The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 1, 1887

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Jan 1, 1887 [?] and most of the forenoon and again snowed [?] evening it cleared. I went down to the mail at [?] wet snow. My father had two calls from his [?] and Mr. Ellsworth, the wagon maker of Kingston [?] the custom having apparently utterly died out. I [?] of my papers, reading a little and writing to [?] This evening I went over to Girards and went with [?] over to the Toboggan slide which was to have been [?] was not on account of the rain. it was expected [?] but they found it in an unfit condition. There [?] people there attracted by curiosity. We soon [?] little tonight and there is every prospect of good [?]

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