books and the Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 1986; Rupert Garcia: Prints and Posters, 1967-1990, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francicsco and the Centro Cultural/Arte Contempor�neo and Fundaci�n Cultura Televisa, A.D., 1991; Aspects of Resistance: Rupert Garcia, Alternative Museum, New York City, 1994)
11 32-33 General, 1974-2004
(2 folders; see also: Box 30)
(writings by Garcia; clippings; brochure; photographs; copy of letter to Professor Mario Barrera Director of Chicano Studies, University of California Berkeley, from TYF, 05/28/1979, on behalf of Garcia; letter to Jean from Garcia, 03/08/1979 photocopy with slide list; exhibition announcements; press releases; letter to Dr. Manuel Carlos, Department of Chicano Studies, University of California Berkeley, from TYF, 11/04/1983, on behalf of Garcia, photocopy and handwritten draft of letter; resumes; correspondence re. the nomination of Garcia for the 1992 Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement)
11 34 Garcia, Simon, 1969
11 35 Garcia, Ver�nica A., 1993
(essay by Garcia)
Box Folder
12 1 Garfias, Roberto, 1989
(photocopy of essay by Garfias)
12 2 Garza, Jesus (see also: Photography), circa 1996
(advertisement card)
12 3 La Gente, Newspaper, University of California at Los Angeles, 1984-1985
(vol. 14, no. 4 March-April 1984; vol. 17, no. 1 October 1985; vol. 18, no. 1 November 1985)
12 4 Getty Center for Education in the Arts, Los Angeles, California
("Perceptions of Discipline-Based Art Education and the Getty Center for Education in the Arts")
12 5 Gil de Montes, Roberto, 1987
(exhibition announcement)
12 6 Glassie, Henry, Jr. (see also: Folk Art), undated
(photcopy of chapter of a book, written by Glassie)
12 7 Goez Gallery, Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1974-1975
12 8-12 Goldman, Shifra, 1978-1994, undated
(5 folders)
(clippings; drafts and final published versions of writings by Goldman; letter to TYF from Goldman, 04/14/1979; TYF notes [for Bibliography of Chicano Art]; Conferencia Pl�stica Chicana, Austin, Texas, announcement letter to Goldman, 08/05/1979 and schedule; letter to TYF from Goldman, 09/25/1979; note to TYF from Goldman, 12/18/1980, re. letter to Jacinto Quirarte from Goldman, 12/18/1980, cc: TYF; draft of letter to Goldman [TYF's handwriting], undated, re. her CALIFAS catalog essay; International Inventory of Current Mexico-Related Research survey, filled out by Goldman; letter to TYF from Goldman, 09/27/1984; L.A. Artists Call against U.S. intervention in Central America flyers; letter to TYF from Goldman, 06/28/1985; letter to Carolyn [Soto] from Goldman, 04/13/1985, cc: TYF, re. Bibliography of Chicano Art; letter to TYF from Carolyn Soto, 10/04/1985; letter to Lily from Goldman, cc: TYF, 06/28/1985; letters to TYF from Goldman, 08/26/1986, 11/11/1988, 10/06/1994; bibliographic notes; letter to Goldman from Pan American University Press, 01/31/1989, re. Bibliography of Chicano Art, photocopy)
12 13 Goldman, Shifra - Quirarte Correspondence (see also: Quirarte, Jacinto), 1985-1986
(correspondence between Goldman and Jacinto Quirarte, University of Texas San Antonio - photocopies, with note to TYF on 05/16/1985 letter; clippings)
12 14 G�mez, Ignacio, undated
(advertisement for posters by G�mez)
12 15 G�mez, Marco Antonio, 1970, undated
(clipping; notecard with bibliographic citation)
12 16-20 G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo (see also: Border Arts Workshop; Califas; Fusco, Coco; Mu�oz, Celia Alvarez; Lucy R. Lippard Papers), 1982-2003, undated
(5 folders)
(note to TYF from G�mez-Pe�a, undated; Sara-Jo Berman resume; clippings; performance and exhibition announcements; note to TYF from G�mez-Pe�a, circa 04/1985 [on back of performance announcement]; letter to TYF from G�mez-Pe�a, circa 1987; photocopies of art; essay by Emily Hicks [title page and table of contents]; 1987 article by Lucy R. Lippard; writings by G�mez-Pe�a; writings by Coco Fusco; press releases; G�mez-Pe�a resume; slides; performance scripts; artist biography; 2 audio cassette tapes: Border Notebook, 1990, and Norte Sur, 1990; poem by G�mez-Pe�a, "Ocnoceni [in some other place]," 1985; letter to TYF from Coco [Fusco], 11/07/1991; postcard to TYF from G�mez-Pe�a and Coco Fusco, 12/17/1992; color photograph of work of art; postcards to TYF from G�mez-Pe�a and Coco [Fusco], 11/22/1992, 03/19/1993; photograph from "The Year of the White Bear")
12 21 Gonz�lez, Alicia, 1991
(letter to Gonz�lez from TYF, 07/30-1991, photocopy)
12 22 Gonz�lez, An�bal, 1983
(reprint of article)
12 23 Gonz�lez, Jos�, 1985-1989, undated
(brochure; clippings)
12 24 Gonz�lez, Louis "The Foot,," 1987-1993
(exhibition announcements; exhibition printed material; clippings)
12 25 Gonz�lez, Mariano, Jr., 1977-1983
(resume; clippings)
12 26 Gonzalez, Michael, 2000
12 27 Gonz�lez, Nivia, 1984-1985
(clippings; exhibition announcement)
12 28 Gonz�lez, Robert, Painter, 1939-1981 (see also: Mexican Museum), 1982, 1990
(chronology; catalog, Portraits on the Wind: Robert Gonz�lez a Retrospective Exhibition, The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 1990; clipping)
12 29 Gonzalez-Day, Ken, 2002, undated
(clippings; photograph, with note to TYF on the back)
12 30 Governor's Chicano Issues Conference, Conference, Los Angeles, California (see also: Self Help Graphics), 1980
(call for slides; TYF's notes)
12 31 Graffiti, 1974-1995
(exhibition announcements; clippings; books: Kim, Sojin, Chicano Graffiti and Murals: The Neighborhood Art of Peter Quezada, University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, 1995, and Ortega, Gil, The 50's... and Other Assorted Chicano Graffiti, 1981)
12 32 Graffiti - Slides (see also: Arregu�n, Alfred; Brooks, Dudley; de la Rocha, Roberto; Herron, Willie), 1974-1992
(slides of graffiti and some miscellaneous art)
12 33 Greco, Margaret, circa 1989-1991
(resume; letter to TYF from Greco, 02/15/1991; research proposal)
12 34 Greene, Graham, undated
(2 pages of TYF's notes)
12 35 Gronk (see also: Mexican Museum), 1985-1993, undated
(exhibition announcements; catalogs, �Gronk! A Living Survey 1973-1993, The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 1993)
Box Folder
13 Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC), San Antonio, Texas
13 1-23 General (see also: Lucy R. Lippard Papers; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Trevi�o; Vargas, Kathy; Box 30), 1978-2004
(photographs of art; "poster poems" including "Will not harm the ozone" by Angela de Hoyas; symposium/exhibition announcement, keynote address by Lucy R. Lippard: "Contemporary Art By Women", 1990; class, workshop and event schedules; letter to TYF from Kathy Vargas, circa 12/1983; San Antonio Cinefestival Prospectus and Schedule; theater programs; "call for entries" posters, flyers and brochures; Tejano Conjunto Festival program; GCAC informational packet; exhibition announcements; "Friends of Folk Art," San Antonio Museum Association, flyer; catalogs; ; letter to TYF from Linda Cuellar, co-director San Antonio CineFestival 1988, 09/21/1988; San Antonio book fair flyers; membership brochures; letter to TYF from Suzanne M. Sato, Rockefeller Foundation, 05/04/1989, re. funding for GCAC and notes (not TYF's); Latino Caucus Minutes, Oklahoma City, 06/09/1990; TYF's notes [from Latino Caucus?]; note to TYF from Kathy Vargas, 09/18/1991; letter to TYF from Yvette Nieves-Cruz, 06/10/1991, re. Dialogues In Movement: A Chicano Media Arts Retrospective, with enclosures; clippings; letter to TYF from Pedro Rodgriguez, 08/26/1991, re. pre-conference meeting for the national conference of Latino arts and culture and related documents; invitations; National Association of Latino Arts and Culture - NALAC - Newsletter, vol.2, no. 1, March-April 1994; note to TYF from Pablo, 07/09/2001; Christmas cards to TYF from GCAC; GCAC newsletter: vol. 1, no. 8, October 1987; vol. 2, no. 3, January 1988-vol.4 no.6, March 1990; vol. 6, no. 5, February 1991-vol.6, no.8, May 1991; vol. 6, no. 19, July 1991; vol. 7, no. 1, October 1991-vol. 7, no. 2, Novemeber 1991; vol. 7, no. 9, June 1992-vol. 8, no. 3, March, 1993 - there are some errors in the numbering of volumes and issues; The GCAC News [continuation of the newsletter?]: vol.1, no. 1, May/June, 1993-July/August/September, 1993; vol. 2, no. 1, January/February/March 1994; vol. 2, no. 4, October/November/December 1994-vol. 3, no. 2, April/May/June 1995; vol. 4, no.1, January/February/March 1996; vol.4, no. 3, July/August/September 1996-vol. 5, no. 1, January/February/March 1997; vol. 5, no. 4, October/November/December 1997-January/February/March 1998; vol. 6, no. 1, July/August/September, 1998-October/November/December, 1988)
13 24 Press Releases, 1997, undated
13 25-32 Tonantzin, Cultural Arts Publication/Newspaper, 1984-2004
(see: Box 31)
(note: volume and issue numbering is inconsistant. Dec. 1983/Jan. 1984 - June/July 1984, vol. 1, nos. 1-4; Jan. - March 1985, vol. 2, nos. 1-2; Jan. 1986, vol. 3, no. 1; May - July 1986, vol. 3, nos. 3-4; Nov. 1986 vol. 4, no. 1; May 1987, vol. 4, no. 2; Nov. 1987, vol. 4, no. 5; May 1988, vol. 5, no. 2; July 1988, vol. 5, no. 3; Nov. 1988, vol. 6, no. 1; May 1989, vol. 6, no. 2; Jan./Feb. 1990, vol. 7, no. 1; May 1990, vol. 6 (sic), no. 2; Oct. 1990, vol. 6, no. 3; May 1991, vol. 7, no. 2; Jan./Feb. 1992, vol. 9, no. 1; May 1992, vol. 8, no. 2; May 1993, vol. 8, no. 4; May 1994, vol. 9, no. 1; May 1995, vol. 11, no. 2; Jan. 2000, vol. 17, no. 1; Summer 2000, vol. 18, no. 2; Fall 2000, vol. 20, no. 2; Winter/Spring 2001, vol. 20, no. 3; Summer 2001, vol. 23, no. 4; August 2002; Spring 2003; Winter 2004; Fall 2004)
13 33 "La Guadalupana: Images of Faith and Devotion," Exhibition, 1996
(invitation to opening reception)
13 34 Guerra, Luis, 1980-1992, undated
(letter to TYF from V�ctor J. Guerra - Luis Guerra's brother - 01/14/1991; slides; postcard to TYF from Luis Guerra, undated; resume; clippings; color and b/w photocopies of photos of art; biographical information)
13 35 Guerrero, Antonia, 1989, 1992
(exhibition announcement; letter to TYF from Guerrero, 11/15/1992; note card to TYF from Guerrero, 12/09/1992; color photocopy of a photograph of art)
13 36 Guerrero, Zarco, 1980-1985
(see also: sol Box 30; D�a de los Muertos; Goldman, Shifra; Xicanindio Artists Coalition)
(exhibition announcements; writings by Guerrero; essay by Shifra Goldman about Zarco; clippings)
13 37 Guerrero, Ra�l, 1998
(exhibition invitaion)
13 38 Guti�rrez, Ra�l, 1976
13 39 Guzm�n, Gilberto, 1979
13 40 Guzm�n, Ralph, 1985
(clipping of obituary)
13 41 Haraway, Donna, 1985
(clipping of article by Haraway)
13 42 Healy, Wayne (see also: Los Dos Streetscapers), 1993-2002
(Christmas card, 2001; invitation; exhibition announcements)
13 43 Hecho En Califas: Festival of New Chicano Performance Arts, 2000-2001
(see also: La Pe�a Cultural Center, Berkeley; Box 30; oversize poster announcements; exhibition announcement)
13 44 Hecho en California, Exhibition, University of Guanajuato Gallery, Guanajuato, Mexico, 1981
(press releases)
13 45 Heisley, Michael (see also: Folklore; Rios, Diego), 1987, 1994, undated
(note to TYF from Noey Lozano, circa 06/1987 and related note to Noey from Diego M. Rios; letter to TYF from Heisley, 07/18/1987 and enclosed program of a "Mexican Players" performance; letter to TYF from Heisley, 02/25/1994, re. TYF's letter of recommendation and enclosures of Heisley's work - resume, essay/article)
13 46 Heresies-Latina, New York, Journal, 1993
13 47 Hern�ndez, Ester (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24 - Artist Monograph Series; Barnet-Sanchez, Holly), 1981-2001
(exhibition announcements; post cards of Hern�ndez' art; catalogs; business cards; letter to TYF from Hern�ndez, 07/13/1993; 2 copies of no. 1 of the Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24 Artist Monograph Series, one inscribed to TYF and one to Dudley; clippings)
13 48 Hern�ndez, John, 2001
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
13 49 Hern�ndez, Judith E., 1974-1982
(photographs; clippings; letter to Clara [?] from Hern�ndez, 05/21/????)
13 Hern�ndez, Los Hermanos (see: Love and Rockets)
13 50 Hern�ndez, Sam (Sculptor, 1940-), 1981-1997, circa 1987
(resume; exhibition announcements; catalogs)
13 51 Herrera, Juan Felipe (Poet and Writer), 1981-1990, undated
(see also: Box 30)
(invitation with note to TYF from Herrara, circa 04/1986; postcard to TYF from Herrera, circa 1988; letter to TYF from Herrera, 11/03/[1987], requesting that TYF write a letter of recommendation for him, with accompanying materials; poem and essay by Herrara; clippings)
13 52 Herrera, Theresa, 2002
13 53 Herr�n, Willie (see also: Baca, Judith), circa 1980, 1982
(resume; TYF's notes on an interview with Baca and Herron; "Los Illegals" printed material)
13 54 High Performance, Magazine, Los Angeles, Issue 35, vol. 9, no. 3 (see also: Almaraz, Carlos; ASCO; Avalos, David; Baca, Judith; Border Arts Workshop; Carrasco, Barbara; Gamboa, Harry Jr.; Gamboa, Diane; Gil de Montes, Roberto; G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo; Gronk; Herr�n, Willie; Los Four; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Norte, Marisela; Romero, Frank; Los Streetscapers; Valadez, John; Valdez, Patssi; Ya�ez, Ren�), 1986
13 Hispanic Art in the United States: Thirty Contemporary Painters and Sculptors, Exhibition, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. and Elsewhere
13 55 Clippings, 1986-1989
(clippings; press release)
13 56 General (see also: Goldman, Shifra; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Quirarte, Jacinto; Ybarra-Frausto Tom�s), 1987
(letters to TYF from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston re. TYF's travel to and presentation at the symposium Contemporary Hispanic Art in the United States; TYF's notes, for presentation, from symposium?; essay by Shifra Goldman)
13 57 Printed Materials, 1987-1989
(exhibition announcements; invitations; museum bulletins; magazine; Hispanic Art in Perspective Symposium announcement and brochure)
Box Folder
14 1 Hispanic Artists, 1980
(vol. 1, no. 4 of Arts Reporter, 1980 - article, "Hispanic Artists Compare With Total Labor Force")
14 Hispanic Arts News, Newsletter (see: Association of Hispanic Arts, Inc., New York)
14 2 Hispanic Culture Foundation, New Mexico, 1991-1994
(see also: Box 30)
(newsletter, El Puente: Winter 1991, vol. 3, no. 1, Fall 1991, vol. 3, no.3, Summer 1992, vol. 4, no. 3, Winter 1992, vol. 4, no. 4, Spring 1993 (vol. 5, no. 1), Winter/Spring 1994 (vol. 5, no. 4); 1992 New Mexico Directory of Hispanic Culture and order form)
14 Hispanic Foundation for the Arts
14 3 Hispanic Organization of Latin Artists (HOLA), New York, Newsletter, La Nueva Ola, Vol. 1, No. 7, March 1986
14 4 Hispanic Perspectives, Exhibition, Patricia Stewart Gallery, Napa, California (see also: Lomas Garza, Carmen; Vargas, Kathy), 1993
(exhibition announcement)
14 5 Hispanic Photographers (see also: Gandert, Miguel; Photgraphy), 1993
14 6 Hispanic Woodcarving of the Southwest, Exhibition, Smithsonian Institution, Washingtotn, D.C., circa 1993
(draft of text for catalog [?]; photgraphs of art)
14 7 Horsemen of the Southwest, Exhibition, Museum of New Mexico, 1971
14 8 Huarte Goodhue, Lidia, 1992
(resume; flyers)
14 9 Huehuetitlan , Magazine, San Antonio, Texas, December 1985
14 10-11 Huerta, Benito (see also: Mu�oz, Celia), 1984-1997, undated
(2 folders)
(resume; clippings; postcards of art; catalogs; exhibition announcements; photographs of works of art; note to TYF from Celia Mu�oz, undated; postcard to TYF from Huerta, 12/01/1992; Art List issues: June-September 1996, Winter 1996-97; invitations; letter to TYF from Huerta, 06/1993; catalog, The Chicano Experience: John Hernandez, Benito Huerta, InterAmerican Art Gallery, InterAmerican Center, Mitchell Wolfson New World Center Campus, Miami-Dade Community College, 1988)
14 12 Huerta, Dolores, 1995
(Huerta's 65th birthday celebration announcements)
14 13 Huerta, Leticia, 1998
14 14 Huerta, Salom�n, Painter, circa 2002
(resume; clippings; catalog, Salom�n Huerta Paintings, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, 2001)
14 15 Human-Ties: Bridging Humanities and Public Life, Humanities project, Center for the Arts, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, California, 1996
(letter to TYF from Lorraine Gar�ca-Nakata, Director of Education and Community Programs, Center for the Arts, Yerba Buena Gardens, 11/01/1996, with enclosed project conept, project components, planning timeline, current Project Advisory and related personnel needs)
14 16 Humanizarte, Newspaper, San Francisco, California, 1985-1986
(summer, 1986 issue; invitation)
14 17 "Identity & Community: A Look At Four Latino Museums,," 2002
(article from Museum News, May/June 2002)
14 18 Illinois (see also: Movimiento Artistico Chicano), 1974-1980
(catalog; clippings)
14 19 Image and Identity: Recent Art from "La Reina del Pueblo de los Angeles de la Porcincula," Exhibition, Laband Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, 1990
(catalog; exibition announcements)
14 20 Im�genes e Historias/Images and Histories: Chicana Altar-Inspired Art, 1999-2000
(exhibition announcement; clipping)
14 21 Images of Mexico, Exhibition, San Jose Museum of Art, 1980
(exhibition brochure)
14 22 Imagine Publishers, Boston, Massachusetts, 1986, 1989
(publication announcement; subscription forms)
14 23 Immigration/Migration, undated
(TYF's notes on immigration/migration, 2 pages)
14 24 Impact of Hispanic Culture in the United States, Conference, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 1988
14 25 In Conversation -- Being Latino, Conference, Los Angeles Public Library, 1994
(conference announcement)
14 26 In the Heart of the Country/En el Coraz�n del Pa�s, Exhibition, Chicago Public Library Cultural Center, 1991
14 27 Incorporated Artes Monumentales, Exhibition, IAM/Incorporated Artes Monumentales, Denver, Colorado, circa 1981
14 28 Indigenismo, 1984
14 29 "Infinito Botanica: Enigmatic Divinities,," 1997
14 30 Inside the Loop, Blue Star Art Space, 1998 (see also: Blue Star Art Space), 1998
14 31 Installation Art, 1993
14 32 Institute of Hispanic Cultural Studies, Los Angeles, California, 1988
(festival announcement)
14 33 Institute of Hispanic Cultures/Museums, Chicago, Illinois, 1992-1993, undated
(letter to Alberta Arthurs, Director, Arts and the Humanities, The Rockefeller Foundation, from Oscar L. Martinez, President, The Institute of Hispanic Cultures/Museum, 05/01/1992 with enclosed proposal for funding - statement of history, goals, programs, budget; bound volume; membership leaflet)
14 34 Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Inc., San Francisco, California (see also: Arregu�n, Alfredo), undated, 1985
(organizational booklet; letter to TYF from Alfredo [Arregu�n], 03/08/1985 with Jan-Feb. 1985 issue of Am�ricas featuring an article on Arregu�n)
14 35-39 International Arts Relations, Inc. (INTAR) Latin American Gallery and Hispanic American Arts Center, New York, New York (see also: Avalos, David; Baca, Judith; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Box 30; OV 32), 1985-1996, undated
(5 folders)
(lists of exhibits, 1983-86; letters to TYF re. his participation in various exhibits as catalog contributor and lender, 01/28/1985, 03/03/1986, 11/05/1987; photocopy of letter to Inverna [Lockpez], 02/25/1986, with draft of TYF's essay for catalog; clippings; slides; TYF's notes and type- and hand-written drafts of essays [for exhibition catalogs?]; May 1986 issue of �AHA! Hispanic News; Chicano Expressions printed material: announcements, press releases, project description, exhibition checklist, schedule; 25th anniversary printed material: announcements, invitations, program, season calendar, typescript of speech honoring Amalia Mesa-Bains made by TYF)
14 40 Iturbide, Graciela, 1996
(exhibition announcement)
14 41 Jaquez, Anna Ruth, 1995-1997
(resume; slides; photographs of works of art; postcard to TYF from Pablo [?], 05/17/1997; exhibition announcement; clipping)
14 42 Jalape�o, Jimmy, 2002
(exhibition announcement)
14 43 Jaramillo, Don Pedrito, Faith Healer (1829-1907; see also: Barraza, Santa), 1972, 1981-1983, 1993
(booklet; clippings; water-color of Don Pedrito; notes to TYF from Robert L. Washington, 01/27/1993, 09/27/1993)
14 44 Jaramillo, Juanita, Weaver and Historian of New Mexico Weaving Traditions (see also: Mexican Museum), 1982
(exhibition catalog inscribed to TYF; lecture/demonstration announcement)
14 45 Jaramillo, Virginia, 1994
(exhibition announcement)
14 46 J�rdin de Flor y Canto, Art center, Pacoima, California, undated
14 47 Jerome Evans Gallery, 1985
(sales record)
14 48 Jim�nez, Cisco, 1996
14 49-52 Jim�nez, Luis, Sculptor, undated, 1969-1996
(3 folders, 1 bound volume)
(postcard of Jim�z' art; clippings; photocopies from catalogs; catalogs; press releases; activity book for children, Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin Texas, 1983; catalog, Luis Jim�mez: Working-Class Heroes: Images from the Popular Culture, Exhibits USA, Kansas City, Missouri, 1997; catalog, Man on Fire: Luis Jim�nez, Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1994)
14 53 Jim�nez Underwood, Consuelo, 1993
14 54 The Joe A. Diaz Collection, Exhibition, �Arte Cal�ente! The Joe Diaz Collection, South Texas Institute for the Arts, Art Museum of South Texas, 2004
(flyer; invitation; South Texas Institute For the Arts summer 2004 newsletter)
14 55 Joteria Film and Video Program, circa 1994-1995
(event announcements)
14 Journal: A Contemporary Art Magazine, Los Angeles, California (see ASCO), 1987
14 56 Journal of La Raza Studies, Journal, La Raza Studies Department, School of Ethnic Studies San Francisco State University, Summer/Fall 1989, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1989
14 57 Juarez, Benito, Mexican Patriot and Politician (1806-1872), 1969, 1974
14 58 Ju�rez, Carolina, 1988
(sale announcement)
14 59 La Junta de los R�os: A Fantastic Journey, La Junta de los R�os: Journey's End, 1996, 1998
(installation/exhibitions, Contemporary Culture and Documentary Arts, El Paso, Texas; and exhibition, Sculpture Center, New York. Catalog; exhibition announcement; essay)
14 60 Juntos Art Association, El Paso, Texas, 1991
(membership form)
14 61 Just Another Poster? Chicano Graphic Arts in California, Traveling Exhibition, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Los Angeles, 2001, 2003
(exhibition announcement; UCLA Fowler Museum News, Spring/Summer 2001; Jersey City Museum newsletter, Winter 2003)
Box Folder
15 1-2 Kahlo, Frida (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24), 1975-1993, undated
(2 folders)
(TYF's notes from Hayden Herrera's article on Kahlo, and TYF's notes on Kahlo; Frida Kahlo bibliography; clippings; exhibition announcements; photographs of art)
15 3 Kahlo, Frida - Ideas for Book (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24; Lucy R. Lippard Papers), 1983
(1 p. of TYF note's; exhibition announcement; clipping - article by Lucy R. Lippard)
15 4 Kelley, Ram�n, 1973, undated
(TYF's notes on Kelley; clipping; leaflet)
15 5 Klor de Alva, Jorge, 1991
(letter to TYF from Klor de Alva, 01/29/1991 - fax - with proposal for TYF's review)
15 6 Kvinta, Paul, 1990
(Kvinta's Master of Arts thesis, "Wit, Irreverence, and Counterhegemony: A Rasquache Approach to Barrio Art")
15 7 L Factor, Exhibition, Exit Art, New York, 2003
(invitation; public programs schedule; poster; clippings)
15 8 L.A. Iluminado: Eight Los Angeles Photographers, Exhibition, Otis/Parsons Gallery, Otis/Parsons School of Art and Design (see also: Aguilar, Laura; Gamboa, Harry Jr.; Photography; Romero, Frank), 1991
15 9 L.A. L.A., Exhibition, United Latinos for the Arts of Los Angeles, Pico House, Los Angeles, California (see also: Almaraz, Carlos; Botello, David; Garc�a, Margaret; Healy, Wayne; Herr�n, Willie; Valadez, John; Valdez, Patssi), 1989
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
15 10 Latin America, 1993
(journal, Border/Lines: Canada's Magazine of Cultural Studies, issue no. 27, special issue on Latin America)
15 11 Latin America Art Association for San Antonio (ALAA; see also: Quirarte, Jacinto), 1979-1981
(incomplete handbook with memo to ALAA members from Jacinto Quirarte, President)
15 12 Latin American Literature, undated
(Stanford Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese Ph.D. examination reading list)
15 13 The Latin American Spirit: Art and Artists in the U.S., 1920-1970, Exhibition, Bronx Museum of Art, New York, 1988
(exhibition announcement; press release)
15 14 Latina/Latino Art Auction and Symposia, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, 2003
(information packet with symposium session schedule where TYF made a presentation; agenda and logistics; program overview)
15 15 Latino Collaborative, Organization, New York (see also: Noriega, Chon; Valadez, John), 1990-1993
(workshop announcement; membership information; newsletter: Mar/Apr-July/Aug. 1990, Mar/Apr 1991, May/Jun 1992, Jan/Feb 1993-May/Jun 1993, Jan/Feb 1994)
15 16 Latino Cultural Center (see also: Mu�oz, Celia), 2002-2003, undated
(clipping; floor plan; resume of Tomas Bustos, sculptor; exhibition announcement; grand opening booklet)
15 17 Latino Designers, undated
15 18 Latino Media Arts: Theory and Culture, Conference, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, undated, 1992
(schedule; TYF's notes)
15 19 Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture, Los Angeles, California (see also: An American Leader - Cesar Chavez; Los Four; Goldman, Shifra), 1996, undated
(information packets with organization's history, mission, exhibit information, clippings, letters of support to Denise Lugo, executive director, Latino Museum; exhibition announcements; invitation; fact sheet; article by Shifra Goldman; slides; press release)
15 20 Latino Interest Network (LIN), Organization, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1994
(meeting minutes 02/12/1994)
15 21 Latino National Political Survey, Stanford University, 1994
(letter to Dr. Luis Fraga, Director Stanford Center for Chicano Research, Stanford/University, from Chris Garcia and other investigators of the Latino National Political Survey - LNPS, 02/18/1994, photocopy, with enclosed comments on Fraga's report on LNPS; monograph, Still Looking for America: Beyond the Latino National Political Survey, Public Outreach Project, Stanford Center for Chicano Research, Stanford, California, 1994)
15 22 Latino Population, 1970, 1992
(Monograph, We The Mexican Americans/Nosotros Los M�xico Americanos, United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1970; clipping)
15 23 Latino Redux, Exhibition, 2000
15 24 Latinos in Museums, Conference, Inter-University Project, University of Arizona, 1990-1993
(agendas; clipping; proposal; program abstract; Latino Caucus discussion summary; meeting minutes and summaries; monograph, "El Orgullo de Ser: Latino Public History: Applied History Programs, Exhibitions and Museums" by Antonio Rios-Bustamantel; TYF's notes)
15 Lecture Materials, 1970-1980, undated
15 25 Lecture, undated
15 26 Chicanismo, 1970, undated
(typescript of lecture, "Chicanismo" given by Thomas M. Martinez at the Chicano Studies Institutes, Summer, 1970; 1 p. of TYF's notes on "Elementos del Barroco en la psicologia del Chicano")
15 27 Notes, 1976-1980
(notes on notecards and on paper on various aspects and periods of arte chicano); bibliographic notes; letter to TYF from Barbara Pascal, undated; letter to TYF from Matt S. Meier and Francisco Jim�nez, Dept. of Modern Languages, University of Santa Clara, 10/15/1980, asking TYF to do a lecture)
15 28 Le�n-Portilla, Miguel, undated
(photocopy of essay, "The Norte�o Variety of Mexican Culture: An Ethnohistorical Approach" by Le�n-Portilla)
15 29 Lerma, Jos� Ramon, 1993
(exhibition announcement addressed and signed by Lerma)
15 30 Lettuce Boycott (see also: Huerta, Dolores), 1966-1995
(booklet; book, Don Sotaco: Cartoons from the Delano Strike, Farm Workers Press, Inc., Delano, California, 1966; invitation to Dolores Huerta's 65th birthday celebration)
15 31 Licon, Carlos, Painter (1929-1982; see also: La Raza/Galer�a Posada), 1985-1989
(catalogs; exhibition announcement)
15 Lockpez, Inverna (see: International Arts Relations, Inc.)
15 32-37 Lomas-Garza, Carmen
(6 folders; see also: CARA; Garcia, Rupert; Gronk; Box 30; OV 32)
(exhibition announcements; exhibition brochures; catalogs; resume; sales receipt; book by Lomas Garza, Papel Picado: Paper Cutout Techniques, Xicanindio Arts Coalition, Mesa, Arizona, 1984; TYF's notes on Lomas Garza; clippings; oversize materials; slides; note to TYF from Lomas Garza, undated; note to TYF and Dudley, from Lomas Garza, undated; typescript of essay on Lomas Garza by TYF, from the catalog, Carmen Lomas Garza: Lo Real Maravilloso: the Marvelous/The Real, The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 1988; catalog, Mano a Mano: Abstraction/Figuration: 16 Mexican-American & Latin-American Painters from the San Francisco Bay Area, The Art Museum of Santa Cruz County and University of California Santa Cruz, 1988; Festival Internaxional de la Raza, "Los Artistas Chicanos del Valle de Tejas: Narradores de Mitos Y Tradiciones," 1991; Handwritten transcript of interview with Lomas Garza by TYF; polaroid photographs of Lomas Garza; memo to Dudley and TYF from Vincente M. Martinez, Acting Chief Curator Millicent Rogers Museum, 04/03/1995, re. invitations to exhibition opening and loan of piece)
Box Folder
16 1 L�pez, Alma (see also: Museum of International Folk Art), 1999-2004
(postcard to TYF from L�pez, 1/30/01; exhibition announcements; series of emails re. L�pez' "Our Lady" in the Cyber Arte exhibition, Museum of International Folk Art, Sante Fe, New Mexico, 2001; invitation; clippings; writings by L�pez; resume)
16 2 Lop�z, Francisco, Sculptor ("OCHOA"), 1993
(business card; letter to TYF from Lop�z, 03/17/1993, with information about the exhibit "Borderless Art" Sculpture North and South of the Rio Grande, Gallup Area Arts Council, Gallup, New Mexico)
16 3 Lopez, Martina, 1991-1995
16 4 Lop�z, Yolanda (see also: Chicano Expressions), 1978-1984, undated
(photographs of works of art; letter to TYF from Lop�z, 03/14/1979; catalogs; TYF's notes on Lop�z; clipping; poem, "Don Juanito"; Rachel Anderson's piece of writing, "A Journal," about Lop�z)
16 5 Los Angeles, California (see also: Barraza, Santa; Gamboa, Diane; Garc�a, Margaret; Los Streescapers; Martinez, Daniel; Valadez, John; Valdez, Patssi), 1983, 1986
(publication event announcement; catalog, Only L.A.: Contemporary Variations, 27 Los Angeles Artists, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1986; exhibition announcements; clippings)
16 6 Los Four (see also: Almaraz, Carlos; de la Roche, Roberto; Hernandez, Judithe; Luj�n, Gilbert S�nchez - "Magu"; and Romero, Frank), 1973, 1974, undated
(collaborative group consisting of Carlos Almaraz, Gilbert Luj�n, Roberto de la Roche, and Frank Romano; catalog; list of collective works; press resleases; Gilbert Luj�n course outline, Cultural Studies 20; clippings; exhibition announcement)
16 7 Loter�a, undated
(game pieces)
16 8-9 Love and Rockets, Comic Magazine, 1985-1986, 1988
(2 folders)
(books 1 and 2, Fantagraphic Books, Inc., Agoura, California, 1985, 1986; Love & Rockets issue 28, 1988; Greed issue 5, 1988, with feature article, "Love and Rockets Los Bros Hernandez and the Marvel of the Real")
16 Low Rider Magazine (see: Cholos)
16 10 Lowriders (see also: Cholos), 1972-1984, undated
(decals; postcards and photographs of art; photographs; clippings; TYF's notes; flyers; Vajito "Low Rider Lirfestyle Magazine", vol. 1, no. 1, 1981)
16 11 Lucero, Helen, 1990-1991, undated
(letter to TYF from Lucero, 12/17/1990, re. Rockefellar Foundation fellowship, with application letter, proposal and resume)
16 12 Lucero, Linda, undated
(polaroid photograph)
16 13 Lucero, Michael, 1995
16 14 Lucero, Stephen P., 1979-1983, undated
(resume/artist biography; photocopy of letter to Samuel Carabajal, from Msgr. A. Lanzoni, Department Head, Secretariat of State, the Vatican, 09/05/1981; clipping)
16 15 League of United Chicano Artists (LUCHA), Organization, Austin, Texas, 1978-1990, undated
(see also: Museo del Barrio, Austin, Texas; Rodrigues, Pedro; Box 30)
(catalog; exhibition announcements; clippings; note to TYF from Juan Pablo, 11/19/1982; flyers; Enlucha newsletter: Summer 1982, Fall 1982; illustrated poem, "Will Not Harm the Ozone" by Angela de Hoyos, illustration by Ram�n V�squez y S�nchez)
16 16 Luj�n, Gilbert S�nchez (Magu; see also: Los Four), 1983-1985, undated
(exhibition announcements, one with note to TYF from "Magu"; clipping of article by Luj�n; illustrated letter to TYF from Lujan, 06/26/2002, and illustrated envelope)
16 17 Luj�n, Pedro, Sculptor (see also: Blue Star Art Space), 1977, 1996, undated
(catalogs; resume; exhibition announcement; clipping; typescript and handwritten draft of TYF essay)
16 18 Mac�as, Susan, 1989
(undergradute thesis, "Chicano Artists of the Pacific Northwest"; letter to TYF from Mac�as, 07/21/1989)
16 19 El Maizal: The National Chicano/Latino Newspaper of the Arts, Newspaper, San Antonio, Texas. Vol. 1, no. 2, undated
16 20 Malagamba, Amalia (see also: Cardenas, Gilberto), 1994
(letter to TYF from Malagamba, 07/16/1994)
16 21 Maldonado, Alex, Painter, 1901-1989, undated, 1974-1983
(1981 calendar with photograph of Maldonado's work; clippings; exhibition announcement; artist bio; copies of letters to Maldonado - not from TYF - 07/21/1976, 10/08/1975, 11/22/1976; photograph of work of art)
16 22 Maldonado, Jeff Abbey, circa 2000
16 23 Manteca (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24 - (Re)Generation Project), 1996-1997
(publication of the (Re)Generation Project, Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24. Vol. 1, no. 1, 1986; 1987 issue)
16 24 Manuelita's, Art Gallery, San Francisco, California, 1989
(exhibition announcements)
16 25 Manzanares, Rick, 1990
(letters to TYF from Mazanares, 08/14/1990, 11/07/1990; script for a Dios de los Muertos performance)
16 26 Maradiaga, Ralph, 1981-1985
(TYF's notes on Maradiaga; resume; letter to Ren� [associate of Maradiaga], from TYF, 07/22/1985 photocopy, expressing condolences at Maradiaga's death; exhibition and memorial announcements)
16 27 Mariscal, Joe, 1977, 1987
(resume; Joe Mariscal: The Inmate Series curatorial statement, Terri Cohn, de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University; biographical sketch)
16 28 Mart�nez, C�sar Augusto (see also: Lomas Garza, Carmen), 1980-1999
(exhibition announcements; The Canadian Club Hispanic Art Tour call for entries, Mart�nez painting featured; letter to TYF from Mart�nez, 04/12/1985; resume; letter to TYF from Lynn Goode, 10/19/1992, re. TYF's purchase of a Mart�nez piece; ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program brochure, 1997; catalog; clippings)
16 29-30 Mart�nez, Daniel, 1993-1999, undated
(2 folders)
(clippings; catalogs; pencils; exhibition announcements; book by Mart�nez, The Things You See When You Don't Have a Grenade, Smart Art Press, Santa Monica, California, 1996; Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Arts, vol. 29, no. 2 Fall/Winter 2000)
16 31 Mart�nez, Manuel, Painter, 1947-, undated, 1970-1977
(artist biography; TYF's notes on Mart�nez - 1/2 p.; clippings)
16 32 Mart�nez, Olga, undated
(essay by Mart�nez)
16 33 Mart�nez, Pablo (Paul), 1992-1995, undated
(postcards to TYF from Mart�nez, 03/11/1992, 03/25/1992, 07/15/1992, 12/11/1992, 06/05/1992, 06/19/19920, 6/12/1992, 02/24/1992, 08/09/1985, 06/07/1995, 08/28/1994, 09/16/1994, 09/16/[?], 05/20/1992, 01/24/1994, 05/14/1993, 03/31/1993, 05/25/1993; note to TYF from Mart�nez, 11/12/1993; letters to TYF from Mart�nez, 08/27/1992[?], 02/26/1992, 01/03/1994, 12/11/1992, 08/03/1992, 01/21/1993; clippings)
16 34 Mart�nez, Ramiro, 1987
16 35 Mart�nez, Santos, undated
(photocopy of document listing pieces of art, with commentary)
16 36 Mart�nez, Sue, undated
16 Mart�nez, Thomas M. (see: Lecture Notes)
16 37 Mart�nez, Xavier, 1974
(catalog, Xavier Martinez (1869-1943) by Geoerge W. Neubert, The Oakland Museum Art Special Gallery, Oakland, California, 1974)
16 38 Mechicano Art Center, Los Angeles, California, 1970-1977, undated
(organization history; address list; clippings; 1 page TYF's notes on the center)
16 39 Meeting of Historians and Critics of Chicano Art, San Antonio, Texas (see also: Quirarte, Jacinto), 1980
(appendices A-E: sample syllabus, reading list, slide list and bibliography for a semester course of Chicano art history and appreciation)
16 M�ndez, Nina (see: Chicano Cultural Conference)
16 40 Mendez, Consuelo, 1981
(clipping of article by Shifra Goldman; photocopy of catalog, with note to Shifra [Goldman] from M�ndez)
16 41 Mendoza, John, 1969-1970
16 42-43 Mesa-Bains, Amalia (see also: Altars; Cinco de Mayo; MoCHA), 1987-2003, undated
(2 folders)
(catalogs; clippings; postcards to TYF from Mesa-Bains, undated; typescript of speech by Mesa-Bains given at the Dialogue of the Americas Museum of Anthropology, 1982; exhibition announcements; writings by Mesa-Bains; letters to TYF from Mesa-Bains, undated; handwritten draft of essay sent to TYF; resume; note to TYF and Dudley from Mesa-Bains, 04/28/2000; invitation; typescript of "An Affecting Presence: Chicano Altars and Altarmakers" by TYF; draft of "Galaza Stanford lecture" given by Mesa-Bains, 1995; photograph, Edward Diaz, director of Cultural Affairs, City of San Antonio, Amalia Mesa-Bains, TYF; letter to TYF from Mesa-Bains, undated, with aluminum heart)
16 44 Meta Studio I, circa 1981
(see Box 31)
16 45 Metamorfosis, Magazine, Centro de Estudios Chicanos, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington (see also: Arregu�n, Alfredo; Burciaga, Jos� Antonio; Goldman, Shifra; Gamboa, Harry Jr.; Herrara, Juan Felipe; Montoya, Jos�; Montoya, Malaquias; Rodriguez, Patricia; Rodriguez, Pedro; Sanchez, Ruben), 1977-1985
(1977 [vol. 1, no. 1]; vol. 1, no. 2, 1978; vol. 2, nos. 1-2, 1979; vol. 3, no. 1, 1980; vol. 3, no. 2/vol. 4, no. 1, 1980/1981; vol. 5, no. 2/vol. 6, no. 1, 1984/1985)
Box Folder
17 1-2 Mexic-Arte, 1986-1993
(2 folders)
(multi-cultural arts organization/museum, Austin, Texas; symposium program; invitation; membership brochures/forms; 1 page TYF's notes, "Funding Landscapes"; catalog; clippings; Mexic-Arte Museum information packet, with exhibition announcement, brochure; press release, survey, mission statements, Latino Museum Professionals Network project information, TYF's notes (1 p.); IUP News Report Winter 1992-93; clippings)
17 Mexican Art
17 3 General, 1972-1996
(see also: Barrio, Raymond)
(clippings; TYF's notes on Mexican art and artists, periods, genres, and a sketch of Chipingo; lecture announcement; photocopy of slides; catalog; book by Raymond Barrio, Mexico's Art and Chicano Artists, Ventura Press, Sunnyvale, California, 1975)
17 4 Key Periods and Monuments, 1968
(bibliographies; clippings; typed outline for "Painted Walls of Mexico")
17 5 Mexico, 1962-1976
(reprints and photocopies of articles by Alan W. Barnett and George E. Fay; catalog)
17 6 The Mexican Cultural Heritage Gardens and Plaza Project, 1995-1998
(project of the Mexican Heritage Corporation, San Jos�, California. Project document, "Case for support; clippings; information packet with mission statement, brochure, clippings, program information)
17 Mexican-American Self-Help Group (MASH; see: Pa�o Arte)
17 7 Mexican Culture, 1984
17 8-14 Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, Illinois, 1985-2005
(7 folders; see also: Box 30)
(catalogs; exhibition and event announcements; invitations; information about the organization, including history of the center and the museum, mission statement; clippings; letters to TYF re. his loan of art to the museum, 1987; letter to TYF from Rene Arceo Frutos, 08/10/1990, re TYF's consent to write an essay for the 1990 Dia De Los Muertos catalog; coloring book; Del Corazon Mexican Performing Arts Festival information packet including calendar of events, stickers, booklet, performer/artist cards, clippings; Sor Juana Festival information packets, with announcements, calendars of events, clippings, booklets; press releases; gala invitations; Mexicanidad information packet with clippings, postcard, invitation)
17 15 Mexican Heritage Project, Arizona Historical Society, 1991
(memo to Steve Harvath, from Tom Peterson, 11/05/1991, re. Draft Responsibilities of the AHS Staff Coordinator for the Mexican Heritage Project)
17 Mexican Museum, San Francisco, California
17 16-17 Catalogs (see also: Buitr�n, Robert; Gamboa, Harry Jr.; Gandert, Miguel; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Noriega, Chon; Vargas, Kathy), 1981-1996
(2 folders)
(catalogs: The Mexican Museum Catalog of Selections from Its Collection With Introductions to Mexican and Mexican American Art, 1981; The Mexican Museum, 1983, with essay on Alfredo Arregu�n by TYF; Lo Del Coraz�n: Heartbeat of a Culture, 1986, with text by Amalia Mesa-Bains and TYF; TYF's notes on Lo Del Coraz�; From the West: Chicano Narrative Photography, 1996; Ceremony of Spirit, 1993; The Chicano Codices: Encountering Art of the Americas, 1992; Chicano Progeny: Investigative Agents, Executive Council, and Other Representatives from the Sovereign State of Aztl�n., 1995; "Press Conference for design Architect" binder, 1995)
17 18-20 General (see also: Dia de los Muertos; Garc�a, Rupert; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Murals; Rios, Richard and Graciela; Rodriguez, Pedro), 1972-2005, undated
(3 folders)
(exhibition announcements; clippings; museum information sheets; "mural walk to the Mexican Museum" handout; The Mexico Today Symposium booklet; invitations; administrative paperwork, including meeting minutes, correspondence, by-laws, memos, Fort Mason lease information, director's reports, and budgetary documents; press releases; museum membership cards; TYF's notes on Chicano art in the Bay area; membership forms and brochures; photocopy of letter to Jesse Aguirre, Chairman of the Board, The Mexican Museum, from TYF, 06/09/1981; Day of the Dead flyers; resumes; calendars of events; planning documents for the California Chicano Murals project; education programs booklet; newsletter: vol. 1, nos. 1-3, March, June, Dec., 1976; vol. 2, nos. 1 & 2 April, November 1977; vol. 3, nos. 1 & 2, Summer, Dec. 1978; vol. 4, nos. 1 & 2 July, October)
Box Folder
18 Mexican Museum, continued
18 1-18 General, continued
(18 folders; 2 folders for 1983; see also: Acosta-Col�n, Marie; Arregu�n, Alfredo; Gronk; INTAR; Lomas-Garza, Carmen; Montoya, Jos�; Valdez, Patssi; Box 30)
(see above, and: letter to TYF from Gloria Jaramillo, Curator of Collections, 04/27/1983, re. TYF's purchase of a ceramic by Richard and Graciela [Rios] and sales receipt; photocopy of letter to "Compa�eros", from TYF, 09/30/1983; photocopy of letter to Mariano and Linda, from TYF, 09/30/1983; TYF's notes on issues concering the museum's Board of Directors; "Annotated Bibliography of Mexican Folk Art" by Beverly Herzog and Dr. Joyce Bishop, 1985; letter to TYF from the museum, re. a lecture TYF would give for the "From Inside Out..." exhibition; administrative planning documents for "From Inside Out..." and "Lo Del Coraz�", including artists' applications and booklet of artists' statements for "Lo Del Coraz�"; "Bibliography for the Exhibit 'Folk Art of Michcacan'" by Susan Warren-Kunkler; "Assessment of the Mexican Museum, Museum Assessment Program, American Association of Museums"; "Communal Land Paintings From Central Mexico: An Overview" by Marion Oettinger, Jr., Curator of Folk Art and Latin American Art, San Antonio Museum Association; "But Is It Folk? Defining the Field" by Joyce M. Bishop, presented at "From the Inside Out..."; typescript of essay by Jim Griffith, no title; "Notes Toward An Interpretive History of California-Mexican Music" by Manuel Pe�a; "From the Inside Out..." symposium program; postcard to TYF from Aurelio and Cecilia Barrera, 10/27/1987; letter to TYF from David de la Torre, Director, The Mexican Museum, 02/08/1988, re. dinner to honor TYF; bound volume, From the Inside Out... Proceedings from the conference, ed. Karana Hattersley-Drayton, Joyce Bishop, TYF, 1989; NEH grant application materials; Christmas card to TYF from Marie Acosta-Col�n; slides; letter to Jos� Montoya, from Peter Rodriguez, 11/30/1990, (cc: TYF; photocopy; grant proposals; "The Mexican Museum Long Range Work Plan," CAC Multicultural Advancement Program, circa 1993; photocopy of letter to TYF from Jonathan [Yorba], 06/05/1996; note to Jonathan [Yorba] from TYF, 06/17/1996; artist biographies by TYF, undated: Daniel Salazar and Jos� Alfredo Mendoza Arregu�n; newsletter: vol. 7 Spring 1982; vol. 8 (Summer 1983); Winter and Spring 1988; Spring/Summer 1990; Fall/Winter 1990; Fall 1991; Winter/Spring 1992; Spring/Summer 1992; Fall 1992; Winter/Spring 1993; Fall 1993; Winter 1997; Fall 1998; Spring - Fall 1999; Winter 2000 - Summer 2001)
18 19 Rufino Tamayo Exhibition, 1983
(invitation; administrative materials; clippings)
Box Folder
19 1 Mexican Soldaderas and Workers During the Revolution, Exhibition, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1979
19 2 Mexico, circa 1980-1983
(clippings; blank postcards; Bi-Cultural Arts Program, US-Mexico, leaflet)
19 3 Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries, Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1990
(catalog, exhibition announcement; clipping)
19 4 Mexico Today Symposium, Different Expresssions of Mexican, Contemporary Art, 1978-1979, Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art of Mexico, 1978
19 5 Mextiza Collective, 1976-1981
(clippings; form letter from Nanette De Masters, Publicity Agent, Mextiza Collective, announcing poetry tour, 05/03/1976; letter to Lola de la Riva, Centro de Arte, Long Beach, California, from Victor Manuel Valle, 11/06/1978; letter to Lola de la Riva, from Kathy Valadez, 04/23/1980)
19 6 Meyer, Pedro (see also: Photography), 1987
(exhibition brochure)
19 7 Meztitla�n Aztl�n, Exhibition, The Oakland Museum, Oakland, California, undated
(exhibition announcement)
19 8 Mi Raza Arts Consortium (MIRA), Organization, Chicago, Illinois, 1983-1984
(see also: D�a de Los Muertos)
(broadsides; flyers; membership forms and information; newsletter: vol. 1, nos. 2 - 4 July-Dec. 1982; vol. 2, no. 1 Mar. 1983; vol. 2, nos. 3 - 4 Fall-Winter 1983; vol. 3, no. 2 Winter 1984; vol. 4, no. 1 Spring 1985)
19 9 Michigan, 1971-1978, 1991
(catalog; clippings; journals: Raza Art & Media Collective Journal, vol. 1, no. 3 (September 1) 1976; Voces del Norte: A Journal of Latino Art and Literature, Feb. 1978)
19 10 Midwest, 1975-1979
(clipping; list of "Little Magazines/Chicano Latino"; journals: Compass Quarterly Report: Diversified Arts Programming for the Community, Jan., 1979; Sez: A Multi-Racial Journal of Poetry & People's Culture, no. 1, Winter 1978)
19 11 Mil Colores, San Antonio Museum Association, 1981
(video; invitation to premier presentation)
19 12 Millicent Rogers Museum, 1992
( Millicent Rogers Museum Newsletter, Taos, New Mexico. Vol. 13, no. 1 Jan-May 1992)
19 13 Minimalism, Music, 1982
19 14 "Minority Artists on Minority Art" (see also: Montoya, Malaquias), undated
(Chicano Studies, University of California at Berkeley; statements by Alonzo Davis, Manuel Hernandez, Marie Johnson, Ben Jagasca, Malaquias Montoya, and Leroy Parker)
19 15 Mira!, Traveling Exhibition, Canadian Club Hispanic Art Tour, 1984, 1988
(invitation; catalogs; exhibition announcement; clippings)
19 Mirart� (see: Mi Raza Arts Consortium)
19 16 Mireles, Oscar, Poet, 1987-1989
(book, Second Generation, 1985, inscribed to TYF by Mireles; clippings)
19 17-18 Mission Cultural Center (MCC), Organization, San Francisco, California, 1969-2003
(2 folders; see also:D�a de los Meurtos; OV 32)
(oversize poster; flyers; exhibition and event announcements; calendars of events; The Arts Biweekly: The Bay Area Newsletter of Art & Politics, no. 60, Nov-Dec 1977; Mission Cultural Center Newsletter, Dec 1982; clippings; community meeting informational package, 1987, re. renovation of MCC building and other materials related to the renovation; meeting minutes; notes to TYF from Juan Pablo, one unsigned, 04/21/1987 and 04/22/1987)
19 Mission District
19 19-21 Art & Social Events (see also: Centro Cultural de la Mission; Goldman, Shifra; Lucy R. Lippard Papers; Mission Cultural Center), 1983-1990
(3 folders)
(clippings; Uno Magazine: The Contemporary Latino, vol. 1 no. 1 Dec. 1981; history of the Mission Coalition Organization; exhibition/even announcements and invitations; typescript essay, "Beyond the Event: The Emrgence of Meaning in Cultural Performance" by Laurie K. Sommers; 24th St. Merchants Association annual report, 1984/85; Bay Area Carnaval Magazine, March 1983; Lo Nuestro, September, 1983; booklets; Oveja Negra: Revista de Arte y Literatura, San Francisco, April - May 1983; flyer for the second Havan Biennial, with Lucy Lippard and Shifra Goldman on the panel; La Mano: A Journal from the Mission, vol. 1, no. 1 Dec. 1988)
19 22 La Razon Mestiza II, Newspaper, Special Edition, Summer, 1975
(see: Box 31)
19 23 Mission Photography Project, 1983
(catalog; photo postcards)
19 24 Mixed Feelings, Exhibition, USC Fisher Gallery, 2002
19 25 Mondini-Ruiz, Franco, Artist and Curator, 1995-2004
(exhibition announcements; invitation; clippings; ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program brochure, 1996; catalog; magazine, Voices of Art", Vol. 4, no. 4 Nov./Dec. 1996; letter to TYF and Dudley from Mondini-Ruiz, 05/30/2002)
19 26 Montemayor, Alice Dickinson ("Monty"), 1981
19 27 Monteverde, Mildred, 1972-1986, undated
(clipping of essay by Monteverde, "Contemporary Chicano Art"; photocopy of catalog for exhibition curated by Monteverde, 1975; Mexican American Research Collections list of recent acquistions, Stanford University Libraries)
19 28 Montoya, Delilah, Photographer, 1998-2003
(exhibition announcement with note to TYF from Montoya; resume and artist's statement; typewritten draft of essay about Montoya, by Laura Serna; catalog; Nueva Luz: A Photographic Journal, vol. 5 no. 3 featuring article on Montoya)
19 29 Montoya, Emanuel C., 1988
(exhibition and event announcements)
19 30 Montoya, Jos� (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24; University of California at Los Angeles), 1977-1980
(color photograph of Juan "Ishi" Orozco, Esteban Villa, work of art(mural?) by Montoya; printed essay, "Thoughts on La Cultura, the Media, Con Safos and Survival" by Montoya; 1980 Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24 calendar; resume; clippings; poem by Montoya; typewritten essay - chapter from book?, "Montoya and the Barrio Arts, by Jos� David Sald�var; 1 p. of TYF's notes on Montoya)
19 31 Montoya, Malaqu�as, 1977-1997, 2004, undated
(see also: OV 32)
(exhibition announcements; exhibition poster; resume; catalogs; clippings; b/w photographs; Art� interview with Montoya; writings by Montoya; event announcements)
19 32 Mora, Jo, undated
19 33 Mora, Magdalena, 1981
(activist and community leader, 1952-1981; memorial leaflet; bound volume, Ra�z Fuerte que no se Arrance: the Life of a Luchadora, booklet accompanying homrnaje a Magdalena Mora, Internation Institute, Los Angeles, 1981; clipping)
19 34 Mora, Raoul E., undated
(exhibition announcement; artist biography)
19 35 Morales, Carlos, 1985
19 36 Morales, Julio, undated
(exhibition announcement)
19 37 More than a Tradition, Exhibition, Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, California, 1991
(catalog, Michael Heisley and Mary MacGregor Villarreal, More than a Tradition: Mexican American Nacimientos in Los Angeles, Southwest Museum, Los Angeles)
19 38 Moroles, Jes�s Bautista, Sculptor (1950-), undated, 1988-1997
(exhibition announcements; exhibition brochure; clippings)
19 39 El Movimiento, 1991
(public television documentary series; TYF's notes on Cynthia Chavez: Commentary; note to TYF from Antonio [?], Rockefeller Foundation, 05/30/[1991]; letter to TYF from Rick Tejada-Flores, 05/28/1991; project proposal)
19 40 Movimiento Artistico Chicano (MARCH), Organization, Chicago, Illinois, 1976-1980, undated
(see also: Illinois; and Murals)
(blank postcard; organization brochure; slides; Guide to Chicago Murals: Yesterday and Today, Chicago Council On Fine Arts, Chicago, Illinois, 1979; exhibition announcements; catalog; clippings; newsletter, Abrazo, Fall 1976 and Summer 1979; newsletter, Quarterly, Spring 1976, School of Art Institute of Chicago)
19 41 Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado (MARS), 1983-1999, undated
(see also: Arizona; Benav�dez, Max; Gamboa, Harry Jr; Goldman, Shifra; Gronk; Huerta, Benito; Mart�nez, Daniel; Valadez, John; Valdez, Patssi; Vargas, Kathy; Ybarra-Frausto, Tom�s; Box 30)
(non-profit art space, Phoenix, Arizona; clippings; exhibition brochures; projected goals and mission statements; exhibition announcements; symposia materials for: The Style and Meaning of Chicano Art: list of participants and schedule (TYF was a panelist), and Post-Chicano Generation Art: Breaking Boundaries; catalog, Rasquachismo, curated by TYF, Lennee Eller, Rudy Guglielmo, with essays by TYF, Shifra Goldman and John L. Aguilar; organization history; partial grant application; letter to TYF from Rudy Guglielmo, Executive Director, MARS, 11/02/1987; oversize poster; "Member Letter" newsletter, Sept. 1986 - April 1987; July 1987)
Box Folder
20 1-2 El Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), Organization, San Jose, California (see also: Hernandez, Ester; Photography), circa 1992-2004
(2 folders)
(membership and organization information; flyers; brochure; city of San Jose memos, re. proposed sculpture by Robert Graham, 11/03/1992, 08/20/1993; clippings; exhibition announcements; auction catalog; catalogs; newsletter, Spring 1998 and Fall 2002)
20 3 Mungu�a, Roberto, 1981-1983, undated
(resume; press release; clippings)
20 4-5 Mu�oz, Celia Alvarez (see also: Lucy R. Lippard Papers), 1984-2003, undated
(2 folders)
(resume; letters to TYF from Mu�oz, 03/30/1984, 05/05/1990, 07/10/1996; Christmas card to TYF from Mu�oz, 12/18/1990; slides; exhibition announcement; catalogs; clippings; color photographs (mounted); letter to TYF from Spencer Crew, Director National Museum of American History, 06/10/1996, with enclosures (fax); handwritten transcript of interview of Mu�oz by TYF, 04/14/1991; book by Mu�oz, If Walls Could Speak, 1991; notes to TYF from Mu�oz, undated; photograph with "Greetings! Andy & Celia '95" written on front; holiday card; letter to TYF from Mu�oz, 04/19/1998; photocopy of Lucy R. Lippard essay from catalog)
20 6 Murgia, Alejandro, 1987
( Gato's Journal, vol. 1, no. 1 March/April 1987)
20 Murals, United States and Mexico, circa 1970-1990
20 7 Announcements & Press Releases (see also: Movimiento Artistico Chicano-MARCH), 1980-1989, undated
(event announcements; press releases; clipping)
20 8 California Chicano Mural Primer (see also: SPARC), 1987
(bound volume, Marcos T. Sanchez and Holly Barnet-Sanchez, eds., Social and Public Arts Resource Center, Venice, California)
20 9 California Murals, 1979
(book, Yoko Clark and Chizu Hama, Lancaster-Miller Publishers Berkeley, California)
20 10 Clippings, 1974-1981, 1990
20 11 Colorado (see also: Colorado; Movimiento Artistico Chicano-MARCH; Sandoval, Carlos), 1980
(clipping about Carlos Sandoval)
20 12 Los Angeles, 1974-89
(clippings; invitation; TYF's notes on murals and muralists; typescript of essay, "Chicano Street Murals: People's Art in the East Los Angeles Barrio", by [?] Kahn; " The Murals of East Los Angeles Study Guide; journal, Radical America, vol. 12, no. 2, 1978)
20 Mujeres Muralistas (see also: Carillo, Graciela; Cockroft, Eva; Mendez, Consuelo; Murals; Rodriguez, Patricia), 1974-1979
(clippings; list of murals in San Francisco, Berkeley and Texas; color photocopies of murals, labeled on back; TYF's notes, "Mujeres Muralistas"; article by Eva Cockroft)
20 14 Murals in Mexico: Class Notes, Writings, 1980, undated
(outlines; course readings; photocopy of notes on Jos� Guadalupe Posada [not TYF's]; student essay)
20 15 Notes, undated
(TYF's notes, mostly handwritten, on murals)
20 16 Raza Murals and Muralists: An Historical View by Rupert Garc�a (see also: Garc�a, Rupert), 1974
20 17 La Raza Murals of California, 1963 to 1970: A Period of Social Change and Protest by Marshall Rupert Garc�a (see also: Garc�a, Rupert), 1981
20 18 San Diego, 1978-1988
(photograph of Barrio mural beneath Coronado Bridge; press release; clippings)
20 19 San Francisco (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24), 1974-1986
(booklet, "A Checklist of San Francisco Murals 1914-1986", 1986, Tim Drescher and Victoria Scarlett, eds.; clippings; exhibition poster; Galer�a de la Raza "Map of the Murals in the Mission District")
20 20 Santa Anna College Mecha Mural, 1984
20 21 Santa Fe, 1990
20 22 Various Printed Newsletters, 1980, 1988, undated
(see also: Box 30)
( ArtWorkers News, vol. 9, no. 9, May 1980; Los Angeles Mural Conservancy, no. 3, May 1988; Arte, undated)
20 23 Writings/Essays (see also: Goldman, Shifra), 1987, 1993, undated
(photocopy of published article; draft of essay by TFY; typescript essay by Shifra Goldman; letter to TYF from Susan W. Small, with her paper on chicano murals; "Chicano Mural Movement," copyright Texas State Historical Assn)
20 24 Murillo, Jes�s, 1983, undated
(clipping; b/w photogrpah)
20 25 Museo Americano, 2001
(San Antonio, Texas, formerly known as the Alameda Museum; brochure; invitation; exhibition and event announcements; clipping; job listing; press packet)
20 26 El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1996, 1999
(programs; clipping; museum information sheets)
20 27 Museo de las Americas, Denver, Colorado (see also: Jim�nez, Luis), 1997, undated
( �Impacto! A Latin Entertainment Magazine, Feb. 1997; Museo de las Americas Notitas, Jan/Feb 1997; 1997 exhibition schedule; brochure)
20 28 Museo del Barrio, Austin, Texas, 1983, undated
(exhibition announcements; Dia de los Muertos announcement; catalog; museum brochure)
20 29-30 Museo del Barrio, New York, New York, 1982-1995
(2 folders)
(brochure, catalogs; museum history; Gladys Triana artist's statement; clippings; letters to TYF from Arlene Davila, Curatorial Assistant, 05/16/1991, Susana torruella Leval, Chief Curator, 06/26/1991, and Petra Barreras, Director, 10/18/1991; letter to TYF from Lillian Jimenez, Director National Latino Film and Video Festival, 05/08/1991, re. TYF's participation in the panel discussion for the festival; exhibition announcements; invitations; calls for entries/submissions; membership and program information; newsletter, Sept.-Nov. 1989, Spring 1990, July-Sept. 1990, Oct.-Dec. 1990, Spring-Summer 1991)
20 31 Museo de la Raza, Chicago, Illinois, 1985
(flyer calling for name and logo design participation)
20 32 Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art (MOCHA), New York, New York (see also Ceremony of Memory), 1974-1989, undated
(clippings; exhibition announcements; museum information; bulletin vol. 1, no. 7 March 1988; press releases; Ceremony of Memory announcement; catalog; MoCHA Anniversary Journal, 1985-1986)
20 33 Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas (see also: Portilla, Lourdes), 1986-1987, undated
(memos re. planning of the exhibit Hispanic Art in the United States: Thirty Contemporary Painters and Sculptors, 1986-1987; letter to TYF from Lourdes Portillo, XOCHIL Film Productions, 02/24/1987, requesting his participation in the production of a film)
20 34 Museum of International Folk Art, Houston, Texas, 1990-1991
(note to TYF from Ra�l [Berrera], 12/07/1990 with illustration; museum brochures)
20 35 Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2002
(invitation to reception and press briefing prior to the grand opening in July)
20 36 "Museums and the (Re)presentation of Latino/a Culture,," 1995
(article from Smithsonian Center for Museum Studies Bulletin, vol. 3, no. 1 April 1995)
20 37 Museums, 1973, 1992, undated
(booklets, "Indian Paintings and Dance Paraphernalia" and "Indian Silverwork of the Southwest"; Mickey Mouse magazine [in German]; TYF's notes on Mickey Mouse cartoons and on American and American Indian Art Museums [1 p. ea]; book, De Museos, Universidad Iberoamericana, Deparamento de Arte, M�xico, 1992)
Box Folder
21 1 Nandino, Elias, undated
(performance program)
21 2 National Art Education Association, 1991-1992
(correspondence and information relating to TYF's participation in the luncheon lecture at the Museum Education Division of the National Art Education Association conference in Phoenix, Arizona, May 1992)
21 3 National Association for Chicano Studies (NACSA), 1982-1994
(photocopy of 1982 conference booklet; flyer; catalogs; 1985 conference preliminary program (TYF chaired a session); Site Committee meeting minutes, 08/24/1984; newsletter, Feb. 1990, Winter 1994; letters to TYF from Luis A. Torres, 04/1993, 04/14/1994; FEDAPT 1989-1990 Annual Report; Buiilding Community: A Symposium Exploring the Role of the Arts In the Community-Based Revitalization of Chicago's Neighborhoods program and documents, and revised "Call to Action"; clippings)
21 National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), Chicago, Illinois
21 4 Conference Proceedings (see also: Baca, Judy; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Montoya, Jos�; Ybarro-Frausto, Tom�; Ya�ez, Ren�; G�mez Pe�a, Guillermo; Rodr�guez, Pedro; Gonzalez, Alicia; Noriega, Chon; Colon, Miriam; Garfia, Roberto; Hernandez, Ester), 1994
(bound volume, NALAC 1992 Conference Proceedings: Crossing Borders Crizando Fronteras: Los Siguientes 500 A�os The Next 500 Years, San Antonio, Texas)
21 5-6 General (see also Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center), 1992-2004
(2 folders)
(correspondence relating to 1992 conference; information on the University of Colorado at Boulder On the Border...Between Bridges Latino Theater Festival and Symposium; photocopy of Two for the Show, a play in four scenes, by Salvador Rodr�guez del Pino; TYF's notes on "Una Nueva Comunidad," "American Core Principles," machismo, and the 1980s; clippings; letters to TYF from Roberto [?], 08/28/1995, and Pedro Rodriguez, 08/14/1995; Alberto P. Rafols resume; event announcements; letter to TYF from Pedro Rodriguez, Director of NALAC, 01/30/2001; conference brochures and schedules; conference booklets, 2001, 2002)
21 7 Latino Arts & Cultural Organizations, 1998
(bound volume, Latino Arts & Cultural Organizations in the United States: A Historical Survey and Current Assessment, The National Association of Latino Arts and Culture)
21 8 Newsletters, 1993-2004
El Aviso
( NALAC Newsletter: vol. 1, no. 1 Summmer 1993; vol. 2, no. 1, March-April 1994; vol. 3, no. 1 Summer 1995; vol. 4, no. 1 Spring 1996; NALAC Boletin: vol. 1, nos. 1 - 2 Jan. - Mar. 1999; vol. 1, nos. 4 -8 May - Dec. 1999; vol. 2, no. 2 Aug. 2000; vol.2, no. 2 Sept. 2000; NALAC Aviso: Spring 1999; vol. 1, nos. 2 - 3 June - Oct. 1999; vol. 2, no. 1 Spring 2000; vol. 3, no. 1 June 2001; vol. 3, no. 1 Oct. 2001; vol. 4, no. 1 Spring 2002; vol. 4, nos. 2 - 3 Summer - Winter 2002; vol. 5, no. 1 Spring 2004)
21 9 National Hispanic Cultural Center, Organization, Albuquerque, New Mexico (see also: Abeyta, Ray Mart�n; Arregu�n, Alfredo; Casas, Mel; Gandert, Miguel; Garc�a, Rupert; Gronk; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Lomas Garza, Carmen; Smithsonian Institution; Valdez, Patssi), 2000-2004
(exhibition announcements; catalog; invitations; brochures; press releases; fresco project information; Qu� Pasa! newsletter: Apr./May/June 2000; vol. 1, issue 7 Jan./Feb./Mar. Winter 2002; vol 2, no. 2 Apr./May/June 2002; vol. 2, no. 3 July/Aug./Sept. 2002; vol. 2, no. 4 Oct./Nov./Dec. 2002; vol. 3, no. 1 Jan./Feb./Mar. 2003)
21 10 National Network of Hispanic Women, Organization, Stanford University, 1983
(invitation; newsletter, Intercambios Femeniles, vol. 1, no. 9 Spring/Summer 1983)
21 11 Nationalism, 1982, undated
(clippings/articles; letter from Community Murals Magazine, 09/15/1982, requesting comments on attached page; "Chicano Nationalism" document)
21 12 Neri, Manuel, 1972-1981
(catalog, Manuel Neri Sculpture & Drawings, Seattle Art Museum, 1981; clippings; slides; exhibition announcements; resume)
21 13 New Barrio Lifestyle La Nueva Onda del Barrio, Exhibition, Los Angeles, California, 1993
21 Network Newsletter, Graduate Opportunity Program, University of Texas at Austin (see: Gonzalez, Nivia)
21 14 New Directions in Chicano Art, Exhibition, Sponsored by the League of United Chicano Artists, Austin, Texas, 1982, undated
(see also: LUCHA)
(flyers; exhibition booklet; Spring 1982 class schedule)
21 15 New Mexican Hispano Carvers (see also: Archuleta, Felipe), 1991
21 New Mexico
21 16 General, 1981-1988, undated
(flyers and event announcements; clippings; "Guideline, Rules and regulations Governing the Portal Program at the Palace of Governors, Museum of New Mexical, Santa Fe;" New Mexico Committee for the Promotion of History Newsletter, no. 1 Feb. 1983; catalogs; TYF's notes on New Mexico)
21 17 Santos (see also: Santos), 1946, 1974, undated
(TYF's notes from the book Furniture of Spanish New Mexico; photocopy of exhibition catalog, Santos: A Primitive American Art, 1946; clipping; photocopies of sections of books)
21 18 Santos & Early Art (see also: Santos), 1939-1978
(photocopies of articles and sections of books; TYF's notes, "Arte Chicano 19th Century," 1/2 p.)
21 19 New York (see also: Lockpez, Inverna), 1981-1984, 1989
(clippings; catalog; Brooklyn's Hispanic Communities, The Brooklyn Historical Society, 1989)
21 20 Ni�o, Fidencio, Healer, 1898-1938, undated
21 21 El Nopal Press, Publisher, Los Angeles, California, circa 2000
(publication announcements)
21 22 Noriega, Chon (see also: Chicano Cinema), 1993-1997
(letters to: Elisabeth Sussman, Whitney Museum of American Art, 02/05/1993; Arts and Leisure Editor, New York Times, 01/06/1997, from Noreiga; letter to "Letters to the Editor" from Bryan Wolf, Professor, Yale University, 12/08/1997; clipping)
21 23 Noriega, Jes�s Ramses Rios, circa 1979
21 24 Norte, Marisela, 1984
(writng by Norte, The Lady and the Ginsu Knife, inscribed to Amalia [Mes-Bains?])
21 25-26 Northwest Chicanos, 1976-1993
(2 folders; see also: Arregu�n, Alfredo)
(brochures; reprint of The Unique Psycho-Historical Experience of the Mexican-American People by Rodolfo Alvarez, 1971; letters to TYF from: Rodolfo Alvaraz, 12/02/1969; and from Teres Elguezabal de Pyne, Washington State University, 022/1971; documents related to an independent study done with TYF; exhibition catalog essays by TYF on Alfredo Arregu�n and Susan Lytle; flyer; meeting minutes of the Chicano Education Association, 02/23/1974; letter to TYF from Pat [former student of TYF]; "Chicano Cultural Expression in the Pacific Northwest Directory Chican/Latino Cultural Interpreters; photograph; exhibition announcements; clippings; reports from Evergreen State College; note to TYF from B. Thomas, 08/28/1988; photocopy of letter to Erasmo Gamboa from TYF, 06/03/1988; color photographs, not labeled)
21 27 Northwest Chicanos - Newsletters/Newspapers, 1974-1988
( La Voz Unida, Portland Oregon, Jan. 1974; The Daily, Seattle, Washington, Feb. 11, 1975 and May 9, 1975; Northwest, The Sunday Oregonian Magazine, Oct. 25, 1987; La Voz, Seattle, Washington, Aug. 1988)
21 28 Las Not�c�as, Newsletter, Pasadena, California (see also: Folk Art), 1986-1989
(issues Nov./Dec. 1986; Feb./March 1987; Nov./Dec. 1989)
21 29 Nuestro, Magazine, New York and California, April 1978
21 30 El Nuevo Mundo: The Landscape of Los Angeles (see also: Photography), 1999
(invitation; exhibition announcement/program schedule)
21 31 Nu�o, Domingo, Performance Artist, circa 1997
(member of "los Tricksters;" invitation; press release; exhibition announcement; color photographs; Mercedes Chavez Ponazanelli resume; The Indecisions of El Rio Bravo installation catalog)
Box Folder
22 1 Ochoa, Mar�a, 1994
(letter to TYF from Ochoa, 09/20/1994, with abstract and prospectus of her dissertation, and resume)
22 2 Ochoa, Ruben, 2003
(essay by Ochoa)
22 3 Ochos de los Ochenta, Exhibition, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1986
22 4 O'Higgins, Pablo, Painter and Muralist (see also: Murals), 1975, undated
22 5 Olgu�n, Ben, undated
(dissertation prospectus; photographs)
22 6 Olgu�n, Rick A., circa 1989
(letter to TYF from Olgu�n, 12/13/1989, with article and grant proposal)
22 7 "On the Subject of Gang Photography,," 2000
(article by Richard T. Rodr�guez)
22 Ortega, Gil (see: Graffiti)
22 8 Ortega, Eriberto and Esteban, 2003
(clipping; see also: Photography)
22 9 Ortega, Tony (see also: Colorado; Rivera, George), circa 1984-1997
(clipping; book, A Migrant Child's Dream: Farm Worker Adventures of Cholo, Vata, and Pano, 1994, with story by George Rivera and illustrations by Ortega; resume; catalogs; exhibition announcements; letter to TYF from Ortego, 02/05/1988)
22 10 Ort�z Torres, Rub�n, 1991, 1993
22 11 Osorio, Pep�n, 1994
(exhibition announcements; note to TYF from Osorio, 5/16/1996; essay on Osorio and his comments on it; clippings; press release)
22 12 Other Sources: An American Essay , Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute, 1976
(clipping; catalog)
22 13 Pacheco, Arturo, 1983-1984
22 14 Pacheco, Ferdie, 1998
(exhibition announcement)
22 15 Pachuco Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California, 1976, undated
(publication announcements; TYF's notes on "Pachuco" and "Recuerdos del Palomas"; information on the company)
22 Los Pachucos (see: Cholos)
22 16 Packard, Emmy Lou, Painter (1914-1998; see also: Emmy Lou Packard Papers; Rivera, Diego), 1981-1985
(resume; postcard to TYF from Packard, 09/18/1983; letters to TYF from Packard, 09/04/1983, 11/01/1985, 11/24/1985; essay about Packard by Diego Rivera; hand- written and edited draft of Packard's "book" on Diego Rivera's San Diego frescoes)
22 17 Palomino, Ernesto, Artist and Educator (1933-), 1956-1981
(book, In Black and White: Evolution of an Artist, Academy Library Guild, Fresno, California, 1956, signed by the author; clippings)
22 18 Pa�o Arte (see also: Museum of International Folk Art), 1971-1997, undated
(clippings; exhibition announcements; Mexican-American Self-Help (MASH) Seminar Report on Prison Reform; exhibition guide; photographs of art and information about the exhibition Pa�o Art From the Inside Out, Museum of International Folk Art)
22 19 Parrilla, Eliezer, 1991
(oversize exhibition poster; see: Box 31)
22 20 Los Pastores, 1981
(TYF's notes on Los Pastores)
22 21 Patl�n, Ray, 1987
22 22 La Patria Port�til: 100 Years of Mexican Chromo Art Calendars, Exhibition, Museo Soumaya, Mexico City, and the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, 1999
(exhibition catalog)
22 23 Pazos, Antonio, 1977-1979
22 24 Pe�a, Amado (see also: CARA), 1979-1991, undated
(exhibition announcement; clippings; CARA poster; press release; catalog)
22 25 La Pe�a, Cultural Arts Center, Austin, Texas, 1989-1990, undated
(brochures; exhibition announcements; organization history and information; clipping; La Pe�a newsletter: vol. 1, no. 2 Jan./Feb. 1986; vol. 5, nos. 1 - 2 Feb./March - April/May 1990)
22 26 La Pe�a, Berkeley, Cultural Center, Berkeley, California, 1998, 2002
(events calendar; exhibition announcement; postcard)
22 27 Penitentes, circa 1951, 1982
(book, The Penitente Papers, by Charles Aranda, circa 1951; clipping)
22 28 P�rez, Gloria Ozuna, 1996
(clippings; catalog; artist portfolio with resume, slides, clippings and information on the exhibition, Coyolxauhqui: Madre Cosmica, El Paso Museum of Art, 1996)
22 29 P�rez, Laura Elise, 1988-1993, undated
(essay by P�rez; letters to TYF from P�rez, 11/06/1989, 10/07/1992, 06/02/1993; resume)
22 P�rez, Marvette (see: Pa�o Arte)
22 30-31 Performance Art, 1989-1995, undated
(2 folders; see also: Fusco, Coco; G�mez-Pe�a; INTAR; Jimenez, Luis; L�pez, Yolanda; Osorio, Pep�n; SPARC; Theater)
(clippings; Michael Rey Diaz resume; poem by David Cristiano Rub� y Diamos; invitation to Acciones and information about Acciones; note to TYF from Teresa, 08/14/1992; essays; Rompeforma '93 program; press release)
22 Photography
22 32 Con Cari�o, Chicano Photography Exhibition, sponsored by Aztl�n Cultural Center in Erlangen, Germany (see also: Aztl�n Cultural Center), 1983, 1992
(background information; list of artists; part of grant proposal; letter to TFY from Robert [Buitr�n?], 10/02/1992; photocopy of German catalog)
22 33-34 Chicano, 1980-1992
(2 folders; see also: Buitr�n, Robert; Lucy R. Lippard Papers; Box 30)
(catalogs; oversize exhibition poster with Lucy R. Lippard quotation; exhibition announcements; Center Quarterly A Journal of Photography and Related Arts, vol. 8, no. 3 Spring 1987 and vol. 9, no. 4 Summer 1988; exhibition announcemement/call for entries; TYF's notes - bibliographic information and contact information; The Americas: A Review of Hispanic Literature and Art of the USA vol. 17, no. 1 Spring 1989; The Silver Bulletin, Summer 1989, River City Silver, Inc., San Antonio, Texas; letter to TYF from Lisa [?], 08/07/1989, with photographs, not labeled; fax to TYF from Rose Marie [?], 10/19/1992, re. American Voices exhibition; clippings; letter to TYF from Mereida Garc�a Ferraz, 06/28/????; list of photographers, p. 2 of 4)
22 35 Council on Latino Photography/USA (CLP/USA), 1979-1980
(see also: Box 30)
(oversize exhibition poster; CLP/USA newsletter: no. 1 Jan. 1979, no. 2 Jan. 1980)
22 36 Cuba, 1985
22 37 En Foco, Inc., Organization, Bronx, New York, 1985-1995
(see also: Chicano Photographers; Box 30; OV 32)
(brochure; oversize exhibition posters; catalogs, including: Events, En Foco, Inc., the Heresies Collective, and The New Museum of Contemorary Art, New York, 1983; and A Decade of En Foco, Bronx Museum of the Arts and En Foco, Inc., Bronx, New York, 1986; letter to TYF from Davied Trend, editor, Afterimage, 09/30/1986; Sin Fronteras conference information; Nueva Luz: A Photographic Journal, vol. 3, no. 4 1992; Critical Mass newsletter: vol. 6, no. 2 Feb./Mar. 1988; vol. 9, no. 5 Oct./Nov. 1992; vol. 10, no. 4 Oct/Dec. 1993; vol. 12, no. 3 July/Aug. 1995)
22 38-39 Fotofest (see also: Bernal, Luis Carlos; Fusco, Coco), 1982-1994
(clippings; TYF's notes; press release; letters to TYF from [Wendy Watriss?], 10/12/1993 and 12/13/1993; grant application; letter to Wendy Watriss from Coco Fusco, 11/29/1993, with essay for Fotofest catalog; typewritten essays from the catalog; brochure; list of artists; press releases; fact sheet)
22 40 General, 1978, 1982, 1984, 2003
( Foto News, Cityscape Foto Gallery, Pasadena, California, Feb. 1983; catalogs; clipping)
22 41 Hispanic/Chicano, 1993
(exhibition catalogs; clipping; TYF's notes, "Kathy: Directorial Mode: Assemblage & Construction," chicano photography; "Hispanic Expressive Culture and Contemporary Public Discourse" Seminar schedule)
22 42 Latin American, 1981-1988
(see also: Box 30)
(clippings; oversize exhibition poster; exhibition announcements; TYF's notes on "Photography - Latin America")
22 43 Memoria de Papel: Cr�nicas de la Cultura En M�xico, Magazine, Consejo Nacional Para la Cultura y Las Artes, San �ngel, M�xico, April 1992
22 44 Mexican (see also: Fusco, Coco; Iturbide, Graciela), circa 1984-1991
(clippings and photocopies of sections from books)
Box Folder
23 Photography continued
23 1 Museum of Photographic Arts (see also: Iturbide, Graciela), 1966, 1978-1997, undated
(invitation; letter to TYF from Tara Holley, Museum of Photographic Arts, 06/19/1990; catalog; typescript of essay on photography, author unknown; clippings; book, Basta! La Historia de Nuestra Lucha, photos by George Ballis, text from the Plan of Delano, Farm Worker Press, Inc., Delano, California, 1966)
23 2 Publications, 1982-1988
( Afterimage, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York: vol. 10, no. 5 Dec. 1982; vol. 11, no. 8 March 1984; vol. 12, no. 8 March 1985; vol. 15, no. 6 Jan. 1988; Photo Metro, Photo Metro, San Francisco, California; April 1987 issue featuring the Museum of Photographic Arts)
23 Pinto Culture (see: Olgu�n, Ben)
23 Plascencia, Luis F. B. (see: Cholos)
23 3-4 Plaza de la Raza, Los Angeles, California, 1981-2003
(2 folders)
(folklife Festival catalog; newsletter: vol. 1, no. 2 June 1981; publication announcement; membership forms; exhibition announcements; course schedules; catalogs; invitation; clippings)
23 5 Plural, Magazine, Mexico City, Mexico, January 1993
23 6 Pocho Art, 1968
(photocopy of exhibition catalog)
23 7 Pocho Magazine, Berkeley, California (issues 3, 5-8), 1993-1994
23 8 El Pocho Che, Magazine, Berkeley, California, circa 1970
23 9 Pogue, Alan, 1989
(resume; clipping)
23 10 Popular Arts, Workshop and exhibition, Guadalupe Theater Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, 1987
23 11 Popular Culture (see also: Cultura Popular), 1987, 1992, undated
(clipings; notes for Prof J. Flores' sociology course; bibliography)
23 12 Portillo, Lourdes (see also: Museum of Fine Art), 1988
(note to TYF from Portillo, 09/13/1988 and letter to TYF from Janet Cole, 09/19/1988, both re. the El Dia de Los Muertos Film Project)
23 13 Posada, Jos� Guadalupe, 1980
23 14 "Post Chicano," 1999
(clipping of essay by Rita Gonz�lez)
23 15 Post-Colonial California, Exhibition, San Francisco State University Art Department Art Gallery, San Francisco, California, 1995
(see also: Chagoya, Enrique; G�mez-Pe�a, Guillermo; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Rasc�n, Armando)
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
23 Posters (see also: Santos, Margaret)
23 16 Berkeley Chicano Studies Library, 1985
(list of "Posters/Prints/Reproductions;" bibliography; photocopy of essay on posters, with TYF's notes in the margins; TYF's notes on posters; "U.C. Berkeley Chicano Studies Library Non-Print Collections: A Field Study" report)
23 17 Cuban, 1979, undated
(clippings of articles; outline for "Presentation on Cuban Posters" by one of TYF's students)
23 18 General (see also: Santos, Margaret; White, Sid), 1984-1993, undated
(clippings; catalogs; typescript of "Hablamos/We speak: Contempory Chicano Posters"; letter to TYF from Margaret T. Santos, 09/01/1993; exhibition announcement; letter to TYF from Lydia [?], 01/15/1987; letter to TYF from Sid White, 01/13/1987; letter to TYF from Michael Rossman, 12/28/1986; TYF's notes on chicano posters, "Juan Fuentes", "Grafica Chicana", "The Chicano Movement: Context for Chicano Posters"; handwritten draft of letter to Sid [White] from TYF, undated; Art Journal issue on "The Poster", Spring 1984)
23 19 Mexican, 1967, 1977, 1992
23 20 Puerto Rico, 1985
(photocopy of exhibition catalog, The Poster in Puerto Rico 1946-1985, University of Puerto Rico Museum, Rio Piedras Campus)
23 21 Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center, Organization, San Francisco, California, circa 1995
23 22 Pre-Colombian Art, undated
(clippings; TYF's notes on pre-Columbians and lecture notes)
23 23 Princeton University A Chicano Arts Festival, 1982
23 Prints (see: Estampas)
23 24 Prisma, Multicultural Women's Literary Review, Department of Ethnic Studies, Mills College, California, 1979, 1982
(spring 1979 issue; invitation)
23 25 El Puente, Newsletter of the Hispanic Culture Foundation, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Vol. 5, No. 2, summer, 1993
23 26 Pujol, Ernesto, 1997
(exhibition announcement)
23 27 Quirarte, Jacinto, 1970-1990, undated
(clippings and photocopies of Quirarte's essays, one signed to TYF; TYF's notes on Quirarte LACMA lecture; project proposal; TYF's notes on Mexican art and architecture history)
23 28 Quirarte, Jacinto - A History and Appreciation of Chicano Art, 1984
(bound volume, published by Research Center for the Arts and Humanities)
23 29 Quir�z, 1973
23 30 Race and Classification: The Case of Mexican America, Symposium, Los Angeles Count Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California, 2004
(symposium announcement and invitation)
23 31 Rafael Cintron Ortiz Cultural Center, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1986
23 32 Ra�ces Antiguas/Visiones Nuevas, circa 1980
(essay by Olivier Debroise)
23 33 R�mirez, Chuck, 1999-2003
(clippings; exhibtion announcements; ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program brochure, 2002)
23 34 R�mirez, Martin, 1985-1986
(clipping; catalog, The Heart of Creation: the Art of Martin R�mirez, Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art, Philadelphi, Pennsylvania, 1985)
23 35 R�mirez, Ramon, circa 2004
23 36 Ramos, Denise, 2002
23 37 Ramos, Henry A.J., 2002-2003
(exhibition announcement; booklet)
23 38 Ramos, Juan Miguel, 2002, 2004
(exhibition announcements)
23 39 Rasca Tripas, Newsletter, La Raza Student Union, Merritt College, Oakland, California, 1970-1971
(vol. 2 nos. 1-2 Oct.-Dec. 1970; vol. 3, no. 1 Jan. 1971)
23 40 Rasc�n, Armando (see also: Blue Star Art Space; INTAR), 1987-1994
(catalog signed by Rasc�n, Xicano Anesthetic: Taking issue with Mrs. Belcher's American History Lesson, Fourth Grade, Jefferson Elemetary, Calexico, California, School Term 1966-1967, INTAR Gallery, New York, New York, 1994; exhibition announcements; clippings; press release; invitation; slide list for Occupied Aztl�n; resume)
23 Rasquache (see: Kvinta, Paul)
23 Rasquachismo, Exhibition and Symposium (see: Movimiento del Rio Salado-MARS; and Sifuentes, Roberto)
23 41 Raya, Marcos, circa 1998
23 42 Rayas, Newsletter of Chicano Arts and Literature, Albuquerque, New Mexico, No. 5, Sept.-Oct. (see also: Chicanas), 1978
23 43 La Raza, Magazine, Los Angeles, California, Vol. 2, No. 1 February, 1974
23 44 La Raza Bookstore, Organization, Sacramento, California (see also: Avalos, David; Galeria Posada; Lujan, Gilbert "Magu"), 1985-1990
(catalogs; exhibition announcements; clippings; book catalogs; brochure; newsletter: vol. 3, nos. 1 and 2, April and June 1990)
23 45-46 La Raza Graphic Arts Center, Inc., Organization, San Francisco, California (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24), 1979-1993
(2 folders)
(exhibition and event announcements; clippings; invitations; administrative documents including: "5 Year Plan, 1985-1989", financial statements, art advisory committee meeting minutes, proposals, meeting agendas; letters to TYF from Linda Lucer, Director La Raza Graphics, 03/16/1987, 04/01/1987; photocopy of letter to Linda Lucero from Moctesuma Esparza and Robert Redford, Milagro Productions, Inc., 01/19/1988)
Box Folder
24 1 La Raza Yearbook, El Barrio Communications Project, Los Angeles, California, September 1968
24 2 La Reconquista: A Post-Columbian New World, Exhibition, 3rd International Bienali Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (see also: Avalos, David; Centro Cultural de La Raza; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; S�nchez, Robert), 1992
(catalog; clippings; memo to Marian Godrey, Pew Charitable Trusts and Suzanne Sato, Rockefeller Foundation, from Vanessa Palmer, Arts International, 10/30/1992)
24 3 Reencuentros/Reencounters: Expressions of Latino Identity in the Northwest of USA, Project of Washington State/Chile Partners of the Americas (see also: Alvarez, Celia; Arreguin, Alfredo; Calderon, Mark; Trejo, Rub�n), 1993
24 4 Rel�mpagos Books, Publisher, Austin, Texas, 1985
(invoice; publications list)
24 5 Renter�a, Philip, 1977, 1980
24 6 Renato Rosaldo Lecture Series, University of Arizona, 1976-1977
24 7 Resistencia Book Store, Austin, Texas, 1986
24 8 Resolana, Annual Lecture/Retreat, Resolana Learning Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1988-1994
(administrative document: proposal; El Pregovero, Sawmill Advisory Council's newsletter, vol. 2, no. 2 August 1991; letter to TYF from [Tom�s Atencio? - illegible], 06/09/1994; bound lecture by Tom�s Atencio, with introduction by TYF)
24 9 Retablos y Ex-Votos, Exhibition, Washington State Arts Commission, 1985, 1998
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
24 10 Revelaci�nes/Revelations: Hispanic Art of Evanescence, Exhibition, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (see also: Gronk; Mart�nez, Daniel; Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Mu�oz Alvarez, Celia; Noriega, Chon), 1993
(press release; information sheets; invitations)
24 11 Revista Rio Bravo, Newsletter, Laredo, Texas, 1981-1983
(see Box 31; see also: De Le�n, Nephtal� Goldman, Shifra; Pe�a, Amado)
(vol. 1, nos. 1 - 3, Winter, Limited Edition, Fall, 1981; vol 2, nos. 1 - 2, Spring 1982, final issue 1983)
24 Reyes, Felipe
24 12-13 Slides (see also: Con Safo Group), 1974-1990, undated
(2 folders)
(slides of works of art and of Reyes and other people)
24 14 Para Gente Magaz�n, 1972
(vol. 2, no. 4 April 1972 with art by Reyes)
24 15 Rifarte II, Poetry Reading and Exhibition, San Francisco, California (see also: Herrera, Juan Felipe), 1985
24 16 Rio Grande Weaving, 1979, 1981
24 17 Rios, Diego Marcial, Printmaker, 1984-1990, undated
(see also: Heisley, Michael)
(exhibition announcements; slides of works of art; letters to TYF from Rios, circa 06/1987, 06/09/1988, 06/24/1988, 06/27/1988, circa 07/1988, 07/20/1988, 07/24/1988, 09/16/1988, 10/15/1988, 01/22/1989, 01/30/1989, 05/01/1989, 04/24/1990, 05/26/1990, undated; TYF's notes on Rios; resumes; clippings)
24 18 Rios, Richard and Graciela, 1981-1989
(clippings; exhibition announcement; resume; list of art works for sale)
24 19 Rivera, Diego, 1984-1988
(catalog with forward by TYF; chronology of Rivera's life; invitation; City of San Francisco's celebration of the 100th anniversary of Rivera's birthday program; exhibition announcement; clippings)
24 20 Rivera, George (see also: Colorado; Lucy R. Lippard Papers), circa 1992-2001
(slides of works of art; exhibition announcements; clippings; catalogs; resume; catalog with introduction by Lucy R. Lippard)
24 21 Rivera, Gregorio, 1990-1991
(slides of works of art; note to TYF from Rivera, 02/10/1991; artist's statement)
24 22 Rivera, Gustavo Ramos (see also: Ancient Roots/New Visions), 1979-1994, undated
(exhibition announcements)
24 23 The Road to Aztl�n: Art From a Mythic Homeland, Exhibition, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia; Zamudia-Taylor, Victor), 2001
(clippings; exhibition announcement; photocopies of sections from the catalog: front matter, essays by Amalia Mesa-Bains and Victor Zamudio-Taylor)
24 24 Robleto, Dario, 1997-2004
(clippings, ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program 2000 brochures)
24 25 Rodr�guez, Anita, 1988, circa post-1996
24 26 Rodr�guez, Artemio (see also: Galer�a sin Fronteras), 1999, 2002
(invitation; clipping)
24 27 Rodr�guez, Diana (see also: Alfaro, Luis), 1977
(wedding invitation)
24 28 Rodr�guez, Eugene, 2000, 2004
(essay by Rodr�guez; letter to TYF from Rodr�guez, 10/04/2004; catalog and press packet for the exhibition The Middle of Somewhere, Gallery 49, New York, New York, 2004; press packet includes exhibition announcement, press release; clipping; 2 CD-ROMs; resume; and color photographs of works of art)
24 29 Rodr�guez, Freddy, 1990
(exhibition announcement; letter to TYF from Antonia Hern�ndez, President and General Counsel, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 04/27/1990)
24 30 Rodr�guez, Jes�s, 1972, 1977
(letter to Rodr�guez from Joseph L. McCarthy, Dean, Graduate School Office, University of Washington, 04/17/1972, cc: TYF; letter to TYF from Rodr�guez, 03/10/1977)
24 31 Rodr�guez Guerra, Jos� Luis, 1989, 2004
(exhibition announcements; invitations)
24 32 Rodr�guez, Isis, 2002
(essay by Rodr�guez)
24 33 Rodr�guez, Laura, 1988
(photocopy of letter to "Whom it May Concern" from TYF, 09/12/1988, in support of a film being made by Rodr�guez)
24 34 Rodr�guez, Patricia (see also: Alters - Arte Chicano; Chicano Studies), 1981-1992
(resume; clippings; exhibition announcements; handwritten and typescript drafts of essay on Rodr�guez by TYF; TYF's notes on Rodr�guez; catalogs; resume; clippings; letter to TYF from Rodr�guez, 06/07/1983; exhibition poster with note to TYF from Rodr�guez on the back, circa 01/1982)
24 35 Rodr�guez, Pedro (Peter) A. (see also: Mesa-Bains, Amalia), 1975-1992, undated
(exhibition announcements; Christmas card to TYF and Dudley from Rodr�guez, 12/1991; drawing by Rodr�guez; clippings; letter to TYF from Rodr�guez, 11/29/1992; b/w photograph of Rodr�guez; catalogs; note to TYF from Rodr�guez, undated; photocopy of galley proof for Who's Who in American Art; letter to TYF from Rodr�guez, 10/24/1983; resume; postcard to TYF from Rodr�guez, 02/02/1989)
24 36 Romano, Octavio Ignacio, 1960-1968, undated
(clippings; typescripts of essays; reprint of essay; "Chicano crossword")
24 37 Romero, Alejandro (see also: Galer�a sin Fronteras; Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum), 1986-1991, undated
(exhibition announcements; artist biography; catalog; "Chicano Art Exhibition Panel Member's List" including TYF's name)
24 38 Romero Cash, Marie, 2003
(exhibition announcement)
24 39 Romero, Ann, 1983
24 40 Romero, Frank (see also: Los Four; Luj�n, Gilbert Sanchez; Garza, Carmen Lomas; Mart�n�z, C�sar; Vargas, Kathy; OV 32), 1984, 1993
(clippings; oversize exhibition poster; exhibition anouncement)
24 Rosado, Angel Suarez (see: Suarez, Angel)
24 Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF)
24 41-43 General, 1976-1998, undated
(3 folders; see also: Centro de Artistas Chicanos; Goldman, Shifra; La Raza Bookstore; Montoya, Jos�; Murals; Box 30)
(TYF's notes on RCAF; clippings; photographs of works of art; flyers; Neighborhood Art Programs National Organizing Committee (NAPNOC) case study of the Centro de Artistas Chicanos; La Raza Bookstore publication catalog; exhibition announcements; Centro de Artistas Chicanos history; essay by Sam Rios, Dept. of Anthropology, California State University; photocopy of photograph of the RCAF group; letter to TYF from Sam Rios, 09/1981; oversized clippings from 1975 Calandario Chicano; letter to TYF from Mary Malit, Museum Secretary Crocker Art Museum, 04/29/1985, re. catalog/brochure on the 1983 Centro de Artistas Chicanos exhibition; typescript of essay by Shifra Goldman, "Chicano Art Looking Backward"; theater performance poster; letter to TYF from [?] Romo, 01/20/1978, re. TYF's participation in a poetry reading; booklet with short writings by Ricardo Favel, Jos� Montoya, Luis Valdez; photocopy of poem by Jos� Montoya; part of Ricardo Favela's Masters Thesis on the RCAF Retrospective Poster Art Exhibition)
24 44 Murals/SACTO, Notes, 1973, undated
(book of Chicano poetry and art: Poemasomenos De Sacra, La Raza Bookstore, Sacramento, California, 1973; TYF's notes: list of sources, handwritten introduction for "The Chicano Mural Movement"; Centro de Artistas Chicanos illustration, "Chicano Brain Cell En El Mar"; extract from an essay, "El Movimiento de Artista Chicano" by Olga M. Mart�nez)
24 45 Ru�z, Alma, 2002
(note to TYF from Ru�z, 01/16/2002)
24 46 Ru�z-Bayon, Patricia, 1991-1993
(artist's statements; illustrations of installations; letter to Ru�-Bayon from TYF, 03/23/1993; letter to TYF from Ru�z-Bayon, 02/08/1993; resume; information about an exhibition in Poland; clippings)
Box Folder
25 1 Sacramento, California, 1976-1985
25 2 Sala Diaz, Residence of Alejandro Diaz, Converted into Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, 2000
25 3 Salazar, Daniel, circa 1995
(notecards with Salazar's art work)
25 4 Salda�a, Martin, 1977, undated
(clippings; TYF's notes - 2 reference notes)
25 Sald�var, Jos� David (see: Montoya, Jos�)
25 5 Salinas, Ra�l, 1994
(letter to TYF from Luis Mendoza, 05/17/1994, re. the "Salinas archives")
25 6 Salud, Dinero y Amor y Tiempo Para Gozarlos, Exhibition, Department of Health Education and Welfare, Washington, DC, undated
(exhibition booklet)
25 7 A Salute to Latinas in the Arts (see also: Alicia, Juana; Castillo, Ana; Hern�ndez, Ester; Lomas Garza, Carmen; L�pez, Yolanda; Portillo, Lourdes), 1993
(issue of the journal Contemporary Political Analysis & Left Dialogue)
25 8 Salvo, Dana, 1987-1990
(see also: Altars; Photography; Box 31)
(clippings; resume; essays on Salvo's work; press releases; exhibition announcements; oversize exhibition poster; postcard to TYF from Pancho, 08/11/1990; letter to TYF from Salvo, 04/18/1989; letter to Salvo from Juan [illegible], Scheinbaum & Russek Dealers of Rare and Contemporary Photography, 04/06/1990; color photographs by Salvo, contact prints)
25 9 San Anto Cultural Arts, 2000
25 10-11 San Diego, California (see also: Avalos, David; Centro Cultural de La Raza), 1983-1985
(2 folders; clippings; brochures)
25 12 San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, California, 1975-1976
(catlogs; exhibition announcement; clipping)
25 13 San Jose State University, San Jose, California, 1982
(catalog; exhibition announcement; press release)
25 14 S�nchez, Marta, 2001-2003
(clipping; exhibition announcements; resume; Christmas card to TYF from S�nchez)
25 15 S�nchez, Robert, 1982, 1986
(catalog; artist's statement)
25 16 S�nchez-Tranquilino, Marcos, 1987-1993, undated
(clippings; note to TYF from S�nchez-Tranquilino, 11/11/1991; outline for proposed book and photocopies of letters from S�nchez-Tranquilino to Cecelia F. Klein, Jodi Callan, Rev. William J. Donnelly; letters to TYF from S�nchez-Tranquilino, 09/23/1991, 10/07/1992, 01/24/1992; resume)
25 17 Sandoval, Carlos (see also: Colorado), 1980
25 18 Sandoval, Ron, 1982
25 19 Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, California (see also: Goldman, Shifra), 1984, undated
(exhibition announcement; catalog essay by Shifra Goldman; exhibition poster)
25 20 Santeros (San Isidro Labrador), circa 2003
(postcard to Dudley Brooks from [illegible], undated)
25 21 Santistevan, Carlos Antonio, undated
25 Santos y Santeros, 1951-1983, undated
25 22 Colorado (see also: Colorado), 1951
25 23-25 General, circa 1970-1993
(3 folders)
(clippings; TYF's notes on saints; student essays; TYF's notes on an exhibition; catalogs; exhibition announcement; pictures of saints; TYF's notes: bibliography, and on Jos� Rafael Arag�n)
25 26 New Mexico (see also: Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24), 1977-1993
(catalog; exhibition announcements; clippings; press release)
25 27 Santos, Margaret (see also: Posters), undated
(list of posters)
25 28 Santoyo, Luis, 1980
(exhibition booklet; National Hispanic Heritage Week programs)
25 29 Saucedo, Jos� (see also: Theater), 1995
(fundraising event announcement)
25 30 "Secular Santos," 2003
(essay by Monica Garza)
25 31-34 Self-Help Graphics, Organization, Los Angeles, California, 1980-2004, undated
(4 folders; see also: Carrasco, Barbara; Delgado, Roberto; Galer�a Otra Vez; Gamboa, Diane; Garc�a, Margaret; Goldman, Shifra; Gronk; Healy, Wayne; Hernandez, Ester; Luj�n, Magu; Valadez, John; Valdez, Patssi)
(exhibition announcements; catalogs; program brochures; clippings; event announcements; workshop schedule; organization history; bound volume, Self-Help Graphics & Art Celebrating 30 Years "In the Heart of East LA"; press release; invitations; catalog, Across the Street: Self-Help Graphics and Chicano Art in los Angeles, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, California, 1995; newsletter, Winter 2002; generic letter to TYF from Tomas Benitez, Director Self-Help Graphics, 06/06/2003; 2 numbered prints by [Wayne] Healy, 2002)
25 35 Seminario Permanente de Estudios Chicano y de Fronteras, Seminar, El Museo de El Carmen, Mexico, 1989
(booklet; schedule)
25 36 Sep�lveda, Artemio (see also: Goldman, Shifra), 1982, undated
(clippings, one by Shifra Goldman)
25 37 17 Artists: Hispano/Mexican-American/Chicano, Exhibition, Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio, Texas, and Elsewhere (see also: The Mexican Museum; Quirarte, Jacinto), 1976-1977
(2 catalogs, from Witte Memorial Museum, and The Mexican Museum, introduction by Jacinto Quirarte)
25 38 Los Siete de la Raza, circa 1969
(booklet, Basta Ya! The Story of Los Siete de la Raza)
25 39 Sifuentes, Roberto (see also: Rasquachismo), undated
(Spanish translation of TYF's essay, Rasquachismo: A Chicano Sensibility and receipt)
25 40 Sig�enza, Herbert (see also: Carrillo, Graciela; Fusco, Coco; Mission Cultural Center), 1980
(catalog with note to TYF from PR; exhibition announcements)
25 41 Silva, Ernest, 1981
25 42 Sin Nombre: Hispana and Hispano Artists of the New Deal Era, Exhibition, Museum of New Mexcio Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico (see also: Flore y Canto: Reflections From Nuevo Mexico), 1999, 2001
(clippings; exhibition announcement; catalog; self-guided tour booklet; artist list; report - fax; Christmas card to TYF from Tey Marianna Nunn and Jim Ross, 2001)
25 43 Siqueiros, David Alfaro, Painter (1896-1974; see also: Goldman, Shifra; Trevi�o, Jes�s), 1977-1978
(clippings of essays by Shifra Goldman and Jes�s Trevi�o; catalog)
25 Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 1994-1997
25 44 Asian American A***, 1997, circa 1997
(clipping; fellowship announcement)
25 45 Hamlet Paoletti, 1996
(memo to TYF Chair, Latino Oversight Committee, from Miguel Bretos, Counselor to the Secretary, re. memo to TYF from Hamlet Paoletti, Chair Latino Working Committee, 11/25/1996)
25 46 Hispanic Heritage Month Schedule of Events, 1997
(calendar of events)
25 47 Hispanic Initiative Meeting, 1994
(memo summarizing May 3, 1994 meeting; photocopies of pages from calendar; National Museum of American History Organization Chart)
25 48 Institute of the Americas Draft, 1997
(draft of proposal for an organization to be formed within the Smithsonian)
25 49 "Latino Cultural Organizations and the Smithsonian: A Conversation,," 1997
(meeting of Latino Cultural Organizations, 05/09/1997, The Smithsonian Institution, 1100 Jefferson Drive, S.W., Washington D.C.; summary written by TYF; typed transcript of the meeting)
25 50 Latino Graduate Training Seminar, 1996
(seminar announcement; seminar packet)
25 51 Latino Graduate Training Seminar, 1997
(letter to TYF from Magdalena Mieri, 05/12/1997, re. TYF's participation; agenda; information on the participants; brochure)
25 52 Latino Museums: A National Conversation, Symposium (October 24 1996), 1996-1997
(TYF's notes from the symposium; memo with attached information planned events planned for 1998 sesquisentennial of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, centennial Spanish-American War, etc., 10/18/1996; invitation; memo with attached agenda, biographies of participants and museum mission statements; typescript of address given by Luis R. Cancel; fax to Smithsonian Friends from Edmundo DeLeon, The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, 01/10/1997, with attachments providing "information on the commission, initiative and the report"; Latino Studies Center Proposed Budget - fax)
25 53 "Latino Museums and the Smithsonian,," 1996, circa 1998, undated
(clipping of essay, "A Place at the Table: Latino Museums and the Smithsonian Institution" by Jonathan Yorba; 1 page of TYF's notes from a Latino Oversight Committee meeting; application statements for the 1996 Latino Graduate Training Seminar)
Box Folder
26 Smithsonian Institution continued
26 1 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 03/09/1995), 1994-1996
(meeting agenda; photocopy of letter to TYF from I. Michael Heyman, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, 02/27/1995 re. formation of the Latino Oversight Committee with enclosures; letter to I. Michael Heyman from TYF, 03/06/1995; letter to I. Michael Heyman from John E. Huerta, 03/21/1995, cc: TYF; typescript of I. Michael Heyman's installation address; Smithsonian Institution fact sheets; letter to Contance Berry Newman, Under Secretary Smithsonian Institution, from TYF, 01/31/1996, photocopy; letter to Miguel Bretos from Gilberto Cardenas, 02/26/1995, cc: TYF; faxes to and from members of the committee)
26 2 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 08/09/1995; see also: Smithsonian - Willful Neglect), 1994-1995
(memo to Members, Oversight Committee from Miguel Bretos, 08/09/1995; other memos not directed to TYF but regarding the LOC and the Report of the Latino Task Force; Smithsonian Institution Marketing Study Final Report; LOC meeting minutes, 05/12/1995 and 07/24/1995)
26 3 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 09/19/1995), 1995
(photocopy of letter to Eric Reuther from TYF, 09/08/1995; photocopy of letter to I. Michael Heyman from TYF, 09/08/1995; minutes of conference call, 08/14/1995; clippings; meeting minutes, 09/19/1995; memo to LOC from Miguel Bretos, 11/06/1995; letter to TYF from I. Michael Heyman, 06/03/1996)
26 4 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 01/12/1996), 1996
(draft agenda)
26 5 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 03/06/1996), 1996
(fax to TYF from Neil G. Kotler, 03/05/1996, with clipping; photocopy of memo to Miguel Bretos from Gilbert Cardenas, 02/08/1996, re. Latino Pool Funds/Feasibility Study-Revisions; draft agenda; press release; meeting miutes; proposal for the creation of a: Center for Latin American Research in Anthropology - CLARA, draft)
26 6 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 03/18/1996), 1996
(packet with agenda, minutes, letter to the Under Secretary from the Chair, Latino Pool Awards, Feasibility Study letter, IUP Latino Gradfuate Semiar announcement; FY '95 Latino Pool Project Accomplishment Summary and Reports, Latino Newsletter, 150th Birthday Celebration Press Materials, schedule and list of Smithsonian Los Angeles Exhibition objects; fax to TYF from Miguel Bretos, 03/15/1996, with clipping)
26 7 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 05/04/1996), 1996
(typescript of address given by I. Michael Heyman to the American Association of Museums, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 05/04/1996; clipping)
26 8 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 05/15/1996), 1996
(memo to members - LOC, from Miguel Bretos, 05/15/1996, and enclosures: agenda, meeting minutes, responses to Latino Task Force Recommendation, 1995 Latino Pool Accomplishments; essay by Sul� Greg C. Wilson; "Recommendations made by members of the LOC, 05/20/1996; responses to Latino Task Force Recommendations with notes made by TYF; letters to TYF from Council on Foundations, 04/29/1996 fax, 05/10/1996 fax, and travel itinerary, all re. Philanthropy on the Mexico/United States Border: A Conference on Binational Collaboration and social Investment; meeting minutes)
26 9 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 06/24/1996), 1996
(Smithsonian Total Labor Force, 1990-1995)
26 10 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 08/5-6/1996), 1996
(letter to TYF from Magdalena Mieri, Center for Museum Studies, Smithsonian Institution, 07/16/1996; memo to LOC from Katherine Kirlin, LOC Liaison, 07/22/1996 fax; memo to LOC from Miguel Bretos, 07/29/1996; meeting agenda; meeting packet: agenda, mintues, letter from Rex Ellis, "Latinos in the Smithsonian Revisited: An Interim Report")
26 11 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 08/14/1996), 1996
(fax to TYF from Emily Gantz KcKay, Mosaica, 08/14/1996 with attached letter signed by TYF)
26 12 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 09/19/1996), 1996
(agendas; clipping; meeting minutes; meeting packet: agendas, meeting minutes, calendar of dates; memo to TYF from Miguel Bretos, 09/17/1996; letter to TYF from Sarita Rodriguez, 08/20/1996; "Teodoro Vidal Collection Categories" list; E Pluribus Unum: This Divine Paradox: Report of the Commission on the Future of the Smithsonian Institution)
26 13 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 10/02/1996), 1996
(memo to LOC from Miguel Bretos and Katharine Kirlin, 10/02/1996 fax; clipping)
26 14 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 10/24-25/1996), 1996
(fax to TYF from Katherine Kirlin, 09/27/1996, with memos to LOC from Miguel Bretos and draft agenda; Latino Museum Directors' Meeting minutes)
26 15 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 11/13/1996), 1996
(memo to LOC from Miguel Bretos, 11/13/1996 fax; letter to Jos� Aguayo from Miguel Bretos, 11/06/1996 cc: TYF; letter to Miguel Bretos from Jos� Aguayo, 11/05/1996 cc: TYF; fax to Neil Kotler from TYF, 11/22/1996, with attached letter signed by TYF)
26 16 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 11/19/1996), 1996
(memo to LOC from Miguel Bretos, 11/19/1996; memos to Miguel Bretos re. comments on the LOC Mid-term Report; Latino Museums: A National Conversation)
26 17 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 01/13/1997), 1996-1997
(menu; memo to LOC from Migeul Bretos, 12/30/1996 with agenda; meeting packet with agenda, meeting minutes, "resonses to LOC's mid-term Report", Elena Mayberry memo, Latino Musuem Directors Meeting--Roster of Attendees and Letters from Museums after the symposium, LOC address list; meeting minutes; Latino Program Committee Report; Smithsonian Institution Latino Employment Plan; TYF's notes on the report; report, Latinos in the Smithsonian Revisited; memo to LOC from Miguel Bretos, 02/24/1997 with fax attachment; agenda; meeting minutes; letters to Miguel Bretos, re. the Latino Museums symposium)
26 18 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 01/30/1997), 1997
(memo to LOC from Miguel Bretos, 01/30/1997 fax with attachement)
26 19 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 03/9-10/1997), 1997
(agenda; letter to Hamlet Paoletti from David F. Morrell, 01/23/1997 cc: TYF; memo to TYF et al. from Anna Cohn and Anne Gossett, 02/25/1997)
26 20 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 05/8-9/1997), 1997
(outlines of LOC Final Report; faxes to LOC members re. May 8-9 meeting, including agenda; letter to TYF from Miguel Bretos, 04/06/1997 fax; meeting minutes; "Humanities Fellowships on Latino Cultural Research in a National Museum Context: Issues of Representation and Interpretation - Implementation Process"; "Rockefeller Humanities Fellowships Smithsonian Institution Inter University Program for Latino Research - Invited Museums list; "Latino Studies Center Notes, Concept, Components & Floor Plan, Budget"; clippings)
26 21 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 06/25-26/1997), 1997
(agenda; meeting minutes; "Latino Cultural Organizations and the Smithsonian: A Conversation - Quotes and Concepts"; "Latino Museum Directors' Recommendations to the Smithsonain Institution"; clippings; memo to TYF from Katherine Kirlin, 05/12/1997 fax)
26 22 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 07/31-08/31/1997), 1997
(agenda; letter to TYF from Jonathan Yorba, 07/29/1997; TYF's notes; "prospectus for the establishment of a Center for Latino Studies and Culture at the Smithsonian Institution"; exhibit proposal)
26 23 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC 08/27/1997), 1997
(draft of final report)
26 24 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC) Consulation Meeting with Congressional Hispanic Committee, 1997
(MS PowerPoint slides; clipping; letter to I. Michael Heyman from TYF, 06/26/1997; printed e-mail re. "Smithsonian Adds Latino Center")
26 25 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC) Mid-term Report, 1995-1996
(bound copy of the report; draft of report; memo to TYF from Eric Reuther, Office of Rep. Esteban E. Torres, 09/20/1996; letters to Eric Reuther and to I. Michael Heyman, from TYF, both 09/08/1995; letter to TYF from I. Michael Heyman, 09/10/1996)
26 26 Latino Affairs Oversight Committee (LOC) Press Conference, 1997
(agenda; typescripts of TYF's and others' remarks)
26 27 Latino Programs at the National Museum of American History, 1995-1996
(brochures; booklets; final and interim reports, 1996 Senior-junior Program for Latina/o Research; funding proposal for Latino Culture in the Unitedc States; event schedule; letter to TYF from Kristin C. Felch, Latino Initiative Project Manager, National Museum of American History, 11/25/1996; meeting minutes)
26 28 Latino Working Committee, 1994, 1995
(summary of Latino Working Committee 12/7/1994 meeting; meeting agenda; typescript of opening comments by Manuel J. Melendez; committee mission and goals; note to TYF from Manuel [Melendez], undated prior to 06/28/1995 with enclosure; event announcements)
26 29 Museum of the American Indian, 1994-1995
(meeting notes; press release with TYF's notes on the back; memo to TYF from Neil Kotler, 08/16/1995)
26 30 Museum of the Americas, 1996-1997
(viewer comments on America's Smithsonian exhibition; case statement for proposed Museum of the Americas)
26 31 National Museum of American Art - "Hispanic American Art,," undated
(see also: Quirarte, Jacinto)
(collection guide, with introduction by Jacinto Quirarte, undated [post-1970])
26 32 Nuestros Caminos/Nuestros Historias, Exhibition, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES; see also: Photography), 2004
(exhibition booklet; exhibition announcement; invitation)
26 33 Regent Ib��ez Letter, 1995
(letter to Michael Heyman from Manuel Ib��ez, President Texas A & M University, 12/07/1995)
26 34 La Smithsonian, Smithsonian Institution Latino Affairs Newsletter, Vol. 1, nos. 1-2, 1995
26 35 Smithsonian Boards, 1995
(memo from Miguel Bretos, 07/25/1995, requesting rosters of boards and or advisory committes at the Smithsonian)
26 36 Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives, 1999-2002
( The Interpretation and Representation of Latino Cultures: Research and Museums conference publication; letter to TYF from Rufigio I. Rochin, Director Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives, 02/07/2001; event and exhibition announcements; calendars of events; Encuentros Latino America at the Smithsonian Stregic Plan for 2000-2003 draft; brochures; clippings; press release; Latino Virtual Gallery CD-ROM)
26 37 La Smithsonian y la Comunidad Hispana, 1997
(press releases)
26 38 Social Analysis of Chicano Art Exhibitions, 1982-1994 Bibliography, circa 1994
26 39 Toward a Shared Vision, 1997
(final Report of the Latino Oversight Committee; bound volume)
26 40 Willful Neglect, 1994
(report of the Smithsonian Institution Task Force on Latino Issues, Willful Neglect: The Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Latinos and "A Very Great Mistake"; draft and final bound copy)
Box Folder
27 1-5 Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), Organization, Venice, California (see also: ADOBE LA; Altars; Baca, Judith; California Chicano Mural Primer Project; Cockroft, Eva, Gamboa, Harry, Jr.; Lopez, Yolanda; Murals; Valadez, John), 1980-2004, undated
(4 folders)
(1985 and 1987 California Chicano Murals calendars; brochures; event and exhibition announcements; Saludos advertising supplement to the Miami Herald, July 22-29 1984; invitations; letter to TYF from Holly Barnet-Sanchez and Marcos Sanchez-Tranquilino, 06/03/1984, re. California Chicano Mural Primer project; press releases; letter to TYF from Sandra Macphee, intern, California Chicano Mural Project, 08/16/1984; clippings; Calfornia Chicano Mural Primer project prospectus; TYF's notes on SPARC (1/2 p.); clippings, blank postcards and brochures re. Judy Baca's Great Wall of Los Angeles; two walking tour/guide booklets to the Great Wall of Los Angeles; SPARC's California Chicano Mural Documentation Project essay; photocopy of letter to Judith Baca from TYF, 09/09/1986; letters to TYF from Judith Baca, 07/02/1986 and 08/12/1986; publication announcement for Signs From the Heart: California Chicano Murals; lecture series schedule; letter to TYF from Holly [Barnet-Sanchez], 02/02/1987; letter to TYF from Judith Baca, 07/07/1988; photocopy of draft of TYF's "Art Chicano: Images of a Community"; letter to TYF from Eva Cockroft, 07/22/1989; Cultural Explainers; Portals, Bridges and Gateways exhibition announcement and project explanation; color photographs of murals; informational pages on SPARC; form letters re. membership; catalogs; "Great Walls Unlimited: Neighborhood Pride" information packet with program overview, participating artists, mural locations, staff biographies, and clippings; clippings of essays by Judy Baca; SPARC Education Mural Resource and Materials Catalog, Summer 1995; clipping of essay by Eva Cockroft, "Resisting the Whitewash: the Socially Active Art of 'el Maestro,' Chicanos and the Walls"; SPARCPLUG newsletter: vol. 1, no. 2 May/June 1991; vol. 2, nos. 1-3 October-May 1991)
27 6 Society for Art Publications of the Americas, Organization, San Francisco, California, 1984-1985
(prospectus for Arts Meridian: A Cultural Journal of the Americas, to be published by the Society for Art Publications of the Americas; letters to TYF from Anne-Trueblood Brodzky, Vice-Chair Society for Art Publications of the Americas, 12/09/1984, 06/13/1984, 09/10/1984; press releases; event announcements; letter to TYF from Anne [Brodsky], 06/13/1984; symposia information)
27 7 Somos, 1978-1979
(magazine, clippings)
27 8 Somos Aztl�n, Quarterly Art Magazine, Denver, Colorado, May 1983
27 9 Sor Juana Festival, Chicago, Illinois, 1994
(festival booklet with schedule of events)
27 10 Sorell, Victor, 1984-circa 1994, undated
(resume; photocopy of letter of recommendation to Milton Gordon, Chicago State University, from TYF on behalf of Sorell, 01/21/1986; Sorell's application for a position at Chicago State University; letter to TYF from Sorell, 10/10/1989; note to TYF from Sorrell, undated; TYF's notes: "1st Ramblings Verbal/Visual Representation in Chicano Espressive Culture"; TYF's event announcements; photocopy of letter to the Newberry Library Center for Renaissnce Studies from TYF, 02/27/1989, recommending Sorell as a candidate for the Center's Summer Institute; notes from a seminar; letter to Holly Barnet Sanchez from Sorell, 01/04/1989, cc: TYF; photocopy of letter to Jos� Rivera, Southwest Hispanic Research Institute, University of New Mexico, from Sorell, 01/09/1989, recommending TYF for residency as Rockefeller Fellow; information on a panel co-directed by Sorell and TYF in an NEH seminar; essays by Sorrell, "Ends and Means of the Contemporary Public Mural: Toward a General Theory" and "Her Presence in Her Absence: New Mexican Images of La Guadalupana")
27 11 Soto, Gary, circa 1986
27 12 Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, California, 1966, 1971-1986
(clippings; festival announcement and schedule; Southwest Museum Leaflets: No. 31, 1966: The Spanish and Mexican Ranchos of San Fernando Valley)
27 13 Spanish Colonial Arts Society, 1995, circa 2001, 2002
( Spanish Market, magazine of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society, July 1995; invitation; newsletter, vol. 1, no. 1)
27 14 Spanish Remnants: Borders Real and Imagined, Exhibition, Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio, Texas (see also: Blue Star Art Space), 1992-1993
(exhibition announcement; catalog)
27 15 Stellweg, Carla, 1989
(letter to TYF from Stellweg, 06/13/1989; press releases)
27 16 Student Movement, 1988
27 17 Suarez, Angel, 1982-1986, undated
(exhibition announcements; clippings; resumes)
27 18 Suarez, Mario, 1985, undated
(letter to TYF from Suarez, 03/26/1985; clipping; photocopy of essay by Suarez)
27 19 Los Tainos, undated
(partial exhibition prospectus, circa post 1992)
27 20 El Taller de Grafica Popular en M�xico (see also: United Farm Workers), 1973, undated
(brochures and booklets; book by Jon Lewis, From This Earth...of the Delano Grape Strike, 1969 [self-published?]; clipping)
27 21 El Taller Grafico, 1982-1987, undated
(monograph, Historia del Arte Mexicano, Salvat Mexicana de Ediciones, S.A. de C.V., 1982; exhibition checklist; TYF's notes on El Taller de Grafica Popular; catalog; clipping)
27 22 Talleres en Fronteras, Exhibition, Weil Gallery, Corpus Christi State University, Texas, 1993
27 23 Tanguma, Leo, 1974, 1980
27 24 Tapia, Luis (see also: Quirarte, Jacinto), 2002
(catalog with note to TYF from Tapia and introduction by Jacinto Quirarte; resume)
27 25-28 Task Force on Hispanic American Arts (see also: Quirarte, Jacinto), 1960, 1978-1981
(4 folders)
(reports; clippings; TYF's notes on proposal writing, people and organizations; handwritten draft of A Hispanic Plan of Action for the Humanities and the Arts in the 1980s; agendas; typed transcript of a symposium session; letter to TYF from W.J. Findeisen, 08/13/1979, re. TYF's promotion to Assistant Professor; letter to TYF from Alexander L. Fetter, 08/09/1979, re. TYF's appointment as Freshman Advisor; essay proposal; report of the Meeting of Historians and Critics of Chicano Art, San Antonio, Texas)
27 29 Task Force on Hispanic American Arts - Symposium on the Hispanic American Aesthetic, undated
(symposium agenda and abstract)
27 30 Tattoos, 1976-1981
27 31 Tavizonee Salas, Sean, 1993
(letter to TYF from Tavizonee, 03/01/1993; project proposal; essays by Tavizonee)
27 32 La Tertulia, Newsletter, Southwest Studies Program, Colorado College, 1986-1987
(vol. 2, nos. 1 & 2 Spring & Fall, 1986; vol. 3, no. 1 Spring 1987)
27 Texas - Arte Chicano
27 33 Conferencia de la Plastica Chicana, 1979
(conference announcement and schedule; catalog; see also: OV 32)
27 34 Essay (see also: Folk Art), undated
(abstract of a proposal for a panel addressing the future of Chicano Art; TYF's notes on folk art with names of specialists and bibliographic information)
27 35-37 General, 1964-1990
(see also: Amado, Jesse; Barraza, Santa; Brise�o, Rolando; Casas, mel; Lomas Garza, Carmen; Gonz�lez, Robert; Huerta, Benito; Mart�nez, C�sar; Quirarte, Jacinto; Reyes, Felipe; Trevi�o, Jesse; Box 30)
(lists of artists; clippings; letter to TYF from Charles Richard Carlisle, Southwest Texas State University, 08/01/1980; catalogs; press release; generic letter to members of Xochil Art Institute from Xavier Gorena, 03/1982; letter to TYF from Ida Rodr�guez Prampolini, 08/05/1982; letter to TYF from Ricardo Rodr�guez Burgess, 08/25/1982; letter to TYF from Jaime Labastida, 08/13/1982; event and exhibition announcements; catalog, New Works By Austin Artists with inscription to TYF from Santa Barraza; catalogs: Houston Hispanic Artists: New Views, The Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, 1987; and Arte Entre Nosotros: Mexican American Folk Art of San Antonio, San Antonio Museum of Art and Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas, 1986; catalog, Tejanos: artistas Mexicano-norteamericanos, 1990, with text by Jacinto Quirarte; letter to TYF from Harwood Hinton, Editor, Texas State Historical Association Handbook of Texas; essays)
27 38 Texas Folklife Resources, Newsletter, 1987-1989
(vol. 2, no. 2 August, 1987; vol. 3, no. 3 October 1988; vol. 4, no. 1 February 1989)
27 39 Texas - San Antonio, 1974-1984
(catalog; clippings; TYF's notes on various artists and on art in San Antonio; exhibition announcements; working script of "Hispanic Cultural Influence on San Antonio" A Multi Media Presentation San Antonio Museum Association)
27 40 Texas Murals: San Antonio Texas Mural (see also: Murals), undated
27 41 Texas - San Antonio Instituto Cultural Mexicano, 1986
(clipping; lecture announcement)
27 42 Texas - Texas Art, 1978, undated
(clippings; photographic print; typescript draft of essay by TYF, "Houston Hispanic Artists: New Views"; catalogs; invitation; exhibition announcement)
Box Folder
28 1 Theater (see also: Performance Art), undated
("Manifesto del Teatro Nacional de Aztl�n; TYF's notes on theater: history, practic and theory; outline for "Teatro Chicano: A Dialogue"; course materials for Literatura Chicana 153, taught by TYF)
28 2 Tin-Tan, Magazine, San Francisco, California, 1975
(see also: Box 30)
(vol. 1, nos. 1 & 2; issue 5, Verano 1997)
28 3 Torres, Salvador Roberto, 1973-1981, undated
(letters to TYF from Torres, 04/13/1981 and undated; resumes; clippings; photocopies of documents re. Torres' work with solar sculpture)
28 4 Toward Revolutionary Art (TRA), Magazine, San Francisco, California, 1975-1976
(vol. 2, no. 2 1975; vol. 3, no. 1 1976)
28 5 A Trav�s de la Frontera, Exhibition, Centro de Estudios Economicos Y Sociales de tercer Mundo, A.C., Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas U.N.A.M., 1983
(monograph, A Travers de la Frontera, 1983; catalog; conference booklet, "Issues in Chicano Studies and Community Development," National Association for Chicano Studies Northern California Regional Conference, University of Santa Clara, California; theater program; letter to TYF from Hayd�e Figoli, Centro de Estudios Economicos y Sociales del Tercer Mundo, 06/06/1983; clippings)
28 6-7 Trejo, Rub�n, 1985-1993
(2 folders)
(resumes; partial grant application; clippings; exhibition announcements; note to TYF and Dudley from Trejo, 08/29/1986; TYF's notes on Trejo; multiple drafts of essay, "Chicano Humor: For Whom the Taco Bell Tolls," by Trejo one with Trejo's doodles on the last page; color photographs and slides of Trejo's works and of Trejo; letter to TYF from Karan Hattersley-Drayton, The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 10/7/1988; catalog essay by TYF about Trejo; note to TYF from Trejo, circa 09/1999 written on a clipping; catalogs; letter to TYF from James Rosengren, Eastern Washington University, 07/14/1993; catalog, Breaking Borders, St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1997 - inscribed to TYF by Trejo, 1999)
28 8 Trevi�o, Jesse, 1976-circa 1995
(clippings; blank notecard with Trevi�o's art; invitation; transcript of interview of Trevi�o by Sarah Massey, University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures)
28 9 Trevi�o, Jes�s, 1991-1994
(Christmas cards; essay, "Dialogue of a Community Artist La Antorch de Questzalcoatl" by Felix Padron)
28 10 Trevi�o, Jos� Francisco, 1999
(exhibition announcement)
28 11 Trevi�o, Modesta, First International Public Art and Muralism Congress, Mexico (see also: Murals), 1997
(printed matter: brochure, poster; letter to TYF from Alberto Felix Alberto, 07/18/1997 fax)
28 Turner, Kay (see: International Arts Relations, Inc.)
28 12 United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO, 1974
(calendar; flyer)
28 13 United Latinos for the Arts - Los Angeles (ULA-LA), Organization, 1992
(press releases)
28 14 University of California at Los Angeles (see also: Montoya, Jos�; OV 32), 1984, 1992
(oversize symposium poster; TYF's notes on UCLA, Chicano art and the tradition of chicano art; clipping; letter to TYF from Edith Tonelli, 05/05/1984; letter to Edith Tonelli from TYF, 05/23/1984 photocopy)
28 15 University of Texas at San Antonio, 1979-1988
(see also: Quirarte, Jacinto; Task Force on Hispanic American Arts)
(handwritten note to TYF from [unsigned], undated, re. Chicano Theater; photocopies of sketches [of participants in the Task Force on Hispanic American Arts?] by Al Sanchez, 1979; memo to participants in Task Force on Hispanic American Arts, from Jacinto Quirarte, 05/02/1979; monograph, The Hispanic American Aesthetic: Origins, Manifestations, and Significance, Research Center for the Arts and Humanities, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, 1983; press release; "Directory of Historians of Latin American Art"; Research Center for the Arts Review: vol. 1, nos. 1-4 1978; vol. 2, nos. 1-4 1979; vo. 3, no. 1; vol. 5, no. 2)
28 16 Unzueta, Manuel, 1979, 1982, 1989
(invitation; photocopy of book by Salvador Rodriguez del Pino, The Art of Manuel Unzueta: Twenty Years in the Making 1968-1988, [published privately], Boulder, Colorado, 1989; clipping )
28 17 Uruguay: XIX Bienal de San Pablo, Exhibition, Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Ministerio de Educac�on y Cultura, 1987
28 18 Urrut�a, Judy, Critic, 1980
28 19 Utah, 1978-1979
28 20 Valadez, John (see also: MoCHA), 1981, 1986, 1989
(exhibition announcements; exhibition checklist; clipping)
28 21 Valdez, Armando, undated
(TYF's notes on "la Causa")
28 22 Valdez, Patssi (see also: The Mexican Museum, San Francisco), 1999
(exhibition announcement)
28 23 Valdez, Vincent, 2000-2005
(catalogs; resume; clipping)
28 24 Vallejo, Linda (see also: SPARC), 2000
(exhibition announcement)
28 25 Varela, Willie, 2002
28 26 Vargas, George (see also: Acosta-Col�n, Marie), 1989
(letter to Marie Acosta-Col�n from Vargas, 11/20/1989; resume; references)
28 27 Vargas, Kathy, Photographer (see also: Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center; Lucy R. Lippard Papers), 1987-1994, undated
(photocopy of letter of recommendation to Bob Lever, from TYF, 04/01/91; letters to TYF from Vargas, circa 3/1991, 03/04/1992, 08/20/1990, 03/13/1993; catalogs; exhibition announcements; note to TYF from Vargas circa 08/10/1994; letters to TYF, undated and 04/28/1992, mentioning Lucy Lippard; note to TYF from Vargas, 04/20/1993; letter to TYF from Vargas, 03/15/1992, metioning Robert Buitr�n and Benito Heurta; resume; clippings; ArtPace International Artist-In-Residence Program, 1997; essay by Vargas)
28 28 Vargas, Roberto, 1974
28 29 V�squez, Carlos, undated
(draft of essay by V�squez)
28 30 V�squez, Emigdio, 1978, 1986-1990
(see also: OV 31)
(brochure; interview of V�squez by Victor Manuel Valle; oversize exhibition poster; exhibition announcement)
28 31 V�squez, Guadalupe Garc�a, 1991-1992, undated
(brochure; resume; clippings; artist's statement; color photographs of people at a festival)
28 32 Velasquez, Willie, Chicano Movement Organizer, Community Leader (1944-1988), 1988
(memorial booklet)
28 33 Ventanas: Visiones Culturales, Exhibition, Plains Art Museum, Fargo, North Dakota, 1992
(catalog, Ventanas: Visiones Culturales, The Plains Art Museum, Fargo, North Dakota, 1992)
28 34 Victor Building Murals, Los Angeles California, 2001, 2004
(emails re. the sale of the Victor Clothing Company Building)
28 35 Video Forum: A Videography for Librarians, 1994
(sales catalog, Latino Issue)
28 36 Vigil, Bernadette, Painter, 1990
28 37 Vigil, Cleofes, Political, Activist, Poet, Musician (1917-1992), 1992, 1994
(note to TYF from Vicente [Martinez?], 06/30/1994; typescript of eulogy for Cleofes Vigil given by Vicente Martinez, circa 1992; clippings)
28 38 Villa, Esteban, 1976-1980
(typescript of interview of Villa by Chris Kantar, student, California State University Sacramento; invitation; resume; exhibition announcement; clipping)
28 39 Villanueva, Tino, 1973-1993
(blank post cards and note cards of Villanueva's works)
28 40 Viramontes, Xavier, undated
28 41 Virgen de Guadalupe, 1980-1993, undated
(letter to TYF from Patricia Vega, 08/23/1993; clippings; booklet; blank postcards and prints of la Guadelupe; exhibition catalogs)
28 42 Visiones de la Raza, Newsletter, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1988
(vol. 12, no. 12 Dec. 1988 issue)
28 43 Visiones Latino: Work by Nine California Artists, Exhibition, Oakland Museum of California Collectors Gallery, Oakland, 2002
(exhibition announcement)
28 44 The Visual Resources, Inc., Slide Library of Dance History, 1976
(journal, vol. 1/Survey)
28 45 Visuales Varios, 1977-1978, undated
(clippings; flyers; essay; exhibition and theater performance announcements)
28 La Voz, Newspaper (see: Colorado)
28 46 Weiner, Rosemary Quesada, 1978
28 Wexler, Laura (see: Bernal, Juan Carlos)
28 47 White, Syd and Pat, 1985, 1990
(Christmas card with generic letter)
28 48 Woodcarvers, New Mexico (see also: Archeluta, Felipe), 1980
(exhibition announcement)
28 49 WPA Furniture, circa 2004
(clipping; blank postcard)
Box Folder
29 1 Xalm�n, Newsletter, circa 1975, 1977, 1980, undated
(photocopies of portions of issues of the newsletter)
29 2 XhismeArte, Magazine, Concilio de Arte Popular, Los Angeles, California, No. 6 (see also: Chismearte; Concilio de Arte Popular), February 1980
29 3 Xicanindio Artists Coalition (see also: D�a de los Muertos), 1981-1983, 1986, undated
(Inel Mesa, Arizona; clipping; flyers; exhibition announcements; brochures; 10th anniversary booklet)
29 4 Xochil Art Institute, 1982, undated
(invitation; benefit sale brochure; general letters to Friends of Xochil, 07/1982 and 08/1982)
29 5 X'TeReSa (ex Templo de Santa Teresa La Antigua), Center for Alternative Art, Mexico City, Mexico, 1993
(exhibition announcement; catalogs; calendar of events; catalog, Manifiesta: Muestra de instalaciones y performance de Felip Ehrenberg, Helen Escobedo, Marcos Kurtycz, X'TeReSa. Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico)
29 6 Ya�ez, Ren�, 1980-1990
(exhibition announcement flyers; page of resume; performance announcement)
29 7 Yba�ez, Terry A., 2003
(exhibition anouncement)
29 8 Ybarra, Mario, 1997-2004
(exhibition announcements; clippings)
29 9-10 Ybarra-Frausto, Tom�s (see also: Goldman, Shifra; National Task Force on Hispanic American Art; Quirarte, Jacinto; RCAF), 1978-1996, undated
(2 folders)
(drafts of essays, handwritten and typed; notes; blank contract; photocopy of memo to Concilio de Arte Popular from Shifra Goldman and TYF, 11/1/1978, re. Contemporary Chican Popular Art: Antecedents and Actuality ; photograph of TYF; photocopy of letter to Eva Wisbar, Visual Resources, Inc., from Shifra Goldman, 10/20/1978; clippings; photocopy of letter to Jacinto Quirarte from Shifra Goldman, 03/23/1981; essay by Goldman, "The State of Chicano Art Criticism"; course notes)
29 11 Ybarra & Goldman - Arte Chicano Project (see also: Goldman, Shifra; Ybarra-Frausto, Tom�s), 1979
(brochure; essay)
29 12 Ybarra & Goldman - Essay: Arte Chicano (see also: Arte Chicano Bibliography; Bibliographic Notes; Goldman, Shifra; Ybarra-Frausto, Tom�s), 1985
(photocopy of Arte Chicano; A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of Chicano Art, 1965-1981, not including index)
29 13 Zamudia-Taylor, Victor, 1996, 2002
(see also: sol Box 30; Mart�nez, Daniel)
(clippings; essays by Zamudia-Taylor; note to TYF from Daniel [Joseph Martinez], undated)
29 14 Zapata Park, Sacramento, California, 1982
29 15 Zerme�o, Andy, undated
(black and white photograph of work of art)
29 16 Zulueta, Ricardo (see also: MoCHA), 1988
(catalog, Ricardo Estanislao Zulueta: Basement Therapy, Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art - MoCHA, New York City, New York)
29 17 Miscellany, 1969-1990, undated
(clippings; exhibition announcements; exhibition posters; flyers; TYF's notes - cronolog�a de Estilos Art�sticos, etc.; invitation; pamphlet on the Alum Rock voucher program; TYF's "list of Latin American Women Artists to know About"; La Garrapata magazine, no. 19 July 9 1969; Grito del Sol A Chicano Quarterly, Oct.-Dec. 1977; Rius comic book, North American Congress on Latin America, 1973)
30 (sol) Oversize Issue from Tin-Tan Magazine, 1977
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Texas - General, undated
30 (sol) Oversize Calendrio Chicano from Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF), 1975
30 (sol) Oversize Poster and Magazine from Photography folders, 1980, 1987, 1992
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado (MARS), 1982
30 (sol) Oversize Newsletters from Murals, undated
30 (sol) Oversize Posters from Lomas Garza, Carmen folders, 1988, 1990
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Mexican Museum, San Francisco, 1991
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Galer�a Otra Vez, Los Angeles, undated
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Garcia, Rupert, 1978
30 (sol) Oversize Catalog from Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, 1987
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Artists' Books, undated
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Arte Chicano Chronology, 1982
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Chicanarte, 1975
30 (sol) Oversize Posters & Illustrated Poem from League of United Chicano Artists (LUCHA), 1979, 1981, undated
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Guerrero, El Zarco, undated
30 (sol) Oversize Poster from Herrera, Juan Felipe, undated
30 (sol) Oversize Posters from Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24, 1992, 1994
30 (sol) Oversize Newsletter and Catalog from D� de los Muertos, 1990-1991
30 (sol) Oversize Posters from INTAR Latin American Gallery, 1983-1986, 1991, 1996
30 (sol) Oversize Newsletter Issues from Hispanic Cultures Foundation, 1991-1992
30 (sol) Oversize Magazine from Chicano Photographers, 1993
30 (sol) Oversize Magazine from Chismearte, 1981
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30 (sol) Oversize Posters from Hecho En Califas, 2000-2001
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30 (sol) Oversize Newsletters from Galer�a Posada, 2004, 2005
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31 (sol) Oversize Newsletters from Mission District - La Razon Mestiza II
31 (sol) Oversize Magazines from Colorado - La Voz
31 (sol) Oversize Newsletters from La Comunidad
30 (sol) Oversize Prints from Meta Studio I, circa 1981
OV 32 Oversize Poster from CALIFAS, 1981
OV 32 Oversize Poster from INTAR, 1987
OV 32 Oversize Poster from Galer�a de la Raza/Studio 24, 1982
OV 32 Oversize Poster from Festival Internacional de la Raza, 1985
OV 32 Oversize Poster from Arizona, 1978
OV 32 Oversize Posters from Photography, 1990-1992
OV 32 Oversize Poster from Texas - Arte Chicano, circa 1979
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OV 32 Oversize Poster from Romero, Frank, 1984
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OV 32 Oversize Poster from Mission Cultural Center, 1981
OV 32 Oversize Poster from Chicanarte, circa 1976