The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 8, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Dec 8, 1885 The weather was cold this morning but about noon clouds obscured the sun and it grew milder. I sketched and colored a canvas for Mrs. Warrens picture and went out and bought a couple of photograph frames for our man Tom which I and Sara are to give him [at?] Christmas with Maurices and my portraits. It was getting late and as I expected Fuller to come and go to the Whitney collection I did not set my palette but spent my time designing a couple of small pictures. Fuller did not come till 3.30. Meanwhile my large "Kaatskill brook" at Kellys? Corner had gone to the Union League club and my picture had come back from the Century. He was very much taken with it and I think it is one of my best pictures. I think he would like to own it, but he says I will be sure to sell it. We walked up Fifth Av. stopping at Knoedlers window to look at a rather fine winter picture with a Russian sleigh & horses and a fine wintry feeling. Then we went to the drinking room of the Hoffman House of which I have heard a great deal but never seen, to see the "Bougereau" nymphs & satyrs and a winter of Chelmonski. What a gorgeous place to tempt weak and idle people. Silver and glass and luxurious fillings and a delicate fine lunch but I am glad I am a stranger in such places. I dont want to become familiar with their ways. Then we went over to the American Art galleries to see the Whitney Collection which is to be sold. Almost the first one I saw was mine and it is a fine picture, a little hard and timid in handling but still it looked well. I could very much improve it with a little work on it. There are a number of American pictures Kensett, Gifford, Guy, Boughton, Henry, and Eastman Johnsons "Stage Coach", rather an interesting collection, with a fine Breton, a Merle, small Bouguereau and some other good things. The galleries are very luxurious and they have added a new one this past summer. We staid there until 6 oclock when I went to dinner. Called on Julia Dillon in the evening but she was engaged with her French teacher. Came to my room towards ten. Wm. H. Vanderbilt died today.

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