The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 18, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, Dec 18, 1885 Rain this morning. After breakfast I went to make [some?] purchases for Sara at Vantines then to Wilmurts to have him send [my?] two pictures to Booth "A Kaatskill Brook 30x36" and a Mountain River [?]x24. I also ordered four little frames for sketches for Christmas presents and a frame for a water color 15x18. Then I came to my room and hung up the picture of "Clouds" which necessitated taking down 9 of my framed sketches which I finally managed to put in other places. Wilmurt sent for the Booth pictures and I was able to [put?] my room in order. I spent the rest of the day painting four little sketches 4x7 for Xmas gifts. Vanderliss came in. He spoke very [greatly?] in praise of my picture in the Whitney collection and said [it?] ought to bring three thousand dollars and thought it would. I told him I didnt believe it would bring seven hundred. Downing came to dinner and he and Bowyer and Marion went out for the evening. [I?] called on Fred and Annie Norton. No word from Detroit.

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