The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 1, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Nov 1, 1885 It was very cold last night but milder today cloudy and grey and tonight it is raining. I wrote a long letter to Mary and also to Lucy, to Booth speaking of his mothers death, a note to Lambdin, one to Fuller sending him my check for ten dollars his overpayment on the frame of his picture, a note to Dr Rora for him to give me an appointment and sent the subscription to the Christian Leader to Mar. 15th 1886 and telling them how my father has taken the paper ever since it first started as the Christian Messenger. Am reading "Middlemarch" again and am struck afresh with the masterly drawing of Lydgates character and the deadening effect which debt exerts over a high minded man. Many things in his career appealed to me with startling force and made me shudder at what a man may be drive to by the lack of money. Poor little Charley Mayer the telegraph messenger who disappeared in the storm of last Thursday night was found drowned up the creek. He was a bright, manly little fellow and his sad death that wild night is most melancholy. Girard in whose office he was for a time was much attached to him and has written some remarks about him for Mr. Fuller who is to preach his funeral sermon tomorrow. Our poor girl Sarah seems hopelessly homesick and yet the poor woman has no home to grieve for. Sarah [?] for her and try to soothe and reassure her. The little girl seems an attractive child and I hope they will become reconciled. Nannie and Robbie called this afternoon. Tom came up this afternoon having returned from his wedding trip. He said he was glad to get back and would not like to live in New York. Tom is a faithful fellow and I [?] to keep him if I possibly can. There was a most striking account in todays Tribune of Ferdinand Wards being taken to Sing Sing prison. I do not know when I have read any thing so saddening.

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