The Jervis McEntee Diaries - October 11, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Oct 11, 1885 Bright and sunshiny but with a North wind with a sting in it. I wrote to Warren acknowledging the receipt of his check and to Calvert telling him to come up as I would like to go to the Mountains this week. After dinner I drove up to Kingston to have Dr Roora treat my tooth and took Gertrude along. She seems very sweet and amiable and not inclined to talk of our troubles and of course we carefully avoid anything which will lead to any discussion. I am in hopes she will profit by her experience with Mary which should have shown her how idle it would be to get on that topic. I left her at Mrs. Van Deusens on our return and afterwards she said she had gone down to Mr. Lindsleys. Mrs. Lindsley is ill and seems to have been for some time and she did not see her. I drove my father up to Kingston but it was pretty cold for him and he did not care to go farther. John & Nannie came up and staid to tea and spent the evening. Girard and Mary also came over. It is very pleasant to have them all here.

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