The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 19, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Nov 19, 1885 Looking over some of my incompleted pictures this morning I came upon a Shokan subject which it seemed to me I might make interesting by some changes and after thinking over it for a time I set my palette and went to work and worked upon it all day or until it became too dark to see and I think I shall be able to make a good picture. I feel so much better when I am at work and able to forget my anxieties. Arthur Parton came to see me this morning. He is painting for the dealers at small prices. I do not like to do this and I hope it will not be necessary. Conant called and asked me into his studio to see a portrait of Mr. Irenaeas [Paine?] he has been painting. It rained a little towards evening but has cleared off colder. Spent the evening at Marys. We all feel pretty dull there and Calverts prospects for the winter are not encouraging. Coming to my room I found a letter from Sara in which she told me of an expedition she took with Mrs. Overbagh out to Flat-bush among the farmers to solicit contributions for the Home. She asked Sara if Sam was going to buy our place and she answered "not that she knew of" that he had looked at it but she thought he had given it up. She answered he has not given it up. They talk about it now. Mrs. Cornell says he shall never have the place where they live and if it had not been for his wife he would have left there long ago, but she could not bear to think of going any where else, but now she says she will not stay there--and much more which Sara was too tired to write me. If this is really the case I think my theory is correct and that he will come to see me. The whole thing comes up to me again, the leaving our old home and all that it involves but I have no misgivings and earnestly hope it may be accomplished. I am most anxious now to talk with Sara about it as I will when I go home on Saturday.

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