The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 20, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Nov 20, 1885 Worked very little today as I had arranged to go with Mary to a fair for the "Diet Kitchen" at Mrs. Lewis' house in 16th St. It is so long since I have been out in any thing like society that I dreaded to go, but after all I am glad I went as I met many of my lady acquaintances there, Mrs. Platt[,] Mrs Groote, Mrs. Watrous, Mrs. Kimball, Mrs. Brace, Emma & Lepta and several others. Mrs. Kimball introduced me to Mrs. Raymond nee Annie Louise Cary whom I admired so greatly on the Operatic stage. I found her very affable and cordial and told her I was one of the many who perhaps had told her they had worshipped her from afar. I always think of the splendor of her presence and acting in Aida and I always loved to look at her on the stage. I remarked that it was rare for one to leave so gracefully the triumphs of the stage for the domestic side of life, but she said she was a "Yankee" and had always kept her country habits, that she was brought up in good orthodox style which she feared she had departed from a little. I mentioned how I had always wished to meet her and that once she got into a street car where I was and soon after an intoxicated person got in and sat down beside her and noticing how offensive it was her that I missed the great opportunity of my life in not gallantly rescuing her, and that I had always lamented I was not able to rise to the occasion. She laughed and told me of handing her "nickel" once to a man to deposite [sic] in the cash box in the car for her when he gallantly put it in his pocket and taking out another bowed and said he would treasure that for remembrance. Mr. Mendelson and I had our lunch together and after spending a couple of hours there I left and called on Perry and talked about the Art Union and then came to my room. I also met Miss Hoe and Mrs. Lewis' who spoke to me and invited me to call. Coming out from there I met Mrs. Rossiter Johnson who invited me to a Shakspearean reading on Monday evening. Downing came to my studio an hour before dinner and had a little confidential talk with me. I am glad he has such confidence in me and try always to encourage it. A note came from Mrs. Warren inviting me to dine there on Wednesday but I had to decline as I am going home for Thanksgiving. An invitation also to an Art Reception at Mr. Bements in Philadelphia (which I declined) for Dec 3rd. It would be well for me to go to such things but I have no heart for them and the inclination to go to them weakens as I continue to decline going.

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