Robert Schoelkopf Gallery records, 1851-1991, (bulk 1962-1991)

A Finding Aid to the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery Records, 1851-1991, bulk 1962-1991, in the Archives of American Art, by Stephanie L. Ashley

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Table of Contents:

Historical Information

Robert Schoelkopf, Jr., was born in Queens, New York, in 1927. He graduated from Yale College in 1951 with a bachelor of arts degree and then taught briefly at his alma mater while conducting graduate research in art history. Schoelkopf began his career in commercial art in 1957 as an independent dealer of American painting and sculpture and became a member of the Art Dealers Association of America in 1958. In 1959 he formed a partnership with Virginia Zabriskie, of the Zabriskie Gallery in New York, that lasted until 1962. The gallery exhibited late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century American painting, together with contemporary painting of a somewhat conservative style.

In 1962 Schoelkopf signed a three-year lease for the fourth floor of a building at 825 Madison Avenue in New York, where he opened the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery. From the outset, Schoelkopf aimed to specialize in American painting of the nineteenth and twentieth century and sculpture of all schools. He predicted a burgeoning market for the Hudson River School in particular, believing that American painting was increasingly perceived as being worthy of serious attention. In a letter dated January 3, 1963, Schoelkopf congratulated John Spencer for his decision to collect nineteenth-century American paintings for the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College, assuring him that "progressive chauvanism [ sic] will operate to elevate prices in American painting. Every year more colleges teach Art History, and soon they shall have reached the level of sophistication and development where they will be obliged (for face) to offer tuition in specifically American art - hitherto neglected of academicians.... I and many other dealers have plans for exhibitions of nineteenth-century American painting, especially the Hudson River School."

Schoelkopf's instincts regarding the Hudson River School were undoubtedly correct, and consequently nineteenth-century American painters formed a permanent mainstay of his inventory. He is perhaps remembered more, however, for his dedication to reviving interest in lesser-known American painters from the turn-of-the-century who were impressionist or modernist in style. Shoelkopf developed something of a reputation for unearthing forgotten talent that, while sometimes mediocre or inconsistent, was occasionally exceptional and certainly worthy of note. He was committed to reinstalling Joseph Stella in the pantheon of major American artists, representing Stella's estate from 1963 to 1971 and holding regular exhibitions of the artist's work from 1962 on. In 1969 the gallery held the first New York exhibition of the paintings of Manierre Dawson, who was subsequently acclaimed by the critics for his important and innovative contributions to modernism. In 1970 Schoelkopf began showing the work of Jan Matulka, an artist whose work had been neglected since the 1930s, and his enthusiastic representation of the Matulka estate paved the way for a retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1979.

Schoelkopf's interest in turn-of-the-century artists also extended to sculptors such as John Flannagan, Ethel Myers, Elie Nadelman, and John Henry Bradley Storrs, and he directed considerable energy to furthering Gaston Lachaise's reputation as an artist of major stature. When Lachaise died at the peak of his career in 1935, his estate was left to his wife, Isabel, and in 1957 to Isabel's son, Edward. When Edward died shortly thereafter, John B. Pierce, Jr., a nephew of Isabel Lachaise, was appointed trustee of the estate and formed the Lachaise Foundation. In 1962 Pierce entered an agreement with Robert Schoelkopf and Felix Landau to represent Lachaise's sculpture on the East and West Coasts, respectively. In this capacity Schoelkopf helped to launch a major retrospective of the artist's work at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1964 and a traveling exhibition that began circulating in 1967.

The gallery's other major commitment was to painting and sculpture by contemporary American realists, many of whom worked in a figurative style and explored elements of allegory and classical mythology in their work, presenting landscapes, still lifes, and portraits from a realist perspective. The bulk of the gallery's exhibitions were, in fact, of work by contemporary artists, including metaphysical still-life painter William Bailey, colorist Leland Bell, figurative painter Martha Mayer Erlebacher, landscape and narrative painter Gabriel Laderman, and Icelandic artist Louisa Matthiasdottir. William Bailey was one of the gallery's most commercially successful artists, and his first one-person exhibition in New York was held there in 1968. Demand for Bailey's paintings often far exceeded his output, and by the late 1970s Schoelkopf invariably sold out his exhibitions and had compiled a lengthy waiting list for his work.

In its early years the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery contributed considerably to the development of interest in fine art photography that fostered an increasingly lucrative market for photographic prints during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1965 Schoelkopf began incorporating photography into the gallery's exhibition schedule and, in the spring of 1974, opened a gallery dedicated to photography on the second floor at 825 Madison Avenue. Between 1965 and 1979 Schoelkopf's was the only serious New York gallery dealing in painting and sculpture that also regularly exhibited photography as fine art. His interests lay primarily in antiquarian photography and the work of nineteenth-century and twentieth-century masters including Eug�ne Atget, Mathew Brady, James Robertson, and Carleton Watkins. Schoelkopf organized shows examining specific photographic processes, the photogravure and the cyanotype, and presented surveys of genres such as portrait and landscape photography. In 1967 he held the first exhibition in many years of the work of Julia Margaret Cameron, an important figure in the history of Victorian photography, timing it to coincide with a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that focused on Cameron as one of four Victorian photographers.

Schoelkopf also handled the work of several influential contemporaries, most notably Brassa�, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, and Gis�le Freund. The gallery held Freund's first exhibition in the United States in 1975 and was, for a time, the only place in New York where one could see and purchase prints by Cartier-Bresson. Schoelkopf began exhibiting Evans's work in 1966 and regularly thereafter, including a 1971 exhibition that coincided with a major retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.

In the fall of 1976 the second-floor gallery space was turned over to Marcuse (Cusie) Pfeifer, then the gallery's director, who planned to use it to show the work of young photographers in a gallery under her own name. Schoelkopf continued to hold several photography exhibitions a year in the fourth-floor gallery but decided to concentrate primarily on nineteenth-century masters.

In March 1971 a fire in the building at Madison Avenue resulted in substantial water damage to the gallery space. Although very little of the inventory was destroyed, the incident forced Schoelkopf to close until September. This temporary loss of revenue compounded with a nationwide recession cut into Schoelkopf's financial resources and left him questioning his commission policy and his level of commitment to contemporary work in all media. A letter to artist Adolph Rosenblatt dated May 3, 1971, records how Schoelkopf had become increasingly disenchanted with "all contemporary work" and would begin taking 40 percent commission on sales, instead of 33.3 percent. "Beside the matter of enthusiasm is the matter of economics," Schoelkopf remarked, "and the last year and a half have been really dreadful for the art business."

This difficult period was followed immediately by more prosperous times. January 1973 proved to be the gallery's most successful month to date, encouraging Schoelkopf to purchase a house in Chappaqua, New York, later that year. In November 1974 Schoelkopf wrote to Anthony D'Offay that business "is as slow as it has ever been, but what sales we make are big ones" and revealed that auctions had, at that point, become his primary avenue for trade.

Around 1975 Schoelkopf's wife of eleven years, Laura Jane Schoelkopf, began working in the gallery. Although seemingly dubious of the work at first, she became a considerable asset to the business and reputedly complemented her husband's relationship with the gallery's contemporary artists through her warmth and hospitality, qualities often noted by artists who corresponded regularly with the couple.

The financial instability that characterized the 1970s undoubtedly influenced Schoelkopf's decision to cease exhibiting photography in 1979. By 1978 however, his investment in early-twentieth-century art appeared to be paying off. Jan Matulka, Joseph Stella, and John Henry Bradley Storrs had all been represented in exhibitions at major museums, and sales of their work had increased considerably. Gaston Lachaise's reputation continued to grow, and the traveling exhibition still circulated, garnering far more interest than had originally been anticipated.

Although contemporary artists continued to take up the largest portion of the gallery's changing exhibitions, Schoelkopf's interest in contemporary work was growing more conservative, tending toward a narrower focus on the narrative and allegorical. By 1979 he no longer exhibited contemporary sculpture, admitting to a lack of enthusiasm for the work of any of the current figurative sculptors and a dislike of all contemporary abstract work. In a letter to Lillian Delevoryas, dated March 17, 1982, he confessed, "With age has come a hardening of the aesthetic arteries perhaps. What we have been showing is realism, but getting tighter all the time."

In April 1984 the gallery was moved to 50 West Fifty-seventh Street, and, during the years that followed, the Schoelkopfs pared down the number of contemporary artists they represented, handling only those to whom they felt most strongly committed while continuing to specialize in nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century American painting and sculpture. As the gallery approached its thirtieth anniversary, Schoelkopf's achievements were considerable. He had operated a successful New York gallery for almost three decades, rejuvenated the reputations of several important American artists, and was respected by artists and clients alike for the integrity, intelligence, and humor with which he conducted his business affairs. In 1987 he had been appointed to the board of trustees of the Williamstown Regional Art Conservation Laboratory. By this time he was also a member of the advisory board to the National Academy of Design, and in 1988 he became a co-trustee of the Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation.

In March 1990, Robert Schoelkopf was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent a regimen of cancer treatment that resulted in a brief remission by the summer. Schoelkopf returned to work temporarily, but by 1991 his condition had worsened and he died in April of that year. Having known for some time that her husband's prognosis was poor, Laura Jane Schoelkopf had apparently decided that she would not continue the gallery in the event of his death. With the help of the youngest of their two sons, Andrew, she settled final accounts and assisted the gallery's contemporary artists in finding representation elsewhere before closing the business in August 1991.

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Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents

The records of the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery comprise 29 linear feet of material from 1851 to 1991, with some items predating the founding of the gallery. The bulk of the records date from 1962 to 1991, providing researchers with fairly comprehensive coverage of the gallery's development and operations from its inception in 1962 until its closure in 1991. Items dated prior to 1962 relate principally to the period of transition during which Robert Schoelkopf ended his partnership with the Zabriskie Gallery and established his own business. There are also some items relating to artists of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The collection consists primarily of artist files documenting relations with contemporary artists, representation of deceased artists, and other works of art handled by the gallery. It also chronicles the gallery's exhibition schedule and the day-to-day administration of the business. The types of material that can be found here include correspondence, exhibition inventories, price lists, accounting and consignment records, shipping and insurance records, printed material, and photographs.

The collection is a valuable source of information on twentieth-century American art history, focusing primarily on early-twentieth-century modernists as well as an important group of American realist painters and sculptors from the latter half of the century. The collection illuminates, in detail, the developing market for these schools and, in the case of the latter group, provides personal insights from artists on the realist perspective.

The records also document the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery's significant contribution to the resurgence of interest in fine art photography during the 1960s and 1970s as reflected in an increase in the value of works by important American photographers such as Walker Evans.

Much of the outgoing correspondence from the gallery consists of copies of letters written by Robert Schoelkopf, with additional business being handled by assistant staff and, from the mid-1970s, Schoelkopf's wife, Laura Jane Schoelkopf. The records offer insight into the personalities of the Schoelkopfs and how their congenial and candid management style influenced their relationships with the contemporary artists they represented.

See Index 2 for List of Exhibitions

Arrangement and Series Description

Originally the collection was organized as one large file arranged alphabetically by folder title, with titles ranging from names of artists to general subject headings such as "Correspondence." During processing it became clear that the gallery delineated operations into three main functions: artist relations, client-dealer relations, and exhibitions. Consequently the collection is arranged as three main series based on these areas of concern. A small group of miscellaneous photographs of artists constitutes an additional series at the end of the collection.

Originally paper records throughout the collection were generally arranged chronologically, although this order was not strictly adhered to. Frequently, correspondence and memoranda were attached to related records going back several years. To preserve the relationship between such documents, records stapled together in this way have been left together. They are arranged in reverse chronological order and filed in the folder corresponding to the primary date (i.e., the date of the first and most recent paper in the group). Researchers should be aware that date ranges provided on folders refer to the primary dates of documents contained therein and that some items in the folder may predate that range. Otherwise, the general chronological scheme has been retained throughout the collection, with undated material placed at the beginning of the appropriate file.

Printed material is arranged in chronological order, with undated material at the beginning of the folder, and may include press releases, exhibition announcements, exhibition catalogs, posters, clippings from newspapers, magazines, and journals, and other publicity material. Large amounts of printed material are broken down into several discrete folder units.

The most consistent labeling system for photographic material apparent throughout the collection was title of work of art. The majority of images are not dated with a printing date or the date that the work of art was produced, and although many of them have a processing number, these are by no means consistent and there are no master lists that can be used to interpret them. Consequently, images are arranged primarily by media type and then alphabetically by title. Untitled images are placed at the beginning of a media group; "the" in a title is ignored. Exceptions to this method are addressed in the appropriate series descriptions.

Files labeled "Photographs of Works of Art" will typically include any or all of the following: black-and-white copy prints, black-and-white transparencies, color transparencies, slide transparencies, Polaroid prints, color snapshots, contact sheets, and separation sheets. Often the same image will be duplicated in several different formats. Any notes on photographic material found in or on the original folder in which the material was filed have been preserved with the material or transcribed onto a sheet of acid-free paper that either encloses or is placed directly before the item to which the information applies.

The designation "General" indicates that a file may contain any or all of the types of material outlined above.

Subjects and Names

This collection is indexed in the online catalog of the Archives of American Art under the following index terms:

  • Andrejevic, Milet, 1925-
  • Aponovich, James, 1948-
  • Bailey, William, 1930-
  • Bell, Leland
  • Brassa�, 1899-
  • Cameron, Julia Margaret Pattle, 1815-1879
  • Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908-
  • Cornell, Joseph
  • Dawson, Manierre, 1887-1969
  • Driggs, Elsie, 1898-1992
  • Erlebacher, Martha Mayer
  • Evans, Walker, 1903-1975
  • Fiske, Gertrude, 1878-1961
  • Freund, Gis�le
  • Horton, William S., 1865-1936
  • Ito, Miyoko, 1918-1983
  • Lachaise, Gaston, 1882-1935
  • Laderman, Gabriel, 1929-
  • Ligare, David
  • Matthiasdottir, Louisa
  • Matulka, Jan, 1890-1972
  • Myers, Ethel
  • Nadelman, Elie, 1882-1946
  • Schoelkopf, Robert J., 1927-1991
  • Stella, Joseph, 1877-1946
  • Storrs, John Henry Bradley, 1885-1956
  • Wiesenfeld, Paul
  • Zabriskie Gallery.
  • Art galleries, Commercial--New York (State)--New York
  • Art, American
  • Art, Modern--20th century
  • Gallery records
  • Illustrated letters
  • Photographs
  • Photography, Artistic
  • Realism in art
  • Works of art


Twenty-seven linear feet of records were donated to the Archives of American Art by Laura Jane Schoelkopf, Robert Schoelkopf's widow, and the Coe Kerr Gallery in 1991 and 1992. An additional gift of 3.4 linear feet was donated by Laura Jane Schoelkopf in 1996. The collection was reduced slightly during processing.

How the Collection was Processed

The collection was processed by Stephanie L. Ashley in 2000 and 2001 with funding provided by the Getty Grant Program.

How to Use the Collection

Restrictions on Use

The collection is open for research. Use requires an appointment.

Ownership & Literary Rights

The Robert Schoelkopf Gallery records are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.

How to Cite this Collection

Robert Schoelkopf Gallery records, 1851-1991, bulk 1962-1991. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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Detailed Description and Container Inventory

Series 1: Artist Files, 1851-1991, undated
(boxes 1-23, 23 linear ft.)

This series forms the core of the collection and comprises files relating to more than three hundred artists whose work the gallery represented or handled at some point. The main types of material that can be found here include correspondence with artists and clients interested in borrowing, consigning, or purchasing their work; printed material documenting exhibitions of individual artists at the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery and related events; general reference material about gallery artists; photographic images of works of art dealt with by the gallery; and photographs of artists. Items of particular interest are noted in parentheses after the folder title.

Individual artists are represented by groups of material ranging from a single file to several linear feet of files, depending on the gallery's level of involvement with their work. Groups of files of particular interest are described in greater detail below. A list of all known group and one-person exhibitions held at the gallery is provided as an appendix and can be used to identify the dates of exhibitions for specific artists.

Relations with many of the gallery's contemporary artists are particularly well documented in this series. The gallery's interest in figurative painting that incorporated elements of allegory, myth, fantasy, and dreams is evinced in files relating to artists such as Milet Andrejevic, Bruno Civitico, Martha Mayer Erlebacher, and David Ligare. Gabriel Laderman, another artist who worked extensively with allegorical themes, is also well represented in this series, and of particular interest are his letters describing his experiences living and working in Malaysia. Correspondence files relating to the painter Caren Canier contain personal letters from the artist that detail her attitude to her work and her relationships with her husband, artist Langdon Quin, and their two children. Paul Wiesenfeld, a realist painter who specialized in portraits and finely detailed interiors, also wrote to the gallery from Germany disclosing aspects of his personal life that affected his work. Correspondence with sculptor Isabel McIlvain contains detailed explanations by the artist of her attitudes to her work and her sculpting methods. McIlvain's files also chronicle her commission to produce a sculpture of John F. Kennedy that was unveiled in Boston in 1990.

Files relating to William Bailey record many aspects of his relationship with the Schoelkopfs. Correspondence files primarily comprise letters to and from clients interested in Bailey's work but are interspersed with correspondence with Bailey and his wife that often details personal aspects of their lives as well as providing insight into Bailey's artistic development and his experiences living in Italy, where he and his family resided much of the time. Consignments and sales of Bailey's work are well documented here, as is the gallery's role in the compilation and publication of three books about the artist. An extensive collection of news clippings records various stages of his career and the growth of his commercial success.

Two substantial groups of files document the gallery's representation of painter Louisa Matthiasdottir and her husband, Leland Bell. Correspondence with Bell includes mention of his time spent in Europe and his teaching experiences, and reveals his sardonic wit.

Several files of correspondence with Miyako Ito offer rich insight into a short period during the artist's life. The bulk of the material comprises letters written by Ito to Robert Schoelkopf in 1960 and 1961, occasionally on a daily basis and often of a very poetic and deeply reflective and emotional nature.

Folders relating to Joseph Cornell contain some correspondence with the artist that offers insight into his personality. They also record Schoelkopf's bid, albeit in vain, to represent the artist's estate following his death in 1972 and the gallery's commitment to Cornell through continued consignment of his work.

Files concerning Manierre Dawson document the gallery's representation of the artist's estate and arrangements for the first one-person exhibition of his paintings in New York only a few months before his death in the summer of 1969. The files include correspondence with Dawson in which he discusses preparations for the exhibition, supplies information concerning dates and locations of his paintings, and expresses concerns about his illness. Letters from Dawson's wife, Lillian, written immediately after his death, can also be found here as well as several marked-up copies of the catalog for the 1969 exhibition that includes an introduction written by the artist. The Dawson files document the activities of the partnership formed by Frank J. McKeown, Jr., Dr. Lewis Obi, and Lefferts L. Mabie, Jr., to purchase paintings from the Dawson estate and provide details of how the partnership worked with Schoelkopf as the sole gallery agency for Dawson's paintings. The files also record the distribution of loans and gifts from the partnership to various art institutions.

More than two feet of records offer detailed coverage of Robert Schoelkopf's interest in Gaston Lachaise and his involvement in the administration of the Lachaise Foundation. Correspondence files chronicle relations among Schoelkopf, John B. Pierce, Jr. (trustee of the foundation), and Felix Landau and record decisions taken regarding publications about the artist, policies for casting and limiting editions of his sculpture, and strategies for promoting Lachaise through exhibitions. The traveling exhibition that opened in September 1967 and was still circulating in 1991 is well documented here, as are other practical concerns such as maintaining accounting and storage records of the artist's work.

Files relating to Ethel Myers include correspondence with the artist's daughter, Virginia Downes, and document Schoelkopf's handling of Myers's estate and his involvement in exhibitions to promote her work. The files include one undated letter and one copy of a letter from Myers to Downes, dated 1941, and a copy of a letter from Henry McBride to Myers from 1913. Copies of autobiographical notes written by Myers about her childhood, artists she knew, her marriage to Jerome Myers, and the outbreak of war in Europe can also be found here.

Several files document the appointment and activities of Robert Schoelkopf and Felix Landau as exclusive agents for the sale of works of art from the estate of Elie Nadelman.

A substantial group of files relating to Joseph Stella chronicle Schoelkopf's involvement with Michael and Sergio Stella, trustees of Joseph Stella's estate, and his representation of the estate from 1963 until 1971, when he withdrew from the position following a dispute over commissions. The gallery continued to consign work from the Stella estate until 1991, and these files contain details of those consignments and reflect Schoelkopf's lifelong commitment to promoting Stella's work.

Files relating to John Henry Bradley Storrs document Schoelkopf's relationship with the artist's daughter, Monique Storrs Booz, who designated Schoelkopf as the new agent for works of art from her father's estate when her contract with the Downtown Gallery was terminated in 1969. Schoelkopf continued to represent Storrs's work when Monique Storrs Booz died in 1985, leaving the estate in the hands of two of the artist's grandchildren. Details of the gallery's relationship with Noel Frackman, who conducted important research on Storrs, can also be found here. Of additional interest are two sets of photographs attributed to John Storrs: a group of eleven platinum prints (apparently there were originally thirteen), primarily portraits of children, and a group of twenty-seven silver gelatin prints of rural and coastal scenes.

Another significant component of this series is the number of files documenting the gallery's relationship with various contemporary photographers. Files of correspondence concerning Brassa� contain substantial correspondence with the photographer himself, who frequently wrote to the gallery in French. Records relating to Walker Evans detail Evans's consignments to the gallery and include some letters from him of a more personal nature, such as one describing his observations during a trip to London in 1966. Photographer Gis�le � wrote regularly to the gallery, and her letters include detailed descriptions of the processes she employed in printing her work.

Correspondence relating to Julia Margaret Cameron contains several items of interest including a letter from Cameron dated August 10, 1873, to a Mrs. Way concerning photographs of Way's daughter, and an article on Cameron by Charles Harvard with notes containing biographical details about the photographer.

Within its artist files the gallery retained a group of files marked "Miscellaneous." These files contain small amounts of material, often only one or two pieces, relating to various artists for whom an individual file was not maintained or who were unidentified. These records are placed at the end of the alphabetical files and contain primarily copy prints, transparencies, and slide transparencies. Material is arranged alphabetically by name of artist, with records relating to unidentified artists placed at the beginning. To retain the alphabetical arrangement various media formats are filed together and dated material is interfiled with undated material, which forms the bulk of the contents.

The gallery tended to group various types of paper records together with correspondence in a single file. The term "correspondence" in this series, therefore, refers not only to incoming and outgoing letters but also to accounting and consignment records, reports (such as inventory lists), artists' r�sum�s, exhibition lists, price lists, and other miscellaneous notes. In cases where a certain type of "correspondence" was originally filed separately from other material of this kind, and represents a significant amount of material, that material is filed in a separate folder (e.g., Accounting and Consignment Records).

Generally, arrangement of photographs in this series follows the system outlined under Organization and Arrangement, with some notable exceptions. Photographs of works of art by Gaston Lachaise and Elie Nadelman were originally arranged in a numbering system that is fairly consistent, and this basic original order has been retained. Also, for large groups of photographs of works of art, such as those by Gaston Lachaise, Joseph Stella, and John Henry Bradley Storrs, the gallery filed photographs by media in which the work of art was created; such delineations are reflected in the final arrangement.

The gallery maintained a collection of negatives, primarily of works of art by artists found in Series 1: Artist Files, in addition to other artists not represented there. There is also a small number of negatives of installation shots. The negatives are arranged alphabetically by artist name, with unknown artists at the beginning, and are stored, for preservation reasons, in containers separate from other records in the series. Negative numbers found on the original sleeves have been transcribed onto the paper enclosures now housing the negatives, so that they may be matched to prints in Series 1: Artist Files, in cases where prints exist. An appendix provides an alphabetical list of artists whose work is represented in the negative collection. In some cases, names of artists are incomplete because of insufficient information on the original negative sleeves.

See Index 1 for list of artists represented in negatives of works of art

1 Adams, Pat, General, 1960-1974, 1990
1 Albright, Ivan, General, 1972, undated
1 Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence, General, 1963, undated
1 Anderson, Lennart, General, 1967-1969, 1981, undated
1 Anderson, Walter, General, 1966-1967
1 Andrejevic, Milet
1 Correspondence, 1980-1991, undated
(4 folders)
1 Printed Material, 1972-1989, undated
1 Photograph of the Artist, undated
1 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(3 folders)
1 Annan, Thomas, Printed Material, undated
1 Anshutz, Thomas Pollock, General, 1980, undated
1 Aponovich, James
1 Correspondence, 1983-1991, undated
(6 folders; 2 illustrated letters in 1984)
1 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1984-1990, undated
1 Printed Material, Clippings, 1984-1990
1 Photographs of Installations, 1985
1 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(3 folders)
1 Photographs, Miscellaneous, undated
1 Atget, Eug�ne
1 Correspondence, 1969-1974, undated
1 Printed Material, 1952-1972
1 Ault, George
1 Printed Material, 1957-1981, undated
1 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
1 Badger, T., Photographs of Works of Art, undated
1 Bailey, William
1 Accounting and Consignment Records, 1967-1988
1 Approval Records, 1972, 1983-1990
1 Biographical Information, undated
1 Correspondence, 1966-1983, undated
(12 folders)
2 Correspondence (8 folders; illustrated letter in 1990), 1984-1991
2 Exhibition Lists, 1968-1991
2 Exhibition (1986), Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1986
2 Exhibition (1988), John Berggruen Gallery, 1987-1990, undated
2 Exhibition (1991), Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1990-1991, undated
2 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1969-1991, undated
(3 folders)
2 Printed Materia, Clippings, 1963-1991, undated
(4 folders)
2 Publication, Burton-Skira, 1985-1987, undated
2 Publication, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1985-1987
2 Publication, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., 1989-1991, undated
2 Photograph of the Artist, undated
2 Photographs of Installation, Alex. Reid & Lef�vre, Ltd., [1989]
2 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(2 folders)
2 Balthus, General, 1978, undated
2 Barye, General, 1980, 1986, undated
2 Bazelon, Cecile Gray, General, 1969-1977, undated
2 Beal, Gifford, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
2 Beaton, Cecil, General, 1976, undated
2 Bell, Leland
2 Biographical Information and Exhibition Lists, 1966-1983, undated
2 Correspondence, 1960-1991, undated
(5 folders)
2 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1963-1988, undated
2 Printed Material, Clippings, 1962-1991, undated
2 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(2 folders)
2 Bell, Temma, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
2 Bellocq, General, 1973-1974, undated
2 Benton, Thomas Hart, General, 1986, 1991, undated
2 Bierstadt, Albert, Photographs of Works of Art, 1966, undated
3 Bigler, Steven, General, 1985, undated
3 Birch, Thomas, General, 1968, undated
3 Birnie, Johan, General, 1962-[1964]
3 Bluemner, Oscar, General, 1967, undated
3 Blum, Robert Frederick, Photographs of Works of Art, 1970, undated
3 Blythe, David Gilmour, General, 1968, undated
3 Bolles, Jesse H., General, 1971, undated
3 Bourke-White, Margaret, General, 1975-1983
(2 folders)
3 Bouvier, August, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Bradford, William, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Branchard, Emile Pierre, 1927-1967, 1978, undated
3 Brassa�
3 Correspondence, 1968-1977, undated
(3 folders)
3 Printed Material, 1938, 1964-1975
3 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Bratby, John, General, [1970], undated
3 Breckenridge, Hugh H., General, 1970-1971, undated
3 Bricher, A. T., General, 1967, undated
3 Brown, John George, General, undated
3 Bruce, Patrick Henry, General, 1968, 1977-1978
3 Bunker, Dennis Miller, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Burchfield, Charles Ephraim, General, 1977, undated
3 Burkhardt, Hans Gustav
3 General, 1979-1985, 1990, undated
3 Work of Art, 1980
3 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Burra, Edward, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Calder, Alexander, General, 1983, undated
3 Cameron, Julia Margaret
3 Correspondence, 1967-1978, undated
3 Correspondence and Photographs [by J. R. H. Weaver], 1873, 1928, 1963, undated
3 Exhibition Lists, 1968-1974, undated
3 Printed Material, 1967-1984, undated
3 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Campbell, Elizabeth, General, 1965-1979, undated
3 Canad�, Vincent, Printed Material, 1959, 1964
3 Canier, Caren
3 Correspondence, 1984-1991, undated
(2 folders)
3 Printed Material, 1978-1989, undated
3 Photographs [of the artist's children], circa 1991
3 Photographs of Works of Art, 1978-1991, undated
3 Cantor, Fredrich, General, 1970-1976
3 Caponigro, Paul, General, 1977-1978
3 Carles, Arthur B.
3 Correspondence, 1977-1985, undated
3 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Cartier-Bresson, Henri
3 Correspondence, 1968-1976, undated
(2 folders)
3 Printed Material, 1968-1979, undated
3 Charbonnier, Jean-Phillipe, General, 1976
3 Charkow, Natalie
3 General, 1981-1989, undated
3 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
3 Chase, William Merritt, General, 1962, 1969-1970, undated
3 Chiriani, Richard
3 Correspondence, 1985-1991
3 Printed Material, 1981-1988, undated
3 Photograph of the Artist, 1987
3 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
4 Civitico, Bruno
4 Correspondence, 1969-1987, undated
(2 folders)
4 Exhibition Lists and R�sum�s, 1973-1984
4 Printed Material, 1972-1984, undated
4 Photographs of Works of Art, 1973-1975, undated
(2 folders)
4 Clark, Alson Skinner
4 General, 1916, 1940-1987, undated
4 Photographs of Installations, [1971]
4 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(2 folders)
4 Codman, Charles, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
4 Coke, Van Deren, General, 1971-1976
4 Cole, Thomas, General, 1969, undated
4 Coleman, Glenn O., General, 1979, undated
4 Cornell, Joseph
4 Correspondence, [1963]-1990, undated
(2 folders)
4 Printed Material, 1965-1990, undated
4 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
4 Cramer, Konrad
4 General, 1984-1987, undated
4 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
4 Cumming, Douglas, General, 1972-1974, undated
4 Currier, Charles H., General, 1964-1970, undated
4 Currier, J. Frank
4 Correspondence, 1964-1985, undated
4 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
4 Curtis, Edward S., General, 1976-1978, undated
4 Cushing, Barbara
4 Correspondence, 1981-1986
4 Printed Material, 1983-1987
4 Photographs of Works of Art, 1983, undated
4 Dallman, Daniel
4 Correspondence, 1976-1991
(3 folders)
4 Printed Material, 1981-1988, undated
4 Photographs of Works of Art, 1979-1991, undated
4 Dalou, Jules, General, 1985-1986, undated
4 Dasburg, Andrew, General, 1957-1987, undated
4 Daugherty, James Henry
4 Accounting Records, 1971-1978
4 Correspondence, 1971-1987, undated
(2 folders)
4 Printed Material, 1971-1986, undated
4 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
4 Davidson, Jo, General, undated
4 Davidson, Thyra, General, 1967-1972, undated
5 Davies, Arthur B., General, 1965-1983, undated
5 Davis, Stuart
5 General, 1964-1987, undated
5 Photographs of Works of Art, 1981-1989, undated
(2 folders)
5 Dawson, Manierre
5 Correspondence, 1967-1988
(2 folders)
5 Exhibition (1981), Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1980-1991
5 Exhibition (1981), Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
5 Framing and Restoration Costs, 1981-1984, undated
5 Illinois State Museum Gift, 1981-1985, undated
5 McKeown, Frank, Jr., 1978-1987, undated
(2 folders)
5 Printed Material, 1967-1989
5 Photographs of Works of Art, 1975, undated
(2 folders)
5 De Casseres, Joe, General, 1976
5 Decker, Joseph, Photograph of Work of Art, undated
5 Decker, Lindsay, General, 1961-1966, undated
5 Degas, Edgar, General, 1967-1968
5 De Kooning, Willem, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
5 Delevoryas, Lillian
5 Correspondence, 1964-1969, 1982
5 Printed Material, 1962-1970
5 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
5 Delgrosso, James, General, 1973-1974, undated
5 Demuth, Charles, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
5 Dewing, Thomas Wilmer, General, 1975, undated
5 Dickinson, Preston, General, 1968-1981, undated
5 Diederich, William Hunt, General, 1988, undated
5 Dove, Arthur Garfield, General, 1968, 1978, undated
5 Driggs, Elsie, Correspondence, 1962-1965
5 Du Camp, Maxime, General, 1975, undated
5 Durand, Asher B., General, circa 1978, undated
5 Duveneck, Frank, General, 1970, undated
5 Eakins, Thomas, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
5 Epstein, Sir Jacob, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
5 Erlebacher, Martha Mayer
5 Correspondence, 1972-1987
(7 folders)
6 Exhibition Lists and Inventories, 1972-1985, undated
6 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1973-1984
6 Printed Material, Clippings, 1972-1985, undated
6 R�sum�s, [circa 1973]-1987, undated
6 Photographs of the Artist, undated
6 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(4 folders)
6 Erlebacher, Walter, General, 1982-1983, undated
6 Evans, Walker
6 Correspondence, 1966-1977, 1981, 1987, undated
(4 folders)
6 Exhibition Lists and Inventories, 1971-1974, undated
6 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1966-1981, undated
6 Printed Material, Clippings, 1966-1977, undated
6 Photographs of the Artist, [circa 1966, circa 1974]
6 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
6 Fenton, Roger, General, 1975
6 Field, Hamilton Easter, General, 1975
6 Fiore, Joseph A., General, 1965-1970, undated
6 Fiske, Gertrude
6 Correspondence, 1968-1989, undated
(3 folders)
6 Exhibition Lists and Inventories, 1969-1975, undated
6 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1969-1975, 1991, undated
6 Printed Material, Clippings, 1966-1975, undated
6 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(3 folders)
7 Flannagan, John Bernard, General, 1984-1988, undated
7 Fockersperger, Wilhelm, Correspondence, 1978
7 Frazier, John Robinson, General, 1969-1970, undated
7 Freckelton, Sondra
7 Correspondence, 1984-1991
(4 folders)
7 Inventory Sheets, 1987-1988, undated
7 Printed Material, 1983-1991, undated
7 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(3 folders)
7 Freund, Gis�le
7 Correspondence, 1974-1977
(2 folders)
7 Printed Material, 1975-1982, undated
7 Printed Material-Clippings, 1975-1976, undated
7 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Friedman, Arnold, General, undated
7 Frieseke, Frederick C., Photographs of Works of Art, 1955, undated
7 Garman, Ed
7 General, 1990-1991
7 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Gay, Walter, General, undated
7 Gee, Yun
7 Correspondence, 1968-1969, 1985
7 Printed Material, 1968
7 Photographs of Works of Art, 1968, 1981-1988, undated
7 Genthe, Arnold, General, 1975, undated
7 Gifford, Sanford Robinson, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Gillespie, Frances Cohen
7 Correspondence, 1976-1979, undated
7 Printed Material, 1976-1978
7 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Glackens, William J., Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Gleizes, Albers, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Goodnough, Robert, General, 1962-1964, undated
7 Goodwin, Arthur Clifton, General, 1973, undated
7 Gorky, Arshile
7 Correspondence, 1964-1985
7 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Grafly, Charles, Correspondence, 1963, undated
7 Graham, John, General, 1960, 1973, undated
7 Grausman, Philip
7 Correspondence, 1982-1991, undated
(4 folders)
7 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1974-1989, undated
7 Printed Material, Clippings, 1961-1989, undated
7 Photographs of the Artist, 1990, undated
7 Graves, Morris, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Gris, Juan, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
7 Groshans, Werner, General, 1969-1972, undated
7 Guglielmi, Louis
7 Correspondence, 1967-1991, undated
7 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Guy, James M.
8 General, 1990-1991, undated
8 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Han, Raymond
8 Correspondence, 1981-1991, undated
(5 folders)
8 Printed Material, 1982-1991
8 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(3 folders)
8 Harding, Goodwin, General, 1975-1977
8 Hardy, DeWitt
8 Correspondence, 1980-1991
(2 folders)
8 Printed Material, 1979-1986, undated
8 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Hartley, Marsden
8 General, 1961-1986, undated
8 Photographs of Works of Art, n.d
(2 folders)
8 Hartman, Bertram C.
8 Photographs of the Artist, 1946, undated
8 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Harvey, Anne, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Hassam, Childe, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Hatke, Walter
8 Consignment Records, 1982-1989
8 Correspondence, 1975-1991, undated
(4 folders)
8 Printed Material, 1975-1986, undated
8 Photographs of Works of Art, 1978-1982, undated
(2 folders)
8 Hawthorne, Charles Webster, General, 1963-1965, undated
8 Heade, Martin Johnson, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Henri, Robert, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Hine, Lewis Wickes, General, 1974-1978, undated
8 Hopkinson, Charles, General, 1955-1969, undated
8 Horton, William S.
8 Biographical Information, circa 1968
8 Correspondence, 1968-1979, undated
8 Exhibition Lists and Inventories, circa 1968-1969
8 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1967-circa 1968
8 Printed Material, Clippings, 1968-1969, undated
8 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
8 Huffman, Laton Alton, General, 1974-1979, undated
8 Hunt, William Morris, Photograph of Work of Art, undated
8 Hutson, Charles Woodward
8 Printed Material, 1921-1931, undated
8 Photographs of the Artist, circa 1928-1934, undated
8 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Ito, Miyako
9 Correspondence, 1959-1971, 1991, undated
9 Printed Material, 1960-1971, undated
9 Jacobshagen, Keith
9 Correspondence, 1978-1987, undated
9 Printed Material, 1979-1987, undated
9 Photographs of Works of Art, 1969, 1980-1985, undated
(4 folders)
9 John, Augustus, General, undated
9 Johnson, Ben, General, 1957-1973, undated
9 Johnson, David, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Johnson, Eastman, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Johnson, Lester, General, 1983, undated
9 Jonson, Raymond, General, 1972-1983, undated
9 Kane, John, General, 1966, undated
9 Karfiol, Bernard, Correspondence, 1964
9 Karfunkle, David, General, 1911, 1962-1963, undated
9 Keiley, Joseph, Correspondence, 1977, undated
9 Kelpe, Paul, General, 1982-1983
9 Kensett, John Frederick, General, undated
9 Kert�sz, Andr�, General, 1965-1974, undated
9 King, William, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Klee, Paul, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Klimt, Gustav, General, undated
9 Kline, Franz, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Knaths, Karl, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Kopman, Benjamin, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Kruger, Louise, General, 1955-1973, undated
9 Kuhn, Walt, General, 1965, 1975, 1983, undated
9 Kumler, Kipton
9 Correspondence, 1975-1979, undated
9 Printed Material, 1975-1977, undated
9 Kuniyoshi, Yasuo, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
9 Lachaise, Gaston
9 Accounting Records, 1963-1989
(3 folders)
9 Appraisals, 1962-1989, undated
9 Australian Galleries, 1977-1980
9 Authentication Letters, 1963-1990, undated
9 Casting Records, 1971-1990, undated
9 Consignment Records, 1977-1989
(2 folders)
9 Correspondence, 1961-1964, undated
(3 folders)
10 Correspondence, 1965-1991
(13 folders)
10 Dial Collection, 1985-1986
10 Drawing Records, 1962-1991, undated
10 Exhibition, undated
10 Exhibition (1973), Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
10 Exhibition (1974), University of California, Los Angeles, and Cornell University, 1972-1975
10 Exhibition (1978), Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1978
10 Exhibition (1979), University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, 1978-1979
10 Exhibition 1982), Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1981-1982, undated
10 Exhibition (1983), Portland Museum of Art, 1983-1984, undated
10 Exhibition (1985), PS Galleries, 1983-1985
10 Exhibition (1985-1986), National Portrait Gallery, 1983-1986, undated
10 Exhibition (1985-1986), National Portrait Gallery, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
10 Exhibition, Traveling Show, 1966-1971, undated
(7 folders)
11 Exhibition, Traveling Show, 1972-1990
(2 folders)
11 Lachaise Foundation Purchases, 1966-1989
11 Modern Art Foundry, Inc., 1962-1990
11 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1956-1982, undated
(2 folders)
11 Printed Material, Clippings, 1925-1985, undated
(4 folders)
11 Publication, Eakins Press, 1966-1973, undated
11 Publication, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1969-1980, undated
11 R. W. Norton Gallery, 1963-1981, undated
11 Sculpture Labels, undated
11 Sculpture Location Records, 1984-1991
11 Tallix Foundry, 1983-1988
11 Works Offered to Clients, 1969-1990
(2 folders)
11 Photographs of Installations, 1963-1969, undated
(2 folders)
11 Photographs of Works of Art, Bronzes, 1985, undated
(5 folders)
11 Photographs of Works of Art, Drawings, undated
(2 folders)
11 Photographs of Works of Art, Plasters, undated
(4 folders)
11 Photographs of Works of Art in Storage, undated
11 Photographs of Works of Art, Miscellaneous, undated
12 Laderman, Gabriel
12 Correspondence, 1964-1991, undated
(6 folders)
12 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1964-1990, undated
12 Printed Material, Clippings, 1964-1991, undated
12 Photographs of Installations, 1969
12 Photograph [of the artist], undated
12 Photographs of Works of Art, 1966-1985, undated
(6 folders)
12 Lawrence, Jacob, General, 1969, undated
12 Lawson, Ernest, General, 1967, undated
12 Lechay, Myron
12 General, 1964-1987
12 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
12 Leibowitz, Leonard, General, 1965-1971
12 Levinson, Abraham F., General, 1931-1947, undated
George Luks)
12 Ligare, David
12 Correspondence, 1982-1991, undated
(3 folders)
12 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1978-1988, undated
12 Printed Material, Clippings, 1984-1990, undated
12 Photographs of Installations, 1986
12 Photographs of Works of Art, 1981-1989, undated
(3 folders)
13 Luks, George, General, 1973-1987, undated
13 Lummis, Charles F., General, 1980-1981
13 MacDonald-Wright, Stanton, General, 1979-1986, undated
13 MacPherson, Robert, General, 1975-1977
13 Mager, Gus, General, 1963, undated
13 Manolo, General, 1964-1965, undated
13 Manship, Paul
13 Correspondence, 1968-1988, undated
13 Printed Material, 1966-1986, undated
13 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
13 Marin, John, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
13 Marini, Marino
13 Photograph of the Artist, undated
13 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
13 Marks, Charles, General, 1966-1970, undated
13 Martini, Arturo, General, 1967, undated
13 Matthiasdottir, Louisa
13 Accounting and Consignment Records, 1966-1990
13 Correspondence, 1963-1991, undated
(7 folders)
13 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1964-1991, undated
13 Printed Material, Clippings, 1961-1989, undated
13 Photographs of Works of Art, 1974-1985, undated
(6 folders)
14 Matulka, Jan
14 Correspondence, 1928-1933, 1969-1990, undated
(3 folders)
14 Exhibition Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, (1988), 1988
14 Exhibition, Traveling Show, 1978-1981, undated
(2 folders)
14 Lida J. Matulka Estate, 1970-1989, undated
14 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1925-1990, undated
14 Printed Material, Clippings, 1925-1990, undated
14 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(8 folders)
14 Maurer, Alfred Henry, General, 1967-1987, undated
14 McFee, Henry
14 General, 1944, 1969-1986
14 Photographs of Works of Art, 1970, undated
14 McIlvain, Isabel
14 Correspondence, 1980-1991
(3 folders)
14 Printed Material, 1976-1990
14 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
14 Mestler, Ludwig, Biographical Material, 1961
14 Metcalf, Willard Leroy, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
14 Mondrian, Piet, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
14 Moore, Henry, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(3 folders)
15 Moran, Thomas, General, undated
15 Moskowitz, Ira, General, 1963-1964, undated
15 M�ller, Jan, General, 1962-1967
15 Muller, Lisa, General, 1965, undated
15 Muray, Nickolas, General, 1969-1974, undated
15 Murch, Walter, Photograph of Work of Art, undated
15 Muybridge, Eadweard, General, 1973-1983, undated
15 Myers, Ethel
15 Correspondence, 1913-1976, undated
(3 folders)
15 Printed Material, 1966
15 Photographs of Installations, [1963]
15 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
15 Myers, Jerome, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
15 Myers, Joan, General, 1976-1981
15 Nadelman, Elie
15 Correspondence, 1961-1990, undated
(2 folders)
15 Printed Material, 1966-1985, undated
15 Photographs of Works of Art, 1977, 1980, undated
15 Nevelson, Louise, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
15 Nick, George Bentley
15 Correspondence, 1965-1970
15 Printed Material, 1965-1969, undated
15 Photographs of Works of Art, 1970, undated
15 Of, George F., Photographs of Works of Art, undated
15 O'Keeffe, Georgia
15 General, 1970-1985, undated
15 Photographs of Works of Art, 1966, undated
15 Orozco, Jos� Clemente, General, 1962-1967, undated
15 Patterson, Charles, General, 1950-1991, undated
15 Pearlstein, Philip, General, 1980-1984, undated
Portrait of Robert Schoelkopf)
15 Peterson, Jane
15 Correspondence, 1968-1989
15 Printed Material, 1968-1977, undated
15 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
15 Peto, John Frederick, General, 1975-1978, undated
15 Picasso, Pablo, General, 1969, undated
16 Piccolo, Richard
16 Correspondence, 1973-1991, undated
(3 folders)
16 Printed Material, 1975-1988
16 Photographs of the Artist, 1974
16 Photographs of Works of Art, 1980-1985, undated
16 Pippin, Horace, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
16 Pollet, Joseph, General, 1964-1968, undated
16 Pollock, Jackson, General, 1976, undated
16 Powers, Hiram, General, 1968-1986, undated
16 Prendergast, Maurice Brazil, General, 1985, undated
16 Quin, Langdon
16 Correspondence, circa 1980-1991
(handmade card)
16 Photographs of Works of Art, 1988-1990, undated
16 Rabinovitch, Ben Magid, Printed Material, 1945-1949, undated
16 Raiselis, Richard, Correspondence, 1983-1991
16 Raymond, Lilo, Correspondence, 1975-1976
16 Reich, Murray, General, 1963-1964
16 Reid, Robert, General, 1981, n.d
16 Richards, William Trost, General, undated
16 Richardt, Ferdinand, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
16 Riis, Jacob A., Photographs of Works of Art, undated
16 Rimmer, William, General, 1966-1979, undated
16 Rivera, Diego, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
16 Roberts, Stone
16 Correspondence, 1984-1991, undated
(2 folders)
16 Printed Material, 1986-1989, undated
16 Photographs of Works of Art, 1981-1988, undated
16 Rodin, Auguste
16 Correspondence, 1963-1981
16 Photographs of Works of Art, 1983, undated
16 Rogers, Randolph, Correspondence, 1968
16 Rosenblatt, Adolph
16 Correspondence, 1966-1972, undated
16 Printed Material, 1966-1968
16 Photographs of Works of Art, 1966, undated
16 Russell, Morgan, General, 1980-1985
16 Ryan, Richard
16 Correspondence, 1983-1989, undated
16 Printed Material, 1984-1990
16 Photographs of Works of Art, 1981-1988, undated
16 Ryder, Albert Pinkham, General, undated
16 Saari, Peter
16 Correspondence, 1987-1991, undated
(2 folders)
16 Printed Material, 1982-1990
16 Photographs of Installations and Works of Art, 1987-1990, undated
16 Saint-Gaudens, Augustus, General, 1987, undated
17 Salemme, Antonio
17 General, 1964-1969
17 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Salemme, Attilio, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Sander, August
17 Correspondence, 1972-1981
17 Printed Material, 1975-1979, undated
17 Sargent, John Singer, General, 1964-1969, undated
17 Scarlett, Rolph
17 General, 1982-1991, undated
17 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Schamberg, Morton L.
17 Correspondence, 1976-1981
17 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Schiele, Egon, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Schmidt, Edward
17 Correspondence, 1975-1991, undated
17 Printed Material, 1980-1990, undated
17 Photographs of Installations and Works of Art, 1975-1986, undated
17 Schmidt, Elsa, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Schussele, Christian, General, 1971-1976, undated
17 Sears, Sarah Choate, General, 1963, undated
17 Severio, Gino, General, undated
17 Shahn, Ben, General, 1970, undated
17 Shaw, Charles Green, General, undated
17 Shaw, Sydney Dale, General, 1966-1981
17 Shechter, Laura
17 Correspondence, 1983-1987
17 Printed Material, 1980-1987, undated
17 Sheeler, Charles, General, 1963-1986, undated
17 Shinn, Everett, General, [1961], undated
17 Shinn, Florence Scovel, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Sklarski, Bonnie
17 Correspondence, 1975-1991, undated
17 Printed Material, 1976-1991
17 Photographs of Works of Art, 1975, undated
17 Sommer, Frederick, Correspondence, 1975-1976
17 Sommer, Giorgio, Correspondence, 1975
17 Spencer, Niles, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
17 Staples, W. L., General, 1965-1966, undated
17 Stearns, Junius Brutus, General, 1972, undated
17 Steichen, Edward, General, 1969-1981, undated
17 Stella, Joseph
17 Biographical and Source Material, 1929, undated
17 Correspondence, circa 1944, 1960-1991, undated
17 Estate Records, 1963-1991
18 Exhibition Lists, 1963-1979, undated
18 Miscellaneous Notes, undated
18 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1930-1990, undated
18 Printed Material, Clippings, 1924-1991, undated
18 Publication, Irma Jaffe, 1963-1970
18 Rabin & Kruger Gallery, 1960-1986, undated
18 Photograph of the Artist, undated
18 Photographs of Works of Art, 1963-1984, undated
18 Sterne, Maurice, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
18 Stieglitz, Alfred, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
18 Stone, Louis, General, 1940-1969, 1985-1991, undated
18 Stone, Sandra, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
18 Storrs, John Henry Bradley
18 Correspondence, 1965-1991, undated
(9 folders)
18 Estate Transfer and Contracts, 1969-1986
(2 folders)
18 Exhibition (1986-1987), Whitney Museum of American Art, 1965-1987, undated
(2 folders)
18 Gifts, 1974-1977
18 Loan to Clark Art Institute, 1979-1980, undated
18 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1920-1988
18 Printed Material, Clippings, 1925-1989, undated
19 Platinum Prints, undated
19 Silver Gelatin Prints, undated
19 Photographs of Installations, 1975-1981, undated
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Downtown Gallery, undated
(2 folders)
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Noel Frackman Publicity Material, circa 1986
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Warehouse, 1977, undated
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Winnetka, undated
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Miscellaneous Media, undated
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Paintings, undated
(4 folders)
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Sculpture, 1981, 1987, undated
(4 folders)
19 Photographs of Works of Art, Works on Paper, undated
(3 folders)
19 Strand, Paul, Correspondence, 1981
19 Suba, Miklos
19 Correspondence, 1966-1991, undated
(2 folders)
19 Printed Material, 1964-1983, undated
19 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Tack, Augustus Vincent, General, 1945, 1983-1988
19 Tamayo, Rufino, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Tanner, Henry Ossawa, General, 1969-1987, undated
19 Taylor, Henry Fitch, General, 1966-1990, undated
19 Thayer, Abbott Handerson, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Thompson, Jerry, Correspondence, 1974
19 Tillim, Sidney
19 Correspondence, 1964-1969, undated
19 Printed Material, 1962-1977, undated
19 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Tomlin, Bradley Walker, General, 1970, undated
19 Touster, Irwin
19 Correspondence, 1962-1972, undated
19 Printed Material, 1961-1972
19 Tulk, Alfred James, Printed Material, 1974-1977, undated
19 Urness, Scott
19 Correspondence, 1984-1991
19 Photographs of Works of Art, 1985-1990, undated
19 Urquhart, Tony, Correspondence, 1962-1966
19 Van Everen, Jay, General, 1972, undated
19 Vassilief, Marie, General, 1969, undated
19 Vedder, Elihu, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Von Gloden, General, 1974
19 Vonnoh, Robert William, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Vroman, Edward, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Walkowitz, Abraham, General, 1964, undated
19 Watkins, Carleton E., Photographs of Works of Art, undated
19 Weber, Max, General, 1955-1971, undated
19 Weir, Julian Alden, Photographs of Works of Art, undated
20 Weiss, George, General, 1965-1967, undated
20 Whistler, James McNeill, General, 1965-1973, undated
20 Whittredge, Worthington, General, 1991, undated
20 Wiesenfeld, Paul
20 Correspondence, 1971-1991, undated
(8 folders)
20 Printed Material, 1970-1991, undated
20 Photographs of the Artist, undated
20 Photographs of Works of Art, 1972-1976, undated
20 Wilkins, William
20 Correspondence, 1976-1987, undated
(4 folders)
20 Exhibition Lists and R�sum�s, 1977-1981
20 Printed Material, 1977-1988
20 Photographs of Works of Art, 1978, undated
20 Wyant, Alexander H., General, 1972, undated
20 Wynn, Don
20 General, 1969-1990
20 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
20 Young, Mahonri Mackintosh, General, 1958, 1963-1964
20 Zammit, Norman, General, 1962-1968, undated
20 Zorach, William, General, 1982, undated
20 Miscellaneous Artists
20 Unidentified Artists, 1963, undated
(3 folders)
20 A - F, 1968, 1975-1990, undated
21 G - Z, 1955-1990, undated
21 Additional Slide Transparencies from Series 1
21 Canier, Caren
21 Cushing, Barbara
21 Dallman, Daniel
21 Piccolo, Richard
21 Roberts, Stone
21 Ryan, Richard
21 Schmidt, Edward
21 Sklarski, Bonnie
21 Stella, Joseph
21 Storrs, John Henry Bradley
21 Urness, Scott
21 Wiesenfeld, Paul
21 Wilkins, William
21 Miscellaneous Artists, G - Z
21 Additional Slide Transparencies from Series 2, Artist Commissions
22 Negatives of Works of Art
21 Unidentified Artists, undated
(2 folders)
22 Albright, Ivan - Aponovich, James, undated
22 Bailey, William, undated
(3 folders)
22 Ballaine, G. - Bell, E., undated
22 Bell, Leland, undated
(2 folders)
22 Bellows, George - Burra, Edward, undated
22 Carles, Arthur B. - Cole, Thomas, undated
22 Coleman, Glenn O. - Currier, [J. Frank], undated
22 Dallman, Daniel - Davis, Stuart, undated
22 Dawson, Manierre, undated
22 De Kooning, Willem - Duveneck, Frank, undated
22 Eaton - Evans, Walker, undated
22 Fellini - Fiske, Gertrude, undated
22 Flannagan, John Bernard - Frieseke, Frederick C., undated
22 Gallatin, A. E. - Goodwin, Arthur Clifton, undated
22 Gorky, Arshile - Guillaume, undated
22 Halsall - Hawthorne, Charles Webster, undated
22 Heade, Martin Johnson - Horton, William S., undated
22 Johnson, David - Jones, Bern, undated
22 Kane, John - Kline, Franz, undated
22 Knaths, Karl - Kuniyoshi, Yasuo, undated
22 Lachaise, Gaston, undated
(3 folders)
23 Lachaise, Gaston, undated
(2 folders)
23 Laderman, Gabriel, undated
(2 folders)
23 Lawrence, Jacob - Luks, George, undated
23 MacDonald-Wright, Stanton - Martin, Homer D., undated
23 Matthiasdottir, Louisa, undated
(3 folders)
23 Matulka, Jan, undated
23 Maurer, Alfred Henry - Mills, undated
23 [Morandi, Giovanni] - Myers, Jerome, undated
23 Nadelman, Elie - Nakian, Reuben, undated
23 Nevelson, Louise - Orozco, Jos� Clemente, undated
23 Peterson, Jane - Pollet, Joseph, undated
23 Pollock, Jackson - Quin, Langdon, undated
23 Raiselis, Richard - [Ryder, Albert Pinkham], undated
23 Saint-Gaudens, Augustus - Shaw, Sydney Dale, undated
23 Sheeler, Charles - Steichen, Edward, undated
23 Stella, Joseph, undated
(3 folders)
23 Storrs, John Henry Bradley, undated
(4 folders)
23 [Stuart, Frederick T.] - Suba, Miklos, undated
23 Tamayo, Rufino - Tillim, Sidney, undated
23 Touster, Irwin, undated
23 Turner, Helen - Weiss, George, undated
23 Whistler, James McNeill - Zorach, [William], undated
23 Negatives, Exhibition Files
23 Photographs of the American West, (1985), undated
23 American Stone Carvers, (1985), undated

Series 2: General Business Files, 1960-1991, undated
(boxes 24-28, 4.75 linear ft.)

This series comprises records relating to the day-to-day administration of the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery. It provides extensive coverage of the gallery's relationships with a wide variety of clients including gallery owners, art dealers, museums, and art institutions primarily nationwide but also abroad. The series records activities such as appraisals; requests for information from clients and responses to their inquiries; correspondence to and from clients regarding works of art to be taken on approval or purchased; consignment of works of art; and loan arrangements.

The largest group of files in the series contains general correspondence that provides a broad overview of business activities. These files contain the bulk of the letters offering works of art to clients and responding to requests for information, loan, or purchase. The early correspondence files in particular document how Schoelkopf actively targeted particular collectors and institutions in his efforts to launch the gallery as a going concern. The gallery maintained a group of files entitled "Correspondence-Offerings" that contained letters offering works of art to clients. However, many such letters were also contained in files labeled simply "Correspondence," and to avoid redundancy, these two sets of files were combined during processing. The first file of general correspondence contains the lease for the fourth-floor gallery space at 825 Madison Avenue.

More detailed documentation of particular aspects of the gallery's administration can also be found in this series. Files recording appraisals contain estimates of value for works of art that Robert Schoelkopf provided to individuals for insurance purposes. Two additional files document large-scale appraisals that Schoelkopf conducted for the Art Dealers Association of America, including an appraisal of approximately two hundred works by Morgan Russell given by Henry M. Reed to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The gallery maintained a group of files recording works of art sent out on approval and consignment. They include incoming letters requesting loans from the gallery and replies in the form of memoranda listing works of art sent out, the terms of the loan agreement, or price of the works if purchased. During the 1970s the gallery maintained separate files for consignment of photography, and these records can be found at the end of the group. Additional records relating to photography consignment can also be found in the other approval and consignment files.

Three files in this series document the gallery's involvement with the administration of client estates. Records relating to the estate of Arie K. Fluiter contain several pieces of correspondence with Georgia O'Keeffe discussing whether a painting owned by the Fluiter estate, Red Barn, was an early work of hers.

This series also contains a group of files relating to individual galleries, art dealers, and clients that the gallery apparently retained for a short time. Additional records relating to these clients may be found elsewhere in the series. Arrangement of material within folders in this series is complicated by the fact that dates of final actions taken on items are often hand-written on memoranda and are later than the type-written date of the item. Generally the type-written date was taken as the primary date as this method tended to retain the original order of the material.

24 Appraisals
24 General, 1970-1991
(4 folders)
24 Art Dealers Association of America, 1980-1990, undated
(2 folders)
24 Approval and Consignment Records
24 General, 1963-1988
(15 folders)
24 Photography, 1969-1977
(4 folders)
24 Artist Commissions, 1981-1990, undated
24 Estate of Arie K. Fluiter, 1964-1980, undated
24 Estate of Joseph Katz, 1964-1978
24 Estate of Richard Mills (correspondence with Mills), 1968-1982
25 General Correspondence, 1961-1972, undated
(26 folders)
26 General Correspondence, 1973-1982
27 General Correspondence, 1983-1991
(22 folders)
27 General Correspondence, Photography, 1963-1974, undated
(3 folders)
28 General Correspondence, Photography, 1975-1978, 1984-1989
(3 folders)
28 Gifts from Martin Horowitz, 1970-1976, undated
28 Gifts from Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1981-1985
28 Individual Galleries and Clients
28 D'Offay Couper Gallery, 1971-1980, undated
28 Fader, Jack, 1972-1978
28 Fust, John, 1962-1970, undated
28 Graphics International, Ltd., 1973-1980, undated
28 Halsted 831 Gallery, 1971-1975, undated
28 James Goodman Gallery, 1962-1967, undated
28 Maxwell Galleries, Ltd., 1958-1965
28 Millard, Charles, 1973-1976
28 Neumann, Elsa Schmidt, 1962-1967
28 R. E. Lewis, Inc., 1962-1967
28 Rabin, Bernard, 1973-1984
28 Strauser, Sterling, 1963-1977
28 Terry DeLapp Gallery, 1962-1967, undated
28 Wilmerding, John, 1973, undated
28 Inventory Purchases
28 General, 1960-1973, 1984
(3 folders)
28 Photography, 1972-1976, undated
(3 folders)
28 Legal Records, 1966-1982, undated
28 Photograph Catalogue, undated
28 Photography, Miscellaneous, undated
28 Restoration of Works of Art, 1978-1990, undated
28 Works Offered to Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 1972-1984, undated

Series 3: Group Exhibition Files, 1960-1988, undated
(boxes 28-29, 1 linear ft.)

This series primarily documents group exhibitions held at the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery between 1963 and 1987, in addition to several exhibitions held in other locations. Records relating to exhibitions of work by individual artists are not included in this series but can be found in Series 1: Aftist Files. The first files in the series contain exhibition lists and printed material for shows that have no accompanying material and thus are not represented in an individual folder. Much of the printed matter consists of general reference material relating to themes of group shows held at the gallery. It also documents group exhibitions at other locations that featured artists in whom the gallery had an interest. Three folders of photographs that were originally labeled "Publicity Photographs" can be found immediately following these files.

The bulk of the series deals with specific exhibitions. Records include photographs of installations and individual works of art shown, exhibition catlogs, clippings, press releases, and material pertaining to related events. Correspondence concerning arrangements for exhibitions and requests for information can also be found here. Files chronicling specific exhibitions are arranged chronologically, with the exception of three files combining material relating to two exhibitions entitled Nine Realist Painters and Nine Realist Painters Revisited that can be found at the end of the series. Dates of exhibitions are given in parentheses after the exhibition titles and should not be confused with record dates.

The series contains ten negatives of photographs used in the 1985 exhibition, Photographs of the American West, and three negatives of installation shots from the 1985 exhibition, American Stone Carvers. For preservation reasons these are stored at the end of the negatives from Series 1: Artist Files, in Box 24.

A list of all known exhibitions held at the gallery, both one-person and group shows, is available as an appendix

28 Exhibition Lists, 1967-1987, undated
(2 folders)
28 Printed Material, 1962-1988, undated
(2 folders)
28 Photography Exhibitions, Publicity Photographs, undated
(3 folders)
28 Naive Art of the World (1961), General, 1960-1961, undated
28 19th Century American Paintings (1963), General, 1962-1963
28 New York, New York (1964), General, 1957, 1964
28 19th & 20th Century Americans (1965), General, 1965
28 19th & 20th Century American Paintings (1967), General, 1967
28 Significant 19th and 20th Century Photographs (1970), General, 1970
28 Brooklyn Bridge (1973)
28 Correspondence, 1966-1974, undated
28 Printed Material, Announcements, Catalogs, 1973, 1983, undated
28 Printed Material, Clippings, 1972-1973, 1983, undated
29 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(2 folders)
29 Photography in Italy in the Nineteenth Century (1973-1974), General, 1973
29 The Art of the Portrait Photograph (1974)
29 General, 1970-1974
29 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
29 Four Americans (1975), General, 1975
29 Altar Pieces of World War II (1975)
29 General, 1975-1980, undated
29 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
(2 folders)
29 New Talent (1975), General, 1975-1977, undated
29 Cyanotypes by Well-Known and Amateur Photographers from the Turn of the Century and Today (1976), General, 1976, undated
29 Drawings by Gallery Artists (1976), General, 1976
29 Brooklyn College Art Department Past and Present, 1942-1977 1977)
29 Correspondence, 1977, undated
29 Printed Material, 1977
29 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
29 Early 20th Century American Modernist Painting (1978), General, 1978
29 Emile Branchard and William Fellini: Two 20th Century American Primitive Painters (1978), General, 1978
29 Artists' Choice Exhibition (1979), Correspondence, 1979
29 Contemporary Arcadian Paintings (1982), General, 1982-1983, undated
29 Recent American Still Life Painting (1984), General, 1984, undated
29 American Wood Carvers of the 19th and 20th Centuries 1985)
29 General, 1979-1985
29 Photograph of Installations, 1978
29 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
29 Recent American Portraiture (1985), General, undated
29 Photographs of the American West (1985)
29 General, 1985
29 Negatives of Works of Art, undated
(filed in Box 24)
29 American Stone Carvers (1985)
29 General, 1985-1986, undated
29 Photographs of Installations, 1985
29 Photographs of Works of Art, undated
29 Negatives of Installations, 1985
filed in Box 24)
29 City Streets (1986), General, 1962-1986, undated
29 The Figure: American Sculpture of the Early 20th Century (1988), General, 1988, undated
29 Nine Realist Painters (1963-1964), Nine Realist Painters Revisited (1984-1985)
29 Correspondence, 1964-1985, undated
29 Printed Material, 1964-1985
29 Photographs of Works of Art, undated

Series 4: Photographs of Artists, 1963-1981, undated
(box 29, 0.25 ft.)

This series comprises a group of photographs and slide transparencies of artists stored separately by the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery from other photographs of artists that are interspersed throughout the collection. The majority of the images are of artists whose work the gallery did not handle. They are arranged alphabetically by artist, with unidentified artists placed at the beginning of the group.

29 Unidentified Artists, undated
(4 folders)
29 Bishop, Isabel, 1981
29 Bolotowsky, Ilya, 1981
29 Bomar, Bill, 1978
29 Burlin, Paul, 1978
29 Cavallon, Georgio, 1981
29 Citron, Minna Wright, 1981
29 de Graf, Jos�, 1976
29 De Kooning, Willem, 1976, undated
29 Delevante, Sidney, 1976
29 Dickinson, Edwin Walter, 1978
29 [Ether], Curtis, 1974
29 Giobbi, Edward, 1978
29 Gottlieb, Adolph, 1978
29 Gross, Chaim, 1978
(taken 1963)
29 Kiesler, Frederick, 1974, 1978
29 Kroll, Leon, 1978
29 Marcks, Gerhard, undated
29 Marcus, Maria, 1978, undated
29 Michael, Lily, undated
29 Morrison, George, 1976
29 Motherwell, Robert, 1981
29 Nevelson, Louise, 1976
29 Ortiz, Rafael Montanez, 1978, undated
29 [Pierce, Margy], undated
29 Romano, Claudia, undated
29 Roose, Roselyn, 1978
29 Rothko, Mark, 1978, undated
29 Segal, George, 1976
29 Shaier, Mary, 1978, undated
29 Sievan, Maurice, 1978, undated
29 Smith, David, undated
29 Soyer, Moses, 1978
29 Soyer, Raphael, 1976
29 Tworkow, Jack, 1978, undated
29 Vincente, Esteban, 1976, undated
29 Warhol, Andy, undated

Index 1: Artists Represented in Negatives of Works of Art

  • Albright, Ivan
  • [Allston]
  • Anderson, Lennart
  • Andrejevic, Milet
  • Anshutz, Thomas Pollock
  • Aponovich, James
  • Bailey, William
  • Ballaine, G.
  • Balthus
  • Barye
  • Bazelon, Cecile Gray
  • Beauchamp
  • Beckwith
  • Bell, E.
  • Bell, Leland
  • Bellows, George
  • Benton, Thomas Hart
  • Bernard
  • Birch, Thomas
  • [Blauvelk]
  • Bluemner, Oscar
  • Blythe, David Gilmour
  • Bolles, Jesse H.
  • Bouvier, August
  • Bradford, William
  • Branchard, Emile Pierre
  • Brassa�
  • Bratby, John
  • Breckenridge, Hugh H.
  • Bricher, A. T.
  • Brook, Alexander
  • Brown, John George
  • Burchfield, Charles
  • Burra, Edward
  • Carles, Arthur B.
  • Carlsen
  • Cartier-Bresson, Henri
  • Charkow, Natalie
  • Chase, William Merritt
  • Chiriani, Richard
  • Civitico, Bruno
  • Clark, Alson Skinner
  • Codman, Charles
  • Cohen, Frederick
  • Cole, Thomas
  • Coleman, Glenn O.
  • Conrad, Kramer
  • Cornell, Joseph
  • Cropsey, Jasper Francis
  • Currier, [J. Frank]
  • Dallman, Daniel
  • Dalou, Jules
  • Dasburg, Andrew
  • Daugherty, James Henry
  • [Davidson]
  • Davidson, Jo
  • Davies, Arthur B.
  • Davis, Stuart
  • Dawson, Manierre
  • Degas, Edgar
  • De Kooning, Willem
  • Demuth, Charles
  • Dewing, Thomas Wilmer
  • Dickinson, Preston
  • Diederich, William Hunt
  • [Dix, Otto]
  • Du Bois, Guy P�ne
  • Duchamp, Marcel
  • Duveneck, Frank
  • Eaton
  • Edmonson, Will
  • [Eilshemius]
  • Epstein, [Sir Jacob]
  • Erlebacher, Martha Mayer
  • Evans, Walker
  • Fellini
  • Fisher, M.
  • Fiske, Gertrude
  • Flannagan, John Bernard
  • Forbes, Charles
  • Frazier, John Robinson
  • Freckelton, Sondra
  • Frieseke, Frederick C.
  • Gallatin, A. E.
  • Gay, Walter
  • Gifford, R. Swain
  • Gifford, Sanford Robinson
  • Gignoux, R.
  • Glackens, William J.
  • Gleizes, Albers
  • Goodnough, Robert
  • Goodwin, Arthur Clifton
  • Gorky, Arshile
  • Gorsline
  • Graham, John
  • Graham, William
  • Grant
  • Grausman, Philip
  • Graves, Morris
  • Groz
  • Guglielmi, Louis
  • Guillaume
  • Halsall
  • Han, Raymond
  • Hardy, DeWitt
  • Hart, William
  • Hartley, Marsden
  • Hartman, Bertram C.
  • Harvey, Anne
  • Hatke, Walter
  • Hawthorne, Charles Webster
  • Heade, Martin Johnson
  • Henri, Robert
  • Hill, T.
  • Hirst, Claude R.
  • Hitchcock
  • Hohwiller, L. M.
  • Hopper, Edward
  • Horton, William S.
  • Johnson, David
  • Johnson, Eastman
  • Johnson, Lester
  • Jones, Bern
  • Kane, John
  • Karfunkle, David
  • Kelly, L.
  • Kensett, John Frederick
  • Klee, Paul
  • Klimt, Gustav
  • Kline, Franz
  • Knaths, Karl
  • [Kresch]
  • Kruger, Louise
  • Kuhn, Walt
  • Kuniyoshi, Yasuo
  • Lachaise, Gaston
  • Laderman, Gabriel
  • Lawrence, Jacob
  • Lawson, Ernest
  • Lechay, Myron
  • Leibowitz, Leonard
  • Leutz
  • Levinson, Abraham F.
  • Ligare, David
  • Lipchitz
  • Luks, George
  • MacDonald-Wright, Stanton
  • MacMonnies, Frederick William
  • Manolo
  • Manship, Paul
  • Manzu
  • Marin, John
  • Martin, Homer D.
  • Matthiasdottir, Louisa
  • Matulka, Jan
  • Maurer, Alfred Henry
  • McFee Henry
  • McIlvain, Isabel
  • Melchers
  • Metcalf, Willard Leroy
  • Mills
  • [Morandi, Giovanni]
  • Muybridge, Eadweard
  • M�ller, Jan
  • Muller, Lisa
  • Myers, Jerome
  • Nadelman, Elie
  • Nakian, Reuben
  • Nevelson, Louise
  • Newman, A. L.
  • Nick, George Bentley
  • Of, George F.
  • O'Keeffe, Georgia
  • Orozco, Jos� Clemente
  • Peterson, Jane
  • Peto, John Frederick
  • Pfreim, Bernard
  • Picasso, Pablo
  • Piccolo, Richard
  • Pollet, Joseph
  • Pollock, Jackson
  • Poor, H.
  • Powers, Hiram
  • Prendergast, Maurice Brazil
  • Price
  • Prior, William Matthew
  • Quin, Langdon
  • Raiselis, Richard
  • Ream, C. P.
  • Reid, Robert
  • Richards, William Trost
  • Rimmer, William
  • Robinson, T. W.
  • Rodin, Auguste
  • Romero, Orozco
  • Rummelspacher
  • Russell, Morgan
  • Ryan, Richard
  • [Ryder, Albert Pinkham]
  • Saint-Gaudens, Augustus
  • Salemme, Antonio
  • Salemme, Attilio
  • Sargent, John Singer
  • Schamberg, Morton L.
  • Schiele, Egon
  • Schmidt, Edward
  • Schultz, E. N.
  • Scott, J. W. A.
  • Shahn, Ben
  • Shaw, Sidney Dale
  • Sheeler, Charles
  • Shinn, Everett
  • Sklarski, Bonnie
  • Sloan, John
  • Smith, Hope
  • Staples, W. L.
  • Steene
  • Steichen, Edward
  • Stella, Joseph
  • Storrs, John Henry Bradley
  • Stuart, Frederick, T.
  • Suba, Miklos
  • Tamayo, Rufino
  • Tanguy, Yves
  • Tanner, Henry Ossawa
  • Taylor, Henry Fitch
  • Tillim, Sidney
  • Touster, Irwin
  • Turner, Helen
  • Twachtman, John Henry
  • Urness, Scott
  • [V., F.]
  • Van Beest
  • Van Everen, Jay
  • Vedder, Elihu
  • Vespignani
  • Vonnoh, Robert William
  • Walcutt, William
  • [Wall]
  • Weber, Max
  • Weir, Julian Alden
  • Weiss, George
  • Whistler, James McNeill
  • Whittredge, Worthington
  • Wiesenfeld, Paul
  • Woking
  • Wood, Thomas Waterman
  • Wyant, A. H.
  • Wyeth, Andrew
  • Zorach, [William]

Index 2: List of Exhibitions at Robert Schoelkopf Gallery

Below is a list of all known exhibitions held at the Robert Schoelkopf Gallery. Italics indicate that the exact title of an exhibition is is known. Brackets indicate that the date or occurrence of an exhibition is assumed but cannot be confirmed.

    Nov., 1962
    A Selection of Drawings & Watercolors
    Nov. 13-Dec. 1, 1962
    Johan Birnie
    Dec. 4-22, 1962
    Norman Zammitt
    Jan. 2-Feb. 9, 1963
    Joseph Stella
    Mar. 5-30, 1963
    19th Century American Paintings
    Apr. 2-27, 1963
    Ethel Myers: Drawings and Sculpture
    May 1-31, 1963
    Gus Mager (1878-1955)
    Oct. 1-19, 1963
    Murray Reich: Recent Paintings
    Oct. 19-Nov. 16, 1963
    Joseph Stella
    Nov. 9-Dec. 7, 1963
    Irwin Touster
    Dec. 10-Jan. 4, 1964
    9 Realist Painters
    Jan. 7-25, 1964
    19th Century American Paintings & Drawings: Beckwith, Bierstadt, Bradford, Carlsen, Chase, Cropsey, Durand, Duveneck, Field, Gifford, Kensett, Harnett, Hassam, La Farge, Leavitt, Martin, Melchers, Moran, Ranger, Ream, Richards, Stella
    Jan. 28-Feb. 15, 1964
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: Recent Paintings
    Feb. 18-Mar. 14, 1964
    An Exhibition of Portraits by Gaston Lachaise
    Mar.-Apr., 1964
    Joseph Pollet
    May 5-30, 1964
    Antonio Salemme
    June 2-26, 1964
    New York, New York
    Oct., 1964
    Joseph Stella: An Exhibition of Drawings
    [Nov.], 1964
    [Gabriel Laderman]
    undated, 1965
    Lisa Muller
    Jan. 5-30, 1965
    Lillian Delevoryas
    Mar. 2-27, 1965
    Sidney Tillim
    Apr., 1965
    Joseph Pollet
    May, 1965
    George Weiss
    May 25-June 25, 1965
    19th and 20th Century Americans
    Oct. 26-Nov. 13, 1965
    Joseph Fiore
    Dec. 7-31, 1965
    George Bentley Nick
    Jan. 4-29, 1966
    Robert Cornell Memorial Exhibition
    Jan. 11-29, 1966
    Douglas Gorsline
    Feb. 1-19, 1966
    Drawings and Sculpture by Gaston Lachaise
    Feb. 23-Mar. 13, 1966
    Leland Bell: Paintings
    Mar.-Apr., 1966
    Charles Marks: Drawings
    Mar. 15-Apr. 2, 1966
    Ethel Myers
    Apr. 5-23, 1966
    Louisa Matthiasdottir
    Apr. 26-May 14, 1966
    Joseph Cornell: Collages
    May 17-June 11, 1966
    Lillian Delevoryas
    July 1-31, 1966
    A Selection of Modern Sculpture: Becquet, Bolotowsky, Butler, Calder, Chadwick, Dalou, Davidson, Flannagan, Gauguin, Kogan, Kuhn, Lachaise, Manzu, Marini, Moore, Nadelman, Rodin, Salemme
    Oct. 11-29, 1966
    Adolph Rosenblatt
    Nov. 1-19, 1966
    Joseph Stella: Watercolors, Drawings, and Collages
    Nov. 22-Dec. 10, 1966
    Sydney Dale Shaw
    Dec. 20-Jan. 7, 1967
    Walker Evans
    Jan. 10-Feb. 4, 1967
    Miklos Suba
    Feb. 7-25, 1967
    Joseph Pollet: Paris, Seven Years
    Feb.-Mar., 1967
    Charles Marks: Paintings, 1960-1967
    Mar. 21-Apr. 8, 1967
    19th & 20th Century American Paintings
    Apr. 11-29, 1967
    Gabriel Laderman: Recent Paintings
    May 2-20, 1967
    Recent Paintings and Watercolors by Sidney Tillim
    May 23-July 28, 1967
    19th and 20th Century American Landscapes
    Sept. 19-Oct. 7, 1967
    Exhibition of Watercolors, Drawings and Prints by Gallery Artists
    Sept. 19-Oct. 7, 1967
    Sculpture by Thyra Davidson
    Oct. 10-31, 1967
    George Bentley Nick: Recent Paintings
    Oct. 31-Nov. 25, 1967
    Figurative Painting of the Fifties
    Nov., 1967
    19th & 20th Century American Art
    Nov. 28-Jan. 6, 1968
    Julia Margaret Cameron, 1815-1879
    Jan. 9-27, 1968
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: Paintings and Sculpture
    Jan. 30-Feb. 17, 1968
    William Bailey
    Mar. 19-Apr. 13, 1968
    Jane Peterson: Paintings, 1910-1920
    Apr. 16-May 4, 1968
    Leland Bell: Paintings
    May 7-31, 1968
    Yun Gee
    Sept. 28-Oct. 17, 1968
    Leonard Leibowitz: Paintings and Etchings
    Oct. 19-Nov. 7, 1968
    Adolph Rosenblatt
    Nov. 9-Dec. 5, 1968
    Louise Kruger
    Nov. 22.-Dec. 10, 1968
    Sydney Dale Shaw
    Dec. 7-Jan. 2, 1969
    Gertrude Fiske: Oil Paintings, 1910-1928
    Jan. 4-23, 1969
    Irwin Touster
    Jan. 25-Feb. 13, 1969
    Joseph Fiore: Recent Paintings
    Feb. 15-Mar. 6, 1969
    William S. Horton
    Mar. 8-Apr. 3, 1969
    Gaston Lachaise: Sculpture and Drawings
    Apr. 5-May 1, 1969
    Manierre Dawson: Paintings, 1909-1913
    May 3-23, 1969
    Sidney Tillim: Paintings
    May 3-July 18, 1969
    American Landscapes of the 19th and 20th Centuries
    Oct. 4-23, 1969
    John Robinson Frazier (1889-1966)
    Oct. 25-Nov. 13, 1969
    Gabriel Laderman
    Nov. 14-Dec. 4, 1969
    Louisa Matthiasdottir
    Dec. 6-24, 1969
    Eug�ne Atget (1857-1927): Photographs
    Jan. 3-29, 1970
    Joseph Stella: Oils, Watercolors, Drawings, and Collages
    Jan. 31-Feb. 19, 1970
    Douglas Gorsline
    Feb. 21-Mar. 12, 1970
    Leland Bell: Paintings
    Mar. 14-Apr. 2, 1970
    Louise Kruger: Sculpture
    Apr. 4-30, 1970
    Significant 19th & 20th Century Photographs
    Apr. 4-30, 1970
    Paul Manship
    May 2-29, 1970
    American Narrative Painting of the 19th Century
    June 8-July 3, 1970
    Modernist Painting in America
    Oct. 3-22, 1970
    Leonard Leibowitz: Recent Paintings
    Oct. 24-Nov. 19, 1970
    Jan Matulka
    Nov. 21-Dec. 24, 1970
    John Henry Bradley Storrs: Paintings, Sculpture, and Drawings
    Jan. 9-28, 1971
    Cecile Gray Bazelon: Paintings
    Jan. 30-Feb. 25, 1971
    Walker Evans: Photographs
    Mar. 20-Apr. 8, 1971
    Myron Lechay: Paintings, 1922-1932
    [Summer], 1971
    Gaston Lachaise: Sculpture and Drawings
    [July], 1971
    American Landscape Paintings
    Sept. 18-Oct. 14, 1971
    Brassa�: Photographs
    Oct. 16-Nov. 11, 1971
    William Bailey: Paintings and Drawings
    Nov. 13-Dec. 2, 1971
    Alson Clark (1876-1949)
    Dec. 4-31, 1971
    James H. Daugherty: Retrospective
    Jan. 4-27, 1972
    Paul Manship (1885-1966)
    Jan. 7-30, 1972
    Four Americans
    Jan. 29-Feb. 17, 1972
    Louisa Matthiasdottir
    Feb. 19-Mar. 9, 1972
    Miklos Suba and O. Louis Guglielmi: Paintings of New York
    Mar. 11-30, 1972
    Douglas Gorsline
    [April, 1972
    Jan Matulka]
    Apr. 22-May 11, 1972
    Leland Bell
    May 13-June 1, 1972
    Gertrude Fiske (1878-1961)
    June 3-30, 1972
    Julia Margaret Cameron: Victorian Photographs
    July, 1972
    Landscapes by American Artists
    Sept. 12-Oct. 5, 1972
    20th Century Drawings
    Oct. 7-Nov. 2, 1972
    Gabriel Laderman
    Nov. 4-30, 1972
    John Storrs (1885-1956): Drawings and Prints
    Dec. 2-23, 1972
    19th and 20th Century Landscape Photography
    Jan. 2-25, 1973
    Martha Mayer Erlebacher: Paintings, Drawings, and Watercolors
    Jan. 27-Feb. 22, 1973
    Bruno Civitico: Paintings and Drawings
    Feb. 24-Mar. 22, 1973
    Paul Wiesenfeld: Paintings
    Mar. 24-Apr. 19, 1973
    Cecile Gray Bazelon
    Apr. 21-May 17, 1973
    Walker Evans
    [Apr. 21-May 17], 1973
    [The Unknown Lachaise]
    May 19-June 14, 1973
    Brooklyn Bridge: Paintings, Prints, Photographs, Memorabilia, and Historical Documents Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of One of Man's Noblest Works
    Sept. 18-Oct. 13, 1973
    A Century of Photographs, 1842-1949
    Oct. 20-Nov. 29, 1973
    Gaston Lachaise: Sculpture and Drawings
    Dec. 8-Jan. 17, 1974
    Photography in Italy in the 19th Century
    Jan. 19-Feb. 14, 1974
    Louisa Matthiasdottir
    Feb. 16-Mar. 14, 1974
    Myron Lechay: Paintings of the Twenties & Thirties
    Mar. 16-Apr. 11, 1974
    Leland Bell: Recent Paintings
    Apr. 13-May 9, 1974
    Douglas Cumming: Paintings and Drawings
    May 11-June 7, 1974
    Gabriel Laderman: Retrospective
    June 11-July 19, 1974
    The Art of the Portrait Photograph
    Oct. 1-31, 1974
    North American Indians
    Oct. 19-Nov. 14, 1974
    William Bailey
    Nov. 2-30, 1974
    Walker Evans: Vintage Prints
    Dec. 10-Jan. 11, 1975
    The Art of the Photogravure
    Jan. 7-31, 1975
    Four Americans
    Jan. 14-Feb. 28, 1975
    Rome by Robert MacPherson
    Feb. 4-Mar. 1, 1975
    Altar Pieces of World War II
    Mar. 4-29, 1975
    Gis�le �
    [Mar. 4-Apr. 26], 1975
    [John Henry Bradley Storrs]
    Apr. 1-30, 1975
    Margaret Bourke-White, 1904-1971
    Apr. 29-May 30, 1975
    Martha Mayer Erlebacher
    May 3-31, 1975
    Arnold Genthe
    June 2-July 11, 1975
    19th Century Photographs of the Middle East
    June 10-July 11, 1975
    New Talent
    Sept. 16-Oct. 18, 1975
    Richard Piccolo
    Sept. 16-Oct. 30, 1975
    August Sander: Vintage Prints
    Oct. 3-Nov. 9, 1975
    Impressionism: Gertrude Fiske
    Nov. 4-29, 1975
    Kipton Kumler: Photographs
    Nov. 24-Dec. 2, 1975
    Cecile Gray Bazelon
    Dec. 2-24, 1975
    Roger Fenton: Photographs of the Crimean War
    undated, 1976
    Andrew Dasburg and Some Friends
    Jan. 6-31, 1976
    Van Deren Coke
    Jan. 13-Feb. 14, 1976
    Louisa Matthiasdottir
    Feb. 17-Mar. 13, 1976
    Bonnie Sklarski
    Mar. 2-30, 1976
    Fredrich Cantor: Photographs
    Mar. 16-Apr. 17, 1976
    Bruno Civitico
    Apr. 1-29, 1976
    Cecil Beaton
    Apr. 20-May 15, 1976
    Leland Bell
    May 1-28, 1976
    Cyanotypes by Well Known and Amateur Photographers from the Turn of the Century and Today
    June 1-July 16, 1976
    Laton A. Huffman: Frontier Photographs
    June 4-July 16, 1976
    Drawings by Gallery Artists
    Oct. 5-30, 1976
    Paul Wiesenfeld
    Nov. 9-Dec. 4, 1976
    Don Wynn
    Dec. 14-Jan. 15, 1977
    Joan Myers
    Jan. 25-Feb. 26, 1977
    Joseph Stella
    Mar. 7-Apr. 2, 1977
    Walker Evans: Photographs, 1930-1971
    Apr. 12-May 7, 1977
    Gabriel Laderman: Paintings of Malaysia
    May 17-June 10, 1977
    Walter Hatke
    June 14-July 15, 1977
    Paul Caponigro: Photographs
    Sept. 13-Oct. 8, 1977
    Brooklyn College Art Department Past and Present, 1942-1977
    Oct. 15-Nov. 5, 1977
    William Wilkins
    Nov. 12-Dec. 3, 1977
    Frances Cohen Gillespie: Recent Paintings
    Dec. 10-Jan. 7, 1978
    Richard Piccolo: Recent Paintings
    Dec. 14-Jan. 15, 1978
    Joan Myers: Photography
    Jan. 14-Feb. 9, 1978
    Early 20th Century American Modernist Painting
    Feb. 11-Mar. 11, 1978
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: Recent Paintings
    Mar. 18-Apr. 8, 1978
    Bruno Civitico: Recent Paintings
    Apr. 15-May 6, 1978
    Leland Bell
    June 19-July 21, 1978
    19th and 20th Century American Painting
    Sept. 16-Oct. 14, 1978
    Drawings by Gaston Lachaise and Elie Nadelman
    Oct. 21-Nov. 18, 1978
    John Storrs: Paintings of the Thirties
    Nov. 21-Dec. 23, 1978
    Emile Branchard & William Fellini: Two 20th Century American Primitive Painters
    Dec. 10-Jan. 7, 1979
    Richard Piccolo
    undated, 1979
    Laton Huffman: Photographs
    Jan. 6-Feb. 10, 1979
    William Bailey: Recent Paintings
    Feb. 17-Mar. 17, 1979
    Jan Matulka
    Mar. 24-Apr. 21, 1979
    Joseph Stella: Works on Paper
    Apr. 28-May 26, 1979
    John Storrs: Painting and Sculpture of the Thirties
    June 4-July 13, 1979
    American Impressionism
    Sept. 15-Oct. 6, 1979
    Hans Burkhardt: Drawings, 1936-1979
    Oct. 13-Nov. 10, 1979
    William Wilkins: Recent Paintings
    Nov. 18-Dec. 8, 1979
    Keith Jacobshagen: Recent Paintings
    Dec. 15-Jan. 12, 1980
    Martha Mayer Erlebacher: Drawings and Watercolors
    undated, 1980
    [DeWitt Hardy]
    undated, 1980
    Leland Bell: Recent Paintings
    Jan. 19-Feb. 16, 1980
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: Recent Paintings
    Feb. 23-Mar. 22, 1980
    19th and 20th Century American Paintings and Sculpture
    Mar. 29-Apr. 26, 1980
    Richard Piccolo: Recent Paintings
    June 9-July 3, 1980
    Walter Hatke: Recent Paintings and Drawings
    July, 1980
    The Modernist Movement in America
    August, 1980
    American Paintings
    Sept. 6-Oct. 1, 1980
    American Drawings and Watercolors
    Oct. 4-29, 1980
    Daniel Dallman: Recent Paintings and Drawings
    Dec. 2-23, 1980
    Bruno Civitico: Recent Paintings
    undated, 1981
    Bonnie Sklarski
    Jan. 3-28, 1981
    Milet Andrejevic: Recent Paintings
    Mar. 28-Apr. 22, 1981
    Manierre Dawson: Paintings, 1910-1914
    Apr. 25-May 20, 1981
    Paul Wiesenfeld: Recent Paintings
    June 9-July 15, 1981
    Contemporary Figure Drawings
    Sept. 15-30, 1981
    Early 20th Century Artists: City Images
    Oct. 3-28, 1981
    William Wilkins: Recent Paintings
    Oct. 31-Nov. 25,1981
    Natalie Charkow: Sculpture
    Jan. 2-27, 1982
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: New Works
    Jan. 30-Feb. 24, 1982
    Isabel McIlvain: Recent Sculpture
    Feb. 27-Mar. 24, 1982
    Gaston Lachaise: Twenty Sculptures
    Apr. 3-May 4, 1982
    William Bailey: Recent Paintings
    May 8-June 2, 1982
    Keith Jacobshagen
    June 5-July 16, 1982
    Edward Schmidt: Recent Paintings and Drawings
    Sept. 7-29, 1982
    American Paintings & Drawings of the Twenties & Thirties
    Oct. 2-27, 1982
    Raymond Han: Recent Still Life Paintings
    Oct. 30-Nov. 24, 1982
    Martha Mayer Erlebacher: Recent Oils, Pastels and Drawings
    Nov. 30-Dec. 22, 1982
    Contemporary Arcadian Paintings
    Jan. 4-26, 1983
    John Henry Bradley Storrs: Paintings, Sculpture, and Drawings
    Jan. 29-Feb. 23, 1983
    DeWitt Hardy: Recent Watercolors
    Apr. 23-May 18, 1983
    Richard Piccolo
    May 21-June 15, 1983
    Barbara Cushing: Recent Paintings
    June 4-July 16, 1983
    Drawings by Gallery Artists
    Sept. 6-28, 1983
    American Realist Works on Paper
    Oct. 29-Nov. 23, 1983
    Philip Grausman: Portraits 1973-1983, Sculpture, and Drawings
    Nov. 3-Dec. 5, 1983
    Recent American Still Life Painting
    Nov. 29-Dec. 21, 1983
    Bruno Civitico: Recent Paintings
    Dec. 28-Jan. 25, 1984
    Walter Hatke: Recent Paintings
    Jan. 28-Feb. 22, 1984
    Paintings of the Twenties and Thirties: Works by Gallery Artists
    Jan. 28-Feb. 22, 1984
    Joseph Stella
    Mar. 3-28, 1984
    Daniel Dallmann: Recent Paintings
    Apr. 21-May 16, 1984
    Louisa Matthiasdottir
    June 19-July 13, 1984
    Richard Ryan: Recent Paintings
    July-Aug., 1984
    Group Show of Gallery Artists
    Sept. 8-Oct. 3, 1984
    20th Century American Modernism
    Oct. 6-31, 1984
    Raymond Han: Recent Paintings
    Nov. 3-Dec. 5, 1984
    Recent American Still Life Painting
    Dec. 8-Jan. 2, 1985
    Nine Realist Painters Revisited
    undated, 1985
    Caren Canier
    Jan. 5-30, 1985
    Martha Mayer Erlebacher: Recent Paintings
    Feb. 2-27, 1985
    Recent American Portraiture
    Mar. 30-Apr. 4, 1985
    David Ligare
    May 4-29, 1985
    James Aponovich: Recent Paintings
    Summer, 1985
    Early 20th Century American Modernism
    Sept. 7-Oct. 2, 1985
    Photographs of the American West
    Oct. 5-30, 1985
    Laura Shechter: Recent Paintings
    Nov. 2-Dec. 4, 1985
    American Wood Carvers of the 19th and 20th Centuries
    Dec. 7-31, 1985
    American Stone Carvers
    Jan. 4-29, 1986
    Sondra Freckelton
    Mar. 1-26, 1986
    Gabriel Laderman: Recent Narrative Paintings and Other Work
    Mar. 29-Apr. 23, 1986
    Barbara Cushing: Recent Landscape Paintings
    Apr. 26-May 21, 1986
    City Streets
    May 24-June 18, 1986
    Bonnie Sklarski: Recent Paintings
    June 23-July 25, 1986
    The Modernist Movement in America
    Sept. 6-Oct. 1, 1986
    Stone Roberts: Recent Paintings
    Oct. 1-29, 1986
    Jan Matulka: Drawings and Prints
    Nov. 1-Dec. 3, 1986
    William Bailey: Recent Paintings
    Jan. 10-Feb. 4, 1987
    John Henry Bradley Storrs
    Feb.-Mar., 1987
    Raymond Han
    Mar. 7-Apr. 1, 1987
    Daniel Dallman
    Apr. 4-29, 1987
    James Aponovich: Recent Paintings
    June 2-26, 1987
    Langdon Quin: Recent Paintings
    July-Aug., 1987
    Summer Group Show
    Sept. 1-Oct. 14, 1987
    Isabel McIlvain: Recent Sculpture
    Oct. 24-Nov. 27, 1987
    Philip Grausman: Recent Sculpture
    Dec. 6-Jan. 7, 1988
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: Recent Paintings
    undated, 1988
    Milet Andrejevic: Paintings
    Feb. 6-Mar. 2, 1988
    Sondra Freckelton: Recent Watercolors
    April 2-May 4, 1988
    Jan Matulka: Paintings of the 1920s and 1930s
    Sept. 10-Oct. 12, 1988
    Plain Geometry Part II: Geometric Abstraction in America, 1930-1960
    Oct. 15-Nov. 16, 1988
    The Figure: American Sculpture of the Early 20th Century
    Nov. 19-Dec. 21, 1988
    Peter Saari: Recent Work
    Jan. 3-31, 1989
    The Modern Pastoral
    Feb. 4-Mar. 8, 1989
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: Recent Paintings, Pastels, and Watercolors
    Apr. 15-May 17, 1989
    Richard Ryan: Recent Paintings and Drawings
    July 7-26, 1989
    Walter Hatke
    Sept. 9-Oct. 11, 1989
    Raymond Han: Recent Paintings
    Oct. 15-Nov. 15, 1989
    Stone Roberts
    [Nov. 21-Dec. 24], 1989
    [John Storrs]
    undated, 1990
    Ed Garman and James M. Guy
    Jan. 6-Feb. 7, 1990
    David Ligare: Recent Paintings and Drawings
    Feb. 10-Mar. 14, 1990
    Sondra Freckelton
    Mar. 17-Apr. 20, 1990
    Leland Bell
    Apr. 21-May 23, 1990
    James Aponovich: Recent Paintings
    May 26-June 27, 1990
    Four Artists/Four Decades: A Selection of Works on Paper by Gaston Lachaise, Jan Matulka, John Storrs, and Joseph Stella from the Years 1910-1950
    Oct. 13-Nov. 14, 1990
    Gabriel Laderman: Recent Paintings
    Jan. 5-Feb. 6, 1991
    Rolph Scarlett (1889-1984): Paintings and Works on Paper
    Feb. 9-Mar. 13, 1991
    William Bailey: Recent Paintings, Caseins, and Drawings
    Mar. 16-Apr. 17, 1991
    Louisa Matthiasdottir: Recent Paintings
    Apr. 20-May 15, 1991
    Caren Canier: Recent Paintings and Collages
    May 18-June 12, 1991
    Richard Raiselis: Recent Paintings

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