The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 28, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Nov 28, 1885 Painted all day on my picture which I have improved. Called to see Hubbard and he came to my room and looked at my two pictures which he liked. He said he thought I had a fine sky in this last picture but liked the other best on the whole. As I am not going home tonight I stopped at Nortons 10 E. 10th St to leave word that I would dine with them tomorrow as they had invited me to in Rondout Thursday, but as I hoped to see Booth on Sunday I could not give them a decided answer. Spent the evening at the club where there was a full attendance. I talked with Shirlaw, Morse, Edgar M. Ward[,] Henry & Champney and met Stoddard and Prof. Rood. I half know so many there that it is somewhat embarrassing to go there unless I go often. Some people seem to avoid the trouble of even speaking to me, but I dare say I do the same and this in many cases arises from embarrassment and is not always the result of total indifference. I saw Bispham but had no opportunity to speak with him. I think since the trouble about Edwina and Downing he is a little stiff with me being a friend of Booth. I have heard nothing from Booth and foresee that I am not to see him this time. I am very sorry for I wanted to see him.

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