The Jervis McEntee Diaries - October 10, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Oct 10, 1885 Warmer and bright but still cool in the shade. I picked the last of the seckel and a few Virgalieu pears. Tom is gathering the few apples we have. At noon I went down to Dr. Roras for him to treat my tooth. At the post office we got letters from Lucy and I had one from Warren enclosing his check for $630 for the picture and frame. His letter was kind and conciliatory. I sent the check to my bank in N.Y. One of Lucys letters enclosed one from Laura in which she says the only thing which keeps her from coming to Rondout is the lack of money. This is simply amazing to me. After dinner Sara, my father and I started for a ride. We stopped and invited Mrs. Haysradt[?] to go with us which she seemed pleased to do. We drove to Kingston and did some errands and then drove out on the Flat-bush road and through East Kingston and by the river road home. The air was cool in the shade but we had a pleasant drive. After tea Tom and I went up to the station to meet Gertrude. She came promptly and was received as she always was. We made no inquiries about her father or Laura. She went in to supper not thinking my father was up and afterwards went into the parlor to see him. He was asleep in his chair but when he awoke he did not greet her very warmly. I think however he was a little confused and embarrassed. He made no inquiries about any of the family. We sat in the parlor after my father retired and talked pleasantly on various topics and so the awkward meeting has been got along with thus far. We want to be kind but we are determined as well to be firm. Sara had a letter from Downing telling her Gertrude had written to him she was coming up today but remarking that we were all in accord and knew just how to act.

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