The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 9, 1887

Diary Entry:

Thursday, June 9, 1887 Not so well as I hoped to be this morning. Very weak and shaky. Josephine came over to tell me they wanted to move from my house next week. They are not inclined to accommodate me by awaiting my convenience after letting them live there rent free for seven years. There is a new worry and if Tom does not move in my house will be empty and my place uncared for. A letter came from Mary Gifford yesterday telling me of the death of Paul Gifford on Sunday in Kansas City. He was James Giffords second son. A letter came from Eastman. He was gratified to get mine and wants to forget our differences but insists that he has done nothing and neglected to do nothing in the way of loyalty to me. Also a letter from Ortgies & Co giving me three dates in Feb for my sale 11th 18 & 25th.

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