The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 7, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Nov 7, 1885 I went down town directly after breakfast and paid Turck $38 on my bill of $67.81 for shingles and lumber for the roof and arranged for the return of 25 quarter bunches of shingles which they had sent in excess of what was needed. The mason was promptly on hand and at work on the chimnies. It has been a warm hazy day with threatenings of rain which [fall?] [?] to stop the work but enough to render the roof slippery. He has finished this evening and to my great satisfaction has put all four chimnies in order so that I shall not have the fear of their crumbling and falling this winter. It is the greatest comfort to me that I have accomplished these very necessary repairs and at a less cost than I supposed possible. I sent Mantustock $27 by check for the carpenters work today, 9 days work at $3 pr. day. I find that 3 quarter bunches of shingles lay a square of 100 sq. feet, that is the best quality of [?] shingles. The shingles and weather boards have cost for the [?] of the house $67.81, the labor $27. The work of the masons on the chimnies will be somewhere near $12 or $15. This will be a basis for calculation if I want to shingle the main house at a future time. It has been uncomfortably warm in the house with the hall stove and we had the outside door open all evening. A snow storm is reported at Laramie on the Union Pacific R. R. and I presume it will soon be colder here. I will soon go to N. Y. to begin my work for the winter and for the first time I today thought of it with something like pleasure. I think my interest in my work will return to me as soon as I get rid of some of the home anxieties and get fairly settled in my studio. I saw a wonderful twilight from the roof two or three evenings ago and I mean to try to paint it. It was very rich and solemn and gave me a distinct impression. Sara vaccinated little Girard today and persuaded me to have it down stairs. Dwighty stood up manfully and had his little arm operated upon without whimpering. It was very amusing to see him.

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