The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 5, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Nov 5, 1885 Went down to Mr. Terrys new house directly after breakfast and saw McCullough who promised to send men to fix the chimney tomorrow. Have been on the roof all day with the carpenters helping shingle and tonight it is all done except the front side and putting on the weather boards. Patrick Barry brought a woman here who bought the cow and paid me twenty dollars for her. I thought a few months ago I would be sure to get forty for her, but I am glad to get rid of her as she was not so tractable as the two others and we do not want her and will have one less to feed during the winter. I am very tired and stiff tonight and shall not work so hard tomorrow. I had a letter from Mary. They too are anxious about their affairs but Mary is brave. She enclosed a letter from one of Mr. Mathers daughters in England, who married Calverts sister Kate. Their daughter Mary is dying with consumption and they too are in great trouble and anxiety. Dear Me, how much trouble there is in the world and for people of humble and legitimate ambitions.

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