The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 13, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, Nov 13, 1885 I went to Rondout this morning and saw Hutton and Tougue, father & son regarding some of our lots sold by my father so as to mark them on the map. I have now, I think all except Woods purchase and he was not in his office. Hutton talked as though he thought we ought to sell our property at low prices and I agree with him to a certain extent. We ought to sell on Chester St. but if we can sell the house I would not be in a hurry to realize there. I went to the cemetery and put the cover on the stone at my dear Gertrudes grave. The moss is beginning to settle upon it and the years are thus marking their flight. In my heart her dear memory gathers no rust or blight and I never go near her resting place without a renewal of the sorrow that lives in my soul in her vacant place. I looked upon the three latest graves and the spot whence dear Gussie was so coldly and cruelly taken and felt anew the sweeping change which has come to our decimated household. I earnestly wished I were able to erect memorials to my Mother and Maurice and will as soon as I possibly can. My mother in her life time was very sensitive to any apparent neglect in such matters. I have not neglected or forgotten my duty I have only been unable to do it. Sara and I attended a meeting of the Charities Aid Association at the City Hall. There were only five or six present but business was done. A cold wave is reported which is to reach us tonight. I wrote to Lambdin today thanking him for the notice he sent me.

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