Oral history interview Jennifer Bartlett, 2011 June 3-4

Bartlett, Jennifer , b. 1941
Painter, Educator, Author
Active in New York, N.Y.

Size: Transcript: 123 pages

Format: Originally recorded as 8 sound files. Duration is 4 hr., 55 min.

Collection Summary: An interview of Jennifer Bartlett conducted 2011 June 3 and 4, by James McElhinney, for the Archives of American Art's Elizabeth Murray Oral History of Women in the Visual Arts project, at Bartlett's home and studio, in Brooklyn, New York.

Jennifer Bartlett speaks of her childhood in Long Beach, CA; her early interest in French New Wave films and Arshile Gorky; attending Mills College in Oakland, CA; her experience and training at Yale Universitys Art School; friendships, acquaintances, and professors in the Yale Art department; the art community in the neighborhood of SoHo in the late 60s; her techniques involving grid, scale, and repetition; the physical arrangement of her studios along with her working process; inspiration of classical Italian art as well as impressionists Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Georges Seurat; the issue of gender discrimination both within and outside of the art world; her own landscaping and gardening project and the influence of the natural world on her work; insight into two of her large scale works, Rhapsody [1975-76] and Recitative [2009-10]. Bartlett also recalls Chuck Close, Richard Serra, Volker Schlöndorff, John Cage, Brice Marden, and Elizabeth Murray.

Biographical/Historical Note: Jennifer Bartlett (1941- ) is a painter in Brooklyn, New York. James McElhinney (1952- ) is a visual artist and writer in New York, New York.

This interview is part of the Archives of American Art Oral History Program, started in 1958 to document the history of the visual arts in the United States, primarily through interviews with artists, historians, dealers, critics and administrators.

This interview is part of the Elizabeth Murray Oral History of Women in the Visual Arts Project, funded by the A G Foundation.

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