The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 30, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Dec 30, 1885 Have worked all day on my water color. I thought I had succeeded pretty well but it lacks some thing. Fuller called and shortly after he left Clark called with Altman the merchant who buys pictures. A most unprepossessing man. Apparently the only thing he wanted from me was the little picture Kensett gave me which he pressed me to let him have. They said they were to be in the building several days and would call again, but I dont expect to see them. I dont think Clark fancies me any more than I do him. [?] Cook made me a visit. When I went to dinner I found [Marion?] [?] the stairs waiting very anxiously for her father. She had been [?] out to dine and had no escort so I volunteered to go with [her?]. She said the house was in 46th St. but thought the No. was [?] when we got there it was not the place. Then she was not [sure?] of the street and we were obliged to come back. After dinner Calvert and I went around to the club to hear a talk on Persia by Benjamin who has recently returned from there where he was a U. S. Minister. It was extremely interesting and listened to intently by a good sized audience. Afterwards I talked with Swain Gifford. Weir was there but I saw him only a moment. He seems constrained and abstracted with me and I fear he is no longer interested in me. He gets into rather deep philosophical water for me, I suppose from inhaling the Yale atmosphere. I regret the weakening of old friendships for I am very much attached to him. But he has his own private worries and anxieties and I presume they are not light ones. I do not see [?] friends cannot share each others anxieties.

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