The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 7, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Dec 7, 1885 I did not leave home until noon today. My father [?] to feel and look badly yesterday and I was anxious to see how he was this morning. He seemed to feel better. Sara went to Kingston and I [spent?] the forenoon in looking to the cistern which smells badly and in [?] the listing on the doors. It was very cold and the mercury stood [at?] 12 degrees with a strong N. W. wind. It did not thaw in the sunshine. I reached my room at 3.30. Almost immediately after Fuller came in. He spoke in admiration of my picture at the Century, said Whittredge had taken him up to it and told him he would rather have it than any of Rousseau's and that it had qualities that would always live and much more. He also said Clark called his attention to it and that it was much noticed and that if he had not so many of my pictures he would buy it. Of course this was very gratifying to me just at this time when I so much need a little encouragement and it confirms me in the conviction that the thing to paint is what one feels. I did not think this picture would be popular because it is so low in tone, but I liked it. I went around to the club a little while and saw the pictures. There was a good portrait Mr. Chas. Butler by Rice, a new name to me and Winslow Homer had a number of interesting water color sketches made in Nassau. I had unhappy and anxious thoughts and forebodings while at home but this little success has made me feel more cheerful and hopeful. A little success is a great stimulant.

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