The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 22, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Dec 22, 1885 Went home one Sunday morning 20th. Found my father perhaps a little improved but his dizziness continues when he sits up and he keeps his bed most of the time. Saturday night we had our French class and afterwards I went to the club and had a satisfactory evening talking most of the time with Mr. Morse who introduced me to a Mr. Kiseel and Mr. Harris. I remained at home over Sunday and Monday and on Monday evening Sara and I attended a little card party at Mrs Cantines to celebrate their wedding anniversary. There were present Mr. Sheffield her brother, Miss Cantine his sister, Mr & Mrs John Forsyth, John & Nannie, Mr & Mrs. Chipp, Mr & Mrs Clark, Mr & Mrs. Clearwater, Miss [blank] Forsyth. We had a very pleasant evening. Calvert came up Monday evening. The weather was cold Saturday and Sunday but moderated Monday. I came down this morning by the 7.40 train. Found a letter here from Detroit wanting me to send the two pictures for two or three days. I went up and saw Wilmurt and made arrangements to send the Shokan picture 20x24 $450 $300 nett in frame and the Kellys brook November 15x15 $300 $200 nett without a frame to be back here by Jan 3. Took my four little pictures to be put in the frames I ordered one to be sent to Alice and one to Tom McEntee the other two to be sent to my room. Made arrangements to begin my water color picture for the exhibition but the stretcher has not come. Wrote to Hanna & Ives, to Alice and to Janette. Called at Mrs. Custers but she had gone out with her sister-in-law Mrs. Calhoun. Went around to the club where I met Pinchot whom I have not seen in a long time and we sat together and talked for a couple of hours. Saw Collins for a moment.

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