Mary Bartlett Cowdrey papers, 1830-1960

Cowdrey, Mary Bartlett, b. 1910 d. 1974
Art historian
Active in N.J.

Collection size: 6.9 linear ft. (partially microfilmed on 13 reels)

Collection Summary: Correspondence; photographs; artists' files; and printed material.

REEL D9: Letter from Jerome Mellquist, an art historian and specialist on French modern art, regarding his interests and his work , December 14, 1956.

REELS D75-D78: Alphabetical indexes of artists who exhibited at the National Academy of Design, 1861-1890, including their dates, exhibition dates, their works and prices, and their address at the time of the exhibit, plus notes and correspondence relating to this compilation. This work was intended to be a continuation of Cowdrey's book NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN EXHIBITION RECORD, 1826-1860 (The New York Historical Society, New York, 1943.)

REELS D362-D363: Notes, correspondence, photographs, publications, and clippings collected by Cowdrey for a biography of William Sidney Mount, ca. 1830-1957.

REELS N60-11, NY59-5, NY59-11, NY59-18-NY59-19, NY59-29: Files on 19th century American artists compiled by Cowdrey, containing notes, reproductions, clippings, biographical material, and publications.

Artist files include: Joseph A. Adams, Alfred T. Agate, Frederick Agate, Benjamin Akers, Francis Alexander, John Allanson, Theodore Allen, Washington Allston, Jacques Amans, American Note Company, Alexander Ames, Erza Ames, Joseph A. Ames, Sarah F. Ames, Alexander Anderson, Joseph Andrews, Francesco Anelli, Andrew Anthony, Thomas G. Appleton, William G. Armstrong, E. Arnold, Henry Ary, William F. Atwood, C. Autenrieth, Hezekiah Augur, Samuel P. Avery, John J. Audubon, John W. Audubon, Victor G. Audubon, Amory Babcock,William P. Babcock, John B. Bachelder, Joseph W. Badger, Thomas Badger, James S. Baillie, Joseph A. Bailly, Alfred E. Baker, George A. Baker, William H. Baker, William S. Baker, Vistus Balch, Hugh S. Ball, Thomas Ball, Peter H. Balling, Edward M. Bannister, J. Bannister, John Banvard, John J. Barber, John W. Barber, James Bard, J. Barker, W. S. Barnard, John J. Barralet,

John D. Barrow, Charles A. Barry, Edward S. Bartholomew, Jason R. Bartlett, Truman H. Bartlett, William H. Bartlett, Lorenzo Bartolini, W. H. Bassett,Peter Baumgras, William Bayard, Beard Family, Jefferson Beardsley, John P. Beaumont, Heinrich Bebie, Joseph Becker, Julie Beers, Orlando Beers, Albert van Beest, Joseph G. Beitl, Frank Bellew, Albert F. Bellows, Belzoni, Samuel G. Benjamin, William J. Bennett, Otto Berkan, Albion Bicknell, Albert Bierstadt, Hammatt Billings, Asher B. Durand, George C. Bingham, Thomas Birch, Charles Blauvelt, John R. Bleeker, Jacob Blondel, A. Blythe, David G. Blythe, Martin J. Heade, William G. Boardman, Bobbett & Edmonds, Karl Bodmer, H. Boese, Abraham Bogardus, James Bogle, Alfred Boisseau, R. Bond, George Bonfield, Horace Bonham, George H. Boughton, Henry Bounetheau, Dewitt C. Boutelle, Abel Bowen, J. T. Bowen, John Boyd, Caleb Boyle, Ferdinand Boyle, Edward Brackett,William Bradford, J. Bradley, Mathew B. Brady, Carl Brandt, James R. Brevoort, George Brewerton, Fidelia Bridges, Frank D. Briscoe, John B. Bristol,

Richard N. Brooke, John Browere, Albertis Browere, Eliphalet Brown, George L. Brown, Henry K. Brown, Henry B. Brown, John A. Brown, John G. Brown, John H. Brown, M. E. D. Brown, William H. Brown, Charles D. Brownell, Jennie Brownscombe, George W. Bruen, Constantine Brumidi, Henry Bryant, Frank Buchser, William H. Buck, J. Buddington, Charles Bulfinch, Otis A. Bullard, JamesBurns, Charles K. Burt, Charles Burton, Norton Bush, George B. Butler, James E. Buttersworth, Thomas Buttersworth, John C. Buttre, John J. Cade, James H. Cafferty, Charles Calverley, Nicholas Calyo, John Cameron, Luigi Canini, Domenico Canova, Antonio Canova, (Samuel) Capewell & (Frederick) Kimmel, Edward Carey, John Carlin, William Carleton, John Carmiencke, T. C. Carpendale, Ellen M. Carpenter, Francis B. Carpenter, Nicholas Carroll, Dennis M. Carter, William Cary, Fernando Casellas, John Casilear,George N. Cass, Frederick Catherwood, George Catlin, Sally H. Cowdrey, Charles Catton, Joseph Ceracchi, Cezeron, Chalfant, Samuel V. Chamberlain,Thomas Chambers, Benjamin Champney, James W. Champney, Alpheus Chapin, F. A. Chapman, Conrad Wise Chapman, John G. Chapman, John L. Chapman, Alonzo Chappel, Theobald Chartran, Theodore Chasseriau, John Cheney, Seth W. Cheney, Cephas G. Childs, George Chinnery, Daniel Chodowieki, Frederic E. Church, Richard Clague, Alvan Clark, Edward W. Clay, James A. Cleveland, Shobal Clevenger,

James G. Clonney, George L. Clough, Lewis Clover, E. C. Coates, Cyrus Cobb, Darius Cobb, Charles Codman, Benjamin Coe, William J. Coffee, John Cogdell, Clark Mills, William F. Cogswell, Frederick E. Cohen, Alfred Cohen, Mendez I. Cohen, Daniel W. Coit, David Colden, Joseph F. Cole, Joseph G. Cole, Thomas Cole, Charles C. Coleman, Samuel Colman, Vincent Colyer, George Comegys, Alban Conant, Clarence C. Cook, James F. Cooper, Washington B. Cooper,Joseph S. Court, Jean E. Couza, R. Covington, James Cox, Jacob Cox, James (or John) Coyle,Frederick Cozzens, Robert Craig, William Craig, Idelia S. Mclellan, Caroline Cranch, Christopher P. Cranch, John Cranch, Thomas G. Crawford, William Croome, and John F. Crosby.

UNMICROFILMED: Letters, invoices, and clippings relating to the National Academy Design's exhibitions and exhibition records, 1952-1954. Among the correspondents are Eliot Clark, Charles Downing Lay, Vernon Porter, R.W.G. Vail, and Lawrence Grant White. Also found are Cowdrey's collection of ca. 200 photographs and other reproductions of Gilbert Stuart portraits and the publication Essays on American Art and Artists, Eatern Art League, 1896, signed by Cowdrey.

Biographical/Historical Note: Art historian; Passaic, New Jersey. Author of "National Academy of Design Exhibition Record, 1826-1860," 2 v., 1944. Co-author: "William Sidney Mount, 1807-1868, An American Painter," 1944. Cowdrey was also a collector for Archives of American Art in the late 1950s.

Material on reels D362-D363 & unfilmed material donated 1956 & 1966 by Mary Bartlett Cowdrey. In 2001, Paul D. Schweitzer, Cowdrey's friend and Director and Chief Curator of the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, N.Y, donated 0.2 ft. of Cowdrey's files relating to her work on the National Academy of Design. All other papers were lent for microfilming 1956-1966 by Cowdrey.

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