Reginald R. Isaacs papers, circa 1842-1991, (bulk 1883-1985)

A Finding Aid to the Reginald R. Isaacs Papers, circa 1842-1991 (bulk 1928-1991), in the Archives of American Art, by Kym Wheeler

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Table of Contents:

Biographical Information

Born in Canada in 1911, Reginald R. Isaacs began working in architectural offices at age 14, later coming under the influence of "Beaux-Arts diplomes" at the University of Minnesota and Harvard and subsequently under that of Walter Gropius at Harvard University. He later studied sociology and planning at the University of Chicago under Louis Wirth and Rexford Guy Tugwell.

Isaacs served on the staffs of city planning commissions in Minneapolis, Syracuse, and Chicago, and in the federal government in the National Youth Agency, Public Housing Authority, and Housing and Home Finance Agency. His architectural practice in Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and other cities included the design of housing, colleges, and hospitals. He was director of planning and development for Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, 1945-1953 where Walter Gropius, planner Walter Blucher, and sociologist Louis Wirth collaborated with him as consultants. He was a United Nations expert on regional planning in South America, a planning consultant for the Ford Foundation, the U.S. State Department, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Recommended by Walter Gropius, Isaacs served as the Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning at Harvard University from 1953-1978. He was also Chairman of the Graduate School of Design's Departments of City and Regional Planning as well as Landscape Architecture. Throughout his career he lectured at universities throughout the United States and in almost every country of Central and South America and in the Caribbean.

In 1962 Isaacs and Gropius began their collaboration on Walter Gropius: The Man and his Work, until the death of Gropius in 1969. The first volume of the biography was published in German in 1983 with the second volume following in 1984. Isaacs died of a massive heart attack in 1986, never realizing his goal to see an English-language edition which was published posthumously in 1991 by the Estate of Reginald Isaacs.

    Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Received Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota
    Received Masters of Architecture degree from Harvard University, Graduated School of Design
    Studied sociology and planning with Louis Wirth and Rexford Guy Tugwell at the University of Chicago
    Director of planning at Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
    Guest lecturer at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design with Walter Gropius and also served a two-year term as a member of the Board of Overseers Committee to Visit the Graduate School of Design
    Named the Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning
    Chairman of the Department of City and Regional Planning
    Chairman of the Department of Landscape Architecture
    Began collaboration with Walter Gropius on the biography Walter Gropius - The Man and his Work
    Walter Gropius dies
    Walter Gropius, Der Mensch und Sein Werk, Volume 1 published by Gebr. Mann Nerlag, Berlin
    Walter Gropius, Der Mensch und Sein Werk, Volume 2, published by Gebr. Mann Nerlag, Berlin
    Isaacs dies
    Walter Gropius An Illustrated Biography of the Creator of the Bauhaus, published by the Estate of Reginald Isaacs. The Papers of Reginald R. Isaacs donated to the Archives of American Art by his son, Henry Isaacs.

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Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents

The papers of of architect, instructor, writer, and city planner, Reginald R. Isaacs (1911-1986) measure 22.5 linear feet and date from 1842 to 1991 with the bulk of the material dating from 1883 to 1985. The collection includes Isaacs's personal and professional papers, as well as extensive research material he collected and created for his two volume two-volume biography of Bauhaus architect, Walter Gropius: Walter Gropius: The Man and His Work. The bulk of Walter Gropius' papers are housed at the Busch Reisinger Museum at Harvard University, and the Bauhaus Archiv in Germany.

Series 1 to 12 contain contain biographical, legal, and financial material; personal and professional correspondence; project and subject files; writings and publications; teaching files; works of art; scrapbooks; printed material; and photographs relating to Isaacs' personal and professional career.

Series 13 forms the bulk of the collection and pertains specifically to the writing and publication of Isaacs' biography of Gropius. It contains research material, correspondence (much of it with Gropius), drafts of the manuscript, publication correspondence, photographs and illustrations, and printed material. Some of the research material, including some of the photographs and illustrations that were used in the biography, appear to have been original documents of Walter Gropius, while large portions of the material are photocopies of the originals, many of them in German.

Arrangement and Series Description

The collection is arranged into fourteen series:

Subjects and Names

This collection is indexed in the online catalog of the Archives of American Art under the following index terms. People, families and organizations are listed under "Names" when they are creators or contributors and under "Subjects" when they are the topic of collection contents.


  • Gropius, Walter, 1883-1969
  • Pollock, Jackson, 1912-1956
  • Bauhaus


  • Architecture, Modern -- 20th century
  • Architects
  • City planning
  • Architects and community
  • Architects and housing developers
  • Architects in government
  • Architecture and society
  • Schools of architecture
  • Architectural writing
  • Architecture, Modern
  • International style (Architecture)
  • Authors
  • Architects
  • Industrial designers
  • City planners
  • Educators -- Massachusetts

Types of Materials:

  • Exhibition catalogs
  • Photographs
  • Scrapbooks
  • Sketches
  • Writings


The collection was donated to the Archives of American Art by Henry Isaacs, son of Reginald Isaacs, in January 1991.

How the Collection was Processed

The collection was processed by Kym Wheeler in 1994 with funding provided in part by a grant from The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts. The finding aid was revised by Stephanie Ashley in 2001 prior to conversion to EAD.

How to Use the Collection

Restrictions on Use

This collection is open for research. Use requires an appointment and is restricted to the Washington, D.C. research facility.

Ownership & Literary Rights

The papers of Reginald R. Isaacs are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights, as possessed by the donor, have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.

How to Cite this Collection

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Detailed Description and Container Inventory

Series 1: Biographical Material, 1935-1986, undated
(box 1; 8 folders)

This series contains biographical material about Isaacs such as biographical sketches, educational records, and obituaries. The award found here is a citation from the Society of American Registered Architects from 1942. Isaacs's wedding announcement, an employee identification card from Chicago, Illinois, and an enlistment card for "C" Company of the 3rd Regiment of the New York Guard, can be found in the folder housing miscellaneous material.

1 Biographical Sketches, undated
1 Curriculum Vitae, 1950-1978, undated
1 Diplomas and Transcript (photocopies), 1935, 1939, 1949
1 Architecture Licenses (photocopies), 1940, 1941, 1967
1 Certificates of Membership and Award, 1941, 1942, 1972
(1972 award in box 22 sol)
1 Obituaries and Eulogy, 1986
1 Miscellaneous, 1943, undated

Series 2: Legal Material, 1976-1984
(box 1; 3 folders)

This series contains the last will and testament for Reginald and Charlotte Isaacs and includes related correspondence and drafts of the documents.

1 Wills, Correspondence, and Drafts, 1976-1984
1 Wills, Correspondence, and Drafts, Reginald R. Isaacs, 1982, 1984
1 Wills, Correspondence and Drafts, Charlotte Alders Isaacs, 1982, 1984

Series 3: Financial Material, 1945-1969
(box 1; 2 folders)

This series contains cancelled checks for art related purchases and donations by Reginald and Charlotte Isaacs. Signatures that can be found here include those of Herbert Bayer, William Hunt, Fernand Leger, Jackson Pollock, Reba Stewart, and Jack Shadbolt.

1 Cancelled Checks, 1945-1956
1 Cancelled Checks, 1964-1969

Series 4: Correspondence, circa 1891, 1936-1986
(boxes 1-2; 1.5 linear ft.)

This series contains personal and professional correspondence of Reginald R. Isaacs, with copies of his replies.

The series is organized into two subseries.

4.1: Chronological Correspondence, 1936-1986, undated

Correspondents from 1936 to 1940 include Frank Lloyd Wright and the Chicago Planning Commission. Records from these years also include performance appraisals from the Federal Security Agency's National Youth Administration.

1941 to 1945 correspondents include Marcel Breuer on the purchase of a Fernand Leger painting; Walter Blucher on the Michael Reese Hospital project; Hubert H. Humphrey; Mies van der Rohe; the Federal Works Agency's United States Housing Authority; and the National Housing Agency regarding notification of personnel action.

1946 to 1950 correspondence concerns the Michael Reese Hospital project; Rexford G. Tugwell; the University of Chicago regarding enrolling for a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology; and activities as a panel speaker for the Citizens' Housing and Planning Council of Detroit.

Correspondents from 1951 to 1955 include Hubert H. Humphrey, Leon Eugene Arnal, Jose Luis Sert, Rafael Pico, Earl H. Reed, Chester Nagel, Edward Everett Horton's (autograph), Christian Herter, Leverett Saltonstall, Nathan M. Pusey (President of Harvard University on Urban Renewal project), Peter Nash, Walter H. Blucher, and Lewis Mumford. The records also contain correspondence with Adlai Stevenson on nominating Ferd Kramer for an award; and letters of congratulations on appointment as the Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning and Chairman of the Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture Department of Harvard University.

Correspondents from 1956 to 1960 include William F. Buckley, Jr., on Dr. von Mises', Jose Luis Sert, Lewis Mumford, Edwin S. Burdell, President of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Lewis Mumford, Jasper D. Ward (Architect of General Electric Company) on the project "Research for Living," Rexford G. Tugwell, Leverett Saltonstall, Hubert H. Humphrey, John F. Kennedy, Paul Douglas on Senator John Sparkman's bill S. 1230, Candido Oliveras (Chairman of the Puerto Rico Planning Board on the Southern Metropolitan Area Project), Fernando Belaunde Terry, and Richard M. Bennett.

1961 to 1965 correspondents include John A. Holabird on an urban design project, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Fernando Belaunde Terry, and Francois C. Vigier.

1966 to 1970 correspondents include Lewis Mumford, Walter F. Bogner, and Abraham A. Ribicoff.

Correspondents from 1966 to 1970 include Everett McKinley Dirksen, Ralph M. Paiewonsky (Governor of the Virgin Islands), Hubert H. Humphrey, Jorge Ricardo Riba (Director of Instituto de Vivienda y Urbanismo in Panama), and Luis A. Ferre (Governor of Puerto Rico).

Correspondents from 1971 to 1975 include Fernando Belaunde Terry, and Frank O. Gehry which includes the publication Children and the City, by Olga Adams.

1976-1980 correspondents include William Saltzman, Newton S. Friedman, Arete Publishing Company, Inc. on manuscripts for an encyclopedia, and The Free Press on biographies for the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects.

1981-1985 correspondents include Jeffrey Potter on Jackson Pollock, Kazuhiko Satani of the Satani Gallery in Tokyo, Ati (Beate) Gropius Johansen, Norma Farber, Fernando Belaunde Terry, William W. Nash, Jr., Newton S. Friedman, Leone Blooston, Bruno Zevi, Robert Rosenthal, Chester Nagel, Howard Henry, Harry Seidler, and Ferd Kramer.

1986 correspondence includes sympathy cards to Charlotte Aldes Isaacs.

1 Correspondence, General, 1936-Sept. 10, 1986, circa 1986
(49 folders)

4.2: Alphabetical Correspondence, circa 1891, 1941-1985

Subjects covered by the correspondence found in this subseries include the publication of various works by Isaacs, Isaacs' work as a consultant, various exhibitions, conferences, and lectures, and sales of Isaacs' artwork. There are also files relating to Isaacs' collection of paintings by Jackson Pollock and Emil Singer which document Isaacs' dontaion of Pollock paintings to the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, and his sale of Singer etchings in the United States. In addition to correspondence, files may contain writings, teaching material, and printed matter.

Files are arranged alphabetically by name or subject.

1 Architectural History Foundation, Inc., 1981-1982
(3 folders)
1 Walter Blucher, 1960, 1982-1984, undated
(4 folders)
1 Cambridge Boat Club, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1984
1 Columbus Town Meeting, Columbus, Ohio, 1954
1 Committee for Economic Development, Washington, D.C., 1957
1 John M. Gaus, 1941-1970
9 folders
1 Goethe Institute Boston, 1985-1986
1 Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, 1964-1985
2 Walter Gropius (and Ise), 1945-1980, undated
(34 folders; regarding the Michael Reese Hospital project, Gropius as Architectural Consultant, 1945-1953, and collaboration on the biography)
2 About Charles Wilson Killam, 1961-1962, 1965
2 Jack (Jacobus Josephus) Liebenberg, 1979, 1980-1985
(4 folders)
2 The M.I.T. Press, 1969, 1970
2 Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1978-1979
2 About Richard Nelson, 1948
2 Rafael Pico, 1959, 1961, 1979-1980
(2 folders)
2 Jackson Pollock's Artwork, 1956, 1960-1981
(11 folders)
2 Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce, 1977-1985
2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 1962
2 Emil Singer, 1938-1940
(2 folders)
2 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1969
2 Francois C.D. Vigier, 1970, 1976
(4 folders; writings by Vigier)

Series 5: Project Files, 1948-1980, undated
(box 2; 0.5 linear ft.)

These files concern Isaacs' involvement in various projects, including his work as a planning and landscape consultant with Hideo Saski and Chester Nagel at Springfield College, and elsewhere. Correspondence and other records relating to reports written by Isaacs can also be found here.

This series is arranged chronologically by date of project.

2 Leon Arnal, Retirement and Scholarship Funds, 1948
(includes photographs of Arnal)
2 Springfield College, Massachusetts, 1954-1959, undated
(2 folders)
2 Housing Association of Metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts, 1958
2 Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1959
2 McLean Hospital, Belmont Massachusetts, 1959
2 Guatemala City, Guatemala, 1959-1960
(includes correspondence with Harland Gibson and Gustavo W. Jacobsthal)
2 Reconnaissance in Latin America, 1960
(2 folders)
2 Don Mills Development, Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1959-1960, undated
(2 folders)
2 Butler Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island, 1962-64
(2 folders)
2 British Virgin Islands, 1963
(2 folders)
2 Ford Foundation Urban and Regional Redevelopment Advisory Program in Chile, 1964
2 Deaconess Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1966-67
(2 folders; see OV folder for plats)
2 "A Program of Urban and Regional Planning Studies at the University of Alabama...," Alabama, 1968
2 Instituto Medico del Norte, Puerto Rico, 1978
2 Hospital Dr. Pila, Puerto Rico, 1979-80

Series 6: Subject Files, 1961-circa 1982, undated
(box 3; 2 folders)

This small series contains writings and photographs concerning Katherine McNamara's retirement, and clippings and printed material concerning Horartio Alger.

3 Katherine McNamara's Retirement, 1961, 1963
3 Horartio Alger, 1962-69, circa 1982

Series 7: Writings, 1940-1986, undated
(boxes 3-4; 2 linear ft.)

This series includes writings by Isaacs other than the biography of Walter Gropius, which is documented in Series 13.

The series is organized into three subseries.

7.1: Lectures and Articles, circa 1940-1986

This subseries contains many of Isaacs's lectures and articles in draft or photocopy form.

Files are arranged in chronological order.

3 "Air Raid Shelters for Private Residences and Housing Projects," with Henry G. Hunt, circa 1940
3 "Preliminary," for a Radio Address Given by Homer Hoyt, c. 1940
3 "City Planning," circa 1940
3 "Summary of Text of Preliminary Master Plan of Recreation Areas," Chicago Plan Commission, 1943
3 Outline for "Areas for New Growth, Profitable Plans for New Areas, Trends in Subdivision Planning, Effects of Subdivision Planning on Real Estate, Decentralization - An Evil?," with Victor H. Bringe, Oct. 1945
3 "Community Organization for Planning and Action," 1947
3 "The Neighborhood Concept in Theory and Application," Journal of Land Economics, Feb. 1949
(2 folders)
3 "Public Relations for Architects," Public Relations Committee Preliminary Report on Policy and Program, American Institute of Architects, Chicago Chapter, Nov. 1949
3 "The Rape of the Lake," 1947-1972
(4 folders; photograph in box 22 sol)
3 "A Tribute to Louis Wirth," South Side Planning Board, Annual Meeting, Chicago, 1952
3 "Administrative Aspects of Rehabilitation," Discussion, New England Conference on Neighborhood Improvement, Feb. 1954
3 "Inter-professional Relations," Report, A.I.A. 86th Annual Convention, Jun. 1954
3 "Planners in History," Dec. 1954
3 "Careers in Planning," Harvard University Career Conference, Mar. 1955
3 "Providing for Future Urban Growth," Ohio State University Conference on Slum Prevention and Neighborhood Rehabilitation, Mar. 1955
3 "Training for the Planning Profession," University of San Juan, Apr. 1956
3 The Core of the City: A Pilot Study of Changing Land Uses in Central Business Districts, by John Rannells, Reviewed by Isaacs, 1956
3 "Obligations of Good Practice," The Standards of Professional Practice, A.I.A. Document 330, Mar. 1957
3 "Geography and Natural Resources Administration in the United States," by Meredith F. Burrill, Reviewed by Isaacs, Jul. 1957
3 "Observations on Being a Slave in the Market - A Report from an Ex-job Seeker," American Society of Planning Officials, comments by Isaacs, Jul. 1957
3 "Flyspeck, U.S.A. - Portrait of a Village," Dec. 1957
3 "Urban Sprawl - Patterns, Implications and Prospects," National Health Forum, 1958
(2 folders)
3 "Who Killed the Fallen Sparrow?," Urban Sprawl and Health, National Health Council, Jan. 1959
3 "A Preliminary Survey of Objectives, Policies, Program and Organization," Area Planning Association, Boston, Massachusetts, Feb. 1959
3 "Social Planning in the Community," Cambridge Community Center, May 1959
3 "Citizen Education, Organization, and Participation - A Program for Puerto Rico," American Society of Planning Officials, May 1959
3 "Estetica Del Area Metropolitana," Associacion Argentina De Planeamiento, Oct. 1959
3 "The Real Costs of Urban Renewal," c. 1960
(2 folders)
3 "History: Its Effects on Tomorrow's Architecture," Architecture Plus for 1960, A & M College of Texas, Feb. 1960
3 "Puerto Rico and the 'Junta,'" Draft, 1960
3 "Educacion en Planificacion," 1960
3 "The Role of Educational Plant Planners in Urban Renewal," Overview Magazine, with William Nash, Apr. 1961
3 "Consideration of the Culture of Puerto Rico in Planning and Architecture," Jun. 1961
3 "The Education of Planners and Architects," c. 1962
3 "Planning the South Shore's Future, the South Shore Region, 1837-1937, the Present 1987-2087, a Retrospective and Prospective Study," with Francios Vigier, Jan. 1962
(2 folders)
3 "Statements for WGBH-TV," regarding planning in Metropolitan Boston Jan. 1962 -
3 "Goals for Planning," an audit of University of Buffalo, New York, Feb. 1962
3 "Metas Ideales Para Planeamiento," Feb. 1962
3 "The Design of Low-rent Public Housing - A Statement for the Housing Yearbook," Apr. 1962
3 "Goals for 2012: A Retrospective and Prospective View of the Twin Cities," Apr. 1962 -
(2 folders)
3 "The Education of Planners - An Epilogue," Apr. - Aug. 1962
(5 folders)
3 "Minneapolis Community Improvement Program - Proposed Work Program - Urban Design Studies," Aug. - Nov. 1962
3 "Fuera de Brasil Y Mexico...," c. 1963
3 "Walter Gropius and the Form of Cities," Apr. 1963
3 Art in Latin American Architecture, by Paul F. Damaz, reviewed by Isaacs, Aug. 1963
3 "El Programa de Renovacion Comunal," Apr. 1964
3 "Planning for the Future," Discussion Panel for the 9th Annual Conferma Presentation, Boston, Nov. 1964 -
3 "Human Relations," circa 1965
3 "Toward a New City," Lecture at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Sept. 1965
3 "Gropius and the City," Lecture Introductions for the University of Washington, University of British Columbia, and University of Rhode Island, Feb. 1966
3 "Reconnaissance" - Regarding the Establishment of a Masters in Regional Planning Program at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, Feb. 1967
3 "Problems & Resources of Man's Environment," Putney School Spring Conference "Man and His Environment," Putney, Vermont, Apr. 1967
3 "Gropius y la Ciudad," Lecture for the Division de Estudios Superiores Escuela Nacional de Arquitectura, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Sept. 1968
3 Gropius and the City, 1969
(2 folders)
3 "Walter Gropius and the City," Lecture for Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, 1969
3 "Walter Gropius - A Tribute," with the introduction of Ise Gropius, Chicago Chapter American Institute of Architects; and "Walter Gropius, 1883-1969," Faculty of Design Meeting Minutes, Harvard University, 1969
3 "National Urban Growth Policies," speech given by Luis Ferre, Governor of Puerto Rico at the National Housing Conference, Feb. 1970
3 Gropius Y La Ciudad, 1970
3 "Proposed Program for Doctor of Philosophy - Florida State University," report, 1970
3 "The Common Good," Jan. 1971
3 "Some Comments on the City and Regional Planning Program at Auburn University," with M. Ismail Serageldin, Jan. 1971
3 "Planning for the Future," 1971
3 "The Art, Education and Responsibility of Planners - A tribute to John Merriman Gaus and Howard W. Odum, Sr.," with M. Ismail Serageldin, 1971-72
3 Society of American Registered Architects regrading education, 1972-1973
3 The Making of Cities, by Dennis Sharp, reviewed by Isaacs and M. Ismail Serageldin, 1973
3 Verhandlungen des XXXVIII. Internationalen Amerikanistenkongresses Band IV Symposium title The Process of Urbanization in America Since its Origins to the Present Time Organized by Jorge E. Erwin, Walter Palm and Richard Schaedel, Reviewed by Isaacs, 1975
3 "The Bauhaus - Utopia?" circa 1975
3 Laudation-Ise Gropius' 80th Birthday, 1977
3 "The Urban Prospect: Future of the Small American City," Symposium, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, Feb. 1978
3 "Walter Gropius (1883-1969)," for MacMillan Encyclopedia, c. 1982
3 "Gropius - Harvard Teacher," c. 1983
3 "The Man Gropius," c. 1984
3 Early Twentieth Century Sociologists as Planners: A Rare Breed? A Prelude to Research, by Thomas H. Jenkins, reviewed by Isaacs, 1984
3 "Walter Gropius, Architect, Teacher, Humanist, Philosopher," Lecture for the Cambridge Historical Society, 1986
3 "Civil Defense Needs in Site Selection for Hospitals," undated
3 Introduction of Stuart Hughes, undated
3 The Rationalization of Research on Housing and Urban Problems, by Richard Ratcliff, Reviewed by Isaacs, undated
3 Lecture on Michael Reese Hospital, undated
3 "Planning as a Profession - A Discussion," undated
3 "Planning in Education and Practice," undated
3 "Socio-Economic and Political Problems - Social Aspects of Planning," undated
3 Urban design Lecture, undated
3 "Urban Land: Some Proposals for Its Use," undated
3 Miscellaneous Notes, undated
3 Card File and Lists of Reginald Isaacs' Writings, undated
(5 folders)
3 Lists of Reginald Isaacs' Writings, undated
3 Bibliography of Writings by Others, undated

7.2: Biographical Entries, undated

This subseries contains biographical entries for the following individuals: Patrick Abercrombie; Franz Adickes; Josef Albers; Alfred Arndt; Otto Bartning; Herbert Bayer; Walter Curt Behrendt; Peter Behrens; Hendrik Petrus Berlage; Max Bill; Otto Eduard Leopold Von Bismarck; Serge Ivan Chermayeff; Wells Wintemute Coates; Arthur Coleman Comey; James Bryant Conant; Lucio Costa; Jack Cotton; John Dewey; Thomas Stearns Eliot; Friedrich Engels; Lyonel Feininger; Johann Gottlieb Fichte; Philip Sargeant Florence; Fountains and Waterfeatures; Edwin Maxwell Fry; Patrick Geddes; Frederick Gibberd; Sigfried Giedion; David Gilly; Friedrich Gilly; Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe; Ise Frank Gropius; Manon Gropius; Martin Carl Philipp Gropius; Walther Gropius; George Grosz; Knut Hamsun; Gustav Hassenpflug; Werner Hebebrand; Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; Fritz Hesse; Moses Hess; Theodor Heuss; Ludwig Hilberseimer; Paul Hindemith; William Graham Holford; Sutemi Horiguchi; Ebenezer Howard; Joseph Fairman Hudnut; Aldous Leonard Huxley; Julian Sorrell Huxley; Reginald Roderic Isaacs; Wassily Kandinsky; Immanuel Kant; Oskar Kokoschka; Ferdinand Lassalle; Le Corbusier; Karl Liebknecht; Adolf Loos; Wassili Luckhardt; Rosa Luxemburg; Fritz Mackenson; Gerhard Marcks; Sven Gottfrid Markelius; Sir John Leslie Martin; Karl Marx; Ernst May; Erich Mendelsohn; Adolf Meyer; Hannes Meyer; Laszlo Moholy-Nagy; Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley; Lewis Mumford; Hermann Muthesius; Friedrich Naumann; Ernst Neufert; Richard Joseph Neutra; Friedrich Nietzsche; Karl Ernst Osthaus; Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud; Hans Poelzig; John Craven Pritchard; Walther Rathenau; Sir Herbert Read; James M. Richards; Henry Hobson Richardson; Philip Rosenthal; Bertrand Arthur William Russell; Hans Bernhard Scharoun; Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller; Karl Friedrich Schinkel; Gottfired Semper; Jose Luis Sert; Morton Phillip Shand; Thomas Sharp; Georg Simmel; Adolf Sommerfeld; Mart Stam; Gordon Stephenson; Igor Stravinsky; Louis Henri Sullivan; Bruno Taut; Leo Tolstoy (Count Lev Nikolayevich); Ferdinand Tonnies; Sir Raymond Unwin; Henri Van De Velde; Wilhelm Von Humboldt; Martin Wagner; Richard Wagner; Max Weber; Alma Mahler Gropius Werfel; Wilhalm I (Wilhelm Friedrich Ludwig); Wilhalm II (Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert); Louis Wirth; and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The entries are arranged alphabetically.

4 Biographical Entries, A-W
(17 folders)

7.3: Publications, 1944-1974

This subseries contains published copies of other published writings by Isaacs. The material generally focuses on the fields of planning and architecture, and the works and teachings of Walter Gropius. Some of the writings have been translated into Spanish and German.

Publications are arranged chronologically by publication date. Often, two or more publications are filed in one folder.

4 "Traffic and Residential Real Estate," Federal Home Loan Bank Review, with Victor H. Bringe, 1944
4 "Planning Review of 1944," Planning and Civic Comment, with G. Holmes Perkins and Victor Bringe, vol. 11, no. 1; "Educational, Cultural, and Recreational Services," The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, vol. 242, 1945
4 "Traffic and Residential Real Estate;" "City Region and Regionalism," by Robert E. Dickinson, Reviewed by Isaacs, Journal of Land Economics; "The "Neighborhood Concept," Journal of Housing, 1947-1948
4 "The Neighborhood Theory," Journal of the American Institute of Planners, vol. XIV, no. 2; "The Neighborhood Concept in Theory and Application," Land Economics; Communities for Better Living, by James Dahir, and Community Organization and Planning, Arthur Hillman, Reviewed by Isaacs, Journal of Housing; Children and the City, by Olga Adams, Published by Isaacs, 1948-1952
4 The Core of the City: A Pilot Study of Changing Land Uses in Central Business Districts, by John Rannells, reviewed by Isaacs, Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 52, no. 278; "Public Relations and Planning," Planning; "History: Effect on Tomorrow's Architecture," Architecture Plus; "Historia: su efecto sobre la arquitectura de futuro," Revista de la Facultad de Arquitectura, no. 3. Seti. 1957-1961
4 "Goals for Planning," Audit, vol. II, no. 4; Consideraciones sobre la cultura de Puerto Rico en la planificacion, Ediciones Rvmbos; "La Estetica del Arte Metropolitano," Orbanismo, vol I, no. 2; "Bibliotecas y Documentacion para la planeacion," Orbanismo, vol I, no. 3, 1962
4 "Factores Culturales en la planeacion," Orbanismo, vol. I, no. 4; "Metas Ideales para el Planeamiento," Revista Mexicana de Sociologia, vol. XXIV, no. 3; "La estetica del area metropolitana," Urbe, vol. 1, no. 4, 1962
4 "El concepto de la Unidad Vecinal en la teoria y en la practica," Revista de la Facultad de Arquitetura Universidad de la Republica, no. 4; Art in Latin American Architecture, by Paul F. Damaz, reviewed by Isaacs, Landscape Architecture; "Metas Ideales para el Planeamiento;" "Consideracioines sobre la cultura de Puerto Rico en la planificacion," 1963-1964
4 "Metas Ideales para el Planeamiento;" "Kaduna Forum - an international forum," Architectural Association Quarterly; "Gropius and the City," Boston University Journal, vol. XVIII, no. 1, 1969-1970
4 Winter, 1970
4 "The Art, Education and Responsibility of Planners," with M. Ismail Serageldin, The Place of Planning; Evaluation and Updating of the 1967 Study Design, Gulf Regional Planning Commission, Gulfport, Mississippi, 1971-72
4 1971
4 "Threshold to the Future," Profile '73; "The Making of Cities," Architectural Association Quarterly , vol. 5, no. 2; "Economic growth is just part of development," National Development/Modern Government; "Threshold to the Future," Profile '73, 1973-1977

Series 8: Teaching Files, circa 1954-1973
(boxes 4-5; 1 linear ft.)

Teaching files include material for the courses Isaacs taught at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design in the Departments of City and Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture, and include his miscellaneous faculty committee files. These files also contain documentation of the courses Isaacs taught while a guest lecturer at the University of Puerto Rico for the Graduate Program in Planning, 1969-1970. Files found in this subseries may contain course outlines, lecture and discussion notes, reading lists, and course projects.

4 Methods in Planning
(14 folders)
4 Metropolitan and Regional Areas Planning, Development and Administration in the United States and Other Countries
(9 folders)
4 Community Facilities and Services
5 Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Advanced Theory and Method of Planning circa 1973
5 Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Planning, Development and Administration in the United States and Other Countries, undated
5 Dept. of City and Regional Planning, An Experiment in Pedagogy, Evaluation, undated
5 Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Implementation of City and Regional Planning in Developing Countries 1973
5 Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Functional Analysis and Policy Formulations, Area - Metropolitan Buenos Aires, 1967-1968
5 Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Miscellaneous Lists for Lecture and Seminar Topics, undated
5 Architectural Sciences, Housing Design, 19554
5 Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Regional Planning and Special Projects on Institutions, 1955, undated
5 Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Regional Expression in Housing and Community Design, 1965-1966
5 Faculty Committee, Discussion of Proposal for a Laboratory of Regional Science, Memorandum; Essay: "Wistful Reflections on the Proposed Building for the Graduate School of Design;" Balanced Program Memorandum, 1965
5 Miscellaneous, Statements of Conscience on the War in Vietnam, 1966
5 University of Puerto Rico, Utopia and Ideal Society, 1969-1970
5 University of Puerto Rico, Goals and Values for Planning, 1969-1970
(2 folders)
5 University of Puerto Rico, Planner's Responsibility to Urban Society, 1969-1970

Series 9: Works of Art, 1965-1967,undated
(box 5; 3 folders)

This series includes a sketch in colored pencil by Max Bill; a pen and ink bookplate by Hans Maria Wingler; a water color poster by Gary M. Tierney announcing Isaacs's lecture "Walter Gropius and the City"; a caricature of Isaacs sculling by an unidentified artist; and two pen and ink sketches of Walter Gropius by Christian Hofer, that were previously filmed on Reel 2331, Frames 488 to 491.

5 Artwork by Bill, Wingler, Tierney and Unidentified, 1965-1967, undated
(see OV folder for poster announcing "Walter Gropius and the City" lecture)
5 Artwork by Christian Hofer, 1967

Series 10: Scrapbooks, 1929-1969,
(box 5; 2 volumes)

This series contains two scrapbooks. The first includes correspondence and printed material regarding Isaacs's appointment as the Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning. The second contains obituaries and eulogies for Walter Gropius.

5 Reginald Isaacs at Harvard University, 1929-1964
5 Obituaries and Eulogies for Walter Gropius, 1969

Series 11: Printed Material, 1842-1844, 1913-1986, undated
(box 5; 0.5 linear ft.)

This series includes exhibition catalogs and announcements, including a 1936 catalog for the Twenty-Second Annual Twin City Art Exhibit at the Institute of Arts in Minneapolis; news clippings, lecture announcements, and commission reports relating to the Chicago Plan Commission; publicity material, programs, and reports from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University; and general miscellaneous material including the Farmer's Almanac from 1842 and 1844, Rudolf Serkin's autograph from 1943, lecture announcements, and newspaper and magazine articles regarding architecture, engineering, planning, and other subjects.

5 Exhibition Catalogs and Announcements, 1936, 1979-1985
5 Chicago Plan Commission, Michael Reese Hospital, 1943, 1945-1968, undated
(5 folders)
5 Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, 1941-1986
(7 folders)
5 General, 1842-1844, 1913, 1926, 1935-1985, undated
(14 folders)

Series 12: Photographs, 1959-1981, undated
(box 5; 7 folders)

Photographs of Isaacs and his family include images of his wife, Charlotte Aldes Isaacs. Photographs of friends and associates include photos of Newton S. Friedman, the Cambridge Skating Club, Karl Carstens, and Hans Maria Wingler.

5 Portraits of Reginald Isaacs, 1963, 1973
5 Reginald Isaacs and Family, undated
(2 folders; also 1 photograph in box 22 sol)
5 Reginald Isaacs with Friends and Associates, 1981, undated
5 Miscellaneous, Unidentified, undated
5 Works of Art by Pollock, Saltzman, Heiliger, Citreon, and Carter, 1959-1966, undated
5 Sculptures of Walter Gropius, 1959-1966

Series 13: Walter Gropius Biography, circa 1800s-1991, undated
(boxes 6-21; 16 linear ft.)

This series documents the research for, and the writing and publication of, Isaacs' two volume biography of Bauhaus architect, Walter Gropius, through research material collected and organized by Isaacs during the course of his work on the biography.

The series is organized into seven subseries according to material type.

13.1: Survey Responses, circa 1965

This subseries contains questionnaires for a survey that were distributed by Isaacs and returned to him by former students of Gropius at the Bauhaus and at Harvard University. In addition to the survey responses, there are also charts which summarize the data contained therein.

6 Bauhaus Graduates, Chart of Responses, circa 1965
6 Bauhaus Graduates, Responses, circa 1965
(33 folders)
6 Harvard Bachelor of Architecture Graduates, Chart of Responses, circa 1965
6 Harvard Bachelor of Architecture Graduates, Responses circa 1965
(3 folders)
6 Harvard Master of Architecture Graduates, Chart of Responses, circa 1965
6 Harvard Master of Architecture Graduates, Responses, circa 1965
(8 folders)

13.2: Research and Bibliographic Material, circa 1883-1986, undated

This subseries contains general research and bibliographic files compiled and organized by Isaacs for his work on the biography. The files contain correspondence, notes, writings, printed materials, and a few photographs. Many of the documents were created and/or authored by Walter Gropius and Ise Gropius. Large portions of these files are photocopies, although some originals can also be found; many are in German. Following is a list of the major subjects and names found in these files.

Files are arranged alphabetical by name or subject heading.

6 Adler - American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(includes Alcher-School, Inge, 1957, 1959)
6 American Association for the Advancement of Science
(about building proposals)
6 Americans for Democratic Action - Arend, Herbert von
6 Argan, Givlio Carlo
6 Argentini, Antonio Amadeo - Augustyniak, Marian Z.
(includes clippings about Arup, Ove, 1966)
6 Bach to Bartlett
(includes correspondence between Reyner Banham and Ise Gropius about Bauhaus; and Alfred J. Barr, Jr., 1938)
6 Bartning, Otto, 1951-1957
6 Barucki to Bauer
(includes Fred Bassetti, 1947-1948)
6 Bauhaus, 1924-1983, undated
(5 folders; includes correspondence with Alvar Aalto, Alfred Barr, Donald C. Dunham, Heinrich Engel, Carola W. Giedion, Fritz Hesse, Herbert Hubner, Jane Fiske McCullough, William Wurster, notes and writings about the Bauhaus by Isaacs and others, and clippings)
7 Bauhaus Archiv, 1960-1986
(6 folders; includes correspondence with Peter Hahn, Hans and Heidi Wingler, Christian Wolsdorff, exhibition announcements and clippings)
7 Bayer, Herbert and Joella, 1932-1981
(7 folders; includes correspondence with Ise Gropius, writings by and about Herbert Bayer)
7 Behrens, Peter - Bellman
7 Beneman, Maria, undated
7 Berg, Alban - Berlin
7 Bernberger, Maschinen Fabrik - Beyer 1964-1968, undated
7 Bibliographies Regarding Walter Gropius, undated
(3 folders)
7 Bill, Max, 1945-1979
(3 folders; about the Hochschule fur Gestaltung also known as the "Ulm Bauhaus")
7 Black Mountain College - Bluhova
7 Bochum University Competition, 1962-1963
7 Bogner - Boyd
7 Brauneck - Britz-Buckow-Rudow (BBR)
(includes 1 BBR plat and 1 BBR map stored in OV folder)
7 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Bundesbaudirektion
7 Buroorganisation, 1928-1931
(6 folders; includes memos, contract drafts, brochures, and clippings about office organization)
7 Busch-Reisinger Museum, 1984-1985
(3 folders; about the Gropius Archive and exhibition)
7 Campbell - Carter
7 Chermayeff, Serge, 1948-1977
(3 folders; about Institute of Design, Congres Internationaux D'Architecture Moderne (CIAM) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) includes correspondence with Ivan Chermayeff, Jose Luis Sert, and Konrad Wachsmann)
7 Chilar - Clark
(includes Clarenbach, Dietrich, 1968, about the monument to those killed in the Kapp Putsch - Denkmal Fur der Marzgefallen, Weimar)
7 Clay, General Lucius, 1947-1949
(includes Gropius' report as Advisor to Clay on the reconstruction of Germany)
7 Cleveland, Ohio, Tower East
7 Coates, Wells, 1937-1938, 1953, 1956
(includes correspondence with Jose Luis Sert and Isaacs)
7 On Collaboration, 1953-1956
7 Collein - Colwell
7 Computer Conference: Architecture and the Computer
7 Conant, James Bryant, 1938-1978
(3 folders)
7 Conant, Kenneth, 1952
7 Congres Internationaux D'Architecture Moderne (CIAM), 1938-1955
(12 folders; includes correspondence with Fred Forbat, Sigfried Giedion, Julian Huxley, Le Corbusier, Stamo Papadaki, Jose Luis Sert, Helena and Szymon Syrkus, and Jaqueline Tywhitt, a copy of Grille CIAM d'Urbanisme, 1948, and 1949 meeting dossier)
7 Conklin - Costa
7 Cotton, Jack, 1961-1972
(about Monico Piccadilly Circus, London)
7 Council for the Aging, Boston - Currie
7 DADD - Danilevskil
7 Davison, Robert L., 1928-1943, 1965
(2 folders; includes correspondence with Josef Albers and Herbert Bayer)
7 Dearstyne, Howard, 1955-1968
7 Deiters - Despotopolous
7 Deutschen Demokratischen Republic, 1964-1966, undated
(2 folders; includes Isaacs' correspondence with Christian Schadlich, and Hans Scharoun)
7 Diamantopulis - Docker, Richard
(includes Docker re. "The Ring," 1951-1965)
7 Dollinger - Eberhard
(includes Dorner, Alexander, 1947)
7 Ebert - Edson
(includes Ebert, Wills re. the Berlin School, 1957, 1968)
7 Egbert, Donald Drew, 1947-1952
7 Elliott - Engels
(includes Eliot, T.S., 1940-1958 - Ise's correspondence with Eliot and Thorton Wilder)
7 Faquswerk - Feuchtwanger
(includes Feininger, Lyonel, 1959, 1968 - essay "Address on the Artist")
7 Field - Fitch
7 Fletcher - Frank
(includes Florence, Philip Sargent correspondence with Jack C. Pritchard, 1936-1937, 1966; Forberg, Sarina Elisabeth, 1975)
8 Frankfurt, Germany, 1948, 1962-1964
(see OV folder for 2 plats relating to Am Lindenbaum Development competition; also concerns proposed planning procedure for Frankfutam-Main to be the Capitol of West Germany)
8 Free University, Berlin - Friedrich
8 Fry, E. Maxwell, and Jane Drew, 1937-1984
(3 folders)
8 Furniture, 1972-1985
(4 folders; about furniture designed by Gropius including correspondence with Ise Gropius and Hans Wingler, and photographs and appraisals of furniture)
8 Galbraith - Gibbard
8 Giedion, Sigfried, 1933-1965, 1982
(2 folders)
8 Gilbert - God is in the Details
8 Goethe Prize, 1966
8 Gonzalez-Reyna - Griswold
8 Gropius, Ise, 1911-1967
(4 folders; includes biographical material, notes, and excerpts from her correspondence)
8 Gropius, Walter, 1906-1974
(25 folders; includes biographical material, genealogy material, and notes and writings by and about Gropius)
8 Gropius House History, 1977
8 Gropp - Gummere
8 Hamm - Hannoversche Papiefabriken Alfeld-Gronau
8 Hardt - Hartmann
8 Harvard University, 1920-1983
(23 folders; material about the Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Regional Planning, and the Graduate School of Design including correspondence with Walter Bogner, John T. Boyd, Jr., Joseph B. Conant, Richard Filipowski, Henry A. Frost, Henry Hubbard, Joseph Hudnut, Charles Killam, Henry A. Kissinger, Warren P. Laird, Bremer Pond, Jerzy Solton, and Jaqueline Tyrwhitt)
9 Harvard University, cont.
(4 folders)
9 Harvard University, Visiting Committee, 1962-1968
(4 folders; about the Graduate School of Design and Visual Arts)
9 Hassenpflug - Hess
(includes Hebebrand, Werner, 1951, 1956, 1963)
9 Hesse - Hildebrandt, Hans
9 Hildebrandt, Lily, 1919-1984
(4 folders; includes excerpts of letters between Gropius and Hildebrandt translated by Ise Gropius; correspondence with Isaacs and Rainer Hildebrandt; and photographs of Hildebrandt, and her works of art)
9 Hildebrandt, Rainer - Hillebrecht, Rudolf, 1948-1974
9 Hinder - Holden
9 Holford, Sir William, 1960, 1973
9 Hollatz - Honig
9 Hopp - Hoyt
9 Hudnut, Joseph, 1929, 1934-1952, 1967
(25 folders; includes correspondence with Charles A. Coolidge, John M. Gaus, Henry James, Charles D. Maginnis, Elbert Peets, Leverett Saltonstall, Henry R. Shepley, regarding the arrival of Walter and Ise Gropius to Harvard University, and the Department of City and Regional Planning)
9 Huffner - Hutcheon
9 Huter, Karl-Heinz, 1964-1975, 1983-1984
9 Huxley, Aldous
9 Implington Village College, Cambridge, England
9 Integrity
9 Interbau Bilderdienst, 1956, 1960
9 Institute of Design, Chicago, 1939-1955
(4 folders; includes correspondence with Charles Eames, Sigfried Giedion, Nathaniel H. Owings, Walter Paepcke, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)
9 Iraq, University of Baghdad - Janos
(includes Itten, Johannes, 1964-1965)
9 Japan, 1953-1985
(6 folders; about Walter and Ise Gropius' travels)
9 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Architectural Competition, St. Louis, Missouri, 1947
(2 folders)
9 Jenney - Joedicke
9 John F. Kennedy Federal Building, 1963-1969
(4 folders; includes correspondence with Herbert Ferber, Dimitri Hadzi, and Robert Motherwell)
9 Johnson - Kagan
10 Kandinsky - "Kapp Putsch"
(includes Kapp Putsch memorial commission, 1968 with photograph of Emauel Dion)
10 Karbe, Klaus, 1964-1983
(4 folders)
10 Karlsruhe, Dammerstock - Klopfer
(includes Klee, Paul, 1921, 1926; and Klee, Felix Paul, 1966, 1967)
10 Koch - Kokoschka
10 Konig, Heinrich, 1928, 1965
10 Korn, Arthur, 1964-1966
10 Kramer - Kusmirek
10 Lanier - Le Corbeiller
10 Le Corbusier, 1952-1965
(3 folders; includes correspondence with Lucio Costa and Jose Luis Sert)
10 Lectures by Walter Gropius, 1932-1934
(7 folders; includes correspondence with Farkas Molnar, Maxwell Fry, Sigfried Giedion, and Erich Mendelsohn)
10 Leiteritz - Linde
10 Literature-Publications Which Influenced Gropius
10 Lock - Lynch
10 London, England, 1934-1983
(14 folders; information about the Park Lane Building Commission, Piccadilly Circus project and the Pioneer Health Center, correspondence with Ronald Coleman, Jack Cotton, Richard Llewelyn Davies, Sir William Holford, and Jack Pritchard)
10 Mackay-Lewis - Maginnis
(includes Maginnis, Charles, 1951-1952)
10 Mahler, Alma, circa 1910-1920
(8 folders; includes Ise Gropius' translations of letters between Walter and Alma)
10 Maldonado - Manchester, England, A.P. Simon Housing Development
(see OV folder for plat)
10 Mandroti - Markische Viertel
10 Modern Architectural Research (MARS) Group, 1937-1938, 1947-1955
(3 folders; includes correspondence with Wells Coates, Jane Drew, Sir William Holford, and Jacqueline Tyrwhitt, meeting minutes and membership information)
10 Martin - McCullough
10 McGrath - Mendizabal
10 Meyer, Hannes, 1963
10 Mickin, Margaret and Walter, 1964-1965
10 Miller - Molnar
10 Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo and Sibyl, 1937-1949
(9 folders; about the formation of the "New Bauhaus," the Institute of Design, includes correspondence with Alexander Archipenko, Sewell Avery, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, Richard Neutra, Walter Paepcke, and Xanti Schawinsky)
10 Morgan - Muller-Boehat
10 Mumford - Muthesius
(includes Mumford, Lewis, 1940, 1946)
10 Nachtigal - Neufert
(includes National Broadcasting Co., Inc., 1957 about Gropius' appearance on NBC's "Wisdom Series, Conversation with Walter Gropius")
10 Neumann - Norton
(includes Neutra, Richard, 1951, 1968)
10 O'Connor - Osthaus
10 Otto - Owers
10 Paepcke, Walter, 1944-1945
10 Pan American Building, 1962-1983
(4 folders)
11 Pankok - Paulssen, van Lunaeboerg
11 Peht - Plimpton
11 Poland
(3 folders)
11 Political Activities, 1946, 1948
(about the United Nations building site and the Mundt-Nixon Bill)
11 Portaluppi - Prefabrication
(includes Gropius' correspondence and statements regarding prefabrication, 1946-1963)
11 Pritchard, John (Jack), 1946-1961
(6 folders)
11 Pryzoda - Pusey
11 Quebec, Place St. Cyrille Limitee
11 Raabe - Reale Accademia D'Italia
(includes Read, Sir Herbert, 1938, 1954-1968)
11 Redslob - Rickey
11 Riegl, Alois
11 Riemerschmid - Roth
11 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Journal, 1934, 1936, 1955
(3 folders)
11 Royal Society of Arts, 1961
(about the Gold Albert Medal)
11 Rubin - Russia
11 Sabais - Schadlich
11 Scharoun, Hans, 1964-1966
11 Schawlinsky - Schiller
11 Schinkel, Karl Friedrich
11 Schlemmer - Schmidt, Pauli
(includes Schlemmer, Tut, 1965, about Oskar Schlemmer; and Schmidt, Kurt, 1968)
11 Schneider - Selmanagic
11 Sert, Jose Luis, 1939-1969
(5 folders)
11 Shanghai - Silber
11 Simon - Soltan
11 Sommerfield, Andrew, 1943-1949, 1964-1974
(2 folders)
11 Staber - Stevens
11 Sting, Hellmuth
11 Stout - Syrkus, Helena and Szymon
11 Tallahassee, Florida - TASK
11 Taunton Elementary School, Taunon, Massachusetts
11 Taut, Bruno and Max
11 The Architects Collaborative (TAC), 1945, 1961-1973
(2 folders)
11 Theater - Thiel
11 Thiersch - Thompson
11 Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany, circa 1931
11 Tillich - Tupler
11 Uhlig, Klaus K.
11 United Nations Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), 1947-1972
(20 folders; about the design and construction of UNESCO's headquarters in Paris including correspondence with Max Bill, Marcel Breuer, Wells Coates, Lucio Costa, Sigfried Giedion, Le Corbusier, Sven Markelius, Nervi, Ernesto Rogers, Eero Sarrinen, Jose Luis Sert, Zehrfuss, reports, and meeting minutes)
11 United Nations Headquarters, New York, 1946-1959
11 Unwin - Utopia
11 Vagnetti - Van Voss
11 Waschmann, Konrad, 1962, undated
11 Wagner, Martin, 1940, 1981-1985
(3 folders)
11 Wagner - Waterstradt
(includes Walden Pond Reservation, undated)
11 Weber - Weimar
11 Weissberger - Williams
(includes Ise Gropius' correspondence with Wilder, Thornton, 1958)
11 Williams College - Windowless Factories
11 Wingler, Hans Maria, 1963-1979, undated
(2 folders)
11 Wingler, Hans Maria and Heidi, 1980-1985
11 Winston - Wright
(includes Writings, 1967, 1969, undated; and Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1925, 1940)
11 Wurm - Zinn
(includes Wurster, William, 1950-1953; and Zevi, Bruno, 1952, 1963-1965)

13.3: Drafts of Biography, circa 1972-1977, 1991

This subseries includes drafts of the two volume German edition, Der Mensch und sein Werk and a draft for volumes three and four (never published) as well as drafts of the English edition published posthumously, Walter Gropius An Illustrated Biography. All are in English.

12 Front Material, circa 1977
12 Part 1: The Forge, A: Germany, circa 1977
(2 folders)
12 Part 1: The Forge, B: Weimar, circa 1977
(2 folders)
12 Part 1: The Forge, C: Dessau, circa 1977
12 Part 1: The Forge, D: Berlin circa 1977
(2 folders)
12 Part 2: The Transition, A: Introduction to England, circa 1977
12 Part 2: The Transition, B: Interlude in England, circa 1977
(2 folders)
12 Part 3: The Fertile Ground, A: Changing United States, circa 1977
12 Part 3: The Fertile Ground, B: Harvard University, circa 1977
(2 folders)
12 Part 3: The Fertile Ground, C: Emeritus Career, circa 1977
12 Part 3: The Fertile Ground, C: Emeritus Career, and Epilogue circa 1977
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, A: Introduction, circa 1972
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, B: Goals and Social Concerns, circa 1972
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, C: Education, circa 1972
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, D: History, circa 1972
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, E: Housing, Community, City, and Planning, circa 1972
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, F: Responsibility, circa 1972
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, G: Teamwork and the Collaborative Process, circa 1972
12 Part 4: Attitudes and Principles, H: Design, circa 1972
13 Part 5: The Works of Other Embodying Gropius' Principles, A: Introduction, circa 1972
13 Part 5: The Works of Other Embodying Gropius' Principles, B: Students of the Bauhaus, circa 1972
13 Part 5: The Works of Other Embodying Gropius' Principles, C: Harvard Graduates, circa 1972
13 Part 5: The Works of Other Embodying Gropius' Principles, D: Others in the Professions and the Public, circa 1972
13 Part 6: The Years to Come, A: Introduction and B: Consistency and New Directions, circa 1972
13 Part 6: The Years to Come, C: Gropius - Symbol and Spokesman, circa 1972
13 Part 6: The Years to Come, D: Predictions, circa 1972
13 Prospectus, 1981
13 Front Material, 1981
13 Part 1: The Forge, A: Germany to 1918, 1981
(3 folders)
13 Part 1: The Forge, B: Weimar, 1981
(3 folders)
13 Part 1: The Forge, C: Bressau, 1981
(2 folders)
13 Part 1: The Forge, D: Berlin, 1981
(3 folders)
14 Part 2: The Transition, A: Introduction to England, 1981
14 Part 2: The Transition, B: Interlude in England, 1981
(3 folders)
14 Part 3: The Fertile Ground, A: Changing United States, 1981
14 Part 3: The Fertile Ground, B: Harvard University, 1981
(3 folders)
14 Part 3: The Fertile Ground, C: Emeritus Career, 1981
(2 folders)
14 Part 4: Goals, Social Concerns, and Responsibility, A: Introduction, 1984
14 Part 4: Goals, Social Concerns, and Responsibility, B: Goals and Social Principles, 1984
14 Part 4: Goals, Social Concerns, and Responsibility, C: Responsibility, 1984
14 Part 5: Teamwork and the Collaborative Process, A: Introduction and B: In Education, 1984
14 Part 5: Teamwork and the Collaborative Process, C: In Practice, 1984
14 Part 6: Eduation, A: Introduction and B: The Bauhaus, 1984
14 Part 6: Education, C: The English Experience, 1984
14 Part 6: Education, D: Harvard University, 1984
14 Part 7: History, A: Introduction - Gropius' Heritage and B: Historical Influences, 1984
14 Part 8: Design Principles, A: Introduction and B: Principles of Architecture, 1984
14 Part 8: Design Principles, C: Architectural Works and Projects, 1984
14 Part 8: Design Principles, D: Housing and Community, 1984
15 Part 8: Design Principles, E?: Planning, 1984
15 Part 8: Design Principles, F: Public Spaces, G: Landscape Architecture, H: Art and Art in Architecture, I: Interiors, Furniture, and Product Design (not included), and J: Parctice Management and Costs, 1984
15 Part 9: The Works of Others, A: Introduction, 1984
15 Part 9: The Works of Others, B: Students of the Bauhaus, 1984
15 Part 9: The Works of Others, C: Harvard Graduates, 1984
15 Part 9: The Works of Others, Others in the Professions and the Public, 1984
(2 folders)
15 Appendices, 1984
15 Letters from Bullfinch Press Regarding Edited Manuscript, 1992
15 1st Edition, Forward, Preface, Prologue, and Chapter 1: The Forge, circa 1991
15 1st Edition, Chapter 2: The Young Architect, circa 1991
15 1st Edition, Chapter 3: WEimar and the Bauhaus, circa 1991
(2 folders)
15 1st Edition, Chapter 4: The Dessau Bauhaus, circa 1991
15 1st Edition, Chapter 5: Berlin, circa 1991
(2 folders)
15 1st Edition, Chapter 6: The Transition, circa 1991
(2 folders)
16 1st Edition, Chapter 7: The Fertile Ground, circa 1991
(2 folders)
16 1st Edition, Chapter 8: Emeritus Career, circa 1991
(2 folders)
16 2nd Edition, Chapter 1: The Forge, circa 1991
16 2nd Edition, Chapter 2: The Young Architect, circa 1991
16 2nd Edition, Chapter 3:Weimar and the Bauhaus, circa 1991
16 2nd Edition, Chapter 4: The Dessau Bauhaus, circa 1991
16 2nd Edition, Chapter 5: Berlin, circa 1991
16 2nd Edition, Chapter 6: The Transition, circa 1991
16 2nd Edition, Chapter 7: The Fertile Ground, circa 1991

13.4: Comments on the Biography, circa 1991, undated

These include the handwritten notes by Ise Gropius and Reginald Isaacs regarding the book drafts.

16 Notes, First Draft, circa 1991
16 Notes, Second Draft, circa 1991
16 Notes, Third Draft, circa 1991
16 Comments by Ise Gropius, Parts 1-6, undated
(6 folders)
16 Comments by Ise Gropius, 2nd Edition, Parts 4 and 6, undated
(2 folders)
16 Editing Comments by Reginald Isaacs, Parts 1 and 2, undated
(2 folders)

13.5: Publication Correspondence, 1969-1989

This subseries includes correspondence for the English and German editions of the biography with the Gerbruder Mann Verlag, Franziska P. Hosken, The M.I.T. Press, and the New York Graphic Society Ltd.

16 Correspondence Regarding English Edition of Biography, 1969-1989
(8 folders)
16 Correspondence Regarding German Edition of Biography, 1981-1983
(6 folders)

13.6: Photographs and Illustrations for the Biography, circa 1800s-1983, undated

This subseries contains the photographs and illustrations used in the published version of the biography Walter Gropius der Mensch und sein Werk. Walter Gropius biography, totaling 3 linear feet and including original and copy prints. At the beginning of the series are 3 folders containing a chart with the captions and credits for the materials. This, in concjunction with identification information on the materials themselves, serve as an excellent guide to the items.

Some of the prints found here were taken by amateur photographers and belonged to Walter and Ise Gropius and others while most were taken by professionals. Isaacs' sons, Mark and Henry, also produced many images to aid in their fathers' research of Walter Gropius' building designs.

The following Gropius family members, and other significant individuals, are depicted in photographs found throughout the subseries and particularly at the beginning:

  • Walther Gropius (1848-1911): father
  • Auguste Pauline Manon Scharnweber (1855-1933): mother
  • Manon Gropius: sister
  • Carl Ludwig Adolf Gropius (1819-1871): paternal grandfather
  • Louise Honig Gropius (1821-1906): paternal grandmother
  • Karl August Scharnweber: maternal grandfather
  • Willy, Felix, and Erich Gropius: uncles
  • Felicitas, Heidi, Conrad, and Werner: cousins
  • (Johann) Carl Christian (1781-1854): great grandfather
  • Wilhelm Ernst Gropius: great uncle
  • Martin Karl Philipp Gropius (1824-1880): great uncle
  • Georg Ludwig Gropius (1726-1784): great-great grandfather
  • Dorothea Gropius (1739-1816): great-great grandmother
  • Gabain, George (1763-1826) and Caroline (1769-1831): founders of the family silkworks

The photographs and illustrations are arranged in rough chronological order according to the biography. An overview of the contents of each folder is provided in the container listing.

17 1-3: List of Captions and Credits, 1979-1983
17 4: Gropius signature; Gropius' principle; portraits of Gropius and Reginald Isaacs; bookplate by Gropius, circa 1903, undated
17 5: "Walter Gropius" caricature on tile, by Max Ernst; "Metallisches Fest;" Gropius "Fest;" family members and the Gabains, circa 1800s, 1929, 1970,
17 6: Schinkel, Karl Friedrich and 2 buildings designed by him; family members; Martin Karl Philipp Gropius and illustration for "Kladderadatsch," by him; Gropius brothers' diorama, circa 1800s, undated
17 7: Gropius as 2nd Lieutenant, Franco-Prussian War; family members; Gymnasium Liebniz, circa 1800s
17 8: Gymnasium Kaiserin Augusta; Gymnasium Steglitz; Gropius; family members, circa 1800s, 1901
17 9: Family members; Gross Schonfeld, estate of Carl Ludwig Adolf Gropius, Pomerania; principal estate workers of Gross Schonfeld, circa 1800s, 1906
17 10: Hohenstein, estate of Felix Gropius, Kreis Deutsch Krone; Gropius; cousins; uncle Erich, circa 1800s-1900
17 11: Kurnfurstendamm 25 (Now Hotel Am Zoo), Gropius' home; Gropius and friends; sister, circa 1890s-1903, 1965
17 12: Gropius as Cadet, 15th Hussar Regiment Wandsbeck; Gropius and Loiuse Honig; Technische Hochschule, Munich; Konigliche Technische Hochschule, Berlin, 1902-1905
17 13: Gropius, 1905; Gropius' term paper cover, -Viollet-le-Duc: Porportionen; term paper sketches and text, 1905, undated
17 14: Granary (Kornspeicher), at Janikow; Erich Gropius house, Janikow; Metzner house, Dramburg; Farm worker's housing, Golzengot, 1903-1906
17 15: Farm worker's housing, Janikow; site plan of Janikow housing; miscellaneous photos of Janikow (Warsaw), 1906-1907, undated
17 16: Griesbach, Helmuth and Gropius in Spain, 1907
17 17: Boxehrens, Peter; Boxehrens and daughter, Petra; Karl Ernst Osthaus' house; Lehmann Department Store, Cologne, interiors designed with Behrens; Gropius and his Aunt Wiene, Chislehurst, England, 1908-1910
17 18: Sears, Roebuck & Co., catalog, "Houses by Mail"; E. F. Hodgson, Co., Hodgson Houses,
17 19: Gropius, Janikow; Meyer, Adolf; Kleffel Starch Factory, Baumgarter (Kreis Karwitz), Janikow, with Meyer; Mahler, Alma Schindler; monument to Otto von Bismarck, Coblenz, competition entry, with Meyer, 1910-1929
17 20: Fagus Werk, Alfeld-an-der-Leine, with Meyer (includes an original drawing of a door handle), 1910-1911
17 21: Von Arnim House, Falkenhagen, Pomerania, with Meyer, 1911
17 22: Storage Warehouse, Markisch, Friedland; Von Brockhausen workers' housing, Mittelfelde; Von Brockhausen conservatory, Mittelfelde; Von Borke house, Gut Golzen; Boxenzine motor railroad car, 1911-1914
17 23: Alfeld-an-der-Leine hospital proposal with Meyer; "Eigene Scholle," Wittenberge an der Oder, with Meyer, 1912-1913
17 24: Worker's housing for Bernburger Machine Company, Alfeld; Worker's housing, Dramburg, 1913-1914
17 25: Werkbund Exhibition, Cologne: factory, office building, and machinery hall pavilion for Deutz Machine Factory, with Meyer, 1914
17 26: Gropius Hohe, Mt. Aubry, Senones, Vosges; Moussey Chateau, Gropius' billet; Alma Schindler Mahler, letter to Gropius; van de Velde, Henry, 1915, 1914, undated
17 27: Alma Schindler Mahler Gropius; Gropius, Vonvalescence; the Oise, aftermath of battle, 1916-1918
17 28: "Mountains for Living," project for the "Glass Chain," drawings by Gropius and Frank Moller; Weimar Bauhaus, 1919
17 29: Birthday letters from Lyonel Feininger "Papileo" to Gropius; Hildebrandt, Lily and other students of AdolfHolzel in Dachau; Sommerfeld Andrew; Sommerfeld house, Berlin-Dahlem, and furniture; Weimar Bauhaus Director's Office; Sommefeld Factory and office building, Berlin; Sommerfeld rowhouses, Berlin, with Meyer, 1920-1952
17 30: Monument to those killed in the Kapp Putsch designed by Gropius, 1921
17 31: Otte house, Berlin-Zehlendorf, with Meyer; Kallenbach house, Berlin, with Meyer, 1921-1922
17 32: Municipal Theater, Jena, before and after remodeling, with Meyer, 1923-1924
17 33: Klee, Paul; statement by Paul Klee; Gropius; van Doesburg, Theo, 1921, 1923
17 34: Bauhaus cooperative housing project, Weimar; Demonstration house "am Horn", Weimar, with Georg Muche and Adolf Meyer, architects, 1922-1923
17 35: Chicago Tribune office building competition entry, with Meyer; Rauth house, Berlin-Wohnhaus, proposal, with Meyer, 1922
17 36: "Die Meisterrat," Oskar Schlemmer and Gropius in Opposition, sketch by Schlemmer; "Color sonatina in red," Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack; Henri van de Velde's villa; LeCorbusier's diagram and instructions for mounting his works at the 1923 exhibition; Weimar Bauhaus mural, Herbert Bayer, 1922-1923
17 37: Gropius; Ise Frank; Le Corbusier, Cafe des Deux Magots, Paris; Wassily Kandinsky, J.J.P. Oud Gropius; von Klitzing Summer house, Timmendorf, proposal with Meyer; Faguswerk warehouse and service building, Alfeld-an-der-Leine, with Meyer, 1923-1924
17 38: Piet Mondrian letter to Gropius; Hannover Paper Factory, Alfeld-Gronau, with Meyer; Kappe storage warehouse, Alfeld-an-der-Leine, with Meyer, 1924
17 39: Friedrich Frobel Institute, Bad Liebenstein, Thuringia, proposal; Philosophy Academy, Erlangen, proposal with Meyer, 1923-1924
17 40: Gropius, Amalfi; Ise Gropius, Amalfi, 1925
17 41-45: Boxauhaus, Dessau, buildings with plans, exterior and interior views, 1927
17 46: Master's house and student housing, Bauhaus, Dessau, 1927
17 47: Masters and students at the Elbe River, Dessau, 1927
17 48: Torten housing development, Dessau, 1928
17 49: Friedrichshone, Bernberg, 1926-1929
17 50: Remodelled residence of Karl Benscheidt, Jr., Alfeld; Teachers Association building, Dresden, proposal, 1925
17 51: Muller factory, Kirchbraak, 1925
18 52: Passport photos, Gropius and Ise Gropius; Oskar Schlemmer's class, Dessau, 1925
18 53: Two dwellings for Werkbund Housing Exhibition, the "Weissenhof," Stuttgart, and Zuckerkandl house, Jena, 1927-1928
18 54: Harnischmacher house, Mainz; Lewin house, Berlin-Zehlendorf; Hecke house, Hamburg, proposal; Molling and Co.; Jacobsthal house, 1927
18 55: Dammerstock housing development, Karlsruhe, competition, 1927
18 56: Total Theater, Berlin, proposal for Erwin Piscator, 1927
18 57: Municipal Employment Office, Dessau, competition, 1927-1928
18 58: Gropius in Copenhagen; Ostwald, Wilhelm with Gropius; Boxerlage, Hendrik with Gropius; Boxartok, Bela, and Paul Klee with Gropius, 1927
18 59: Gropius with Manon; Manon; Meyer, Hannes, 1927-1930, undated
18 60: "The Dessau Bauhaus Cracks-Up," cartoon; "The Bauhaus Director in Dessau Removing the Last Ornaments from his Family," cartoon from "Simplicissimus," Munich, 1927
18 61: Walter Gropius; Ise Gropius; "Farewell party," Sommerfeld home, Berlin; Gropius' impressions of U.S. including housing and oil rigs, Chicago; Gropius at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1928
18 62: 121 Potsdamer Street, Berlin, Gropius' flat and office; Gropius' office staff, Berlin, 1929
18 63: Mechanical Engineering School, Hagen, 1929
18 64: Fischtalgrund Exhibition Hall, Berlin-Zehlendorf; Spandau-Haselhorst experimental housing project, Berlin, competition, 1928, 1929
18 65: Siemensstadt housing cooperative, Berlin, 1929-1930
18 66: "Am Lindenbaum" housing development, Frankfurt, 1929
18 67: Aschrott Home for the Aged, Kassel, competition, 1929
18 68: Modular furniture for the Feder Company, Berlin, 1929
18 69: Designs for Adler Automobiles; School, Berlin-Copenick, 1929-1933
18 70: School, Schwarzerden in der Rhon; slab block, steel construction, proposal, 1930
18 71: Ukrainian State Theater competition, Kharkov Palace of Justice, Berlin, proposal; Palace of the Soviets, Moscow, competition, 1930, 1931
18 72: Wannsee Shores apartments, Berlin, proposal, 1931
18 73: Prefabricated houses for Hirsch Copper and Brass Works, Finow, 1931
18 74: Mendelssohn Sanatorium, proposal; Schawinsky, Alexander (Xanti) with photos of Herbert Bayer, Marcel Breuer, and Walter; Gropius, 1928-1931
18 75: Deutscher Werkbund Exhibition, Paris - Gropius with Herbert Bayer, Marcel Breuer, and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1929-1930
18 76: Gropius on skis, Davos; Palace of Justice, competition?; Nagel apartments, Nuremberg, proposal; exhibition of Gropius' works, Zurich, 1930-1931
18 77: Stove for Frank Iron Works; "Spirit of Ascona," with Ise Gropius, Xanti Schawinsky, and Herbert Bayer; B.D.A. (Bund Deutscher Architekten) meeting, Berlin; C.I.A.M. (Congres Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne) meeting, Barcelona, including Jose Luis Sert, Le Corbusier, Cornelius van Eesteren, Gropius, and Victor Bourgeois; beach resort, Ciudad Balneira, Argentina, 1931-1932
18 78: German Building Exhibition, Berlin; Gropius; Reichsbank, Berlin, competition; Bahner house, Klein-Machow, Berlin, 1932
18 79: Non Ferrous Metal Exhibition, Berlin, with Joost Schmidt, 1934
18 80: Recreation center project, Tiergarten, Berlin, competition, with Rudolf Hillebrecht; Rosa-Barcelona project; Gropius in Budapest; Xanti Schawinsky letter to Gropius, 1933-1934
18 81: A. P. Simon project, Manchester, proposal, with Maxwell Fry, 1934
18 82: Volta Theater Conference, Rome; Gropius passport photo; Pritchard, Jack C., sketch by Kapp; Lawn Roads flats, Hampstead, London, Wells Coates, architect; Gropius' Birthday including Gropius, Molly Pritchard, Ise, J.C. Pritchard, and Mrs. Marcrieff; Dr. Markova, Marcel Breuer, Ise, Gropius, unknown, and J.C. Pritchard, 1934-1935, 1942
18 83: Dartington Hall cottages and theater, Totnes, Devonshire, with Maxwell Fry, 1934-1935
18 84: Gropius, Manon; Manon Gropius' gravestone designed by Gropius; C.I.A.M. meeting, Amsterdam; Frank Gropius, Beate (Ati) with Ise and Hertha Frank, 1934-1936
18 85: Film Processing Laboratory for Denham Laboratories, Oxbridge, with Maxwell Fry (includes slides), 1935
18 86: Pioneer Health Care Center, Peckham, London, proposal (includes slides), 1935
18 87: Impington Village College, Cambridgeshire, with Maxwell Fry, 1936-1937
18 88: Max Ernst's depiction of Gropius as a bird in a cage (England), caricature on tile, circa 1935
18 89: Levy house, London, with Maxwell Fry (includes slides), 1936
18 90: Donaldson house, Shipbourne, Kent, with Maxwell Fry; farewell at Waterloo Station, London, Gropius and Ise; Gropius' horoscope drawing by Joost Schmidt (includes a slide), 1936-1937, circa 1947
18 91: Gropius and Ise, arrival in New York; teaching of the Beaux-Arts at Harvard University, 1937
18 92: Gropius; Ati Gropius and Gropius; Boxauhauslers at Planting Island, Massachusetts including Xanti Schawinsky, Herbert Bayer, Mary Breuer, Gropius, and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1937
18 93: Gropius house, Lincoln, Massachusetts, with Marcel Breuer, 1938
18 94: Wheaton College Art Center, Norton, Massachusetts, with Marcel Breuer; Breuer house, Lincoln, Massachusetts; Hagerty house, Cohasset, Massachusetts with Breuer; Bauhaus Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, New York designed by Herbert Bayer; James Ford house, Lincoln, Massachusetts with Breuer, 1937-1938
18 95-98: Gropius, Chairman, Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University including Gropius with Marcel Breuer, Joseph Hudnut, Ise, Richard Neutra, Konrad Waschsmann, and students (includes slides), circa 1938-1952
19 99: Wright, Frank Lloyd, Lincoln Massachusetts, including Marcel Breuer, Mr. and Mrs. Plant and Gropius; Gropius, "Falling Water," Pennsylvania photos including Gropius, Edgar Kaufmann and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., 1939-1940
19 100: Frank house, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gropius with Dahlen K. Ritchey and Breuer, 1939
19 101: Pennsylvania Pavilion, New York World's Fair, with Breuer; Black Mountain College project, North Carolina, proposal with Breuer; Huxley, Julian with Gropius, Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1939
19 102: Stravinsky, Igor, Lincoln, Massachusetts; Gropius, Long Island, New York; Gropius, Key West, Florida; Recreation Center, Key West, Florida with Konrad Waschmann; Aluminum City Terrace, housing project, New Kensington, Pennsylvania with Breuer; Abele house, 1940-1941
19 103: Ozenfant, Amedee, Lincoln, Massachusetts; Packaged House System and General Panel Corporation with Konrad Waschmann, 1941-1942
19 104: Gropius and Colvin, Lincoln, Massachusetts; Hudnut, Joseph and Gropius, Harvard University; Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois (Gropius - Planning Consultant) 1942, 1945-1958
19 105: "Two Cities: Planning in North and South America," Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York including exhibition program; Church, Torreon, Mexico, proposal, with Jorge Gonzales Reyna, 1946-1947
19 106: School of Design, Chicago, Illinois including Gropius, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and students; Howlett house, Belmont, Massachusetts, with TAC (The Architects Collaborative); Gropius' Harvard faculty meeting note regarding Joseph Hudnut, 1945-1948
19 107: Graduate Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts - with TAC, 1948-1960
19 108: C.I.A.M. meeting, London including Ernesto Rogers and Le Corbusier; Stichweh house, Hanover; Boston Back Bay Center, Boston, Massachusetts, proposal, with Pietro Belluschi, Walter Bogner, Carl Koch, Hugh Stebbins, and TAC, 1951, 1953
19 109: Gropius, near Colorado Springs; Gropius Pine Tree, Lincoln, Massachusetts; Gropius Copper Beech Tree, Cambridge, Massachusetts; "World Tree," Harvard Graduate Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1938-1952
19 110: International Advisory Panel for UNESCO headquarters building, Paris including Breuer, Gropius, Le Corbusier, Sven Markelius, Ernesto Rogers, Eero Saarinen, and others, 1952
19 111: Gropius' 70th Birthday including John Retalliata, Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Isaacs; Gropius Oak Tree, Chicago; Matarazzo International Grand Prize in Architecture, Sao Paulo, Brazil, including Alvar Aalto, Gropius, Ernesto Rogers, and Jose Luis Sert, 1953-1954, 1973
19 112-113: Gropius in Japan, including Ise and others, 1954
19 114: Gropius on the Acropolis in Greece, including Ise; Adenauer, Konrad with Gropius, Harvard University, 1954-1955
19 115-116: Pan-American World Airways Building, New York City, designed with Alex Cvijanovic and Pietro Belluschi, 1958
19 117: Interbau apartment building, Berlin Hansaviertel, with TAC, 1955-1957
19 118: United States Embassy, Athens, with TAC, 1956-1961
19 119: Springfield College, Massachusetts, Master Plan; Civic center, Tallahassee, Florida; Hanseatic Goethe Prize, Hamburg; "Universal" School Prototype proposal for Collier's Magazine, with TAC, 1955-1957
19 120: Award of "Grosse Verdienst Kruez mit Stern," from the Federal Republic of Germany showing Gropius with German Embassy Attache, Franz Kraps and Gropius' granddaughter, Sarina Forberg; Sarina Forberg and Gropius, 1958
19 121: Gropiusstadt, Britz-Buckow-Rudow, Berlin, with TAC, including Gropius at the ground breaking ceremony with Willy Brandt and others, 1956-1961
19 122-123: University of Baghdad, master plan with TAC, 1955-1957
19 124: Taut, Max, Gropius, Hans Scharoun, and Richard Scheibe at the Akademie der Kunste, Berlin; award of the Goether Prize, Paulskirche, Frankfurt Am Main, 1961-1962
19 125: Hillebrecht, Rudolf, Gropius, Hans Maria Wingler, Darmstadt, Berlin, Bauhaus-Archiv; Bauhaus-Archiv, Darmstadt, Berlin, with Alex Cvijanovic and TAC; Bochum University project, competition, with TAC, 1961-1968
19 126: Dom-Romerberg, Frankfurt, competition, with TAC, 1962
19 127: Prof. Erhard with Gropius, Selb; Rosenthal Ceramic Factory, Selb, with TAC including the building, Philip Rosenthal, Alex Cvijanovic, and others, 1963-1967
19 128: Double school and day care center, Berlin-Buckow-Rudow, with TAC; apartment building for GEHAG, Gropiusstadt, Berlin, with TAC; apartment-office project, Toronto, with TAC, 1961-1966
19 129: Thomas Glass Factory, Amberg, with TAC, 1967
19 130: Park Lane Building, London, with Richard Llewelyn-Davies, John Weeks, and TAC; Gropius' lost wager: a pig-pen for Philip Rosenthal's pet pig, with TAC, 1960-1968
19 131: China service for Rosenthal, with Louis McMillen and Katherine DeSouza; Royal Gold Medal of Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A.), including Gropius with C.H. Aslin, E. Maxwell Fry, and Sir Herbert Read, 1956-1968
19 132: Place St. Cyrille, Quebec, proposal, with TAC; John F. Kennedy Federal Building, Boston, with N. C. Fletcher and Samuel Glaser Associates, 1961-1966
19 133: Television Talk with Jack Cotton, Gropius, and Ise, London; Gropius' 80th Birthday, 1960, 1963
19 134: Tower East, Shaker Heights, Ohio, with TAC, 1964
19 135: TAC Office Building, Cambridge, Massachusetts, with TAC; Pepper Pike housing, Ohio, propsal, with TAC, 1965, 1968
19 136: Gropius' 85th Birthday, Harvard University; German ambassador's residence, Buenos Aires, proposal, with Alex Cvijanovic, 1968-1969
19 137: Gropius in Arizona (includes a slide); Gropius' 86th Birthday at TAC, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1969
19 138: Gropius Exhibition, Stuttgart including Gropius with Ise, Herbert Bayer, and the exhibiton, 1968
19 139: Portraits of Walter Gropius and others, including a group photo of architecture educators at Cranbrook Academy with Eero Saarinen, Joseph Hudnut, Leon Arnal, and Eliel Saarinen, 1930-1939
19 140: Portraits of Walter Gropius and others including Ise Gropius, C.I.A.M. meeting Bridgewater, and Gropius in Havana, Cuba, 1940-1949
19 141: Portraits of Walter Gropius and others, including Gropius by Hans Namuth, Max Cetto, Gropius in Lima, Peru, 1950-1954
19 142: Portraits of Walter Gropius and others including Jose Luis Sert, and presentation of the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A.) Gold Medal to Gropius, 1955-1959
19 143: Portraits of Walter Gropius and others, 1960-1963
19 144: Portraits of Walter Gropius and others including Gropius' 80th Birthday with Alvar Aalto, Ise, TAC staff, and Reginald Isaacs, 1963
19 145: Portraits of Walter Gropius and others, 1964-1967
19 146: Portraits of others: Bayer, Herbert; Dorner, Alexander, 1929, 1940, 1957, 1959, undated
19 147: Architectural designs by Walter Gropius and others including Peter Behrens, Le Corbusier, Adolf Loos, J.J.P. Oud, Hans Poelzig, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, undated
19 148: Architectural designs by Walter Gropius and others - East Berlin, unidentified, undated
19 A149: rchitectural designs by Le Corbusier including (slides) Palace of Assembly, Chandigarh, India; Sainte-Maire de La Tourette; Notre-Dame du Huat, Ronchamp; and Villa Savoye, Poissy, Paris (slides), undated
19 150: Architectural designs by Bauhaus Faculty -Bill, Max, undated
19 151: Architectural designs by Bauhaus Graduates, Horstmann, Edgar and Selmanagic, Selman, 1939, undated
19 152: Architectural designs by Harvard Graduates including Department of Architecture and Regional Planning; Morse, John, undated
19 153-156: Architectural designs by Harvard Graduates of the School of Design including Duhart, Emilio; Seidler, Harry, 1948, 1960, 1967, undated
19 157: Architectural designs, unidentified, undated
19 158-161: Works of art by Bauhaus Graduates including Ahlfeld-Heyman, Marianne; Cidor, Ruth; Driesch-Foucar, Lydia; Graeff, Werner; Lutz, Rudolf, undated
20 162: Works of Art by the Architects Collaborative (TAC), for Gropius' 83rd Birthday, 1966
20 163-164: Miscellaneous including Pergamon Allar, Berlin; Coca Castle, Spain; Church of Santa Maria Ara Coeli, Rome; Albert Medal Plaque (slides); 1709 Cambridge, 1935-1936; Megapolis, Greece (slides); Walter Gropius (slides), undated

13.7: Printed Material, 1912-1991, undated

The printed material Isaacs collected as research material for the Gropius biography totals 2 linear feet. The items are mostly newspaper, journal, and magazine clippings, but there are a few bound volumes including The Architects Collaborative, TAC, edited by Herausgegeben von, Arthur Niggli Ltd., 1965, and the completed 2 volume biography by Isaacs, Walter Gropius: der Mensch und sein Werk, 1983, 1984.

The folder of miscellaneous exhibition catalogs and announcements concerns the exhibitions "de stijl," at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1961 and Hampstead in the Thirties, A Committed Decade, Camden Arts Centre, London, in 1975

20 Exhibition Catalogs and Announcements, Walter Gropius, 1963-1971
20 Exhibition Catalogs and Announcements, Bauhaus Faculty and Graduates, 1953-1986, undated
(3 folders)
20 Exhibition Catalogs and Announcements, The Bauhaus, 1961-1971
20 Exhibition Catalogs and Announcements, Miscellaneous, 1961, 1973
20 Printed Material for Walter Gropius Biography (in alphabetical order), undated
(6 folders)
20 Printed Material for Walter Gropius Biography, 1912-1963
(18 folders)
21 Printed Material for Walter Gropius Biography, 1964-1991, undated
(31 folders)

Series 14: Oversized Material, 1932-1972, undated

This series was created to provide a list of items housed in oversized containers. Items found here come from Series 1: Biographical Material, Series 5: Project Files, Series 7: Writings, Series 9: Works of Art, Series 12: Photographs, Series 13.2: Research and Bibliographic Material, and Series 13.6: Photographs and Illustrations for Biography.

22 (sol) Society American Registered Architects Award from Series 1, 1972
22 (sol) Rape of the Lake, Photograph from Series 6, circa 1949
22 (sol) Portrait of Reginald Isaacs from Series 12, undated
22 (sol) Photograph of family Group from Series 13.6, undated
22 (sol) Unidentified individual from Series 13.6, undated
22 (sol) Pencil drawing of 2 men at a table from Series 13.6, undated
22 (sol) Plat, German Building Exposition from Series 13.6, 1932
22 (sol) Gropius and others, Harvard Architects School from Series 13.6, 1940
22 (sol) [Sears, Roebuck & Co. houses] from Series 13.6, undated
22 (sol) Portraits of Gropius from Series 13.6, 1955-1959
22 (sol) Portrait of Gropius from Series 13.6, 1960
22 (sol) Portrait of Gropius from Series 13.6, 1966
22 (sol) Township study prepared by students in Depts. of Architecture and Regional Planning, Harvard University from Series 13.6, 1946
23 (ov) Deaconess Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Series 5, circa 1966
23 (ov) Water color poster by Gary M. Tierney announcing Isaacs's lecture "Walter Gropius and the City" from Series 9
23 (ov) 1 map, 1 plat of Britz-Buckow-Rudow (BBR) from Series 13.2
23 (ov) 2 plats, Am Lindenbaum Development competition from Series 13.2
23 (ov) Plat, A.P. Simon Housing Development Manchester, England from Series 13.2