Stable Gallery records, 1916-1999, bulk, 1953-1970

Stable Gallery, est. 1953 - 1970
Art gallery
New York, N.Y.

Collection size: 2.7 linear feet

Collection Summary: The Stable Gallery records measure 2.8 linear feet and are dated 1916-1999 (bulk 1953-1970). Items created earlier than Stable Gallery's establishment or after its closing are printed matter and personal papers of Eleanor Ward.

Biographical/Historical Note: Stable Gallery (established 1953; closed 1970) was an art gallery in New York, N.Y., owned by Eleanor Ward. Ward opened the Stable Gallery on West 58th Street in 1953 and gained a reputation for showing controversial new artists in the 1950's and 1960's. The gallery closed in 1970.

The Stable Gallery records were the gift of the Estate of Eleanor Ward. In 1984, artist files were received from Alan Groh, executor of Ward's estate and her assistant at the Stable Gallery. Additional records were donated in 1997 by Buzz Miller on behalf of the Estate of Eleanor Ward; Mr. Miller was Alan Groh's partner and executor of his estate. A final addition was received in 1999 from Paul Gardner, executor of the Estate of Buzz Miller.

Funding for the preservation and transfer of motion picture film provided by the Smithsonian Women's Committee.

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