The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 30, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Nov 30, 1885 A letter from Sara this morning pretty forlorn with a swelled face. Is expecting the Swans tomorrow. Painted on my picture most of the day. It is pretty dark and it does not entirely satisfy me. I think I will lay it aside for a while. Went around to Shirlaws studio to get his opinion of the Photogravures belonging to Bray which I brought down to consult some experts as I am to be a witness in a suit with the publisher. He thinks as I do that those not published by Goupil & Co are inferior. I saw his illustrations to Goldsmiths Hermit which were very clever. He had a picture on his easel a young woman coming down a hill with two children, excellent in composition and grace of line. He draws with skill and seems to me to have a good feeling for elegance and grace of line. In the evening Marion and I called on Mrs. Custer. She seems to have had a pleasant summer and plenty of pleasant friends. Genl Custers sister is to be there during the holidays and she said she would like to have us meet her. A gentleman friend came in shortly after we did, I do not remember his name, but she and some friends visited his place near Delaware Water Gap and camped for a while.

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