The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 10, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Nov 10, 1885 I went up on the roof directly after breakfast and painted the weather boards and the vallies and gutters and put paint skins around the chimnies which occupied me until dinner time. It was cold work as the wind blew from the North and the day was a typical November one, but I was anxious to get this done. I dressed myself after dinner and felt tired and despondent and to my great regret I am extremely irritable and easily disconcerted. Mrs. Montanye called and is willing to take Sara and her little girl Ella back as the girl who took her place has also grown homesick and wants to go back to her old place. She saw Sarah who was overjoyed to return although she had about concluded to stay here. Sara went down and saw Katy at Isaac Norths who proposed coming here and she has decided to come on the 20th so we are pleased all round if Katy does not change her mind. My father spoke of the hard experiences of his early life when after his father died he went to live with his uncle away back in the hills in Western. He was taken from his brothers and sisters and went there alone and although his uncle was kind to him he did not know how to look after a child and he said he suffered with loneliness often for a whole month seeing no one but his Uncle and Aunt. He said he was a bitterly bigoted Catholic and requested that when he died that none of the "heathen" should be permitted about him. I asked him where he was buried and he said in Western in a plot of consecrated ground, but there was no mark or stone. They ploughed around the place and it has grown up with briars and bushes and that is all the indication of a burial place. My father is very patient and uncomplaining and is a lesson for my irritability and troubling. He said his life had been blest and he was happy now and had a great deal to be thankful for and that he enjoyed life, and was grateful that while he is very infirm he has no pain and has every care and comfort. Sara had a letter from Alice. She is troubled and anxious. Her mother is not reasonable with her and George and Tom and Mr. Sawyer are in trouble with the Star Landing property, I presume find it hard to meet the interest. I am afraid they will lose that too after carrying it so many years. What sorrow for them dear Gertrude is spared for she was always so interested for her family and so troubled if any trouble came to her father. Life does seem so full of trouble, sometimes and it seems to me every one I know is carrying burdens they can hardly bear. Calvert went home this morning. I think he too is worried about the future. Sometimes it seems as though the great lesson of life is "be sure to get money".

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